How Many Buckets of Freedom Do You Have?

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The number one thing that could stand between you and freedom just might be your food supply. Have you ever been really, truly hungry? I don’t mean the kind of hunger triggered by a juicy steak on a TV commercial. I don’t mean the “Dang, I skipped breakfast and it’s an hour until lunch” type of hunger.  I mean the kind of hunger where you haven’t eaten a full meal in a week and your cupboard is now down to a dented can of green peas and 6 stale saltines…for a family of four.

Think for a moment about the precious little faces of your children, gaunt and pale from malnutrition. What would you do to get a meal for those kids? More to the point, what wouldn’t you do?

NWO troll Henry Kissinger famously said, “Control food and you control the people.”

Throughout history, groups of people have been literally starved into submission when the government took over food production.  In each case, you will see that the government started out by controlling how the food was grown.

In 1932-33, the Ukraine, formerly the breadbasket of Russia, was turned into a desolate wasteland during the Holodomor. Malcolm Muggerage wrote in his book, War on the Peasants,  “On one side, millions of starving peasants, their bellies often swollen from lack of food; on the other, soldiers, members of the GPU (secret police) carrying out the instructions of the dictatorship of the proletariat. They had gone over the country like a swarm of locusts and taken away everything edible, they had shot or exiled thousands of peasants, sometimes whole villages, they had reduced some of the most fertile land in the world to a melancholy desert.” More than 7 million people died so that their farms could be collectivized by Moscow.

The Hunger Plan, an economic management system created by the sick mind of Herbert Backe, caused the deaths of 4.2 million people in German-occupied territories of the Soviet Union.  The Hunger Plan diverted food from the citizens of the occupied territories and used it to feed the German military.  In a meeting the Nazi State leaders concluded, “The war can only be continued if the entire Wehrmacht is fed from Russia in the third year of the war.  If we take what we need out of the country, there can be no doubt that tens of millions of people will die of starvation…Many ten of millions of people in this country will become superfluous and will die or must emigrate to Siberia. Attempts to rescue the population there from death through starvation by obtaining surpluses from the black earth zone … prevent the possibility of Germany holding out till the end of the war.”  Rations allowed by the Germans for many people in the subjugated areas were less than 200 calories per day.  The citizens were forced to work the farms, from which they were not allowed harvests, in return for those meager rations.

The policies of the Communist Party in China caused more than 76 million people to starve between 1958-61.  Called the Three Years of Great Chinese Famine, the government had ruled that changes in farming techniques were the law.  People were not allowed private plots to grow their own food and all farms were arranged into communes (collectivism strikes again).  Yang Jisheng, a Chinese historian wrote in his book Tombstone, “In Xinyang, people starved at the doors of the grain warehouses. As they died, they shouted, “Communist Party, Chairman Mao, save us”. If the granaries of Henan and Hebei had been opened, no one need have died. As people were dying in large numbers around them, officials did not think to save them. Their only concern was how to fulfill the delivery of grain.”  To this day, Yang Jisheng’s book about the famine is banned on Mainland China.

There are many more examples of starvation as a control mechanism throughout history – but the key point is that it has happened before and it will happen again. We need only look at the alternative news headlines to see that self-sufficient food production is not just frowned upon, but downright  illegal in many cases.  Some recent examples:

So, here we are, just like at other times in history, right on the verge of losing freedoms to the government machine. In question is our right to bear arms, our economy, our choices in health care and taxation without representation (via the Obamacare bill).  The offerings at the grocery stores are not just poor, they’re toxic, but growing your own food is frowned upon and made difficult. Many people believe martial law is close at hand, and there is discussion in the US Congress about micro-chipping people and about requiring global ID cards.

We are being spied on, taxed, and silenced. The sheeple don’t care – they just want that next refill on the EBT card, or the next paycheck that will go to pay the minimum payment on their maxed-out credit card. There will be different levels of resistance before it gets to the point of starving people into submission.

First, there are the liberal left-wingers, who don’t require persuasion or bribery – they are giving away their freedom with both hands for the greater good. Then, you have the dumbed-down population on assistance by choice.  It would be an easy thing to persuade them to take a microchip or hand over their guns.  In fact, we’re seeing just that with the buy-back programs, where folks are trading guns for gift cards. As times get more desperate (and they will, you can count on it) regular everyday people, like the ones you work with, will give up what seems like a tiny amount of freedom in order to have the “privilege” of putting more food on the table or keeping a roof over the head of their families for another month or two.

That’s when the real crackdown will begin.  When the majority of people are subjugated, tagged and inventoried, even more than they are now,  that’s when the rest of us will be targeted.  Suddenly, without an ID chip, we won’t be able to access our bank accounts.  This would mean that we can’t buy necessities or pay our bills.  If we won’t surrender our weapons, we won’t be able to send our kids to school or access our money to buy food.  Our children won’t be able to see a doctor if they’re sick.  The plan will be to make us so desperate that we will opt for subjugation over freedom.  And they’ll use food to do it.

How do we maintain our freedom?

How do you fight the spectre of your starving child? We become self-sufficient.

This, my friends, is why we prep.  This is how we will be able to withstand the assaults on our freedom.  Every bucket of rice you put away, every seed you save, every bite of food you grow – is a strike against the machine.

Grow your own.  If you live in the country, get planting, if you haven’t already.  If you live in the city, make the most of every square inch available to you for growing food.  If that happens to be your front yard, look into some attractive garden designs that might divert attention from the fact that your landscape is edible.  Gardening is not as easy as opening a book.  There is a lot of trial and error that goes into it, and you don’t want to risk failure when the grocery store is not available for back-up.

Be an activist.  It’s not easy to raise your own food with Big Brother looking over your shoulder.  It’s a right you must fight for.  You have to get involved when you see the rights of other front yard gardeners being taken away.  Involve your churches and local charities in setting up community gardens and volunteer by teaching others to provide for themselves.

Stockpile food. Change your spending habits and begin socking away the long-term storage foods. Store them carefully because one day, these could be the difference between your child getting implanted with an RFID chip in order to eat and that child remaining free and untagged.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Or your grains in one pantry, for that matter.  Diversify your stockpile using caches.  If all of your supplies are in one place, this makes it easier for it to be taken from you.  Government ordered confiscation and theft are very real threats.

Be quiet! This may sound kind of peculiar coming from someone who writes about food storage, but do as I say, not as I do, in this situation.  Remember OPSEC.  No matter how much you think you can trust someone, you can never really be sure if that nice neighbor down the street will turn you in so she can feed her own children.  You don’t know if the fellow from your church will come and kick down your door because you have food and he doesn’t.  Keep your mouth shut about the food you have stored and teach your family members to do the same.

Those of us who prepare for the difficult times ahead are the ones who stand between the total domination of the powers that be and the freedom that they would take away from us.  By understanding how hunger can be used against us, and then taking the initiative to prepare for that grim day, we can’t be controlled as easily as those who have spent years accepting the handouts and trudging along with the herd.

By making intelligent choices to ensure our survival and that of our children, we can resist.  Every meal that you put away keeps you a little bit safer from tyranny.  Every seed you plant hardens you against threats and bribery.  Your self-sufficiency is what will keep you free.

How many buckets of freedom do you have?

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    • Hi Michael! 🙂 Tess at Ready Nutrition has some of the best long term food storage suggestions I have found! This article is great.

      I always recommend canning, especially if you garden. The nice thing about canning is that you can save your produce without being dependent on the grid. I also can lots of “meals” like soup and chili, for example – it’s great to have a full meal at hand and if you have preserved it yourself, then you know exactly what is in it!


  • I would add, know your weeds Many of them are highly nutritious and delicious food. The easiest to recognize are dandelions,and plantains, bitter cress, and fat hen. Chocked full of vitamins and minerals, all of these can be eaten fresh or used as a cooked vegetable, on its own or in a recipe.
    There’s a little book ”Food For Free” that can get you started. You will be amazed how much food you have been disposing of because you didn’t recognize it as food Happy foraging!

  • Hi!

    I find this website informative and helpful. Thanks!
    May I know who the author of Food for Free?


  • I take so much offence to calling someone a “sheeple” because they get they get a monthly EBT deposit. Shame on you!! Maybe you should get off your high horse and realize that not ask people that get food stamps are mindless lazy drones looking for a hand out. My husband works his ass off and so do I. We have six kids and I buy as much organic with that EBT deposit as I can. I make most of the things we eat from scratch. I take care of chickens and goats and swallow my pride every time I have to fill that stupid food stamp paper work. That EBT deposit helps me build my stock pile. Maybe you should get your facts straight before you judge the “sheeple”. For shame!!

  • Prepping, being prepared, is great. It can also be a lifesaver at times.
    But, what are you super prepping for?
    How long are you super prepping for?
    You can’t prep forever.

    What is your end goal?
    Isn’t it futile when they take over completely?

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