Why You Should Care About “The Joe Rogan Experience” Scandal

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Joe Rogan is an actor, comedian, podcaster who started his own podcast back in 2011 called, The Joe Rogan Experience. For many years, the podcast was primarily on YouTube. Then YouTube changed their rules in one of their Adpocalypses, and ticked off a bunch of creators on the platform.

Rogan left YouTube during this time, but don’t feel bad for the guy, because Spotify, one of the largest music streaming platforms in the world, picked him up with a deal valued in the nine-figure range. Not too bad for a guy that used to be the host of a show in which contestants competed in physical or gross challenges for a cash prize.

What is the Joe Rogan scandal?

Recently Joe Rogan’s show came under the spotlight for two episodes that were aired last year. One episode featured Dr. Robert Malone, a virologist who is credited with helping in the development of mRNA technology. The other guest was Dr. Peter McCullough, a cardiologist who is the most published doctor in his field.

During these two episodes, Rogan had a long conversation with the doctors about the coronavirus pandemic. The doctors cited information from studies and offered their own opinions about the pandemic as well as the validity of the vaccine. Sounds simple enough.

The scandal is that much of what was discussed went completely against the mainstream narrative of “just get the vaccine.” A total of 250 doctors, nurses, and teachers signed a petition to get the episode removed, and Rogan was slapped with the label of “promoting and distributing dangerous misinformation.

Rogan’s conversations were so dangerous that well-known musicians such as Neil Young, Joanie Mitchell, and others presented Spotify with an ultimatum. Either Spotify removes The Joe Rogan Experience from the platform, or they want their music removed.

Spotify’s response? They kept Joe Rogan.

Why should you care?

This is yet again another example of cancel culture. Joe Rogan isn’t the first to experience the ridiculousness of cancel culture, and unfortunately, he probably won’t be the last. Just last year, comedian Dave Chapelle was under fire for cracking jokes about transgenders, and many tried to get his special banned.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you listen to The Joe Rogan Experience or not. What matters is that someone said something that others didn’t agree with, and they are trying to shut him down, ban him, censor him, and/or cancel him in a country where we have freedom of speech.

Obviously, the call to remove Joe Rogan hasn’t worked, at least not yet, and just a few weeks later, another scandal surfaced. Now, he is being accused of being racist. Somebody decided to go back and piece together a nice, little montage of Rogan using the N-word during his podcasts.

It’s interesting that when trying to cancel his podcast over dangerous medical misinformation didn’t pan out, he suddenly became a racist. By the way, the montage was made up of soundbites taken out of context, covering years of interviews.

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Interesting tidbits…

Take the information below as you will. They are interesting to consider when thinking about dangerous misinformation.

  • Dr. Peter McCullough’s episode aired in April of 2021, a full nine months before someone decided to come forward and warn of this dangerous misinformation.
  • Apparently, many musicians seem to have a beef with Spotify, not Joe Rogan, due to the rather low earnings they receive through Spotify.
  • Dr. Robert Malone stated on air that he himself is vaccinated.
  • Both episodes that are under fire for misinformation featured doctors that are respected in their fields.
  • At one point in time, saying certain things about the pandemic would have gotten you labeled as spreading misinformation when later that information was found to be true.

A little bit of humor…

Part of the reason this whole scandal is humorous is that Joe Rogan is not a doctor. The guests he has on his shows range from Snoop Dogg, Dan Aykroyd, comedians, actors, authors, musicians, journalists, professional athletes, and other podcasters.

It seems odd that a show that interviews people with such a wide range of disciplines, most of which are not doctors, is trying to be shut down for spreading dangerous medical misinformation.

Leaving on a personal note

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m on Joe Rogan’s side, and I am a fan of the show. However, that doesn’t mean I like everyone he talks to. Nor do I take everything that is said on the show as gospel.

What I like about the show is he has long conversations with his guests, which in an age of soundbites and quotes taken out of context, is refreshing. He also doesn’t let people off the hook when his questions aren’t fully answered.

I was late to the game in finding out about The Joe Rogan Experience, so I have not listened to every single episode, but I have listened to enough to know that it doesn’t seem like he is pushing any kind of agenda. As Rogan says, he is just having interesting conversations with interesting people.

Isn’t that what all this should be about?

Having conversations. That is how we learn and grow and figure out that maybe, just maybe, my limited perspective on something could be wrong.

Also (no offense to Joe or the content he provides) but who is listening to this podcast thinking, “I need to go no further in researching medical information?” Is someone really going to make a medical decision about their health without talking to their family physician and doing as much research as possible? If so, that’s on you. The responsibility of your safety is just that, yours.

And herein lies the other reasons why you should care. The fact that people are trying to shut him down says something. Maybe there is some truth in the conversations he has. Perhaps the people that are trying to shut him down think you are too stupid to think for yourself. As adults, we should have the option and responsibility to listen, not always follow, but at least listen to all sides.

Maybe people will actually care when freedom of speech is completely canceled, or maybe not.

Thanks for reading.

What are your thoughts on all this? Should Joe Rogan be canceled forever? What will happen if he is? Let us know in the comments below.

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About Bryan Lynch Bryan Lynch is the author of two books, Swiss Army Knife Camping And Outdoor Survival Guide, and Paracord Projects For Camping And Outdoor Survival. He has also written hundreds of articles about prepping, emergency preparedness, self-reliance, and gear reviews. Through his writing, his hope to help educate people and get them interested in these topics so that they are better prepared for an emergency.

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  • I am not surprised about this happening straight after they tried to get him taken off for interviewing Dr Robert Malone. When stories ‘break’ I always ask myself why now… what purpose does this serve …

  • In premise, I’m in agreement with the article. Concerning the articles’ subject.. I don’t like nor trust the guy.

    Everything about this furor seems..off, maybe contrived. I’d not like every word I’ve ever uttered to be used as ammo to assonate my character, ‘cause I’ve said A LOT of stupid, shameful things. And I do believe the language and context of what he said was meant to shock (using an offensive word to describe black people). I furthermore think his association with big Hollywood comics like Dave Chappell would shield him and excuse his use of and choice of words.

    But, Dave and other of his allies are all quiet. Joe got a little big for his britches and went off the reservation, so he had to perform his own damage control. Last night he performed a “surprise “ standup routine in Austin. Made fun of himself, told everyone he’s an entertainer and get paid to “talk shit” and the fact that people would listen to and take the advice of a guy who used to get paid “making people eat animal d—-s for cash” he finds amazing.

    A long time ago Joe did an interview and he was asked about his big break in Hollywood and how he got the job as the character Joe Gurelli on News Radio. He said he was asked about his acting talents and he said acting is easy “all good acting is, is being a convincing liar. So convincing people make the lie their reality. If you can lie to your girlfriend about having sex with her best friend and she buys it. You can be a good actor”

    I’ve never forgot that statement, because it was truly how he thinks and what he thinks of others. Joe, IMO, is a psychopath and a narcissist. Joe, IMO, is controlled opposition much in the same way Bill Maher is.

    • There are Freemason symbols all over Joe’s podcast page. The most obvious being the 3rd eye-the all-seeing eye. Makes him very suspect to me and no, I don’t choose to follow him. My choice though, which is my point here. So, in premise I also agree with the article.

      All those Karen’s out there who are having a fit at his podcasts have the same choice. If it offends you then don’t tune in! Duh! Sure makes for some great theater and distraction in any case.
      Regardless of what I think of Joe, I am thrilled to see Spotify keep him and defy the Karen’s and this ridiculous Woke/Cancel culture.

      The ability to express our opinions and disagree with one another is part of what makes America what it is. Free speech is a protected, innate right of all humans.
      It takes two to have a fight. Maybe people should stop giving the Woke crybaby culture the time of day. Stop participating in the theater. Just sayin

  • Thank you for sharing this- as a service-connected disabled veteran and single mom, I follow the work of independent thinkers for many reasons, including that of Joe Rogan. My children deserve a world where more than one school of thought exists! And if the inventor of mRNA technologies and an internationally recognized medical doctor and scientist are not given agency to discuss their thoughts…we need hundreds more Daisys and Joe Rogans right now!

  • Couldn’t agree more – all these CIA ops have but one aim: silence dissent, by whatever means.
    The only answer to ‘bad’ speech is more speech, not imposed silence. There is a term for that: censorship; expressly forbidden as a matter of law in our foundational Bill of Rights.

  • I have never seen or listened to anything Joe Rogan has produced and all the manusha surrounding this circus only convinces me that I will not bother to tune into Joe Rogan anytime in the near future. When as a society we find it perfectly acceptable to cancel our history and tear down statues dedicated to that history, why would I be surprised by people wanting to cancel a show where some guy has conversations with other people because something was said that thye didn’t agree with. I am more surprised by the fact that some guy gets paid 9 figures to carry on conversations on a podcast. I do not feel bad for Joe Rogan and if Spotify decides to let him go then the Rumble CEO has already promised him $100 million dollars to move all his podcasts to their platform.

    The republic and the constitution are long since dead and buried and will not be resurrected to their former glory. We have Communists and Luciferians in charge of our government actively attempting to destroy what little remains of the world’s greatest experiment in freedom. As a nation we have turned our backs on God and the price that we will pay will be unlike anything seen before on this earth. When we as a people allow the cancellation in our society of our history and the very God whose divine providence brought forth this experiment in freedom & liberty, why would I be surprised or concerned over the cancellation of some pod caster.

    Here at Road’s End Sanctuary we continue to pray and prepare for what is to come. It is too late to turn the ship around and all that is left to do is to rearrange the chairs on the deck as the band plays on. If it is in His plans we hope to be part of the remnant to rebuild in His honor on the other side. In then end that does not matter for we know how it all turns out. God wins…

  • Cancel culture seems to be a buzz word, yet when we look at it, there is a lot of instances of it happening from the right wing/Republicans as well. Yeti, the Dixie Chicks and the NFL come to mind. But I do applaud your reasoning that when it comes to your health and the health of others, not researching and instead taking the word of others (who may or may not be experts) is on you. Too many times we take the word from f others because they seem to know the answers only to find out later that they are just repeating misinformation/falsehoods or their opinion as opposed to actual facts.

  • I have never seen his show, but would defend his right to have one, no matter the subject.

    As for our house, we watch Dan Bongino’s show on Rumble, and also laugh like heck at J.P. Sears @ Awaken with JP.

  • The emotion is because medical information and beliefs can be life-or-death. The way to the Truth is to LOOK, which includes listening to all sides, and paying attention to direct personal experience by the one speaking. Therefore:

    Freedom of information is not merely amusing. FREEDOM OF INFORMATION IS LIFE AND DEATH.

    Rogan is dealing with SJW’s–social justice warriors. They are the cancel pipsqueaks that destroy the jobs of giants who are greater than they are. They cost at least one Nobel Prize winner his job. They are very serious evil.

    One Vox Day overcame these monsters with a gaming community counterattack. His book is “SJW’s Always Lie” which is inexpensive and absolutely vital for Rogan or Daisy Luther or anybody else in the spotlight and seeking for Truth.

    Reading this book after you get attacked is damage control It is better to read it BEFORE you get attacked, so you know what to do.

  • I have listened to a few of his podcasts.
    He asks good questions, carries on a real conversation with his guests. He states his opinion, but does not push any real agenda.
    This is the kinda thing we used to (past tense) have in America.
    Rogan is allowing someone to be able to speak, challenge the government narrative (in reference to the bruhaha about COVID). Used to be it was encouraged for people to question things, use their own critical thinking skills, do their own research, and make their own informed decision.
    Now, if you even dare to question dang near anything outside the official narrative (not just COVID) you are a anti-(insert name here).
    One woman who dared to question the mask mandate at her daughter’s school was called a racist, anti-science, fascist and a host of other derogatory things.

    This attempt to silence Joe Rogan is not about Mr. Rogan, but the larger effort to control the narrative, the conversation. They will not be satisfied with just silencing him, but anyone who dares to question or step outside of their lane.
    The good news, it is not working. Not only is Rogan still posting, but his following is huge. Larger than more than a few MSM outlets combined. It is not just Rogan either. Some Substack members also have large audiences, that MSM hate. There have been more than a few MSM articles about how dangerous Substack is. Members like Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss, and others are better journalists then the entire news floor of some MSM outlets.

    Off topic, went to the grocery store today. Our state has a mask mandate. I would say a good 80% were not masked. All you have to do is say no. And not comply.

  • You have to realize you are living in SOVIET PRAVDA-land when it get’s this ridiculous, and I’m sure it’s all “Sponsored by Pfizer!”. The truth doesn’t need this kind of vicious micromanagement, but bullshit does.

  • This guy never appealed to me for some reason or another. I actually first heard of him only a few months ago. Never bothered to watch the show because like I said, I never saw anything to endear me to him even to this day.

    I still don’t know what makes him qualified that anyone would bother listening to him other than the lazy, disheveled appearance, that might appeal to the few losers out there.

  • My kids first introduced me to Rogan and included me in a family Spotify membership. I would describe Rogan as a libertarian politically. That said, he’ll invite people onto his show who have interesting viewpoints. He asks good questions and doesn’t let the interviewee squirm off the hook. His interview with Malone was explosive and went viral. The PTB could not let that stand. Robert Malone, Pierre Kory, Vladimir Zelenko, Peter McCullough are all MDs you should become familiar with. They are accomplished, familiar with the COVID agenda, and are now cancelled.

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