Smart Cities: They’re NOT “Just a Crazy Conspiracy Theory”

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After the fires in Maui, a local resident nicknamed Auntie complained that Lahaina was slated to become a “satellite city”   Residents posted on X (Twitter) that, before the fire, rumors had been circulating about a Digital City, or a 15-minute city, being set up on Maui   Naturally the fact-checkers are treating these people like they’re just “conspiracy theorists,” but let’s look at what the new types of cities – also called Smart Cities – really are.

What are Smart Cities?

“Satellite city” just refers to a smaller city next to a larger one.   Think Fort Worth and Dallas.  It’s possible that Auntie got her words mixed up and meant to say “Smart City” instead of satellite city.  Or, she could have meant that Lahaina was supposed to be a satellite city for something bigger that was slated to be built.  

Smart Cities are a different matter entirely. (People often use “smart city” and “digital city” interchangeably.)  TWI, a multinational engineering and consulting firm, defines a smart city as one that “uses information and communication technology (ICT) to improve operational efficiency, share information with the public and provide a better quality of government service and citizen welfare”   

Engineering firms like this believe that increased data collection through the use of cameras and sensors in cities can improve citizens’ quality of life by streamlining traffic and relieving congestion.  There are projects already in place to turn places like Tokyo, Singapore, New York City, and Reykjavic into smart cities. 

Smart cities aren’t a “conspiracy theory.” They’re engineering projects that have been underway for quite some time already.

Maui was actually home to an early smart city project, called JUMPSmart Maui.  American and Japanese researchers installed electric vehicle charging stations throughout the island and worked with Nissan Leaf owners to collect data about how well the charging stations actually worked.  This project explains why Maui residents have smart cities on their radar.

It’s important to note that we’re told not all smart city concepts consist of individualized data collection.  While some smart cities, like those in China, certainly can use facial recognition tech to track individuals, companies trying to sell their services in Western countries insist that data collection can be done anonymously and only be used for traffic relief.  

But we must remember that this can change depending on political winds.  Our cell phone data was supposed to be anonymous, too, and yet the CDC bought the data from phone companies to evaluate compliance during lockdowns.  I see no reason to assume data about movement within cities would remain permanently anonymous and inviolate, either.

Look at the Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) in London.  Mayor Sadiq Khan installed thousands of cameras across London to determine whether or not vehicles in the city comply with emissions standards, which most older vehicles do not.  Many small business owners cannot afford to simply buy new vans, but noncompliant vehicles are fined £12.50 per day.  In response, gangs of Londoners have vandalized huge numbers of traffic cameras.

Despite the promises of politicians and city planners, these cameras are not popular.

Then there are 15 minute cities.

A “15 minute city” refers to a city in which a person’s home and everything they need can be reached within a 15-minute walk or bike ride. 

This, also, is getting a trial run in the U.K.  Oxford has divided the city into six zones, and private cars will need permits to go into different zones, or they could face fines. While Oxford legitimately has traffic problems, residents are concerned that it will kill business in the city center because it will be so much more difficult for people to reach, and also simply push the traffic issues to surrounding areas as people are forced to change their driving routes.

British city planners claim the goal is to get more people to use public transportation.  That can work, theoretically, if you live in an area where public transportation has not become dangerous, but that is increasingly rare.

I’ve lived in cities where you didn’t need to own a car.  Depending on your phase of life, it can work out quite nicely.  But I can’t imagine it working as a parent of 2+ teenagers with disparate interests.  Being stuck in a 15-minute radius would severely curtail my children’s opportunities to learn, socialize, and develop as human beings.  And it’s a killer for small businesses.  

Yet the 15-minute city concept has been heavily promoted by the C40 Climate Leadership Group, a global network of nearly 100 mayors of major cities.

Again, this is not a conspiracy theory.  C40 is a real group of mayors of real cities.  Do you live in Houston or Miami?  You live in a city run by a mayor who has made a commitment to work toward a 15-minute city.

There is a push to retrofit existing cities to a 15-minute model.  But there are entirely new communities being planned, too.

These communities ARE coming.

We’ve written before about the Dutch farmer protests.  The Dutch government has been forcibly purchasing farms to meet the EU’s nitrogen reduction standards, but the Dutch know that this has less to do with the environment and more to do with Tristate City.

The proposed Tristate City will be able to house 45 million people.  Supporters include property developers, pension funds, and Utrecht’s economic board.  They believe that Dutch cities are currently too small to compete with Asian megalopolises, and they believe this will be the wave of the future. 

Meanwhile, in the U.S., a group called Flannery Associates has spent about $800 million purchasing approximately 52,000 acres northeast of San Francisco, right next to Travis Air Force Base.  For years, this organization had been shrouded in mystery.  Yet, within the past two weeks, this group has come forward with a website launch for their proposed utopia. 

California Forever, the parent group behind Flannery Associates, promises a vibrant town powered by solar energy, full of walkable neighborhoods, and high-paying jobs.

But Flannery did not endear itself to the community with its years of secrecy and then its aggressive buying tactics.  Their assumption that they can build a brand new city, taking as much as water as they want, has not gone over well.  Local landowners, as well as Congressmen Mike Thompson and John Garamandi, have been intensely frustrated with the project owners and do not want the utopian city to go through.

And yet the members of California Forever are powerful billionaires.  The group includes Stripe co-founders John and Patrick Collison, venture capitalist Michael Moritz, Marc Andreessen and his venture capital fund, LinkedIn founder (and Epstein associate) Reid Hoffman, venture capitalists Nat Friedman and Daniel Gross, and the philanthropist/widow of Steve Jobs, Laurene Jobs.  The project is spearheaded by former Goldman Sachs investor Jan Sramek.

Sramek may be a 36 year old investing prodigy, but he has been incredibly vague on details regarding blueprints and environmental permitting, as well as financing for the people who may actually want to live there.  

In a perfect world, jumping through the legal hurdles needed for a project like this would be impossible.  The area is zoned for agriculture, and the existing communities of Solano County don’t want to change it.  

Incidentally, a lot of Smart Cities are in wildfire-prone areas.

And Solano County is prone to wildfires.  The LNU Lightning Complex fires, California’s 6th most destructive wildfires, torched part of Solano County in 2020.  Locals say that the fire protection in Solano County is already underfunded.  Putting a new city, planned to include massive solar farms (which are a fire risk on their own) will be putting additional stress on an infrastructure that’s already not up to code.  

And you know, it’s kind of funny how people seem to keep putting up Smart Cities in fire-prone areas.  You’d think that if you were going to dump tons of money into an area to improve the technology, they’d prioritize fire safety.

Just look at Kelowna, up in British Columbia.  It was devastated by wildfires in 2003.  Experts made recommendations, at the time, to avoid such destructive wildfires in the future but longtime local residents complain that no real changes were ever made.  It’s like no one cared that much about whether or not Kelowna burned. 

It’s not like Kelowna is some poverty-stricken area, either.  In fact, it has the distinction of being Canada’s first “real-world 5G smart city.”   The government was willing to dump money into fancy new cameras and a 5G network. You’d think they want to keep the area from burning down.

You might be wondering why this matters.  

It matters because there is a method to the madness.  Smart Cities, cities where constant surveillance is the norm, are coming.  The move into them is not organic. It’s being driven.  

Climate change is being used as an excuse for us to pack into heavily surveilled cities to reduce our carbon footprint, and the mainstream media has been pointing to this year’s wildfires as an example of climate catastrophe.  The head of the UN announced this summer that we had entered an era of “global boiling.”

Global boiling has supposedly led to both the Maui fires as well as the Canadian fires. This is supposed to scare us so much that we’re ready to make drastic lifestyle changes.

Except there are a few problems with this scenario.

First of all, 2023 has had heat records broken in some areas, but other parts of the world have had unusually cool summers.  There has been a great deal of hullaballoo about the “hottest summer on record,” but averages have only barely made it past those of the 1930s.  (source)

Second, these fires have been anything but natural.  Recent evidence has come forth that Hawaii Electric turned the power off 6 hours before the string of deadly fires that destroyed Lahaina.  Whether it was a Directed Energy Weapon or good old-fashioned gasoline we won’t know for some time, and personally, I’m not sure how much it matters.   I hope as the lawsuit between Maui County and Hawaii Electric proceeds, solid facts will emerge.  For now, all we know is that there was nothing “natural” about this supposed wildfire.  

Up in Canada, you can find all kinds of videos and accusations being made online about who’s responsible for the fires.  Some of them might be overblown but we know for a fact people have been arrested for arson.  Arson and climate change are not the same thing!

If you think the talk about smart cities is hyperbolic, look at the talk about climate change.  Reading the UN’s website, they treat an impending man-made climate cataclysm as a fact despite public debate from climate scientists worldwide. 

Or listen to King Charles talk about how this is humanity’s “last chance” to save the planet despite the fact that the climate change predictions made in the 90s and early 2000s about what the 2020s are being proven seriously wrong.

The climate doom rhetoric is utterly ridiculous, yet we’re supposed to take everything King Charles says as gospel and dismiss Auntie?  No, sorry, not buying it.  

I don’t know whether or not King Charles believes his own rhetoric.  I kind of suspect he doesn’t, considering how much beachfront property he owns.  But it is clear: the powerful groups he is part of have a vision for the future that includes more surveillance for the rest of us.

We need to be paying attention.

This website is about preparedness.  An awareness of the political class’s goals will help us to see what’s coming and think about what we personally can do to keep our families happy and healthy.

What are your thoughts about Smart Cities? Are they real or just another conspiracy theory? Do you think there will be a push to move us all into them or will they just be available for those who choose to live there? What do you see as the pros and cons? Do you believe plans for Smart Cities are behind some of the horrific disasters that have been occurring? What about the massive land purchases?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

About Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

Marie Hawthorne

Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

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  • So my company – Honeywell International – is building these so yes they are going up. NEOM is one of our projects. Sustainable development is their goal and it’s more than difficult to be a employee of this place for that reason!

    • It is now impossible to do ANY WORK with Honeywell, as they will platantly lie to an innovator and outright steel intellectual property even when putting disclosure agreements in place. Blanket statement spanning the past 30+ years.

  • This is about one thing and one thing only, absolute control (tyranny) over the many by the very few. If we don’t stand together, fight back and tell them “NO”, we will be doomed.

    • @Anonymous: You are right about telling them “NO!”, standing together and we need to be doing that at every turn.

      As far as I’m concerned, we already are “doomed” and have been since just after 9/11.

      We gave in to fear and allowed our freedoms to be taken from us WILLINGLY for something that COULD NOT HAVE HELPED IN THE LEAST. IMO, that was a test to see how far ‘they’ could go taking our freedom from us, and we just continued to let them, for fear of …..whatever the word of the day was….

      Now, we are again being led to give up more and more of less and less freedoms.

      I put “doomed” in quotes because I don’t fear the future. It is bad now and will get worse, but I know that GOD is in control, no matter how it seems and I have put my trust in Him. I just do what I can, and leave the rest to Him.

  • At this point this is all conspiracy theory, but all to often they become true.
    It is not the concept that is bad, it is how they go about doing it.
    However not all smart cities or 15 minute cities are working on the same plan or for the same reasons..
    The funny thing is that; the idea of “suburbs and urban sprawl”, was probably a conspiracy theory at one time. Shopkeepers used to live above their shops in cities in the past, often renting out rooms or having apartments built as part of the building. those were the original “15 minute cities”.
    That was common until most cities decided that was a bad idea and zoned it so that it was no longer able to occur.
    Things move in cycles.

    People move away from cities, people move back to cities. Cities, boom and grow and cities (like Detroit) slowly decay and die.
    This movement to consolidated living is just another cycle.

    The difference this time is the level of technology and the ability of abusing it to spy on people and control their lives. But that happens even in regular cities like NY and London now. Cameras everywhere, tons of rules and regulations.

    How much control we give them is not about where we live, but about what abuses of our privacy and freedom we allow them to take, no matter where we live!

  • Walking 15 minutes and be able to get everything I need.
    Now, NEED is subjective. Some people NEED two, three or six Starbucks frapachino latte, with one pump of pumpkin spice and two pumps of endangered whales milk everyday.
    But imagine exactly that.
    Take a one hour walk in one of theses cities in one direction. By the end of that walk, you would of passed four Starbucks.
    Four fast food restaurants of the same kind.
    Now, a city like this would not be a good fit for a mega-food store. So maybe mini-Wal-Marts?
    Just have it delivered via robo-cart!
    You think the US and to a lesser degree the world has a obesity problem now?
    You think the US and to a lesser degree the world has a social interaction problem now?
    Observation, we have two gas stations down in town.
    One is a national chain. The other, a small regional chain.
    The national one installed a bunch of automated or customer self-check out.
    The regional one still has traditional employees.
    The national one has a very, detached, clinical like feeling to it. No one talks. No interaction. A dead like feel to it.
    The regional one, people still talk, has a busy but lively feel.
    In a previous article I wrote concerning OPSEC in the big city, I noted how on the subway everyone had their heads buried into the smartphones. No one talked.
    Imagine an entire city like that.

    • It’s interesting. I’m no fan of mass surveillance but I actually think this kind of planning might help reduce obesity. When I lived in Europe, I walked everywhere – picking up groceries, going to meet friends, visiting museums and parks, running errands. I lost significant weight and got more fit. I’m back in the US and determined to continue the walking-as-part-of-life habit.

      While you certainly could just get things delivered and make bad choices, it also makes it easier to make good choices to live within walking distance of essentials like groceries, banks, and pharmacies.

      I’m in no way defending forcing people to do this, nor plots to control us. But a walking lifestyle can be extremely healthy.

      • Daisy,
        I agree with you but only to a degree.
        European cities, society and culture are radically different from US cities, society and culture. Saw it in Paris. They would walk blocks and not think twice about it. Saw a woman very well dressed, in high heels, riding a bicycle.
        I worked with some early 20-somethings who would rather wait an hour after the conference to get a ride than walk 3/4 of a mile to the hotel.
        Could it promote more walking? Possible. But looking around the local Wal-Mart, most got winded just walking from the parking lot to the front doors.

        Just had an interesting thought, COVID in a smart city. Where everything you need, and everyone else around you is only 15-minutes away.
        Lockdowns galor?
        Cameras everywhere to monitor if you do go out, you are masked?
        Door to door vaccinations be a whole lot easier with everyone in a closely dense area.

        • You have a great point. I enjoy walking and would much rather walk than ride – you miss the magic when you’re just mindlessly behind the wheel. But I know a lot of folks who prize comfort and convenience over that, much to the detriment of their health.

          Lockdowns in a Smart City – now that’s a terrifying thought!

      • @Daisy: Agreed that walking is healthy and good for you. But that is not what this is about, as you point out: it is abut CONTROL and PERSONAL FREEDOMS.

        I just returned from visiting my daughter who lives in a SoCa area of Los Angeles. It is a 15 minute City, and it is great! There are several grocery stores, banks, personal places (like to get manicures, etc., something those Californians love to do…), restaurants, gas stations, bakeries, schools, parks, the ocean a walk away, mountain hiking a walk away from most homes, etc. etc.. There is even a Farmers Market on Sundays…

        BUT: no one is FORCED to live there, no one is given only the choice to live there. It is free will that allows those who live there to be there. 15 minute cities are good and do promote a healthier lifestyle, but ONLY if those who live there have a CHOICE to do so!

      • Doing anything real and lasting about solving obesity needs to begin with an honest confession:

        Overweight people need to begin treating their infection known as Adenovirus 36 (AD-36) it’s the obesity virus… home made colloidal silver works, as does Sodium Chlorite (MMS — Jim Humble)

      • What about a non smart city for people like us ? Just a thought. Like without the surveillance. I think this would be good for communities of like minded people like ourselves. I read about some of these communities in Florida and somewhere else but I can’t remember where. I think that would be kinda cool.

  • Good article. I don’t think that putting the new 15 minute cities in wildfire areas is an accident. It is more probably by design. Remember that the goal of the crazed climatists is population elimination. Maui demonstrated how easy it is to trap people in wildfires and remove them from the population count without anyone being able to finger an organization or individual. And the insurance companies pay the developer for their loses. Rinse, repeat.
    The whole setup is a very cost effective way to accomplish a sinister goal with the intended victims being willing participants.

    • …and I quote: “Remember that the goal of the crazed climatists is population elimination.”

      … and I revise:

      “Remember, and never forget, how many septillions of dollars in value have been taken up *from the people* by greedy globalists running fake governments, fake institutions, fake agencies, false front subcontractors, elected farses and evil corporations eliminating populations (as NGOs) so our stolen loot doesn’t ever get returned to us for our heirs and next of kin.”

      How to not have to pay us back? Early unexplained deaths.

    • Agree that there’s plausible deniability by locating these “15 minute” concentration camps in wildfire area.
      Of course, the globalists don’t wait for wildfires to occur naturally. They don’t even need to send operatives into the backcountry of Canada or anywhere else, to set fires.
      The fires are set by DEWs (Directed Energy Weapon). They’re essentially high intensity lasers that incinerate the target. From what I’ve read, these weapons have been around for about 10 years. They can be deployed from ships or satellites.
      Lahaina’s historic district was destroyed by a DEW. The majority of the survivors believe that. They witnessed first hand all the anomalies that occurred before, during and after this disaster,

  • they wouldnt have to go door to door to vax you. just reading a article where they can dump it in the air to get around vax hesitancy. just dump it in the air handlers. its MAGIC. But…. why if the main goal is massive population reduction, go to all this trouble ? unless this is where the batteries, i mean residents will be plugged in, i mean live.??

  • “Trust Me”, said the Spider to the Fly!
    If you don’t stand up to something, you will fall for everything.

  • Babcock Ranch was a family owned, working ranch from the early 1900’s until around early 2000, consisting of 91,000 acres in SW Florida. In 2005, the family sold 80% of the land to the state of Florida to remain a conservation area and 20% to Kitson and Partners. On the 18,000 acres, they have built a fully solar powered city complete with schools, shopping, etc. There are many articles on climate change and how their town is safe from hurricanes, their own water source and power source, etc. Their tag lines are “A New Kind of Hometown”, The Hometown of Tomorrow”, and “Sustainable City.” I can’t really say what is planned for this area in the long term, but the tag lines they are using really give me a bad feeling in my gut.

    • A perfect example of today’s faked government — a galldarned solar city??

      Governing our land rights right out from under us.

      What “the Government” should be doing is Governing all those lousy corporations into extinction when it’s proven that “the Government” has pretty much done NOTHING to protect our rights to privately own private property and to protect our national borders.

      In another generation or so, what will be left of us?

  • These elite ramblings about “Smart Cities” point to their plans for godless dominion over slave laborers — all their jargon culminates around pushing people into urban settings, owning nothing and dying too young. How about “Smart Townships” and how about “Abundant Farming” and how about “Liquidating Corporations” and “Revoking Their Charters” when the Corps all commit crimes against humanity????

  • Some translations are in order:
    The UN’s “era of global boiling” is really an era of globalist BS.

    “Companies claiming that the mass surveillance data they collect will be only be used for traffic relief” falls in the same category as temporary taxes. The “only used for traffic relief” part will only last as long as it takes for them to do the opposite.

    “improve operational efficiency” of cities reminds me of Hitler’s concentration camps and the Soviet Union’s and Communist China’s collective farms. It really means more centralized power over citizens.

    And I don’t need the government forcing me to walk to reduce obesity. When the government is able to implement their 15 minute Smart Cities on a mass scale be ready to have your cell phone tracking you everywhere you go. You didn’t do your government mandated walking quota then “No soup for you!” fatty.

    A more appropriate name for Smart Cities would be human kennels. Roll over, sit up, good boy. Here’s your treat. Now get back in your cage.

    Thank You Marie Hawthorne for this excellent and well researched article. I think it is time for you to publish a book so your ideas can reach more people.

  • They, meaning WEF etc. Never come out and say what they are really up to. They always go about things in some sneaky , under hamded way. They won’t allow people to live their lives in peace. They always want more and really think they deserve more. Time to get the pitchforks out.

  • Sounds horrifying. Take me as far away from any city let alone a 15 minute one. I have to go to downtown Milwaukee once a week & HATE it. It’s gone so downhill.

    I heard on the radio that Milwaukee was considering a ‘community where everything is within walking distance & will be closed off to vehicles’. They never said a 15 minute city though I’m sure that’s what it will be. Good ridden, they deserve it, it’s a hole.

    Off track a little but my thought goes to the detrimental electrical aspects of these 15 min. cities due to my research in the EMFs/RF field & all these ‘upgrades’. My mom lives outside of Bloomington, IN (a predominately liberal town) & they are moving towards the 15 minute city. Duke Energy & whatever her phone/internet company is, is ALWAYS having problems for the last 10+ years. The pressure on the grid in her area has been enormous due to the increase in the area’s cell & electrical towers. Thankfully she’s listened & gotten a whole home surge protector to protect her house when the surges hit. Her electric bill has doubled in the last year so the protector will help reduce that.

    The side effects of all of this literal ‘smart’ energy within these cities will be palpable. I will never be able to be around such cities due to my EMF sensitivities. Which is fine by me. It will be very much like having a pacemaker & going near a strong power source. People will have no clue what is going on when symptoms start appearing & get worse (i.e. tinnitus, heart palpitations, insomnia, tingling in extremities, brain fog, anxiety, depression, headaches).

  • Walt Disney originally designed EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) as a smart city, with everything you’d need within walking distance. For farther distances you’d have the monorail. Any vehicles would be parked in garages away from the city as they weren’t allowed on the streets.

    You would rent (not own), and you’d buy everything from your city. It was basically a futuristic company town with autocratic rule (Disney, or his company). Walt’s idea of Utopia.

    He had also met with GE to create Progress City, which used to be on display at Disneyland in Anaheim. Walt was quite the control freak.

  • Your best article yet, Marie. Thanks for all the research that went into it.

    If residents are given cell phones, internet, Netflix, starbucks and a tatoo parlor, they’ll line up to get in.

  • CBDCs, Digital ID, and VACCINES are merging together. COMING SOON: DIGITAL ID – (QUANTUM DOT TATTOO): Microsoft Platform for finances & Storage of ALL personal data on the physical body coming with a MICRONEeDLE SKINPATCH/ VA666INE like a band-aid) – will provide Proof of Va666ination Compliance – and will be the MARK OF THE BEAST needed to “participate in society” or access Internet and your accounts (Code for buy and sell)

    ==> You won’t be held down and forced that way; but as Microsoft said about their Worldwide Digital ID system, “non-participants will be unable to buy or sell goods or services”. People who don’t get it just won’t be able to buy and sell; your financial transactions will be blocked. It looks like a patch with tiny spikes and can come in the mail. This is part of the ID Alliance 2020 (compare with Revelation 13:16-18 and 14:9-12) I don’t know how biometrics are tied in at this point, but it is too close for comfort. THE RFID CHIP IS OLD TECHNOLOGY AND A RED HERRING TO DISTRACT US AWAY FROM THE QUANTUM DOT TATTOO.

  • Just remember when you read something, knowledge is power, and researching on opinions might be a good idea before you are fully committed to that opinion.

  • In Utah, Governor Spencer Cox, who is one of those Republicans who is an obvious globalist who hates liberty and repeats all their lies about things like climate change, transgenderism, and Covid – is planning 15-minute cities in Utah in several locations. So even in very conservative states it’s happening because we can’t get away from these lyng liberty-hating psychopaths like Cox who pretend to be conservatives but are on board with the World Economic Forum and United Nations satanic cult dedicated to depopulation and enslavement.

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