Who Had “Haitian Coup by Cannibals” on Their 2024 SHTF Bingo Card?

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If ever you wondered what the SHTF was really like, look no further than current events in Haiti. According to multiple sources, the capital city of Port Au Prince has devolved into stunning violence, and gangs have taken over, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry in a Haitian coup.

A gang leader known as “Barbecue” is now the most powerful man in Haiti and appears to be in charge of the chaos.

A state of emergency has been declared in the country after gangs attacked two prisons, setting many criminals free.

It is now thought that 80 percent of the Haitian capital is controlled by these gangs.

Describing the violence in the country, a journalist on the ground told Daily Express US that cannibalism has been witnessed on the streets as the violence reaches “unprecedented” levels.

Speaking anonymously, theysaid: “Haiti is living in a total chaotic situation right now. It is total chaos everywhere, especially in the capital where I am right now.

“Haiti has a leader, Prime Minister Ariel Henry, but he is not inside the country right now. In the meantime you have gangs waging full attacks on key institutions. (source)

Prime Minister Henry is petitioning the UN and asking for security forces to step in and restore order.

Some US Embassy staff has been evacuated from Haiti and American citizens have been warned to depart immediately. (source)

The international airport and the main seaport have closed and public institutions are on the brink of collapse.

More than 4500 inmates have been released to wreak havoc on the poverty-stricken island country.

Interestingly, the reporter being cited by news outlets claims that the guns the gang members are armed with are American weapons.

Up to 30,000 migrants from Haiti are legally allowed in the country each month.

On Friday, a US District Court upheld a program of the Biden Administration that legally allows 30,000 migrants (collectively) from four countries to enter the US on humanitarian grounds.

U.S. District Judge Drew B. Tipton said Texas and 20 other states had not shown they had suffered financial harm because of the humanitarian parole program that allows up to 30,000 asylum-seekers into the U.S. each month from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela combined. That was something the states needed to prove to have legal standing to bring the lawsuit.

“In reaching this conclusion, the Court does not address the lawfulness of the Program,” Tipton wrote. (source)

One must wonder if some of these people “seeking refuge” will be any of the machete-wielding alleged cannibals currently rampaging through Haiti on a campaign of fear.

The situation appears to be too far gone for the police to handle.

According to a report in the New York Times, police are woefully outmatched.

The Haitian National Police force has seen about 3,000 of its 15,000 employees flee in the past two years. While the United States has poured nearly $200 million into the department, it is notoriously outgunned and understaffed. The department owns 47 armored cars, but in a recent visit by the U.N. investigators, less than half were operational.

Locals are taking matters into their own hands.

People fed up with gang violence have joined a movement known as “bwa kale,” which embraces vigilante justice. They have committed extrajudicial murders and generally target criminals, often with the support of the local community.

In addition, many members of a government-sanctioned environmental brigade known as B-SAP have turned against the state, bringing another group of armed people into the mix.

Wait…what about the cannibals?

Though American sources aren’t reporting it, news agencies from other countries as well as forums outside the US are claiming that cannibalism is taking place openly in the streets of Haiti. A reporter on the ground said:

After the interview, the journalist sent a message reading: “Cannibalism is not widespread, but definitely an indication of the worsening situation. It definitely happens on a few occasions.”

Here’s a horrifying video that is reported to be from Haiti with innocent people fleeing for their lives.

Here are current some images from Haiti.

So, is actual cannibalism taking place? It’s difficult to say but that rumor began somewhere.

Whether or not people are eating people, we can get a shocking glimpse at a modern-day example of a total societal breakdown. What Selco has written before holds true: when the SHTF, the brutality is so extreme that it’s difficult to believe. The literal inmates are running the asylum and about to completely take over the country.

What are your thoughts?

Our wishes and prayers for peace and safety go out to innocent Haitian citizens who are going through hell right now. I can’t imagine the terror they must be facing.

It’s like a real-life Purge.

Is this kind of chaos coming to America? Do you think that rumors of cannibalism are true? What lessons could we take from this?

Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • ‘we’wont take any lessons from it
    Those who have shanghaied the USA govt have set the train in motion exactly as planned
    We see only the tips of the evil tentacles
    We do not know those behind the evil
    Only God Himself can save us but so many, a majority, don’t acknowledge Him
    We see the state of the union address with the rampantly evil applauding madly and we know that we are no longer circling the drain but have gone down into the sewer
    It is Lent so let earnest prayers go up to our Creator for all of north america and the world
    The storm is on the horizon and many of us will be victims
    We lived in Florida in the riot time in Miami
    Unspeakable things were done
    We knew of it because we had a contact with police but these horrors were unpublished.
    They were too horrible to be made known
    Civilization disappeared in a few hours
    Chaos and evil reigned
    It can happen here

  • Good Lord above, please come & come quickly. How utterly horrifying. There is such evil in our world it’s unimaginable.

    That reminds me, I need to get to the range soon.

  • I have read recently that there is a huge OIL deposit found in and around Haiti which would explain a lot of the unrest if true. Create Chaos Provide a Solution TAKE OVER AS THE SAVIOR ??

    • Look into which family has gold mining rights in Haiti. They must want the oil drilling rights as well. FOB has the coal mining rights. This will explain a lot oof “why” the Haitians are starving despite the mineral wealth of the island nation.

    • If you are telling me that Haiti is sitting on our oil, we can recreate the “success” we experienced in Iraq. Rock bottom may not have been reached.

  • Russia/Ukraine….check
    Israel & USA/Lebanon….any day now
    USA/Iran….Coming soon
    North Korea/South Korea…Heating up
    China/Taiwan and USA….getting closer all the time
    China/India….no news is good news
    India/Pakistan…Haven’t heard anything for a while
    Rwanda/Congo…In progress, although no one is reporting on it
    Haiti/Haiti….U.S. backed dictator not doing so good
    Syria & Iraq/USA….Both asking that U.S. troops be removed from their countries
    France/Russia….Macron, “Let’s send troops to Ukraine!”
    Niger/France….Niger kicking French military out of the country
    Niger & Mali & Burkina Faso/ECOWAS….Nobody reporting on
    South Africa/South Africa….Continued lawlessness and turmoil

    Yep….Wars and rumors of wars.

    • Might as well add China Philippines to the list. China is taking fishing grounds and a few smaller island and attole belonging to Philappines and a smaller amount taking from Japan. The leadership in the Philappines has already said they are not capable of taking on China but the fishermen and and national guard continue to take supplies to the Philappines fishermen out there. One NG boat was damaged and sunk a week or two ago. No reporting here. Philappines is another of our allies.
      So much much happening than can impact us and is not being reported here.

  • I don’t believe the cannibalism thing for a moment. I think this is sensational fictitious rumors being reported as news to horrify people not there and to dehumanize people in Haiti, spurring people to cry for intervention by foreign troops.

    And, since the USA left Panama, we need a new permanent base in the Caribbean to surround Cuba. So there’s that angle.

    • I watched a video yesterday where the alleged gang leader Barbecue was standing by an open fire eating. He reached down and pulled a human leg from the fire and pulled cooked flesh off it and continued eating. Believe it or not but when they decide to sut off the lights and things go down across the good ole US of A it will be only a matter of about three days before all the major cities are in total chaos. No EBT, no immigrant Visa card access, no incoming food supplies and what is happening in hati will happen here ten fold over. Nice October surprise for 2024.

    • ~jim,
      Glad you CUT THROUGH the sensational press rantings. Kudos to you Sir!
      I’ve been scoping out the Dominican Republic for the last 4 years (for expat purposes). I’ve explored the entire nation with my street-wise Caracas fiancé
      and checked out several border crossings….
      DR Cesfront border police check initial ID, then a further “Zona Militar”…check point, adjacent to a digitized camouflage motif building, greets you, “Hola señor Agente”…

      A quick glance in the car ….And this Latvian had 0 trouble crossing back and forth along the DMZ border.

      The present “spasms” in the Haitian body politic, always seem too sort its chaotic way out…as time goes by.
      For the record, I have a strange habit…(Ahem, generally un-American)..
      of purchasing 1 way tickets to assorted Continents…loading up on lonely planet guidebooks….and just doing Crocodile Dundee walkabouts
      checking out how people live!

      The sensationalism being touted on the MSM …….does not EXIST in 95% of country.
      BTW Jimmy “Barbecue”…is competing with “400 Mawozo”….in an upcoming Voodoo ceremony….:)
      Unplug your TV and check out micro farming!

      • I haven’t trusted a single political figure, news agency, or humanitarian organization since the tear jerking testimony of a 15 yo Kuwaiti girl, Nayirah, testified before Congress that she witnessed Iraqi soldiers taking babies from incubators and left them on the cold hospital floor to die.

        Politicians pointed to this barbarity as evidence for necessary military implementation of Desert Shield/Storm Every single news agency in the USA reported Nayirah’s testimony as fact without investigation and Amnesty International backed her story.

        Nope. Sorry, I’ve seen this all before. Im not falling for it again.

    • Otoh, people will eat anything if they’re hungry enough. Don’t know the state of food supplies and distribution there, but it can’t be good. Also, the gangs may participate in cannibalism as a ritualized sort of thing, both as a part of black magic, (which is believed in and practiced there), and to terrify their rivals and others who may resist. There also may be random crazies who are doing it. Either way…yeah, I can see it happening, if only on a limited basis, which then gets escalated in the media to a widespread issue. Of course, the MSM won’t mention it because it harms their narrative of “brave freedom fighters rising up against an oppressive regime”. And if there’s oil or anything at all of value there, you can bet that there’ll be a “takeover” by US, UN or others “to restore order” “for the common good”. And the native residents will be left with nothing as usual, except the dead.

  • I definitely think we have a significantly large enough population in the US that can and would engage in the criminal behavior overtaking Haiti. This criminal population is being added to every day with our open borders. And I noticed that the UN, Biden, Harris, MSM etc are all fixated on Gaza but what about Haiti?

    • Obama thinks that the existence of a middle class anywhere is unfair. Unless the entire world is Venezuela the world will never be fair. Paradise is a tiny clique of hyper rich oligarchs lording over a vast sea of illiterate bedraggled peons.

  • That right there is the kind of my worst nightmare SHTF events.
    Mass chaos, no one really in control, communities having to ban together to defend themselves from the crazy.
    If it continues on, then we are going to see the second and third order effects of such chaos. Supplies, like food, will start or already have started to run short.

    Also, take the situation in Gaza. No, I am not getting into the who did it first argument. I am looking at the economic and logistical side of it. Supply chains stopped flowing into Gaza. No food. No water. I guess the one good part if there is one, is the only people with guns are Hamas. If the general Gaza populace had guns, there might be a lot more shooting and chaos.

    Now, take a mix of both of these events together and apply them to a real SHTF situation here in the US. Our supply chains broken, no flow of goods at all. If you were a trucker and things were going sideways, would you still pick up a load of goods and drive INTO a place that looks like what is going on now in Haiti?
    Nope. If they had any degree of common sense, they would go home.
    Fuel too.
    And if something were to happen to the utilities? We depend on a very small group of people to keep things like the power running, the water flowing. If they decide it is too dangerous to drive to the power plant, the water treatment plant, things start to break down.

    • You’re right. If this happens out in the open, and nobody cares, I can imagine this happening more and more everywhere, without an information infrastructure like the one we have now. Look at what happens when a small gang (like in Venezuela) started to control the fuel and the chain supply like they did from 2014. Lines, scarcity, and a corruption scheme only seen in failed states after a messy war.

    • So there actually are a lot of supplies being shipped into Gaza via Israel including water, food, fuel and meds BUT Hamas and certain armed gangs are grabbing most of it. They keep it for themselves and sell some to Gazans at inflated prices. So I’d suspect that in certain situations where help is being provided from outside of a city or state here in the US, this too could happen. Does anyone actually expect that the gangs of NYC, Chicago, Baltimore, LA etc would just peacefully share?

      • Gazans should start fighting the Hamas. But they’re too indoctrinated to understand what is happening.
        My experience in Venezuela?
        Easy. Those with the guns steal the food, fuel, spare parts, and medicines, and eliminate whomever they want.

      • Ani Thank You for commenting about aid being delivered to Gaza. Yes thousands of tons of aid is being delivered to Gaza from Israel. But if you listen to the msm jackals and the pro Hamas middle east media they would have you believe that Israel is trying to starve to death the people of Gaza.

        The aid problem would be solved instantly if Hamas simply laid down their arms, freed the hostages and surrendered. But Hamas wants as many civilians to die as possible for political purposes..

        Israel’s Humanitarian Aid in Gaza

        During the three weeks of Israel’s operation against Hamas, 1,202 trucks carrying over 29,000 tons of humanitarian aid supplies have entered the Gaza Strip through Israel.

        • @ John Adams

          Yes and the aid has continued. The Hamas fighters aren’t starving and are in good condition when they get captured but they are grabbing most of the aid shipments. But everyone likes to blame Israel so they do. And yes, they just need to return all of the hostages (although most are dead by now) , surrender to the IDF and the war would be over.

          • Has any previous army ever supplied enemy non-combatants with food etc.? If the Gazans had not been, this war would have ended within weeks. Is it a good thing to have done so and greatly increased the death and destruction? We would now be way past the war and well into the afternath, and the world’s hatred would have to have sought a different target.

            Caroline Glick thinks the American port is a terrible idea. El Arish is Egypt would be better in all respects. How would 100% of imports be inspected and cleared? Now the inspection of 2-3% is usual, but Hamas would seize the opportunity. No boots on the ground? How would supplies be transported ashore and distributed? Hamas? UNRWA?

            • Israel has quickly inspected and permitted the entry of as many trucks of humanitarian aid as international agencies wanted to send, no limit, and there has been no linit for months now. They back up once in, the UN unwilling to deal with distributing them for weeks, if ever. Then Hamas steals a large portion of them and uses them themselves or sells them on the black market. At least up until recently, Hamas has enjoyed the support of most Gazans. Maybe still. Israel needs to quickly move into the end game and at least improve its own security.

    • “That right there is the kind of my worst nightmare SHTF events.” I agree. I’ve always respected your opinion, especially given your military experience. Would you care to comment on this story? What do you think these individuals were doing in Haiti back in 2019? Thanks.
      “Why were former members of the U.S. military driving around Haiti heavily armed? Miami Herald Feb 2019

  • Holy Mother of the Sacred Indiana Jones Temple.
    I knew it was bad but not THIS bad. We are in a total information blackout down here, and we are so close that one could make it there on a jet ski.

  • Rest assured nothing even close to that will happen in America or Europe. Not a chance. Yes humans are the same everywhere and all that, but it won´t happen. I can give many reasons why I affirm that, but it just won´t. 100% positive.

    As for Haiti, it´s been hell for a long, long time. Anyone following it knows this isn´t really news, not even cannibalism. Maybe now the last vestige of law and order has fallen and it´s total anarchy makes it newsworthy. BTW South Africa is headed towards that, if things don´t change quickly which I don´t see happening, so yeah it´s next.

    Now, brutalizing the bodies of dead enemies is common practice in violent places, such as Third World favelas and prisons. It´s everyday fare, happens all the time. I know enough horror stories to make you feeling sick for a month. Believe me, cannibalism may be shocking to many because it´s taboo, but these people are as creative as they´re evil and violent. I said that already, many times.

      • Yes Jose, it’s been a slow-burning hell all the way with ups and downs but always hell. It’s bellow shithole status, now people are seeing how barbaric it is but it has always been like that.

        I guess the UN and other nations will intervene again due to the repercussion. It will cool things down a bit, maybe help reinstate some government for a period then it will burn down again after a while. It’s always been like that.

        Haiti is just too corrupt, the people too ignorant and barbaric and the institutions too weak and shallow-rooted. Its independence revolution was one of the bloodiest ever, violence is in their DNA.

        The Brazilian army had a mission in Haiti from 2004 through 2013 taking part in UN effort to stabilize the country after the deposition of Jean Baptiste Aristide. Things were bad but this time it’s worse because of the gangs, all they have is this endless fighting.

        I had a high-ranked military friend who did 3 turns in Haiti during that period and besides the horror stories, he told me the country is hopeless. The Haitian immigrants who live here say the same, that’s why they left. I’ve never been there but I believe them.

  • We continue to dig and dig, searching the internet for truth. This week, an article about Citibank revealed that this bank stole $50 million in gold from Haiti in 1914, breaking their bank and nation. Loss today is estimated at $14 billion in 2024 dollars. They went from a real nation to what Trump called “a shithole.”

    America needs an Integrity Restoration Project to repair all our treaties with the Indians and restore things like this. If it ends up requiring more wealth than we have, then we need to pray earnestly to God to help us. He will–that is the sort of thing God absolutely loves to do.

  • This is the result of the free democratic basic order of the USA. And I think that the elites would like to see it that way in the EU too.

  • Move out of the blue hives now before it is too late. Build bonds with your neighbors where you live. You cannot defend one home but many can defend a neighborhood. Everyone here knows about storing food, water, ammunition etc, do it. And if you are armed, train and practice. Learn alternative forms of communication before the grid goes down. Time is short, don’t waste it.

    • Been in one small rural place pushing 5 decades. Younger adults remember me from childhood. lol. Nice position to be in. They treat me like a grandparent.

  • Wait! Conan O’Brien said that they have beautiful beaches and the country was misunderstood………Evidently not. Haiti is not and never was a peaceful country. The original revolution was bloody, cruel, and devastating. Talk about babies on pitchforks-it actually happened. This continued throughout Haiti’s history. Dictator after revolutionary after Con-man, there has never been stability on this island. I am not sure that this can ever change-as first people need to change. I feel sorry for those who are trapped in a nightmare, but Americans have no business sending troops or trying to right this upside down house of fools. It is another quagmire for the US to be trapped in. We also do NOT need Biden’s “program” of flying 30,000 monthly to this country as a humanitarian gesture. We will simply import more terrorists.

  • 1st seal Covid, 2nd seal Uk war, 3rd seal famine/lawfare, 4th seal war kills 1/4th the earth. Re 6:8. Now. The 1st seal, Covid, started the 4th world kingdom, that of Satan. Da 7:23; He is now in charge, subject to Jesus who opens the seals at His discretion. After the seals the book, Daniel’s 70th week opens. 7, 360 day lunar years, 2520 total days. Re 5:1ff. It is also the week, Da 9:27, of the New World Order that shall end with Armageddon day 2520. Daniel 2:33 “His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay.” It is Satan’s kingdom, operated by the man, a Roman, clay, 666, son of perdition, false prophet. Francis? Re 13:18. At the 5th trumpet, Re 9:1-11, the anti-Christ, the angel Apollyon, beast of the bottomless pit, Hab 3:16, Re 17:8, who will kill the 2 witnesses, rises from hell to destroy mankind. Re 9:11; Hab 3:16. He is the son and incarnation of Satan, Ge 3:15, who was responsible for killing Jesus. Jesus in turn, fulfilling the law for murder, killed him with a sword, the mortal head wound, while 3 days and nights in the heart of the earth. Mt 12:40; Habakkuk 3:13; Re 13:14. These are the end times so get 6+ years of preps. It never gets better from now on. Rapture at 7th trumpet, day 1335, Da 12:12; 1 Cor 15:52. Fulfilling Mt 23:39 by Re 11:13. Pre-trib is a myth to lead you astray. Read the Word.

  • Yes cannibalism is probably true. Voodoo is the religion of Haiti. I’ve been to the Island of Hispaniola twice, the last time 2 years ago. No one goes near the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The difference is like heaven and hell. The corruption, violence and gangs are only the beginning if another security force doesn’t step in and stop the chaos. They typically murder their Presidents and coups are the way Haitians vote with their guns.

    • @ Sophie

      I remember when I was teaching about deforestation I used Haiti and the Dominican Republic as an example. You could actually see the border between the two countries from way up in the air as Haiti was deforested and the DR was not. And thus when a hurricane hit the island, Haiti fared far worse than the DR.

  • The savagery happening there must be based on their tribal culture.

    If you are possibly comparing Haiti’s situation to the Purge, I would say before it got to that level for very long the authorities here would step in and stop it for obvious political reasons. Also too much social infrastructure here for that to happen.

    What are the lessons? Never keep more than one or two days worth of food and water at your residence. Do not have any weapons more dangerous than a heavy frying pan or a butter knife. Have confidence that if the criminals come crashing through your unlocked door that a few harsh words from your lips and a threat to call the police will be enough to send the intruders scurrying away. Or do the exact opposite of what I just wrote

    Thank You Daisy Luther for this excellent and well researched article.

  • The world (mostly U.S.) has dumped billions & billions into Haiti over the years with nothing to show for it.

  • That entire island of Hispaniola needs to be placed under an internationally enforced quarantine for at least two hundred years or until they either develop a stable civilization or devolve into jungle animals.

  • Vigilante justice is not extrajudicial if it is the only justice.
    Citizens protecting each other, one neighborhood or village at a time is justice plain and simple.

  • Interesting note on the origin of the word “barbecue.” It is a Carib Indian word, used to describe what they did to their neighbors, the peaceful Arawak Indians. That’s why there are no Arawaks left. So, a gang leader in the Caribbean nick-named “Barbecue”? That’s a pretty obvious sign of cannibalism.

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