Sound of Freedom Is Hard to Watch. Here’s Why We Need to See It Anyway.

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The movie Sound of Freedom was both one of the best and worst movies I’ve ever seen.  Best because the story was interesting, the protagonists were likable and engaging, and the plot moved quickly. But the worst part is that it was also very hard to watch because I went into the theater knowing that the movie is largely true.  

The movie starts off with the kidnapping of a brother and sister from Honduras by a young woman posing as a talent agent.  You then see the American Homeland Security agent, Tim Ballard, recover the little boy.  After the little boy’s rescue, he asks Tim if he can find his sister, too, and most of the movie involves Tim trying to find out what happened to the little girl.  

It’s an action story of a man trying to put a family back together; it’s also a story of Tim Ballard’s personal journey in leaving the security of a government job to do what he believes is right.

Here’s some background.

I watched Jordan Peterson’s interview with both Tim Ballard and Jim Caviezel, who plays Tim in the movie, and I recommend it because it adds a bit of depth to what was going through Tim’s mind.  Tim’s wife is only a very minor character in the movie, but in his interview with Jordan Peterson, Tim tells Jordan that she was actually one of the major drivers behind his actions.  


Tim is a devout Mormon and had six children of his own at the time he was trying to track down the little girl from Honduras.  When it became clear that trying to find her would mean leaving his government job, he tells Jordan he almost wanted his wife to tell him to just come home.  Instead, she asked what he’d do if one of their children was missing, and told him, “I’m not going to allow you to jeopardize my salvation by not doing this.”  Tim’s wife said she was willing to live in a tent if that was what it took for them to live with clean consciences.  

Here are some key takeaways from Sound of Freedom.

This movie provided so much food for thought it’s hard to know where to start. 

The movie, combined with the Jordan Peterson interview, struck me in that it really shows what a strong marriage between two people firm in their beliefs can accomplish in society.  I’ve been divorced for a long time, though, so maybe that’s made me more impressed by the couples who do get it right.  

More than this, the movie shows how easy it is for little children to be dragged around, unnoticed, through seedy harbors and party towns and sometimes into the background of American living.  The little boy is rescued at a checkpoint between the U.S.-Mexican border when it was more secure.  Tim Ballard says in multiple interviews that this is how it actually happened; they had a photo of the little boy and his sex-offending “guardian,” and so were able to throw the offender in jail and reunite the little boy with his dad.

But this event took place ten years ago. Our borders are a sieve now, and things have changed.  

In an interview with Redacted,  Tim Ballard talks about how our border policies under Biden have made the problem of child exploitation so much worse.  Because the border has been so much more open, more people are willing to take risks in heading toward the border.  

Many smugglers work with “sponsors” in the U.S.  They write down a name or phone number and pin it to a child’s shirt.  When they arrive in the U.S., government employees turn the children over to these “sponsors,” who will put the children to all kinds of work.  

Tim Ballard is not the only person making these claims. Tara Lee Rodas, who worked at an intake site in California, came forward and testified to Congress that this was happening.   

We think that we’re being nice by letting everyone into the States, but we aren’t.  There is absolute chaos at our southern border.  And chaos engenders atrocities.  

The thriving business of human trafficking

Human traffickers have been making more than $14 million per day smuggling people through the Mexican-American border. Human trafficking is the fastest-growing international crime trade, generating about $16 trillion per year worldwide.

Some places are trying to tackle this.  A great deal of prostitution-related crime occurs in hotels. In 2019, Florida required hotels to watch out for trafficking schemes, and in 2023, they cut the time for hotels to get into compliance in half before issuing fines. 

Other places just won’t admit it’s a real problem.  California is one of the largest sites for human trafficking in the United States, and yet California Democrats just killed a bill that would make human trafficking a felony.

Human trafficking is big business, and it goes to the top of society.  Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell are probably the most famous, and they were known for hobnobbing with the likes of Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.  

And maybe that’s why the MSM hates this movie.

Which probably explains why this movie ran into so many problems.  It took five years to be released.  The script was actually written back in 2015, and they finished filming in 2018.  After the movie was filmed, the producers made a distribution deal with 20th Century Fox.  However, in 2019 Disney purchased 20th Century Fox, and they sat on the movie.  In 2023, Angel Studios obtained distribution rights, which is why we can see it in the theaters now. 

Now that it has been released, audiences love it. Sound of Freedom has a 100% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.  It even has a 77% critic score, which is somewhat surprising given all the negative press attention it’s received.  

CNN claimed the movie fed into QAnon conspiracy theories despite the fact that human trafficking is a well-documented problem.  

Oh, wait, CNN fired high-level employees Chris Cuomo, John Griffin, and Rick Saleeby after they were all arrested for crimes involving children.  Maybe it’s not so surprising that the network is trashing a movie that portrays child molesters as the bad guys, after all. 

It makes me wonder what Rolling Stone has to hide. They called Sound of Freedom a “superhero movie for dads with brainworms.” 

 We are at a strange time in American history

When I was young, being in a homosexual relationship was scandalous.  You could lose your job over that.  When same-sex marriage was legalized nationwide, most people didn’t have a problem with it. I think a lot of us knew gay people that had some legitimate complaints surrounding health insurance and power of attorney for their partners, and it didn’t seem unreasonable to allow them access to the same kinds of benefits heterosexual couples enjoyed.

The trans movement’s been weirder.  There’s not a specific set of legal privileges they want access to. Instead, they want other people to recognize their ideas about gender identity and play into their fantasies.  The destruction of women’s spaces by letting biological men into women’s bathrooms and women’s sports leagues has turned the issue from ideological to physical.  

And it’s still not stopping.  It hasn’t been enough to destroy sexual norms and women’s sports.  Have you seen the drag marchers chanting, “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children”?   They’re not joking.  People with a wide variety of sexual preferences have always been around, but for a long time, behaviors were limited by cultural and religious norms.  Those have been destroyed.  

As I child, I had limited experience with some people that just assumed, “Well, kids that age don’t really understand anyway.”  There are more perverts out there than most people want to admit.  The majority of the population is not particularly violent or perverted, but they will just look away when confronted with ugly things. 

Sound of Freedom begs people not to look away.

In case you were concerned, there are no scenes whatsoever of violence against children in the movie.  They just do a really good job of having Jim Caviezel look upset at the right times, and the child actors also do a good job of looking scared at the right moments so that you can tell what’s going on without actually seeing it.

At one point in the movie, when Tim Ballard is trying to convince some wealthy individuals to help him, he tells them that child sex trafficking is the highest growing international crime syndicate, already passing up weapons dealing and soon to pass the drug cartels.  He also tells them that, if it is not stopped, the pain of these children will spread until it reaches everything until it touches even the people that think they cannot be touched.

You really should see it, though you might want to buy your tickets early.  I went during the middle of the week, thinking I didn’t need to worry about finding a seat, but the theater was packed.  If you get inspired to take some kind of action or support Tim Ballard’s charity, that’s great.  

If not, it’s still a really good action movie.

Have you seen Sound of Freedom?

Have you seen the movie? What did you think of it? If not, do you plan to do so? Why or why not? Do you have any thoughts on why the MSM is so adamantly opposed to the movie?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

About Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

Marie Hawthorne

Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

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  • I get tired of people who say they won’t watch it because they believe the so called conspiracy theories therefore it’s not true. Such ridiculous nonsense. It is a hard movie to watch, but necessary.

    • As someone who’s highly skeptical about the whole way this movie came about. I feel justified about that when you find out the creators/founders and investors are all part of the machine. If Henry knows as much as he makes out then there’s no way – no way – he’d be involved with the individuals that are apart of this! Nadda. No way. No. They say if you’re an actor and you get into acting and you make any progress at all. Then you done a deal. Someone. Something. Somewhere. I want to be hopeful. I want to be positive. But when you find out the main guy is a Freemason and it’s easily verifiable. That’s destroyed me. Dig a little more than the surface and it’s all there. Soul destroyed.

      • Jim Caviezel isn’t a Freemason. He’s a devout Catholic which is totally opposed to Freemasonry and any Catholic who joins the masons is automatically excommunicated. Stop spreading unfounded smears. Grow up and apologise.

    • The so-called conspiracy theorist were right about Covid.

      I’m truly amazed that after the last three years, when it seems that everybody we trusted has been lying to us, and manipulating us, and when there’s layers and layers of deceit, people find it “ridiculous” if someone doesn’t take the movie at face value and asks questions about it.

  • Everyone in the world should see the movie. It is a true story and shows a small element of the problem. It does almost delve into the actualities of the Epstein-type islands. Thailand and other places are centers of such activity. QANON is a tool of the deep state to discredit those who reveal truth.

  • There are too many outlets trying to discredit the film. That alone made me more interested in viewing Sound of Freedom.

    I worked as mental health clinician for many years. I had brave, blessed colleagues who worked to help those who escaped/were rescued from the sex trade. The “news outlets” that are working to denigrate the film are trying to cover an appalling reality.

    Whom are they protecting? (rhetorical question, of course.)

    • As a citizen journalist, I give full coverage of real problems. The Vatican has thousands of pedophile priests, and this is not addressed by the establishment Christian alternative news media, and certainly not by CNN or FOX> The value of what this film is supposedly about ( I live on a limited budget and do not watch fiction or pay for movies) is to be willing to sacrifice your comfortable lifestyle to do what is righteous. I have done that for 37 years, with over 50,000 hours unpaid service to humanity. I had been a case manager for the pilot ICMS back from 1997- 2000. I quit seeing the lack of progress we made in service to clients. I will never go back. I will not work for the establishment or anything funded by the government. I live in one room, have no stove or vehicle, use a space heater because there is no heating vents. I work 80+ hours a week researching and writing. I love my life of purpose and to be truly independent and to do such meaningful work. IF the film promotes that, kudos, it is a worthwhile video. Every job that pays above minimum wage is destructive in some way, excluding very few nonprofits. Humanity is in destruct mode due to people being sold out to an evil establishment and feeling the need to keep their employment, and do boss-man’s dirty work to do so .

      • It’s great that you work to help humanity, but it’s quite harmful that you glamorize poverty and suggest that we aren’t good people for having jobs that pay above minimum wage. Most of us are quite pro-Capitalism here and that is nothing to be ashamed of. At the risk of sounding harsh, you are not superior because you’re poor.

        • Oh, I have no need nor want for bright shiny glittery stuff. I am not superior because I am poor, I am superior because I cannot be bought, because I am righteous for righteousness’ sake, (not because of fear of divine punishment or legal issues), I am superior because I am not materialistic, I am superior because I can withstand much hardship, I am superior because I am free-thinking, and I am superior because I think outside the boxes and work hard, for the people, instead of for selfish personal gain. It is called sacrificial service, and no cop or military man has exceeded my service and courage. I have published material knowing full well I would be incarcerated for it, and was. After release, I continued, with material far more powerful and damning of the establishment. Cops have no courage, being protected and armed, military would rather murder innocent civilians than to go to prison for AWOL.

          • I am retired U.S.Army. And what you say about the military, in your last statement is a blatant lie, proving that you know absolutely nothing about the character of the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces. It is appalling that someone like you can get by with such a mouth, without going through life with a continuously busted lip and knots on your head. There is nothing about you that is superior to anyone.
            Especially, you saying it doesn’t make it true.

          • James 4:6-7, God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.
            (Matthew 26:41). “Take heed lest you fall” is a warning to those in the church who are convinced of their own righteousness.
            Proverbs 16:18 states, “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

            I take offense to your military comment. I have kids in the military & they say they would rather be AWOL than kill innocent civilians.

            I’m sure your angle/opinion is one of self preservation & self defense but please be careful.

        • The point was not to glamorize poverty, though I am proud of that as well, the point was that high-paying jobs require that the employees participate in less-than-righteous activities. Cheating, lying, harming, incarcerating, poisoning, etc…. IT is curious that you redirected the point I made to glamorize your way of life= selfishly putting self first. If you are honest and American, you would know that your nation has profited by imperialism and the murder of millions of foreigners, as well as bringing third-world nations to poverty and destruction for your privileged lifestyle. My life is the best it has ever been, and I have an idea for an ideal civilization far better than any that has ever existed, its blueprint is in the conclusion of my book ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH. You can access it by signing up for a free newsletter, my books are attached for free also. As stated, I work for the people, not for material gain.


          • You are literally using my comments section on the website I built to promote your projects, then insulting me. You may want to reconsider your tactics.

            • No insult to you was intended. Remember that you said that my advocating poverty was dangerous. I was addressing materialism and greed. I did not really think that you are rich, I was under the impression that you were giving me an opening to address capitalism and seeking after materialist gain. By the way, I sent you an email ten minutes ago, take a look. I expressed gratitude to you and your service. Don’t take the comments personally. I came against what capitalism promotes, not meant to demean you. IF you were to read my other comment giving an explanation of how we need to investigate both right and left agendas, you would see how I work. I see how you do, as you have in the past. In no way was my comment meant to be aimed specifically at you.

        • Thank you. But due to still being in the natural realm at age 65, I do not accept gifts or donations or such. Predators are everywhere. But the intention is appreciated.

      • Angel Studios has a pay if forward program that allows you to see the movie for free. If interested, you can go on their site, go to their content tab and click on Sound of Freedom. To get tickets – scroll down to ticket options and “claim free ticket”. Many people have donated tickets so those who can’t afford one can still go see if the movie. It’s a great program.

  • I haven’t seen it yet. I plan to. Hopefully in the theatre if not later on. I think MSM is against for a combination of different reasons. Depending on who it is it could be for one or all the reasons. (1) Just being reflexively against anything that might be “right wing” and argue against it. As anyone on the right will do when hearing leftist things. Including myself. (2) Gr00mers (the more they lauded Cuties and are against Sound OF the more likely this is what they are IMO). Originally I thought of something else but, now it is escaping my mind. Probably more than the 2 I listed.

    • I am not woke, I have exposed that the ballot machines are owned by the Bush family and operated by the CIA in my first major book EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE, first published in May 2016. I warned that Gates would depopulate the planet using vaccines in that book as well. I take in all kinds of information, right and left, and come to my own conclusions. I think outside the boxes and am an independent, have not voted for a long time, as every democrat and republican politician must prove loyalty to the globalists to get any significant position. Epstein. The powers have manipulated the narrative on both sides, and thus been able to cause division, right against left, rather than uniting against the establishment which has deceived and destroyed humanity. By not being willing to entertain any conflicting (or what appears to be conflicting) opinions, you sometimes cement yourself in erroneous concepts. Check out my site. The letters as well, and sign up for my free newsletter and books.

    • In a few months, you will be able to view Sound of Freedom for free at or on the Angel Studios app available on any smart device.

  • I saw it and thought it was excellent. It wasn’t anything new as I heard a fantastic, long length interview with Tim a few years ago. That probably helped me get through the horrors in the movie as I’m extremely sensitive.

    The Leftists’ responses are, in some ways, worse than the subject material.

    As much as I hate the term, this is a Must See movie.

  • Saw the movie with my wife.
    Tough movie to watch, worthwhile completely.
    Opened my eyes even more clearly to the evil that’s being perpetrated against children. Righteous anger swelled in me.

    Child abuse in any form is to be condemned. The perpetrators deserve no leniency. They need help (which I support) mentally and spiritually, but not an inch of tolerance. Punishments need to be severe because the crimes are severe.

    • It’s been around all of my life and before that. As a child of about 7 my abuse started. He was a good friend of my mom and my grandmother. He took advantage of that and befriended me. Bought me my first bicycle, took me to the Dairy Queen and the Frosty Bar for treats. Paid for me to learn how to bowl. And even took me to the skating rink in the town I lived in. Who would have thought this man was a Deputy Sheriff in the town. Had a wife of many years and 3 grown children, 2 sons and a daughter. My grandma and my mom used to take me to his house to play Canasta and have supper with him and his wife. I remember all that and her washing clothes and me helping her to hang them on the line in their back yard to dry. He took me out on the mountain to the park. He wanted favors for all of his generosity. As a child of course I had no idea what was going on. It was all fun for me and free stuff and yummy food and treats. He would drive way out on lonely roads and wanted me to masturbate him to completion on his “hankie”… I remember he always have lots of “hankie”, He would use them and throw them away. He started wanting to touch me (that is all he ever did) just touch me while he made himself feel good and loved me to watch him. He made me promise (pinkie promise, and cross my heart) not to tell anybody… I NEVER DID. One day I found out that he had a few other little girls that he also like to be out with. A set of twins and another girl. He even took me to their houses. I knew them but we were all sworn to secrecy… SO, I know full well that child molestation is real, it’s very real… The wife and the man have both been dead for years. I really don’t know if his wife had a clue to what he was doing but she might have known. She went to visit her sister once for a week and left him home alone. He invited me to come to his house and they used the spare bedroom for storage so there was only one bed. He insisted that I sleep with him. My grandma did not know his wife was not at home. She thought I was spending the night and sleeping on the sofa in the living room… He was very careful at what he did and how he played his fun game with the girls. There were 4 of us total as far as I know. I have NOT yet seen the movie, but I might see it. Beware, b/c things are NOT always as they seem!!!

      • Thank you for sharing this personal private part of your life, Wandakate. People need to understand that many times, the perpetrator is someone who the family knows.

      • Thank you for sharing Wandakate. I do not understand why it is so difficult for people to see and understand the evil in our world. I, too, was a victim of sexual abuse by no less than 10 different men before I was 12 years old. The main and most frequent abuser was my stepfather and when I told the guidance counselor at school she took me to the police. He was arrested and there was a trial and he was convicted but never spent one night in jail. The trial was a nightmare for me – I was treated like the criminal. No one I knew believed me at all, including my mother. That was 45 years ago and nothing has changed. I can tell you years of therapy later, I still distrust all human beings and it is very difficult to form lasting relationships.

      • Michael, it’s not just Priestly Pedophelia. It exists in Protestant Churches too, it just gets less coverage and media sensationalism.
        I witnessed it as a child, and didn’t understand it until I was older.
        The Conspiracy of Silence was very much at play. Ministers were transferred, but seldom faced Legal Repurcussions.
        This was in the 60s and early 70s.
        I believe it has always been a societal problem, but talking about it was taboo.

      • Statistically, the profession with the largest number of pedos is school teachers, not Catholic priests.

  • I’ve been watching several interviews with Tim Ballard and Jim Caviezel, both very principled men, fathers, husbands. I went back and forth about whether I would go see the movie knowing it was not going to be easy to watch because of the heartbreaking subject. I went and I’m so glad I did. I brought a friend because I thought we’d want to process after, we didn’t. It was so well done in how it handled this most difficult of subjects.
    In one interview, Tim said he would only do the movie if it did not sensationalize the characters so pedophiles would go see it (paraphrasing) and second if Jim would play him. With both requests honored, it’s an incredibly beautifully made film that gets the message “God’s children are not for sale” across loud and clear. It’s a clarion call.

  • It’s definitely not entertainment in true sense meaning special effects or CG, but very powerful nevertheless & definitely something we all know is happening but feel uncomfortable talking about unless you or loved one been affected. Sad predicament of our current state of society in abnormal indulgence by elites where Epstein & Weinstein Sociopaths involved innocent young women and children into sex slavery for their perverted pleasures! 🤢

  • What do gays and transgenders have to do with this movie? This article is as much an exercise in hysterical ax-grinding as the negative articles in the MSM.

  • I dont think i can sit thru it, but have watched Jim C interviews. Yesterday i saw that Angel Studios directs donations to John Podesta/Pizzagate connections and i cant believe JC or Mel G know this. I wish i could find a way to check. Love Jim C his life story is something else as his Acting is.

  • I haven’t seen it, and most likely won’t in the immediate future. I simply can’t afford to see it. Our tight budget means little room beyond essentials, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Add in the fact that the nearest theater is 200+ miles away, adds another complication. That’s one disadvantage of living in a very small rural community, is access to amenities.
    Hopefully, they’ll release it in DVD in the future.
    The collective Schit Fit the Left is having over it, tells me it’s not only important, but spot on the money.

  • I don’t know how valid this promotion is, given that so many agenda-driven folks push propaganda on this issue. I am posting this at Facebook, Mewe and Substack Notes because I respect @Daisy Luther

    Readers and viewers: caveat lector.

    more on this
    What Most People Don’t Know About Prostitution and So Called “Sex Trafficking” and Didn’t Know Anyone to Ask…
    by Norma Jean Almodovar
    “Why do so many people believe that the best way to ‘help’ people whom they believe to be ‘victims’ is to arrest them and threaten them with incarceration if they don’t ‘cooperate’? And if they aren’t victims, why ‘rescue’ them? ”

    2020 Comparison Sex Trafficking/ Rape/ Sexual Assault/ Domestic Violence and resources spent to combat these issues
    by Norma Jean Almodovar

    and this
    What About the Children, The Predators
    by Norma Jean Almodovar

    more at
    Operation Do The Math 2019
    by Norma Jean Almodovar

  • I returned to college in the mid 80’s, working on my Bachelor’s in Nursing. In the Psychology Classes required, there were hints that attempts to normalize Pedophilia were coming. The term, Minor Attracted Person was referenced even then, though not as boldly as it is now. I told my wife we’d see the attempt coming. She thought I was nuts.
    That the more radical LGBT crowd has adopted the Pedophiles isn’t surprising. Sexual Degenercy/Deviency defends Sex with anything.
    The primary purpose of Sex is Procreation. The continuation of the species. Pleasure, is a secondary aspect.
    Without Procreation, the Species goes Extinct. That’s Fact, not speculation. Therefore any Sex that does not end in Progeny is Deviant Behavior in a Species. Same Sex Congress cannot produce Progeny. This is basic Empirical and Indisputable Science.
    Sequential Hermaphroditism, the process by which one gender can change genders is rare in the Animal Kingdom. It only occurs in certain species of Insect, Mollusk, Fish and Amphibean specea, always in Lower Life Forms and it’s caused by Environmental Stressors, not because the Life Form “thinks” it’s a different gender.
    SH does not occur in Mammals at all. Though evidence that Environmental Stressors play a role in gender determination of Progeny, as the birth ratios of females to males is higher when a mammal species, including humans, is under high stress.

    I’ve never really considered what two consenting adults do behind closed doors, as being any of my business. Scientifically, Homosexuality, Lesbianism and Transgenderism are Evolutionary Dead Ends. Their behaviorsl attraction is a deviation that yields no Progeny, thus it’s Self Extinction. With Trans, it’s Self Extinction through deliberate Genital Mutilation. The Faux Genitalia, do not function as intended. Genitalia is a secondary sexual characteristic anyway, as a body’s “Sex/Gender” is determined by your chromosomes not Delusional Beliefs due to Psychosis.

    In the end Sex that doesn’t perpetuate the species is abnormal, a deviency from the Norm. Pedophelia, is a deviency from the Norm as well, and a deviency that causes untold physical and mental damage to the victim, and in some cases kills the victim, as they are not physically capable of engaging in some acts perpetuated on them by their adult offender.
    In the not so distant and barbaric past, a female’s first menses indicated she was acceptable then for Procreation, even though she was no mentally and emotionally mature enough for the activity.

    So there you have it. A synopsis of why LGBTs and Pedophelia are wrong, without any Religious belief influence.

    • Apart from your ignorance and bigotry on LGBTQ and trans stuff, we can agree that sexual acts between two people of the same gender, or where one/both are transgender, cannot produce offspring. SO WHAT? Is sex without the possibility of children abnormal and deviant?

      You said, “[i]n the end Sex that doesn’t perpetuate the species abnormal, a deviency [sic]from the Norm,” and I take issue with that. For example, is there no point in sexual intercourse when birth control is being used? Is that deviant and abnormal? What about if in a M-F married couple where one partner has an illness, injury, or disease that renders him or her infertile? I guess they should just never have sex, and what’s more, having sex with them is deviant or immoral since they can’t spawn offspring. Or what about my very loving elderly parents, in their 80s and married for nearly 60 years? They had 3 kids decades ago but can’t anymore due to age. Should they just say goodbye to sex then?

      Your logic is flawed. All kinds of things in nature have no purpose, provide no “yield,” and yet they’re perfectly normal and natural, not deviant or immoral. The appendix, for example.

      Find something else. Your bigotry and queasiness at the thought of consensual sexual acts between consenting adults is misplaced, and stop using the ability to procreate as the only reason to have sex.

      • Bemused Berserker comment is factually correct.
        With the exception of dolphins, humans are the only species that has sex for pleasure.
        All the rest are hard coded for reproduction.

        Humans are the only ones consciously aware of themselves and their sexuality. My dogs, goats, cows all know their sex and dont question it. They know there is a difference between themselves and their opposite sex.
        But they do not have the capacity to question.

        Few people have problems with gay people.
        Trans? If you say so.
        My wife’s best friend is a lesbian, married to another woman. We have had them here to visit several times to include our wedding. Of note, they can both define what a ‘woman’ is.
        Love who you want. Marry who you want. To quote George Carlin, “And now people want to get married . . . haven’t they suffered enough?”
        As long as it is between two consenting adults, not harming each other or animals or children, none of my business.
        I have family members that are gay.

        What the majority of us normal thinking people, to include the previous mentioned gay people, is the attempted normalization of pedophilia and sex trafficking of minors for pedophiles. Everyone should be against that. No one should be trying to normalizing that. Even normal thinking gay people are against that to the degree they have a group called Gays Against Groomers. The twisted part is Pay Pal suspended their account for fundraising purposes. Makes one wonder what the CEOs of Pay Pal think.

        Recall the two consenting adults part I mentioned above. Well, what about these two yahoos: Same-sex Georgia couple charged with abusing adopted sons, making child pornography,
        That, is sick.
        And evil.
        I find it quite interesting that you would comment to attack Bemused Berserker while ignoring the substance of the article written by Marie.

        • Correction: The George Carlin quote should be, ““And now gay people want to get married . . . haven’t they suffered enough?”

  • I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I did download the interview from “the-tube” before it disappears. I give it a few days.
    With all of the screaming and hollering from the left, (Q anon? Really?) I think it will tell a much needed story.

  • It’s an exciting action adventure, but it is so much more than that. It is a clarion call to wake up and DO something about the atrocities of selling children for sex and for worse things. The easiest thing to do is give money. Money given to Operation Underground Railroad really goes to rescuing children, jailing perps and aftercare for rescued kids.

    Other actions take more knowledge. Tim Ballard says local police do most of the “heavy lifting” in these rescues, so that is who you turn to. But I have heard too many stories about cops accepting bribes from pimps. When enough millions see the movie, participate in discussions and decide to act as best they can, we will clean up the cops as needed.

    The chat about this movie is among the strongest I have seen. So far the movie is what it HAS to be–a sensation. Hopefully one result will be more people finding out about the little hearts and cheese and ice cream and all the other pedophile symbols. I have seen some of these on real products in retail stores. When you learn to recognize them, you can boycott them.

    “The Sound of Freedom” is rated PG-13. Indeed, most teenagers should be able to handle it as it is not graphic. Many school-age kids can deal with it, too. If your child is innocent, though-keep him that way.

  • I saw it, twice. I am amazed by the pushback and where the pushback is coming from and most importantly why. Nothing to see here. Move along.Why did disney sit on it for years? Didn’t they just hire a male porn star to be in one of their remakes?
    Its not conspiracy. but it is the dark side of society , adrenochrome and oregon harvesting, child labor, sex slaves and worse. And yes, i know how to spell organ.

  • We went to see Sound of Freedom on Wednesday. Took a friend with us. Everyone should see it if they can. We checked on several theaters before we found 3 open seats. Everything for several towns around was sold out.

  • Haven’t seen it yet. Not likely to go to a theater either, which I haven’t done since the start of Covid and even before that I thought the theaters were often filthy. If it comes out on a streaming service, I will probably watch it, but I am also not one to jump on the pop culture bandwagon right or left wing.

  • Went and saw this with the misses on the 4th, and am taking the youngest 2 kids to see it this afternoon as they are old enough to handle it. Yes it’s uncomfortable to watch, and yes it’s eye opening. I was well aware of this problem years ago just to the simple fact of raising children. This movie should be seen by every adult and teenager as to promote situational awareness. If people have their head on a swivel and this stops 1 child from going missing them the entire production is worth it. Save the children, they are our most precious resource!

  • I haven’t seen the movie and have no plans to. It was funded by Carlos Slim, a criminal millionnaire with ties to the Clinton foundation. The main players in the production of the movie are freemasons it directs people to the Podesta foundation. It also completely avoids the question of who is behind child trafficking and makes it seem like it’s something out there rather than something that happens on Wall Street, and in Washington and Hollywood. And the proceeds go to line fat cat pockets.(Tim Ballard is a millionnaire as a result of. OUR fundraising) instead of helping the victims. And, it will lead a lot of people to line up and have their children microchipped, which is part of the agenda.

    It’s not that I think this isn’t an important topic. I just have serious doubts about the film.

    As for why MSM doesn’t want people to see the movie… Have you ever thought it was just a brilliant marketing ploy? If a parent tells a child not to open a box, what’s the first thing they’re going to do once a parent is out of the room? The MSM comments made it the huge success it was. Do you really think it would’ve been nearly as successful without it?

  • This movie left out the most horrific things done to children, just so people wouldn’t throw up. If they had shown what evil is really done to the children, I don’t think many could have stayed in their seats. The issue was handled cautiously, so that most people who are totally ignorant about these issues could tolerate it, and to be made aware of this rampant evil that is being perpetrated on our children. Yet, there are many who will look the other way ~ until it happens to one of their own.

  • I just find it weird that god won’t help these children who are being sex trafficked for rape and other horrible things but he helps my neighbor with her car repairs and all sorts of things (I know cause she tells me about it all the time).

  • Saw the movie, and I am glad that I did. I was aware of child trafficking and knew it was on the rise and a extremely profitable. I think everyone should see the movie and support those who are trying to end sex trafficking,

  • I’m in Australia. Your post came across my facebook feed. Shame to me that you somehow in a roundabout way blame the problem of child trafficking and abuse on the LGBTQ + community, when in actual fact almost 99 percent of these crimes are committed by heterosexual men. I dont see any drag queen syndicates either here or in the US trafficking children. Trafficking of children and women IS a HUGE problem worldwide and is exacerbated and fueled by poverty. I ask myself, why isnt the US doing more, much more, to help its southern neighbors raise their standard of living and aleviate poverty , I mean you are supposedly the greatest country in the world, right? Interestingly your borders are conveniently lax around harvest time so that poor Mexicans and Central Americans can flood over your southern border and pick your fruit and vegetables for less than your already pitiable minimum wage. But thats ok isnt it? And maybe all the political interference in Central America over the decades has also partly caused the problems there? (research that if you dare) Another point, Most children are abused by heterosexual men known to them. Fathers, Uncles, friends of the family, neighbors, pastors (shock horror!) and such. So please, get your facts straight. Oh and isnt your erstwhile ex president tRump himself an accused abuser? And wasnt he a pal of Jeffrey Epstein? I could go on, but you get my drift. And as for Americans tribal affiliations to either democrats or republicans, the whole world laughs at you! Any fool can see that they are both just two sides of the same coin. As bad as each other just in different ways. The real puppet masters are your giant corporations that suck the life out of what began as an amazing democracy, but is ending ( and the US is, sadly , ending) as a bitterly divided nation controlled by billionaires who worship the god of money and power.

    • You have some really great points Robyn. Most people want to think it is the “elites” that are pedophiles but the pedophile virus is rampant across all demographics from the very rich to the very poor and incomes in between. And no your sexual orientation has nothing to do with it either. My FIL was an equal opportunity child rapist as he raped his sister, brother and his own children. The average person cannot do anything about the sex trafficking that goes on BUT they can do something about protecting their own children from predators that are usually family or friends of the family. Human beings are a funny lot as they can be doing some pretty evil things to their own family members yet muster many a crocodile tear or trite sentiment when they see a Facebook post about things they are also guilty of. Never seeing themselves for what they really are.

  • Don’t know how the ABCDEFG cult got involved in this topic except to say that in my esteemed opinion drag queen shows for kids are pedo meet and greets operating in plain sight. If that speculation offends someone too f-ing bad. Don’t know of any sane parent who would expose their children to blow up boobs and fat uglified men unless they’re warped themselves. Child abuse is a failure of parents to protect their own offspring. There’s a lot of sick men and women out there. May they burn in raping hell for eternity.

  • Why is MSM so against this movie?
    Why do they want to discredit a true story like this one?
    Are they trying to claim it is all a conspiracy theory?
    What is behind the push to normalize pedophilia?
    And why are so many progressives in MSM against this movie?
    The WaPo, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Media Matters to name a few, all wrote articles critical of this movie.

    Call it what it is: Sexual abuse of children is sick and evil.

  • My son and his wife went to Honduras with their sole purpose to help keep kids from being trafficked. They spent 6 years in ministry there, even adopted one little one. What the movie and Tim Ballard is trying to show is truth about the trafficking business. And they are trying to get the majority of the American people to wake up to the fact of the existance of that particular evil.
    Ignore the idiots and naysayers. Too many people just hang around to criticize everything that they didn’t think of to talk about. If you’re not already, just get awakened to this evil, and get everyone you know to wake up to it… then do whatever you want to about what you know.
    Old Duffer

  • I saw the movie with subtitles in French (to understand when people speak spanish), it is really a wake-up call, it reminds of another intense movie with Gerard Butler: Machine Gun Preacher, based on a true story. For the people always asking proof about the sex slaves trafficking, I suggest to download the free pdf Eyes Wide Open, from Fiona Barnett, 577 pages:
    Just read it, the problem is here from a long time ago on this planet.

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