WARNING: This Video Shows How Far Those in Power Will Go to Maintain Control of a Quarantine

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In our modern world, information is power. We know all that. Whether if some information we find allows us to sleep at night, that´s a different question.

Technology has made readily available information we never thought could be possible. This has allowed the shaping of our society in ways we never imagined.

Under severe circumstances, those in control will take extreme measures to keep it. This is, has been, and very likely will continue being a norm. Losing control is the worst nightmare for politicians. They know, that once public law enforcement organizations have been overrun, they will be targeted. Should they have their conscience clean, that wouldn´t happen. But in every society of the world, with the extremely few exceptions, the norm seems to be these politicians don´t have it so clean. Therefore, they will do whatever they have to do, to avoid losing their grip.

How is China maintaining control?

Now let´s analyze Chinese idiosyncrasy. Their culture has been going on for thousands of years. They are right to be proud. Whether that strange and modern concept of “human rights” was respected, it´s not part of the equation. Poor people had “human” rights thousands of years ago? I am not by any means an expert in history; but I would say, most of the actual “empires” are on a basis of total lack of respect for individual rights.

How is it possible that 1.5 billion people are kept under control so they don´t take over the status quo? It´s a mystery for me. But the future is unpredictable and can be really surprising. Things can change. The only constant is change.


We never can underestimate how far the system can go, just to avoid that huge beast called “the masses” getting out of control. This being said, I am going to describe what is in the videos of the link I submit here. This is my personal opinion, strictly. I´m totally responsible.

Warning: The video has some strong violent scenes including female mistreating.

Expect violent measures

Never been in the military, but I know most of the uniformed forces all over the world some kind of protocol to counterattack every possible contingency. That is something great. Law-abiding citizens will applaud this. Including me of course. But things are different when the contingency is becoming increasingly…threatening.

And this is exactly what seems to be happening. The reactions are extremely violent. The actions are extreme, and it´s hard to understand, if everything is under control, then why this footage is online? Despite all the censorship? These are the dystopian methods used by a desperate government.

Remember, the doctor who first alerted about this outbreak was thrown in a corner to die. It was a plain death sentence. I don´t know in China, but in Venezuela, the time and effort needed to provide someone with the means to be a real, prepared and competent doctor in medicine (not like those posers in Cuba who just want to get off the island to ask for asylum and going to work in someone´s restaurant) is huge: 7 years, and 10 years with an specialty. This shameless contempt for human life, once the owner of such life decides to make a move against whatever affects the interests of the totalitarian regime in charge, is a trait that sooner or later will be the nemesis of such soulless machinery of propaganda, built to feed decadent bureaucrats. Those who have seen how creepy the uniformity of certain “party leadership” is, will understand perfectly what I intend to say.

Maybe some of those watching this video could understand the methodology.

I don´t, and please don´t ask me to do so.  They act so violently, for being authorities, that one could think they seem to be on the verge of collective hysteria.

The video shows, in the first 20 seconds officers with masks dragging people out and immobilizing people on the floor. People are chased on the streets, by officers with sticks. Carried on hanging from legs and arms, by personnel with full-body hazmat suits.

An “officer” hits with both fists several times to a woman. Obviously he loses it after the woman reacts badly to his requests, and he starts throwing fists like a little girl. Shame on him.

Incredibly, a building gets its steel gates welded, shutting it closed for good. Officers in white hazmat suits barricade (on the outside!) a building gate. A pile of dirt and debris is found burying another gate. All of these buildings were suspicious of being infected with the disease.

Officers are seen fighting over people on the floor. They even kick the faces of some citizens. I know people can be annoying, but these officers don´t act like they´re controlling a disease: they look like thugs mobbing someone. I mean, how much time a trained officer lasts getting someone handcuffed? Dragging people on the streets is their idea of “crisis management”?

Another outrageous image is several people handcuffed, but chained by the waist to each other, just like circus monkeys. Jeez, I don´t even like monkeys being chained like that.

Desperate authorities are dangerous

Just to be clear, this is NOT a political article, God forbid it. This is a small exhibition of how the desperation of authorities can lead to very dangerous situations for us citizens. No matter where you are. Or even who you are.

Just imagine why I´m so concerned. I´m a foreigner in this country. The only person I care about, and the reason I am here, is a kid. I don´t have a fridge. I have to eat outside, or open a can otherwise.

Just think someday an outbreak makes its way here, and some sort of quarantine is enforced. What the heck am I going to do? Of course, I have some cans and water stored. A small couple of flashlights, and some other stuff. But I won´t be able to make it more than a week, and that is with luck.

What would happen if I have to defy the quarantine, get out the 7 blocks to the next supermarket, to buy some food (if there even is food left)…and a bunch of police throws me in a patrol car with other (possibly infected) guys?

If I never was exposed or contaminated, now I´m done. My only way to escape would be, to fight back (and with the risk they take my papers off me) and run. No one is going to get to look for me in any hospital or some other place. I would be on my own. (This book is an excellent guide to being prepared for quarantines so you can stay out of harm’s way.)

This is starting to be a situation that has been slowly occupying spaces in my mind. After all, 5 years ago I was sitting in my living room, enjoying a cold beer while playing videogames with my kiddo and torturing my annoying neighbors with the full power of my home theater.

5 months from here, God knows what will happen.

Do you see why I´m so concerned about this stuff? It´s amazing this has not made viral yet. The rest of the world (especially some countries in Latin America) seems not to give a f*** about the virus.

My brother-in-law is a really, really nice guy. I appreciate him a lot. I´m almost 20 years his senior but I see him as my (another) younger brother, indeed. He´s a simple man, a country boy now living in a huge city. Sent him the video and he said, immediately “Jose, this is serious. We will have to look for a place without so many people around! Your cottage would be the ideal place!! If you have some plan let me know.”

Thanks for your reading, and I look forward to your comments.

Be safe.


J.G. Martinez D

J.G. Martinez D

About Jose Jose is an upper middle class professional. He is a former worker of the oil state company with a Bachelor’s degree from one of the best national Universities. He has a small 4 members family, plus two cats and a dog. An old but in good shape SUV, a good 150 square meters house in a nice neighborhood, in a small but (formerly) prosperous city with two middle size malls. Jose is a prepper and shares his eyewitness accounts and survival stories from the collapse of his beloved Venezuela. Thanks to your help Jose has gotten his family out of Venezuela. They are currently setting up a new life in another country. Follow Jose on YouTube and gain access to his exclusive content on Patreon. Donations: paypal.me/JoseM151

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  • I have read that a lot of people are in quarantine, and because the .gov doesn’t have beds for everyone exposed or infected, the infected are offered ‘voluntary’ quarantine in their home. Those people being videoed being dragged into a police van were reported to have violated their quarantine, thus putting the public at large in danger. So, they are rounded up and sent to an ‘infection camp’, or the metal to their building are welded shut.

    It should never have gotten to this point, but it has. With CDC no longer blocking testing, you can look for an explosion of reported infections in the next week or so.

    I also heard that N. Korea shot their first infected. That eliminates the need for quarantine, hospital bed and spread of the infection, but I’d like to think that we are a better society than that.

    Key phrase ‘I’d like to think….’

    • Is Iran a “better society than that”? Look at how high their death number is. They also have a recovered number, according to the Johns Hopkins website—but who really knows?

  • Everyone is appalled at how totalitarian regimes treat people and China is among the greatest violator of human rights. I’ve lived in China for 40 years. Been there, done that.
    But let’s forget for a moment the emotional aspect of seeing these images. Think of a country as a body. When someone gets sick, there’s a violent battle going on in there. The immune system goes into full deployment. The bad guys get destroyed by the good guys. Attacked, destroyed, killed, isolated, annihilated, until the disease is over and the body recovers. In some cases, one uses external elements to fight it, antibiotics, chemo, radiation, surgery. Someone’s legs may be amputated to save the person’s life. Etc. You get the pucture. A country, a society, is pretty much a “body” and we refer to many aspects of our societies in that way. If that body is fighting for survival, there will be violence involved as necessary to preserve it. Some lives may be sacrificed to preserve others. Some good cells die trying to destroy the diseased ones, as is happening with doctors losing their lives. Etc. Put sentimentality aside. Put aside the gut feeling that it’s wrong hit people, take them away, restrain them. Yeah, it ain’t pretty, but if you let people just do as they please, what happens? This is nothing more than natural selection. Are we up to another black plague? Will 1/3 or 1/2 of the world’s population die? Will we, you and I, our families, friends, be dead or be survivors? And what about sensationalism and fear mongering is going on? How many people have died so far of this virus? Statistics seem to show that annually the common flu (whatever “common” may mean,) kills around 64,000 people in the USA alone. How many die in road accidents? From smoking? Drinking? Drugs?
    The Corona virus is not the biggest threat we face today. There are far more serious issues to be concerned with. And heck, yeah, count on it: China, Iran, Korea, Italy, the USA, will all do whatever will be deemed necessary to contain a pandemic, and people will be arrested, confined, punched, shot, if they don’t toe the line when told to! You either have prepped and can face the challenge, or you can’t, no matter if you stay put and shut your door, or have a cabin in the woods, ultimately, in a civilized way or in a brutal way, need arising, it’s all about survival.

  • Folks don’t do what they are supposed to. They won’t here either and in fact already aren’t. The Kalifornia lady bragging bout ducking the screening on social media. Look at how many still go out feeling bad with the regular flu now. They go to work, shopping and even the gym “to sweat it out”. The new cases from those who haven’t traveled show they won’t. They aren’t going to self quarantine for weeks instead they will go to work, club, church and shopping.
    China isn’t America and their laws aren’t comparable. That doesn’t mean it won’t or can’t happen here.
    Everyone cries n whines bout the abuse till they get infected by some idiot then they blame everyone for not doing more. It’s all bout human rights till it’s your kid is killed by someone infected who doesn’t want to do right.
    It could be the difference between millions infected or billions.
    I find out your exposed and not doing right around me you’ll hope for the police to come.

    • You’re right. I’m not sure how the .gov in the US can handle quarantines in this day-and-age where way too many people think that they are ‘entitled’ and don’t have to follow the rules. My guess is that martial law will be invoked, single towns or cities at first, and then state-wide. Federal Martial Law with the rumors of FEMA Camps would probably be met with some resistance. Heck, depending on how stupid the State .gov is, state level martial law could well be resisted.

      • What everyone forgets is the federal government cannot declare martial law within the boundaries of the states. Not that they won’t do it anyway. In Texas, only that state legislatures can declare martial law, not the governor. Even then, article 1 of the Texas Constitution cannot be suspended. It is not a power the legislature has. That is our bill of rights. But might makes rights and they don’t care as long as it does not affect them or their minions. Remember we do not now nor ever had a national government. We have a federal government which means by agreement/contract and their powers are numerated meaning limited. That is why they are trying to eliminate gun rights.

  • Jose, how much does a refrigerator cost where you are? Then again do you have the electricity to run it? We got rid of our propane fridge and propane freezer. We converted an old oak ice box to a 12 volt fridge. But then I have the battery back up for when I am not running the generator. Plus I have solar panels. However I choose not to depend on my fridge. I have been canning a lot of my food to avoid the refrigeration needs. I have been reading that here the government has been buying up all the long term foods thus causing a shortage. I have a lot of butter. My goal is to convert most of it to ghee. That also reduces the need the need for refrigeration space. I am prepared somewhat if this country goes into lock down, but I only have a month worth of animal feed. I am working to try and build two months worth, but more than likely will start butchering my ducks and turkeys first. the chickens and I have a relationship so it would be hard to eliminate them, but two of my three rooster would need to go. Like your cabin, I am isolated from the mainstream. My nearest neighbor is five miles. It is beginning to sound like going to your cabin may be safer than where you are. What would you need to get back there?

    • Dear Mette,
      A fridge is (depending on size, brand and type) close to 200$ up to 280$.
      You have a nice setup, and are much better prepared than millions of people. If you have some means to produce food, you´re way ahead. You are right on not depending too much on your fridge, especially being so far away. If you have some means to feed your livestock, it would be great. I´ve known there is a lot of producers in Venezuela who made it traditionally, before big industries like Purina started to mess with this market. What I love about my place, is, if someone doesn´t know where it is, it will be near impossible to locate. The road where it is located leads to nowhere; therefore there is no reason for someone to roam around. And the best part, I have some ideas to conceal the road, and noone will ever know it is there.
      Well, I need some stuff to make a decent living up there:
      Chicken and rabbit coops, to begin with.
      A 100Ah Battery I hope to buy in a few weeks (an old UPS will do the trick to feed my equipment)
      I´ve got a chest freezer (way more efficient than conventional fridges, when used as a fridge in the lowest power consumption setup)
      Looking to improve my rain water capabiilities with a 25K liters pond I expect to dig on my own (manual labor these days is too expensive there and unreliable, laborers won´t care if the work is finished or not), with some cachama and bass included.
      We have a roto-tiller that has to be fixed, so we can prepare the remaining soil for our crops. We have the engine, pulleys and some stuff to make it work.
      A bag of potasium-based hidrogel to keep moisture below ground level.
      A compost toilet.
      A DIY “fridge” where I´m planning to cure pork, to make bacon and other stuff, 100 kilos capacity. This is not hard to build, indeed. It will have to be just between 17-20 centigrades, and in the moderate climate up there this is easy.
      We have a +85 years old Lister diesel generator that weights half a ton. I´m fixing this too(my dad works with that stuff), and will use filtered and purified wasted oil as a fuel to make it run when power is not available. (All of the control devices for this could be automated, like an automatic starter for this engine if power grid fails, or kicking in the battery rack, but I prefer manual systems because they are much less prone to failure. Anyways I´m not leaving my place too much, and if I leave, someone of my trust will be taking care of stuff there).
      Improving the fencing and main gate is a need.
      The seeding of a herbal garden is a must. We usually spend cash (scarce and hard to find) buying this in groceries stores, and can be cultivated without too many inconvenients if you have some free time)
      Lifting of the vulnerable, thin, metal roof over the cabin, and building a second story with wooden floor. This will assist with a rapid rainwater harvesting too. And this floor will be needed, as we have only two rooms, and my dad has told he wants to come with my kiddo and me.
      And we will need a good, reliable vehicle, as every couple of days we will have to go to the town to take production there.
      That, for a starter.

  • The word “quarantine” means 40 DAYS.

    It is a 17th century Venetian variant of the Italian “quadrant gironi.”

    This is the period of time that all ships were required to be isolated before passengers and crew could go ashore during the Black Death Plague.

    Cordon Sanitare has been implemented in a growing number of countries.

    It must be implemented for at least 40 days.

    Once a pandemic begins it must burn out. There is no other way.

    This pain will be felt globally, as the illness spreads and the global economy grinds to a halt.

    • Seems like it would need to be a “rolling” quarantine, i.e. not everyone at once but everyone 40 days when it comes to them.

      Preps for at least 80 days would not be amiss as it could roll around again because of re-infection.

      • Debbers,

        Condon sanitare must be complete and not rolling or partial.

        It is old school and it is without mercy, but effective.

  • Just like every other video out there, it only is showing what the author wants you to believe. We charge the government with keeping us safe, from invasion, from disease etc etc. What happens when disease breaks out and the government, trying to keep everyone safe says, stay indoors. What happens when those in our society, which there are many, who think rules apply to everyone else, because they are just too special to have to listen, decide to do what they want anyways, which threatens to spread the infection. As we have seen time and time again already?

    Does the government give them endless commands, which they continue to ignore and the populous dies off from disease?
    Does the government push them,telling them stay inside, then they get violent with the government and push back, … and do what they want anyways?
    Does the government put a bullet into a few of them, sending a POWERFUL message, you better do as you are told, this is no longer about YOU, but about everyone else… yes we know, a foreign concept to those born in the selfie stick generation.

    It’s only going to get worse as people are already planning on, and bragging about it too, how they are going to get around barriers and blockades to get their food, get their booze, get their this and that, because they are too incompetent to prepare properly. Or too selfish to care.

    Oh that poor lady getting beat, boo hoo, well, what about when that lady infects your son and he dies because she felt she was special and did not have to obey quarantines. Are you going to be so sympathetic then?

    Society will break down, people will run out of food, and come for yours. They don’t need bullets to do you in, … just a sneeze. Are you prepared to do what’s necessary to protect your family?

    • Yep, I agree with you totally, only part of the story is being told in these videos. It is possible there is another side to the story it’s just that the cops are busy doing their job instead of making videos to put online. Self-quarantine is a joke, there could be plenty of people who would infect others with a life-threatening illness on purpose just because they feel have no chance and could care less if they take others out with them. This is human nature for some. There’s no way to know who is capable of doing that until it happens. I’d like to add that the type of government is irrelevant to this situation since its a disease that doesn’t abide by any countries laws, any and all methods of control will be taken by any means a country has regardless. Hopefully, this all gets better soon but I will be looking out for my own, also human nature.

    • A. A. Ron.
      I will never support under any circumstance the aggression towards a female.

      That situation could be managed without so much violence on the officer. People with a job like this has to be properly trained. That guy hit that woman (in a very feminine way I should add), and any male knows (or should know) that we are between 3 to 7 times stronger than women.

      This is unacceptable, and that´s it.

      That woman should not have been there? Sure. Is she a potential danger for everyone? maybe. Must be people like here contained? of course. Is that kind of attitude necessary? I don´t know. To be honest, maybe it´s better to taser or gas people violating the quarantine and getting back to their place. Maybe those proven methods will work better. But this sort of things just prove how badly is the situation being managed.

      And to finish, to avoid exposure, we should already be deployed in our location, before the prohibition of relocating be issued.
      That´s what preppers do.

  • Hello, this is a Chinese Prepper, and since beginning Feb I went back to China from another country. What I m going to say is all the facts in the video is TRUE! And some cases are even more serious. A recent case is in Wuhan the people with power use water to rush the underpass, where the homeless people live. They use water to rush their “beds”. And some media leak the photo about that then it began to make a little difference.

    But what I m going to say, DO NOT TRUST THE GOVT. Only YOU can save YOURSELF.

    Sorry I cannot leave my real email ID, and thank you for this blog.

  • Joe, thank you for your site- however the link for the quarantine books goes to a “whoops” page on amazon. What is the book? Thanks.

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