The Importance of Silent Self-Defense Weapons in Secluded Places

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Many of you know from my articles, we are forbidden in Venezuela, since 2012, by the thugs in power to carry guns. This is part of the plan to subjugate 25 million people and have total control: out of FEAR. In my case, those gun laws also forbid ANYTHING capable of projecting objects.

In the coming times, full independence also requires us to have the resources to DEFEND ourselves. How are we to defend ourselves?

Disclaimer: weapons can severely harm anyone. Handle with care and take precautions. The following “weapons” are inexpensive, easy to learn how to use them, surprisingly effective

Why silent self-defense?

Depending on your particular location, some of the items I suggest may, or may not be, feasible. I will do my best to provide you options of tools for self-defense. I also hope to offer my readers a few different tools for those who can not or do not want a firearm as a means of self-defense. 

Bows, hunting slingshots, crossbows: these hunting tools also make useful defense tools. Guns are not the only options. Guns can be loud, attracting unwanted attention. For those of you well-educated about firearms, this article is for those who need other options. 

Please understand: if you are new to self-defense weapons, practice thoroughly to achieve a decent proficiency level. The bow and the atlatl need the most amount of training. The crossbow and slingshot can be effectively used with very little or no training. However, if someone offers to train you with any of these, take that offer. 

No power and no fuel means silence has returned. In fact, the silence is sometimes scary. A few of our neighbors use to have those old little radios with national popular music…that’s gone now, most of the time, at least.

Let’s just say: you are in South America, and you go out with a shotgun to get (an extremely annoying) wild turkey. Or even better, a wild hog. That now ever-present silence will be penetrated.  Of course, sharing with close neighbors, or even trading with those who offer to work for food is how most of us operate. However, the noise and chaos generated by hunting wild turkey with a shotgun are likely to attract undesirables. 

Therefore, you are well-advised to acquire silent means to defend your homestead. Establishing a plan to improve your self-defense is hard. And it can be done. Still, “they” will not come in one by one. They will come in by the numbers.  A well-positioned 15 mm diameter steel ball at middle-chest with a powerful hunting slingshot from 30 meters away will make any group think twice. (Body armor is highly recommended.)

The more isolated and secluded you are, the more silent your choice of self-defense weapons needs to be.

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Here are a few of my recommendations.

The Bow: A bow requires quite a bit of training to be an effective weapon. However, history has proven that it is effective and accurate in good hands. In our Amazonas, natives shoot an arrow, lying on the ground, using their feet to stretch the rope, shooting into the sky. The arrow follows a parabolic trajectory and hits its intended target. These people have used bows since they learned to walk. The ability to provide food in many native communities relies heavily on bow hunting skills. 

Modern bows made with high-tech materials and alloys are great for performance but tend to be expensive. You can get an excellent piece for under 100$ like this one.

Or, this option, half that price, for teen beginners.

Compound bows have a pulleys system and offer a much higher arrow speed, with much less effort. Widely used in hunting, when combined with hunting slingshots, are quite effective. This compound bow is designed for survival. (I plan to get one as soon as I can.)

The Atlatl: Ancient throwing weapon with a large fan base. This baton with a carved notch to house spears reaches great distances with precision. The atlatl are not cheap, but they are well worth it. And, you can even get one online. 

The Crossbow: One of my favorites: easy to fix, no pulleys, and good optics = an excellent investment. However, this has to be handled with the same care as a firearm. These are easily used to take down a decent sized game. With the proper training and a good assortment of arrows, it can be used to scare off trespassers. I recommend this simple model. 

The Hunting Slingshot: I hunted that obnoxious wild turkey-like bird in the mountains that wakes you in the early morning, with a hand-made rubber tube thing. Sure, it was non-symmetrical and entirely imprecise. But, I did manage to catch a few birds every now and then with some practice. 

I also watched a friend of mine shoot one of these through his Jeep’s canvas roof at someone trying to steal the stereo. All I heard was the thug screaming as those balls hit him. You can build one yourself, but why, when you can get them pretty cheap. There’s also this really interesting Survival Slingshot that comes with a multitude of accessories, making it a versatile silent weapon that will never run out of ammo.

Remember to take precautions and practice.

Breaking a string, a limb, or a rubber band can result in serious injury. If you are far away from medical care, this can be a problem. Remember to carry your first aid kit and wear protective eye gear. ALWAYS.

Whatever you choose, make sure you practice enough until you become proficient. Practice will create confidence. Confidence will make you accurate. Accuracy will allow you to survive much longer.

And don’t forget the power of information.

Governments all over the world do NOT like self-reliant or independent people. They need us to all be uninformed, under-educated sheep who will vote for their politicians. 

Because of one of the most useful tools we have, technology, that status quo is on the way out. If someone wants to get rid of the banking system, use crypto. The internet provides communication, entertainment, financial record access, and much more gives us all a level of freedom we did not have before. 

HAM radio is now more affordable than ever. Advances in energy production and storage like LIPO batteries are rapidly changing the structure of the market itself from within. Solar panels are more efficient than ever.

Stay Safe! Jose

About Jose

Jose is an upper middle class professional. He is a former worker of the oil state company with a Bachelor’s degree from one of the best national Universities. He has a small 4 members family, plus two cats and a dog. An old but in good shape SUV, a good 150 square meters house in a nice neighborhood, in a small but (formerly) prosperous city with two middle size malls. Jose is a prepper and shares his eyewitness accounts and survival stories from the collapse of his beloved Venezuela. Thanks to your help Jose has gotten his family out of Venezuela. They are currently setting up a new life in another country. Follow Jose on YouTube and gain access to his exclusive content on Patreon. Donations:

Picture of J.G. Martinez D

J.G. Martinez D

About Jose Jose is an upper middle class professional. He is a former worker of the oil state company with a Bachelor’s degree from one of the best national Universities. He has a small 4 members family, plus two cats and a dog. An old but in good shape SUV, a good 150 square meters house in a nice neighborhood, in a small but (formerly) prosperous city with two middle size malls. Jose is a prepper and shares his eyewitness accounts and survival stories from the collapse of his beloved Venezuela. Thanks to your help Jose has gotten his family out of Venezuela. They are currently setting up a new life in another country. Follow Jose on YouTube and gain access to his exclusive content on Patreon. Donations:

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  • Thanks for the great article, Jose and Daisy. My husband and kids are bow hunters, with compound bows, but I find the pull back difficult. Recurves are a little easier to pull, but are more difficult to get game because the arrows don’t go as far or as fast. Because of one of your recent articles, I did invest in a crossbow and bolts.

    Getting a HAM radio license/equipment is good advice, too. We’ve seen how cell and internet communications can be shut down instantaneously by governments. Also, some good long range (30-36 miles) two-way radios are good for maintaining communication in closer areas, when hiking, or when you’re traveling in a caravan. I believe these are not licensed, however, in all countries, but are in the US.

  • Bows are a part of our plan as we bow hunt and bow fish. Spears are also a part of our arsenal. For those who have doubts I suggest watching Tim Wells in Relentless Pursuit. While I will probably never be as good or as crazy as him he gets it done.
    The Atlatl is sketchy depending on your prey or what the aggressor is armed with because it requires a good amount of exposure to throw it.
    I keep slingshot wrist rockets and extra bands. I like marbles for them. I also like using a steel target at distance because the ping is unmistakable.
    The nice things about all these is I can practice in my yard. I’ve got a 60yd x 20yd cleared out area I use. I’ve got that section blocked with a ft stockade fence that has another 60yds of area behind it before it reaches the road in case any mistakes are made.
    You must practice because these are perishable skills.

  • Why buy a bow, when you can make one? Just look up on line about how to make a bow and arrows using PVC pipe and dowels. There are several sites on line with instructions. If you are mechanically minded, you can make crossbows too. Secondly, by making your own, it’s harder to track whether or not you have such weapons.

  • Here is the electric equivalent of Argentina’s gaucho bola system for takedown of man or animal

    But even if the new electric version is not available where you are, handmaking the classic Argentine gaucho bola system with some rope and three round weights is grade school easy. To learn more, run a search on YouTube for

    gaucho boleadoras


    Cheap green lasers are capable of blinding an aggressor. USA TSA rules a year ago even permitted these in carry-on luggage as well as checked baggage — but never trust TSA rules not to change on a moment’s notice. Police, military and pilots may or may not use the protective eyeglass shades that shield from this damage, but your average thug on the street probably won’t have that.


    There are YouTube videos on how to handmake an atlatl.

    There are also YouTube videos on how to very inexpensively make an effective bow from PVC tubing.

    One precaution: the YouTube videos about learning to use a Biblical era sling (think David and Goliath) is that it requires a strong arm and years of constant practice to achieve any accuracy.


    • Dear Lewis,
      You´re right, that´s why I didn´t ever bothered in mentioning the sling.
      On the other hand, I wouldn´t use lasers of any kind. Too easy something going very wrong with these things.

  • I’ve owned long bows most of my life. A good one combined wIth hunting from a blind where you don’t need heroic long shots is quite an effective hunting weapon. I also have a 3/4 sized crossbow. Easier to conceal and still quite effective for smaller game or self defense. It uses an 8 inch bolt. I also have an old 1970s wrist rocket slingshot. New band on it and extras. Its effective for medium sized birds once you’ve practiced enough to be a good shot with it. Use metal bearings, glass practice shots, or smooth rocks as ammunition. It would defiantly break the skin, or do some real damage to a skull if used as a defensive weapon. Even at a distance it would hurt enough to be a warning devise. If you were out of sight or there were more than one shooter it could be a good deterrent to a would be invaider.
    Of course I do have a noisier light deterrent, projecting bird shot. Did you know some 410 shotguns with the choke removed can also shoot a regular 45 slug? That could get interesting but isn’t quiet. My new favorite to target practice with is the crossbow. Not a bad pull for an “old lady”. Point and shoot can be quick and accurate, and as you said, quiet!
    For now I’m picking off targets on a stack of hay bales. A nice practice shooting range. I’m more interested in deterrent self defense. I’m not interested in killing invaders. Just making them see the wisdom in moving on somewhere else. All 3 styles of weapons are capable of much more than simply being deterrents.
    I have chickens, ducks, and rabbits for meat and eggs. If it came down to needing another source of food, birds are easily trapped. Another silent source.
    It’s over 30 miles to an outdoor shooting range. Costs a little. And defiantly isn’t quiet!

    Good article.

    • Be very careful about your ammo selection in 45LC in a shotgun. Avoid +Ps and hot stuff like Buffalo Bore Ammo due to higher pressures than shotguns are built for.
      Also a .410 shooting a .452-.454 bullet can get interesting.
      I’ve seen it but can’t say it’s recommended.

    • Dear Clergylady,
      That´s exactly the best course of action. Meanies should need to be truly desperate of starvation to invade someone´s property after they have been “warned” with a few hits with unknown origin.

    • A little overpriced–you can buy a decent crossbow for $200 and spend the other $600 on bolts and broadheads…

    • Dear 1stMarineJarHead
      These are quite interesting options. I´ve been loooking at them for a while. However, as I mentioned earlier this article was kind of focused towards the DIY factor. Totally silent airguns deserve a couple of articles of their own, the way I see it, and you´re right, I find them highly suited for a prepping environment.
      I can totally understand someone with thousands of rounds of ammo and 8 rifles for two or three people.
      What I can´t understand is, how the abundance of financial resources impedes people to properly diversify their equipment in order to build a much more versatile setup. A couple of .50, .45 or .357 airguns for silent and close-range operations are a very good addition in my book. Ammo is dead inexpensive and can be DIY long time after the Old World is a good memory. And with some basic tooling, a lathe, a mill, or a CNC equipment skilled people will be able to keep those things shooting for decades.

      A different perspective is what has allowed me to sneak in and avoid some problems typical of a complex environment like the Venezuela of these years is.

  • One option for shooting birds is the flu flu arrow. They travel a set distance and then just drop out of the sky, making them easier to recover if you miss. Some turkey and pheasant hunters use these. Many people have seen these at martial arts exhibitions where the “master” catches arrows as they’re fired at him. In that case, it’s a fraudulent use of the arrows, as Mr. Chop-Sockee is standing with his toes on a masking tape line so that if he misses, he knows the arrow will fall harmlessly to the dojo floor.

  • If it’s small game, I would also suggest .22 caliber air rifles. The best brands have high sub-sonic capability that will take down squirrels, rabbits and game birds. We’ve taken a lot of rabbits on our property with an air rifle with no complaints from nearby property owners.

  • You are talking defense of your home? You can do all of it and hunting it’s a trap and snare.

    Choke points and simple mechanical and thermal machines. Nothing inspires terror as seeing a someone die in the ways that everyone fears. Reason why no one wants to go through mine field even if cheaper in lives lost that fighting through a hardened kill box.

    Right now you can get used or replaced airplane wire for next to nothing and if you know how you can kill a moose with snare.

    Jose look up a turkey snare easy to make and can be made from scraps. If you don’t have food for bait… turkeys are drawn to shiny… leave the rest to your imagination.

    Sling are not hard to use two main points.. it’s a single pass weapon from foot to overhead one motion stepping forward one pace enhances the impact by 2x.
    Second use lead/steel shot improves aim faster than rocks as consistent size and weight.

    Atlatal increases throw power by 2x 3x if step used. A small 150 lb person can throw as far and as hard as a 6’6″ 300 lb athlete who does not use Atlatal

    Using throwing spikes and large throwing stars ( 6 inches across3/16 thickness)
    Can knock down game at 20 to 30 yards… yes it can kill a whitetail deer if you are good enough. For those of you who can’t get that close it’s possible you just need to learn how and it’s not a tree stand learn to stalk. Use instead of darts for boys night more useful skill and who does not want a “dart board” full of medieval cutlery?

    Air guns are good, hell a 50 cal one drops a moose or cape buffalo. BUT most need compressor to fill scuba tanks after a few shots… theread are a few that have leg pumps you can’t hand pump pressure required. The Lewis and clarke expedition used air rifles.

    You can make many older weapons with modern advanced materials.

    The pvc bow is garbage if you live in cold environment.

  • Hey Jose great article, I grew up with a bow, my awesome nan had a talent for making them. I wished I paid attention I thought everyone’s Nan’s made them. Something she learnt from her family I believe. For me it’s been about 20 years. Getting another was on my to do list my daughter is extremely interested. Lots are banned here. Or with a long load of paperwork for crossbows . But it just moved up the list . My ham radio is still stuck in customs . Our govt has tried already unsuccessfully to shut it down. And banned all new licences and training before covid19 their excuse was to properly deem the best course of action in a changing technology world. But the outcry was huge they had to back track . Now it’s covid19. But if there is a will there is a way. Stay safe !!

  • The best Self Defense Weapon is Your Mind , my fellow Americans before any engagement if you do not have your Mind Made up on a simple Fact That WILL HAPPEN
    Escalation from self Defense to STAYING ALIVE means you will have to KILL.
    What is worth living for and what is worth Killing for what is it You Value to Show
    NO MERCY .

  • I can’t believe you skipped pellet guns.. A 22 cal. Nitro Piston pellet rifle is deadly and almost silent..Much better than a sling shot or a club.. Also, legal..

    • Dear Matt, thanks for the comment! I limited the choices because of space reasons, and also because those fall into a different category to be covered in a separated article!
      I wanted to describe something people could DIY with limited access to materials.

  • Surely your kidding. Few women have the upper body strength for a bow or crossbow. Slingshot? How much training would that require? I don’t mean any disrespect,but the problem seems to be that a lot of this self defense being put out there,is geared toward men,young,fit men. Today,the majority are,unfit,obese,and honestly,lazy. I’m 60 years young,and though fairly fit,am not going to pretend I’m an Amazon warrior. I would use silencers on my weapons

    • My girls began using a recurve bow when they were 10 years old. It’s a fast skill to acquire and doesn’t require as much strength as you’d imagine. You can get different draw weights for these so you’re not going to want something with a heavy weight. It’s better to have a lower draw weight you can handle easily for accuracy’s sake. My recurve bow has a 40-pound draw weight and the one I started my girls on was 35 pounds. You can even go as low as 30 pounds. Another bonus to a bow is that your “ammo” can be reused.

    • Sylvia put out the information that fits your category.
      What silent weapons can be used by you other than firearms?

    • As far as “training” on a slingshot I dunno we give them to children who eventually bring home squirrels so not much and a cardboard box in the yard with some kind of backstop is all you need to practice.

  • A pair of zip ties snugged up around each side of the slingshot for so they cross in the middle of the yoke, makes a hand bow rest that allows you to shoot arrows from your slingshot. Fold the zip ties out of the way for ball bearings.
    A shepherd’s sling is easy to make. You have to practice and make sure your projectiles are consistent is size and weight. You can imitate the Roman sling bullets by casting 1/2″ x 1.5″ cylinders of lead or wheel weight metal. VERY lethal.
    Don’t forget the classic blowgun. a ten-penny nail with a duct tape cone on the back fits nicely into a 1/2″ pipe. Good for food animals and 2-legged pest control.

    • Dear Morgan,
      As a matter of fact I’m designing a blowgun but with a few tricks here and there to provide more precision. However this life and lack of tools and space to test my designs are working against me.
      I even found some blueprints for a 200 psi needle valve to machine in any small rotary lathe that would provide a simple and reliable trigger system.

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