Mysterious Deaths in Alabama: Could They Be Related to Monsanto’s Bt Cotton Crops?

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RT reported Wednesday on a bizarre spate of respiratory illnesses in Alabama, two resulting in death.

A mysterious respiratory illness has claimed the lives of two people in southeast Alabama, and caused five other hospitalizations. The illness has left health officials baffled, who have no idea what this disease is or where it originated.

The mysterious illness has sickened its victims with flu-like symptoms, including a shortness of breath, fever, and coughing. Of the seven people who were hospitalized with the new disease, two have died, Alabama Department of Public Health spokeswoman Mary McIntyre told AP.

While the cause is currently unknown, it’s interesting to note that Southeastern Alabama’s cotton fields are in full bloom this time of year – and that some of these crops are Bt cotton. Bt cotton is a genetically modified cotton that contains a Bacillus thuringiensis (or Bt) pesticide within the plant. There is no proof that this is related to the mysterious illnesses in Alabama, however, history shows us that serious illnesses occurred in India wherever Bt cotton was grown.

When Monsanto’s cotton was planted in India, two stories were presented.

The Institute for Responsible Technology reported :

Workers exposed to Bt cotton developed allergies

1. Agricultural laborers in six villages who picked or loaded Bt cotton reported reactions of the skin, eyes and upper respiratory tract.
2. Some laborers required hospitalization.
3. Employees at a cotton gin factory take antihistamines everyday.
4. One doctor treated about 250 cotton laborers

 Sheep died after grazing in Bt cotton fields

1. After the cotton harvest in parts of India, sheep herds grazed continuously on Bt cotton plants.
2. Reports from four villages revealed that about 25% of the sheep died within a week.
3. Post mortem studies suggest a toxic reaction.

If you are to believe the Monsanto PR folks, however, their seeds and Indian farms were a match made in heaven. They even created a page on their website to celebrate ten years of partnership and to explain how Bt cotton improved the farmers’ standards of living:

Bollgard has been Indian farmers’ pragati ka saathi (partner in progress), as it has increasingly helped Bt cotton farmers enjoy a higher standard of living. With the combination of higher yields and reduced pesticide costs, India’s cotton farmers have increased their incomes. And with this additional money, they are able to purchase vehicles, provide education for their children, afford better housing for their families and purchase farm equipment. Additionally, because these farmers have additional income, they are able to put resources back into their villages’ economies.  Therefore, villages where farmers are planting Bt cotton have seen improvements in access to services, such as telephone systems, electricity, drinking water, better internet connectivity, banking services, and better access to markets – things many around the world take for granted.

Despite Monsanto’s glowing description of the partnership, cotton farmers in India began to commit suicide at a rate unheard of previously, as the crops failed and they could not pay their debts to Monsanto.  Anthony Gucciardi of Natural Society wrote:

According to the most recent figures (provided by the New York University School of Law), 17,638 Indian farmers committed suicide in 2009 — about one death every 30 minutes. In 2008, the Daily Mail labeled the continual and disturbing suicide spree as ‘The GM (genetically modified) Genocide’. Due to failing harvests and inflated prices that bankrupt the poor farmers, struggling Indian farmers began to kill themselves. Oftentimes, they would commit the act by drinking the very same insecticide that Monsanto supplied them with — a gruesome testament to the extent in which Monsanto has wrecked the lives of independent and traditional farmers.

To further add backing to the tragedy, the rate of Indian farmer suicides massively increased since the introduction of Monsanto’s Bt cotton in 2002. It is no wonder that a large percentage of farmers who take their own lives are cotton farmers, the demographic that is thought to be among the most impacted…

…Many families are now ruined thanks to the mass suicides, and are left to economic ruin and must struggle to fight off starvation.

cotton field

Regardless of PR efforts to debunk claims that the Indian farmer’s were suffering due to Monsanto’s practices, the Indian government last year cancelled the cotton license with Monsanto, citing unfair trading practices.  “We have given fair chance to the company and all charges of unfair trade practice have been proved,” says Sudam Adsule, the director of inputs and quality control for Maharashtra, India’s biggest industrial region, in the ENS article. “Hence, under the existing cotton seed act, we have taken action and it can’t be revoked.”

This year, Monsanto introduced 3 new varieties of “Deltapine” cotton, with 180 growers testing them out. This means that the communities around these growers are unwitting lab rats in Monsanto’s latest experiment.


Are the mystery illness victims casualties of this current experiment? If so, proving it will be difficult and because of the Monsanto Protection Act, it is unlikely that, even if proven,  any penalty or charges will ever be forthcoming against the company.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

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  • Local news shows here in Alabama, are now saying after just 24 hours of the initial report of the deadly mystery illness, that the cause is the culmination of off-season flu mixed with the height of allergy season. Hmm……..sounds a bit suspect.

  • I tried to share the link for this on my facebook timeline and got a message this is a blocked link.

      • That’S Because Bill Gates Backs Monsanto! I About Monsanto On Facebook, My Computer Instantly Locked Up, ThEn I Lost My Internet, and my house had air traffic over it all night, which is strange for a small town of 10k people..My Hubby Is A Computer guy so my computer locking up and losing internet never happens!!

  • Look at the bt cotton fibers under a microscope! It’s not rocket science here…anyone can do this and see for themselves! If you do some quick tests with Qtip swabs, you will find the GMO bt cotton fibers are actually living parasites now due to genetically combining BT bacteria with the plants. Take a swab and loosen a few ends and put it under a microscope…now simply put sugar water, sweat, saliva, vaginal secretions JUST IN NEAR PROXIMITY and watch the fibers become animated and stretching and wreathing themselves free of the tangle to get to the “food”. Now try volatile essential oils etc and put them in near proximity of the fibers and watch them pull back quickly, but curiously test their boundaries inquisitively getting closer and once too close retracting again. Now take a few of those fibers and put them in a couple drops of sugar or honey water and leave them for 24 to 48 hours and VIOLA….the drops will be overrun with fibers! Due to lobbyist protecting corporate interest in deceptive “organic” labelling and the Farm Act protecting Monsanto it’s hard to find true non-gmo cotton. SO go to Grandma’s house to find pre 1996 cotton items to compare the once inert cotton fibers to the now living GMO fibers. Even the ends are different with GMO bt cotton having a slightly snake like head in comparison to the non-gmo fibers. Non-gmo fibers will NOT ever move when just in proximity to sugar water or bodily fluids…they will only shift a bit upon actual absorption of fluids and nothing more. Whereas the BT fibers will become more active after absorbing these fluids…oh, and the more heat the better! They get really busy when you steam them with a clothes steamer! Steam of that temperature for prolong periods would kill most any bacteria…but NOT GMO BT COTTON. Patience in microscopic observation of the fibers in the presence of sustenance such as sugar water will soon show you they multiple asexually like bacteria through binary fission and you will see the some point the fiber looks like it’s getting a split end or split in the middle. This is another reason Morgellon’s suffers complain of salt like sandy chunks coming from their skin. Bacillus thuringiensis forms a solid protein crystal, the parasporal body, next to their endospores during spore formation. This is the pesticide constituent that shuts down the gut in insects. It also explains why there are so many digestive issues now in humans because every household is infiltrated with this parasite and it is against our bodies in clothing, bedding, towels, feminine hygiene products. It’s no wonder responsible companies have switched to rayon tampons as most Morgellons suffers are women who’ve been using tampons since bt cotton became mainstream in 1996! I feel the contraction of Lyme’s disease knocks the body down enough for the fibers to overtake and make patients symptomatic.

  • I believe it also works with fungus to overrun our bodies with candida…and though sugar, preservative and artificial sweeteners contribute to candida overgrowth, they are not the sole cause! This video does a lot of finger pointing and makes me wonder if Monsanto is profiting off of the health scourge caused by its FRANKENCHILD Parasite with a subsidiary company offering this: I can’t say for sure because I have not researched it…so it is purely speculation, but seems like a lot of diversion to place blame elsewhere and drive attention from their GMO parasite! But if it was true that candida fungal overgrowth in humans was caused solely by that, then explain how GMO BT cotton fields are ingesting these same sugars, artificial sweeteners and preservatives to be overrun with fungi: That is preliminary research as the fungus works with BT Cotton much like it does in the human body overrunning it with fungus until delusional Morgellon’s patients expire from the adverse health affects of their body’s being overrun with these fibers working in unison with fungi…delve a bit deeper into the FIELDS research and you will find many reports that once fertile fields now lie BIOLOGICALLY DEAD after several seasons of growing GMO BT Cotton on them. Think of this as you lay down in your cotton sheets, dry off with that cotton towel, slip on your cotton apparel,apply cotton gauze to an open wound use Qtips, cotton balls and femine hygiene products. Nothing like inserting parasites in to feast on your reproductive system! What’s that? You get itchy in that cotton clothing when you sweat? Hmmm…your armpits, and privates…you know…the moist areas on your body are darkening? Hmmm…wipe them with a warm wet towel after a shower and look under the scope….you will likely see nothing monumental….now apply some Vick’s chest rub to those areas and wait a minute or so and wipe with a dry paper towel and observe all the dark fibers that came out of your skin…they don’t like Vick’s much! Now ask yourself why our society is having health issues and so many are feeling ill and the masses are contracting debilitating diseases at young ages. Then when you sit down tonight for dinner in your house that has cotton fibers in almost every square inch don’t forget to give thanks to greedy corporate America for paying their lobbyists and govt officials while controlling the human population from getting out of hand! But what do I care….even with the billions they pay for deceptive lab tests, buying off govt officials they are doing us a favor! My clothing is cheap, my food affordable and its stimulating the market with a need for MORE health care and products to relieve symptoms! The shampoo aisle is laden with new products every single time I go shopping it seems as people struggle with the parasitic fibers coming out of their hair follicles. I don’t know about you, but brushing my hair never used to look like I was shaking out the lint screen in my dryer before! And besides, it is saving me a fortune on styling products cuz when my hair is full of the live fibers I can simply use my hands to style my long hair and make it stand straight up in a point without any product when it is complete dry! Talk about a great party favor and ice breaker! Ir’s made me the life of the party! MORE GMO BT COTTON PLEASE!!! I mean who cares about health, longevity, quality of life and feeling well when you can have cheap clothing, food and be the center of attention, right?!

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