What Are Russia’s “Super Weapons?”

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With a potential open war with Russia standing on the horizon, it would behoove Americans to understand some of Russia’s “super weapons.” When this ceases to be a proxy war and starts to be a conventional WW3, “knowing your enemy” is vital. These high-technology weapons could affect the balance in and, ultimately the final outcome of a battle with the United States.

Russia had sixteen years to gain a technological advantage ever since Obama dismantled our military, plus the two years of Biden’s pathetic rule, and she has used that time to pull ahead of us in terms of an arms race. Yes, a new Cold War has begun, and at the time of this writing, the U.S. stands on the brink of war in several different theaters of operation. Let’s get into it.


This is a phonetic rendering of a Russian word for disinformation. The word entails the use of guile and subterfuge to conceal strengths and weaknesses from the eyes of others. Everything about Russian strategy revolves heavily on a Sun Tzu concept: that all warfare is based on deception from the classic treatise, The Art of War. The Russians have taken this to a whole new level.

Conscripts and “green” (soldiers without combat experience) troops have been involved in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They have also been using second and third-rate tanks against the Ukrainians –  not their cutting-edge armored equipment and tanks. They have not unleashed their veterans and seasoned commanders, nor their best equipment and units. Not yet. Some of their special weapons have been used, but for the main part, they’ve been holding back.

Scalar Waves and Beam-Weapons

In a nutshell, the production of scalar waves involves combining electromagnetic light waves of similar frequencies to create a third, entirely-different electromagnetic (EM) wave with radically-different properties. The resultant scalar beam referred to by none other than Nikola Tesla: “a wave of sound in the non-material ether.”

Scalar waves travel faster than the speed of light, and unlike “standard” EM waves, the scalar wave can go through matter without encountering resistance. For the best info on this subject, I recommend reading Fer De Lance: Briefing on Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons by (retired) Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Bearden.When used, these weapons can produce an explosive effect or an implosion effect from great distances.

Scalar technology can also be used to destroy missiles before they reach final velocity and trajectory. The scalar weapons can also be used to create artificial earthquakes, leading many to theorize that the earthquake that rendered the top-secret naval research facility China Lake inoperative was caused by scalar weapons.

Hypersonic Missiles

This delivery system takes nuclear warfare into a whole new territory. The Russians are far ahead of us in hypersonic missiles. They have incorporated them into their armed forces and are steadily building more missiles for their arsenals. The Kinzhal hypersonic cruise missile is in the service of the Russian Air Force. From an article written by Tom O’Connor, 7/21/2018entitled Russia’s Latest ‘Super Weapons’: What Are They and What Can They Do?” some information about the Kinzhal is given:

“The Kinzhal hypersonic cruise missile has reportedly been improved from 1,200 miles to more than 1,800 miles [range] and is capable of traveling 10 times the speed of sound. It can also be maneuvered mid-flight to hit targets with a powerful conventional or nuclear payload.”

That’s a cruise missile that is also capable of being fitted with a nuclear warhead. This is in addition to the RS-28 Sarmat, known as the “Satan-2 missile” in the U.S., an ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile).

The speed of these missiles (in excess of 7,500 mph) makes it next to impossible to stop them with the current air defense measures, such as the Aegis or THADD systems. In addition, as it’s mentioned above, it is maneuverable in mid-flight! This means that Russian reconnaissance aircraft and satellites can guide the missile away from areas with high concentrations of air-defense emplacements.

If that isn’t enough, then there’s the Avangard, a nuclear ICBM that can glide hypersonically at a speed of 20 times the speed of sound. Capable of flying at low levels, it can evade all known air defense measures.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., we have tested our own hypersonic missiles on three occasions – and the missiles have failed miserably. All of these tests took place this year, one of them in the month of July.

The Poseidon

This is a nuclear “drone” submarine capable of carrying a 100-megaton weapon. It is specifically designed to attack a nation’s coastline. Such a colossal warhead would create a “nuclear tsunami,” capable of smashing into the coastline and destroying cities physically before rendering them radioactive. The submarine is supposed to be much faster than other submarines or surface craft.

Пересвет (The Peresvet Laser Complex/System)

This system has been in active service with the Russian military since December of 2019. It takes its name from a warrior-monk, Alexander Peresvet, who fought against the Mongols in the 1300s. Five units went into operation in May of 2022. It is a system of directed energy weapons in this case, alaser beam.

Peresvet can be used against satellites, drones, aircraft, and missileswith a range of about a thousand miles. According to a senior Russian military official, Peresvet is capable of incinerating targets up to three miles distant in under five seconds. Directed energy weapons (DEWs) include lasers, particle beams, microwaves, and acoustic (sound) weapons.

More can be read on it in an article entitled “Russian Peresvet laser system destroys combat UAVs in five seconds,” by Pravda.RU, 5/18/2022.

Radio-electronic Warfare and Weapons

The purpose of these weapons is to destroy or render inoperable enemy electronic equipment. Targets of these weapons systems could be aircraft, drones, ships, and land/shore-based defenses. Guided missiles and munitions are also able to be targeted. It involves the use of microwave pulses.

In 2014, a Russian Su-24 used such a microwave pulse to disable an American vessel, the USS Donald Cookwhen it was patrolling (spying) on the Black Sea within close proximity to Russian forces.

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And this isn’t even a complete list of Russia’s super weapons.

There are other weapons that have been mentioned in the Russian Press, and these have been described as being still on the drawing board. Yet, here is where “dezinformatsiya” comes into play again: we may not know the full extent of their capabilities until after a war has begun.

The problem is “deeper” than mere governments or the puppets emplaced as their figureheads. The Russian weapons are impressive, yes. They are less alarming to this writer, however, than the deleted and depleted state our nation has fallen into. What is permitted to occur within our armed forces is nothing short of appalling.

Armed with their “social justice” and “political correctness” mantras, these Communists in the (formerly-hallowed) halls of our capital have managed to systematically dismantle these United States. Should a war occur, it is not as important to know who initiated it as it is to survive it. Our weakness doesn’t lie with the Russian advancements in super-weapons technology. The entitlement mentality is the greatest weakness of the United States now.

Russia’s super weapons pose a serious threat.

So, we’re in the “twilight of empire,” and the rulers will get to decide when it starts and who initiates it. We have a “Commander-in-Chief” that can’t even stay on a bicycle, let alone keep up with the ever-changing strategic climate that unfolds by the day. Just look at all of them, the politicians: our rulers. Just the sight of them is enough to make Russia ready to declare war. Russia is prepared. Are we?

Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below.

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About Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson is the nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the U.S. Army Special Forces.  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith and a Master Herbalist.  He graduated from the Special Forces course at SERE (survival, evasion, resistance, and escape) School, and is an expert in small unit tactics, survival, and disaster-preparedness.  He lives in a cabin in the Rocky Mountains of Western Montana.

Picture of Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson is the nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the U.S. Army Special Forces.  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith and a Master Herbalist.  He graduated from the Special Forces course at SERE (survival, evasion, resistance, and escape) School, and is an expert in small unit tactics, survival, and disaster-preparedness.  He lives in a cabin in the Rocky Mountains of Western Montana.

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  • According to 1990’s articles in Contact magazine, http://www.phoenixsourcedistributors.com,
    The old Soviet Union had space based “Cosmopheres” platforms with beam weaponry. Several failed Space Shuttle events including ones that were covered up from us were prey for these advanced weapons. Why? The shuttle trips we’re actually Intel missions to attack Russia. Secret? Yes! There is no reason to believe modern day Russia doesn’t have these and with even greater technologically advanced capabilities.

  • Not afraid of the big bad wolf .half their stuff will fail number one. And there is still the MAD theory. Then there is still our submarines. Which they’re still the best on this planet. We have great arms ourself. We may have lagged behind a tad. But our tech is pretty darn effective. I’m not concerned about Russia and war, I’m more concerned about our own government.

    • I agree with your last statement, Kevin. How will citizens protect themselves against electromagnetic weapons and/or drones? Guns may be ineffective.

      • Thanks, don’t think electromagnetic weapons affect bullets , drones can be shot down as well. But as you point out, there should be difficulties. Always plan for the unexpected.

        • My concern is more that bullets don’t affect electromagnetic weapons, which could be used against us without us even knowing until it’s too late. And shooting down a drone swarm or perhaps one or more of those robotic ‘dogs’ may not be possible. They have also developed very small, insect sized drones, some with the capacity for sophisticated movements, like moving quickly through a forest.

          • True…. Plus we never know what what arms the US and Russia and China really have, I’m sure some aren’t broadcasted.

    • MAD is not the deterrent it once was. For the last 40 years, since Reagan, we have operated on this principle, and become complacent because of it. Our enemies have not. They have continued to advance their technology in an attempt to overcome MAD. Depending on who you talk to, or where you get your information, you will find many that believe that both Russia and China are on the verge of negating this foundation of our defence strategy.

      MAD only works if you continue to be a leader in innovation, and continue to be number one in the field of advancements. We are not in this position any longer. If either Russia or China have developed a way to negate the effectiveness of our 30 and 40 year old missile technology, they can, at any time, “let the birds fly” knowing they will receive very minimal, if any, damage to themselves.

      MAD has become a dangerous foundation for our defensive planning. Our entire military outlook is based on it, and has been for decades. The moment that we lose this supposed premise, we lose any possible advantage that we have – and you have to know that our enemies are working 24/7 to make sure that they have the advantage. While we have been more concerned with inclusivity.

      • Again…thank the stars for americas submarines. You are so correct in your statements.thanks for your opinions. Makes one think more broadly.

    • If WWIII starts, you will have to get concerned about Russia’s weapons. And even if a lot of their stuff fails, you could get unlucky and be in the vicinity of some successful hit.

      And if you are worried about your own government, don’t forget that starting a major war is the most classic distraction move.

    • I sincerely hope that half their stuff fails or we will look very stupid given that more than half of ours fails. When we bombed that airstrip in Syria none of the first wave of cruise missiles got through and we had to ask Russia to let us bomb it. In Iraq it took us 750 bomb runs to take out the bridges which do not try and hide. That is why we would rather out equipement fails in Ukrainian hands so we can blame them.

    • Ralph for the same reasons we once chose not to use our best every time.

      They have plenty of cheap weapons from the Soviet era that work just fine.

      AND once new weapons are deployed countermeasures are developed.

      Russian and Chinese countermeasures to our Boomer Subs is going to be quite a shock to us. The average age since upgrades to our Boomers is 16 years. That’s a lot of time for surprises to be developed.

      The F-35 flying turkey has been damaged, maybe shot down (bird strike reports over Syria) by older S300 anti air missiles with basic export upgrades. The S400 is far more dangerous to missiles even ICBM ballistic missiles than we accept.

      Russa’s main secret weapon is not depending on DEBT to run their country. Russia and China are working overtime (THANKS GIN HAG for that Taiwan visit) to finish off the US Dollar.

      After the Afghanistan debacle once the world sees how weak we are in defending Taiwan the US Dollar is swirling down the toilet of history.

      When England lost the pound sterling as the World Reserve currency their once mighty navy shrank to a single Aircraft carrier with US MARINES deployed on it as it’s only aircraft and a pair of frigates constantly on duty. The rest are yard queens.

      Militaries are expensive to keep up.

      Coming soon to a US Navy yard near you.

  • I am more concerned about the US armed forces recruiting shortfalls.
    Those military aged men, many are not qualified due to criminal past, drug addictions, or even legal drugs for things like ADD (but there are waivers!). Most are also not physically fit to even pass a PFT.
    It has also been noted many of those men who come from families with long history of military service are not signing up. Most state they are not willing to under the current WH admin or in military senior leadership. Others, the military shift from war fighting to diversity, inclusion and equality is something they are not interested in.

    The military has advanced in technology but also requires troops who can operate that technology. Some of the C4ISR systems I saw, it was not just operating the systems, but also understanding the architecture, how it fits into the overall Common Operating Picture.
    I read the Marines are looking to incorporate a Marine who would carry and launch a manpackable drone at the squad level.
    The days of the dumb grunt, go take that hill, the one with the machine gun nest are long gone.

    • “Tough times create strong men, strong men create easy times. Easy times create weak men, weak men create tough times.”

      Our shortfalls are being created because we, as a society, have become very complacent, addicted to “easy times”, and let’s face it – morally bankrupt. We kill millions of unborn babies every year and yet try to claim the moral high ground when dealing with others. We fight wars for the record profits of the military industrial complex, while we leave our veterans homeless and destitute. We allow drugs permeate the very fabric of our country, in epidemic proportions, while refusing to punish the drug dealers. We defund the police while congress tries to take away our constitutional right to bare arms and protect ourselves. We allow government to lockdown and destroy small business, while Walmart and Amazon make record profits. We can’t go to the funeral of a loved one because of restrictions while the hypocrite’s that make the rules attend lavish parties paid for by OUR tax dollars.

      As a buddy of mine is fond of saying, “We’re overdue for an asteroid!”

  • If I were in Russian Intelligence, I would want someone writing articles designed to mislead or dishearten the enemy. Articles about the superiority of Russian weapons, the ineptitude and provocations of their own leadership, the failures of their own culture.

    Electronic countermeasures on fighter jets don’t “shut down” ships. The Russian ECM system used would be functionality similar to the ALQ 100 or 126. It would detect the incoming radar and then duplicate the frequency, attempting to either swamp the ships detectors, or spoof it into detecting a different radar profile, or multiple signatures. What it is not is an EMP pulse of high enough power to disable systems through induced current.

    Russian media reported that their fighter had shut down the enemy ship. For propaganda purposes. Then you repeated it here, years later.

    Strong work comrade.

    As far as cultural shifts in the US causing future military recruitment and force effectiveness problems (disasters) in the near future, I agree.

    But why would anyone want to fight Russia? After all, they have superior secret weapons, and right is on their side because the US is a corrupt world tyrant and a cultural cesspool (except for anyone who reads these articles of course).

    Where do we draw the line between reporting and discussing our own shortcomings, and aiding and abetting the enemy?

    I’m not asking JJ, I’m asking anyone who still believes the US as a nation is still worth fighting for.

    • MisreadingTheRiver,
      That was a smart post. No sarc intended. Well played.

      Looking around, I dont think Russia needs a super weapon. Seems to me our own MSM is doing a fantastic job and more damage of sowing division and discontent than anything the Russians can do.
      Do I think them and others are using social media to add to the fire?
      Of course.
      But they pale in comparison to the awesome power of MSM.
      Politicians on either side of the isle, not exactly helping.

      Russian interference in the 2016 election? How many people did you (asking in general, not you per-say) know who were still undecided on election day?
      Heck, most people I know decided who they were voting for about 5 minutes after the DNC convention concluded.
      And there were a few who said, “I am staying home!”

    • Is the US worth fighting for?
      We are facing a situation different from history. When previous empires got too full of welfare, sexual depravity, etc, you moved somewhere healthier. Ancient Romans moved to Byzantium, where they created a new Christian civilization that lasted 1000 years. Today, there is nowhere to go. Canada? Popular a few years ago, how does Canada look after the truckers and Trudeau? Australia? Low weapons freedom and one of the world’s worst COVID tyrannies.
      Some want a national divorce with a new Red States nation and a new Blue States nation. But every state has red and blue areas, so I don’t think that will work well.
      One thing to consider is the Libertarian Party. They are on the Freedom side of BOTH disgraced major parties and just might be able to unify Freedom’s people.
      One way or another we need a vibrant NEW civilization with moral backbone. It is quite possible that such could be based upon the United States Constitution.

      • @Ladylifegrows

        I agree.

        But if we form our own culture now, based on fear, and algorithmic manipulation, and poorly sourced and inaccurate information, and the morality of the almighty dollar, then that civilization won’t be based on us, that’s for sure.

        We should be setting the bar higher than that which we profess to loathe. Instead, we seem to embrace the model, and expect different outcomes.

    • We prep against these superweapons by moving out of the cities (suburbs will work in many cases) and away from major military. And of course, by the usual–food, water, weapons, skills.

  • I would like you to know that Russia has a habit of overstating its weapons capabilities to make up for the inferiority complex communism brings to a country.
    I would like you to know that America has also overstated its (Russia’s) abilities to Congress to secure funding for the military.

    All in all, it’s all fun and games till someone gets shot in the eye.

  • Stop believing the Russians. America NEVER tells the world what they have.

    United States Technology is 2000 years ahead of the world


    We are in COG (continuity of government) since being attacked by Chinese bioweapons and the military is in charge.

    The Chinese would last about 30 minutes in a war against America. Our 40 year old TAW-50’s could destroy them in 1 week. Our orbital platforms could destroy them in 30 minutes.

    Don’t believe the MSM propaganda. They lie about everything.

  • 1stMarine,

    There IS a lot to dislike, in politics, in the news, in online discussions.

    My thinking is as follows, and I’ll try to stay on target.

    I recently participated in a prepping discussion, using a popular push to talk app. It’s an alternative comms check, with a discussion as a reason to join in.

    The conversation centered around the question of core values of a MAG. Everyone chimed in with their opinions on the best core values. Some people didn’t understand the assignment.

    No one looked at themselves. Not one person said humility, or generosity. One single person answered in the affirmative when I asked if they were working on their own core values, in order to be a better part of a group FOR the group. Everyone believed they would naturally be in charge when the time came.

    Which leads me back to the thought that’s it starts with me. I need to become better. Not JJ, although I can bitch about his articles in the hope of nudging things in what I think is a more positive direction. It’s not about the culture, or the MSM media, or the politicians or the elites. Well, it is, but it starts with us, pushing for what we believe in.

    And if we believe that the country is past saving, that lowering standards of fitness to increase recruitment of women, or weak men is a mistake that will affect core mission capabilities of the combat arms, that we shouldn’t be mean to our geopolitical rivals…

    You get the idea. That way of thinking might not be any worse than what we get from MSM and politics, but does it help?

    We need to insist on better, from ourselves first, and then from where we get our information.

    Did you know you can hire someone to write an SOE optimized prepping article of 1500 words with links for 15 to 45 bucks? Check out Fiverr.

    Articles about Russian superweapons? Reviews that take longer to write than the actual time using the item?

    As Preppers, or survivalists, or whatever we call ourselves, I feel like we are taking our eye off the ball. Unless we are so skilled, so stocked up, so financially secure, so firm in our support of the Constitution and our core values that we can afford to be entertained.

    This article was the prepping equivalent of a fansite article about Kim Kardashian.

    We all gotta make a living. There has to be a way to do that without resorting to selling out to the very systems and digital revenue structures we profess to hate.

    I could be wrong though. Maybe dashing off some scary words and making sure there are at least 5 backlinks in the article is the secret to success, before and after TEOTWAWKI.

    • MisreadingTheRiver,
      A very good and interesting post.

      What core values should we have as preppers?

      While I think some would or should be obvious (Honor, Courage, Commitment), I do think we then tend to go down various rabbit holes that could be based on political or religious points of view.
      That is where I think we could find ourselves in confrontation, especially in a small group or effect group dynamics. Could be why it is not often discussed. As you pointed out, your MAG assumed they would be in charge never occurring to them someone else might be better in the leadership position for a certain discipline and have to take orders from them. Seen more than a few groups collapse for that very issue.

      Spot on about starting with yourself. Expecting more from others or keeping the bar high, seems as a society we are moving way from that expectation. Some would declare it to be (insert name of bad here).
      Could also be why some see the prepping community as a bunch of fearmongers or kooks. Something about the ability to take care of oneself (core values?) seems to offend them.

  • Jeremiah chapter 50 & 51 detail what is going to happen in the future. Anyone reading these chapters in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible will see the descriptions are referring to America. God says the total destruction would happen in ONE HOUR, certainly possible now with hypersonic weapons. There is also mention of ascending to the heavens, (space programs), drying up of rivers and streams (severe drought), as well as many other descriptions which can only be present day America which has all but thrown God out of our nation. Read it for yourselves, it’s astonishing.

    • Reply for Glen: DANIEL and REVELATION are companion books. The last book has a “blessing” for anyone that reads it. GOD wanted those of us in the “last days” to be prepared. He will be pleased that Glen knows what the times look like. He wanted us to know the signs of the times. To be alive (mentally) alert, awake and aware of what is really happening in these “last days”. Wars, rumors of wars, earthquakes, famine as well as drought, lawlessness, exorbitant prices (think today’s sticker shock). He knew we would pay A LOT (even a day’s wages) for our food! We were told to warn others, to even be a watchman on the wall. Anyone NOT seeing what is going on today is NOT paying attention. Obviously, they have their heads buried in the sand, they are indeed asleep at the wheel. YES, in one hour b/c the USA is what the Bible calls BABYLON!!! For years I thought it was Rome, Italy home to the HRCC, but it’s NOT it’s the USA…We have been blessed, but we are deep now in our sins. We marry and divorce rapidly, we commit fornication, we DO NOT obey GOD’s 10 commandments, we abort babies (uhhh, is that not murder)? Only in extreme cases should that ever happen, (rape, incest etc.). We lie, we cheat, we steal. We deceive, we are money hungry (call it GREED), and we (for the most part) DO NOT confess our sins or our trespasses. We forgot GOD, we are a bunch of phony hypocrites and lots of druggies. We saturate our bodies with tattoos, piercings (a no no in the Bible). We have lots of other GODs that we love and worship more than the GOD of heaven and earth. All in all, we’re just in bad shape. We need to COME OUT OF BABYLON, get right with GOD and confess our known sins before it’s all to late. Many will perish and that was NOT what GOD desired. He tries to reach us, but we are a stubborn spoiled bunch and won’t listen or believe a word of it. We are selfish self-centered people, and we don’t seem to care one way or the other. SO here we are finding ourselves in “BABYLON”…We will meet our fate in 1 days. Oh my!!!

  • I agree whole-hearted with Jeremiah. America is in a great deal of danger, thanks to a president who, as you say, can’t stay on a bicycle. Nor does he know where he is at all times and what he is supposed to be doing. I have grave doubts about his mental status (I worked with mental health patients in nursing). We, as citizens, have to get on the ball and elect conservative office holders, who have a real grasp of the situation we face, NOT dementia patients who should be in a residential care facility. My family and I are preparing as best we can, as quickly as we can, to face the future which I’m sure will revolve around conflict with either Russia, China or with the Jihadists. That includes, food supplies, fuel supplies, weapons/ammo, transportation (esp. that won’t be overly affected by EMP), communication equipment etc. My wife and I are both registered nurses, so we aren’t too worried about medical provisions at this point.) Above all is preparation of ourselves (physically and mentally) to face the days to come. Your blogs do a lot to help in all these areas and we “devour” your writing. Daniel Pruitt, [email protected]

  • Ukraine has fought them to a stand still,
    regardless of their “Super Weapons”.
    Another man back in the forties also said
    wait until we unleash our wonder weapons.
    Yeah right.

    And another “Great Power” have just been
    made to look like fools by the drunken lush,
    Mrs. Nancy Pelosi.
    Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too.

    Both of these counties are nothing but hot air.
    Female dogs of the USA.

  • Great article J.J.You may or may not be intel or counter-intel. It’s true for anybody. For example, the AR-15 sucks. There, I’ve said it. Does it make me a commie-lover? With your green beret background perhaps you know of and would care to share your thoughts on the greatest freedom fighter of all time: Grivas of Cyprus. His accomplishments are nothing short of astonishing. This is information that would be useful to the Minuteman sheepdog.

    Also, there should be more talk about the likelier use of tactical nuclear weapons. And while we talk about all these amazing, shocking, known and unknown weapons systems let’s remember that they can be a logistical nightmare requiring training, maintenance, mobility, protection, supplies and other expenses. It’s scary what these modern weapons can do. Not so much if you can only use them once or twice.

    Me, I’m more about a war of attrition: no pay, no medals, greater likelihood of getting killed, much longer war but you don’t need fancy weapons and you’re doing what’s right.

  • I personally can’t do anything about which country’s d*!k is bigger. What I CAN control (Selco’s circles) is be prepared for things most likely to happen in my sphere. Yes, this is good (prepperporn) info to know. But you need to be able to parse it. And decide just how likely it is to impact you on a local level.

  • If I were an infantry or artillery battalion commander, I’d have my company commanders training the lads weekly with the bayonet and hand to hand.

    When all the fancy-shmancy Death Star weapons on either side are eliminated, neutralized, relocated, or exhausted -in the end- it still comes down to which side has the best trained group of professional killers.

    • ~Jim,
      Just read an article about German AA weapon systems failing after only a few weeks being used by the Ukrainians.
      They think the Ukrainians might not be using the system as it was designed to.

      • Yea. I read that one too. I also read (I think in the same article) that javelin and stinker missiles are being sold on the bm to whomever has the cash to buy. Apparently they are being cached (got to love preppers????????) for a rainy day.

  • A new Gallup poll shows only 1% of Americans think Russia is a major problem.
    More Americans found inflation, poor governance, and the economy were the top three.

    Of note, COVID, the Jan6 hearings and climate change did not make the top 10.

  • I think this tries to put the cart in front of the horse. As Joe Schmo in Murica Russia ranks 4th at best as a threat to people that live here.
    #1 – Our own oligarchy driven dictatorship living in the swamp
    #2 – Our fellow Idiocracy members in the opposite camp of whatever tag that has been attached to each of us.
    #3 – China and then perhaps Russia.

  • US enemy is not Russia
    Satan is contorling US, EU and Israel..
    that is the real enemy
    The free world – India, China, Russia, some eastern european nations .. they will need to fight Satan as Nostradamus predicted .. funny isnt it ?

    The vitctim menthality is Satan’s work.. same as the hate against human beings – nations etc. In this case hate against Russians .. who are protecting theie vlaues against satan’s servants agression (US and EU leaders) ..
    with the jewish master puppets pulling the strings.. using satan’s weapon for the last 10.000 years – money .. banking .. printing money ..

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