Forget your "movie illusions about being a freedom fighter." Selco explains what it's actually like in a martial law situation.
And the worst part is? It isn't even rare for cops to participate in terrible crimes like kidnapping people and holding them for ransom when the SHTF.
Martha Stewart is better prepared than just about anyone to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. She has mad skills, abundant knowledge, and a survivor's mindset.
The day after the horrific shooting that took place in Parkland, Florida's Teacher of the Year posted an epic rant about WHY school violence is out of control.
Emergency food buckets can be an essential part of a prepper's pantry. Here are some of the pros and cons of stockpiling them.
It doesn't make sense to add more gun laws that restrict law-abiding Americans when authorities don't pay attention to warning signs or enforce the ones we already have.
When the SHTF, some cops and soldiers will go rogue - especially the ones who already had that tendency before. Here's how to survive an encounter with them.
Do you feed your dogs wet food? If so, you need to know that 4 major brands have been recalled by the manufacturer because they could contain phenobarbital. Here's the list.
The point of this confession is that we preppers should open our arms to ALL the people who want to be more prepared, not just those who fit the stereotype.
Selco shares the events that led up to the SHTF in Bosnia and how it's eerily similar to what is happening in America right now.
Wondering where to store all that food? Look at each room with new eyes and ask yourself these seven questions.
If the public understood how vulnerable our reliance on global shipping made us, they'd become preppers overnight. Here are a few ways that supply disasters can strike.
"Patriot" may become a dirty word if the new Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2018 becomes a law.
You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." And this is exactly why it's beneficial to have prepper friends.
Last night, an explosion at a San Juan power plant took out the power again for much of Northern Puerto Rico, including the capital city.
"Those with guns, organization, and discipline are the ones who control the entire economy in a collapse. The present situation is a crisis being weaponized." - Jose from Venezuela

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