Is Klaus Schwab in Control of the American Power Grid? 

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Back in November 2021, the North American Electric Reliability Corp (NERC) conducted a simulation called GridEx VI. Within this two-day simulation, the participants – a mixture of government officials, grid operators, power producers, and more – were involved in fighting off a combination of cyber/physical/info attacks against the American and Canadian power grid.

GridEx VI

Not only did they have to attempt to minimize the destruction caused by the attack in the exercise, but they had to restore the grid as quickly as possible as well.

The results of the exercise were finally published on April 7 in the form of the Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center (E-ISAC).

The exercise was comprised of two components: “distributed play” and “tabletop play.” 

At least within the distributed play component, the simulation was comprised of five different “moves,” the first of which was “Move 0.”

Within Move 0, a nation-state begins reconnaissance of the North American electrical grids, telecommunications infrastructure, and natural gas facilities as they seek out the best avenue of attack. The next move, Move 1, resulting in large explosions at generators throughout North America and cyber attacks that hit the control systems of various aspects of the power industry.

Move 2 was a continuation of the cyber attacks combined with actual physical attacks against the pipelines throughout the continent. By Move 3, critical employees within the power industry were “targeted” by the nation-state aggressor. And then, in Move 4, there were numerous anonymous threats made over social media to other workers within the power industry to sow fear and panic.

The end results of the exercise showcased a few things that may be of interest to the prepper. 

For starters, the simulation ended with the encouragement of the power industry to focus on areas that have their telecommunications infrastructure damaged after a power outage/attack. This is because the simulation highlighted the importance of proper communications ability for speedily turning the lights back on. If you want the electricity to come back online as quickly as possible, workers within the power industry need to be able to communicate with each other instantaneously. Without proper comms, the timeframe of getting back to “normal” increases drastically.

There are three different power grids that exist within the United States. Roughly, they’re separated into the Western US, the Eastern US, and Texas. Texas is the only state in the continental US that has its own grid. This is an interesting fact to remember when upon reading through the report, you discover that Texas had more participants in the simulation than any other state in the Union (witness page 4 of the report).

But that’s not what I noticed most about the GridEx VI report. 

It was after reading Behind the Green Mask that I first became aware of the token phrases that are associated with Agenda 21. Directly linked with Agenda 21 is the World Economic Forum. One of the token phrases of the World Economic Forum is “stakeholders.”

After seeing the work ‘stakeholders’ first appearing on page 8 of the report, I instantly became suspicious. At first, I thought that this might be just another inert simulation/exercise – something akin to the fight for Pineland.

So, I did a little digging. 

It turns out that the NERC is associated with the World Economic Forum.

Klaus Schwab is the head of the World Economic Forum. Seeing that the NERC is now associated with the WEF, does this mean that Klaus Schwab is in control of the American electrical grid? There are a few interesting aspects of this to look into.

For starters, Schwab has been talking about cyberattacks for quite some time now. It wasn’t long ago that we were warned of an incoming “cyber pandemic” that would be worse than any infectious disease we’d ever seen. This was what Cyber Polygon looked at.

It’s also interesting to point out that GridEx VI starts with the warning that a nation-state is conducting reconnaissance of the American power grid. In real life, we’re now being warned that a nation-state is conducting reconnaissance of the American power grid. If there’s one thing we’ve learned of late, it’s that the first casualty of war is truth.

All I know is this:

There are clear ties between a globalist/communist organization that wants to rob the entire world of their private property (and then tell you you’re happy about it) and the American power grid. Is this something you’re comfortable with? Because I, for one, am not.

If I was an employee within the American energy sector, I would have a large number of difficult questions to ask my boss about their involvement with GridEx VI, the NERC, and the World Economic Forum.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments.

(By the way, kudos to Forward Observer for first raising our awareness of this simulation’s existence. If you’re not a subscriber there, we highly recommend that you do so for some of the best analysis of current events you’ll find out there.)

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  • nope. We are in control of our own power grid thru Space Force… that is one of the reasons that was created under Trump. It is protected. If it goes down its because they want it down for cover or for some other operation… or weather related locally can take down lines etc…

    • Wendy,

      Please try and disconnect from the Qtard nonsense. All it does is make you inept to prepare and defend yourself against actual kinetic events that will directly effect you. There are no white hats. Trump isnt coming to save us. disconnect from the paradigm of right/left. Its hard at first, but in the end you really see that none of them will ever know your name.

  • Although I offer congrats about your research, into the backers of this project. The term “stakeholder” is a commonly used business term.
    It refers to someone who has a vested interest in the outcome of a project or business.
    So the term by itself, should not be raising red flags. Maybe you need to learn more about how business (including Non profits), work in general.
    Most of these organizations like the WEF, are like octopuses, they have many tentacles and reach into many different areas that might affect their plans.

    A rogue cyber attack on the power grid, would be just as devastating to the WEF,(and other such groups) as anyone else. Probably even more devastating to them. So you can expect them to be concerned.
    An extended grid down scenario, especially if nationwide in the US, would result in two things: A non-recoverable economic catastrophe followed by SHTF in the US, and then trigger the same effect on a Global basis. Which would totally put an end to all their plans.

    What most people do not understand is that if the power is out for a week or more, all the food in the grocery stores will have gone bad, the same with
    food warehouse stock piles and a lot of the food producers raw food stocks(ie no working refrigeration or freezers ). Including any food shipments that would
    normally be in transit, that failed to stay cooled or were looted.

    That means Famine and starvation for a lot of people, the starving people will turn to rioting and looting, (SHTF). So there is no fixing it, even if the grid could come back on after a week or two, it would not ever happen, once SHTF occurs.
    Also the US Stock Market would not survive that event, which would crash the world’s financial systems(banks, investment firms) and other stock markets and create a slower, but unstoppable destruction of the Global economic system, even if they did not lose power.
    Understand, that without stock markets, banks or loans, etc.; neither the food producers, wholesaler’s or retail businesses would have the money to rehire employees, clean up the spoiled food, fix looting damage, etc., get recertified by the health depts to operate, buy new products, and restart business operations.
    There is a lot more to restarting the economy than this, this is just one segment, the food industry, in trying to get restarted. Without gas stations, fuel and semi trucks or rail roads, things wont get resupplied or fixed and all Industries will face similar obstacles in restarting their businesses.
    The scope will be enormous. Which is why the economy will not be able to restart like it was or anywhere even remotely as we know it today.

    Since the US and Canada are big exporters of food, the Famine would spread World wide. Some nations might do ok, but China, Asian and African nations would probably be majorly impacted. Which would cause even more SHTF, globally.
    So not only would a grid down event not help their cause, it could actually destroy all their plans.

    • Destroy all their plans? Not if their plan IS massive starvation and global depopulation. You haven’t been paying much attention. Btw, I just saw a graph showing the top 0.1% own 81% of the worlds wealth. You don’t think they are prepared and planning this SHTF apocalypse? Geez!

      • What is “wealth?”
        Shut down the grid, a lot of their so called wealth, disappears in an instant. Most of their so called wealth is vapor-ware, based on belief.

    • “if the power is out for a week or more, all the food in the grocery stores will have gone bad”

      not all. the real issue is that if suppliers are unable to bill receivers, they won’t ship. remember that gas pipeline that shut down for a week because of “cyber attack”? it wasn’t the pipe infrastructure that was hacked, it was the billing system. they couldn’t bill, so they shut off the pipe.

      • That is right, they got the whole thing wrong.
        It is not the power that keep food from going bad . . . it is the billing department! Those evil Russians are going to hack the billing department! Drat those evil, evil Russians!

    • “So there is no fixing it, even if the grid could come back on after a week or two, it would not ever happen, once SHTF occurs.”

      Part of that is the damage caused by rioters and sabotage. Another part of that is people. You lose a few of the key maintenance or operations people of a production facility. Then there is the software and the IT people. Lose too many of these people then the whole facility is down and probably forever. That goes for power plants, refineries, and most factories.

      How many facilities have workable plans to keep these key people and their families alive, including food, water, meds, etc.? Probably none.

    • Mic, I’m hoping, for a good reason, that what you say in your comment: “…..the economy will not be able to restart like it was or anywhere even remotely as we know it today” will happen. We can’t return to the way it was, before the power grid goes down, and internet closes, for it has brought us into this mess in the first place.

      Humanity has become immensely complacent, taking things for granted, especially food, digital technology, domestic comforts, luxury of all sorts. We’re all spoiled brats. I’m not suggesting that we need to learn harsh lessons as a punishment, not at all. Many aren’t conscious of the games played on the global stage.

      The mind-programming, surveillance capitalism, medical tyranny by Big Pharma, isn’t it staring in our face by now? All skeletons are falling out of the closet now. How false is the tone of the promise of a Great Reset, all for the benefit of…. not our lives, our health, and our sovereignty.

      I remember Dr David Martin, explaining how the introduction of a digital implant for our banking affairs (and many of our medical and private affairs) would arrive, drip by drip, starting with an occasional closure of the internet, gradually forcing us to accept such a device. Why?

      By experience (a construct) proof of internet vulnerability, due to cyber attacks, will be a convincing argument to make us ready to comply.
      See the cleverness of how submission is created these days? After 25 years of research, it pays off to recognize the patterns of deception.

      And the strategies of “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”. That’s the title of a manual for CIA employees, or so it’s presented a while ago, by an anonymous source. You’ll find it as a PDF download for free, online.
      I’m convinced that all systems based on abuse of power, money and life force energy are breaking apart due to their own flaws in the blueprint.

    • Regarding food that isn’t lasting, I suggest stocking up on dry food, grains, beans, and harvesting edible greens in nature, nettles, dandelion leaves, go teach yourself about edible food in the wild. Drying it on sheets of paper, turning it every day, and storing it in glass jars.

      Of course, digging in one’s yard and growing one’s own vegetables is most practical. There are more numbers of drop-outs, and groups of youngsters, moving to Alaska, and other nations with lots of undeveloped land, wilderness, forests, lakes, etc. than we’ve seen for quite some time. A self-reliant way of living is a wise choice, I believe.

      There’s a growing number of YouTube channels with demonstrations of how to organize food supplies for storage, how to grow vegetables, and how to save energy, in order to keep the costs of living low. Even creating one’s own power grid, also using Chlorine Dioxide for purification of water, a handy substance for treatment of infection too.

      Friends of mine, in the Netherlands, who live in a small village, are meeting with neighbours, and others who are interested, discussing the possibilityof renting or buying a piece of land nearby, starting a co-operation. Sharing and supporting each other, staying alive, might be a necessity one day.

  • I was looking around the WEF website.
    Listed in their “partners” under N, they have listed the Nasdaq, Nestle, NY Stock Exchange, just to name a few.

    From the report/findings of the exercise I found more interesting was,
    1) Epilogue—Two Weeks and Beyond: The Western Interconnection is restored and customer load is eventually reconnected, but energy and capacity margins are tight for the foreseeable future. Active cyberattacks have ceased.
    –Suggests they (the experts) expect the grid to be down for at least 2 weeks before a limited recovery. Are they being optimistic?

    2) Coordinated physical attacks on infrastructure.
    –Interesting they would consider well trained, and funded teams (SOF?) operating inside the US to carry out these attacks on a wide scale. Where did they get that idea from? (Rhetorical. I can make a guess, myself.)

    3) Direct targeted attacks on critical employees.
    –Same as 2.

    The report and Ted Koppel’s book, Lights Out, make for interesting reading.

  • All communists are actually fascists. “Communism” is a theoretical situation in which everyone is equal with no government existing.

    Socialism and fascism are nearly identical with only very minor inconsequential differences. Socialists however claim they’re after communism, but always stop at the tyrannical dictatorship stage and the state never manages to “wither away.” Fascists are openly evil, and don’t pretend to have good motives like the lying socialists.

    Both want the exact same thing – maximum tyranny under an all-powerful unopposable oligarchy.

    Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, the Rockefeller Foundation, etc, etc who are all after this one world government can be called communist, socialist, or fascist – it all makes no real difference, they’re all after this goal of complete enslavement of everyone else.

    They want two classes (1) rulers, and (2) slaves with zero rights whatsoever.

    Anyone who doesn’t believe this has been fooled by these psychopaths and all those who lie for them (politicians, media that they own).

    • Concise, and well stated. I continue to be stunned (well, sort of) by those who don’t really seem to understand socialism, fascism and communism.

    • Yes, indeed! Communism is an ethereal, unachievable political utopian theory which sounds so righteous to believe in. It’s based on the assumption of human perfectibility, a humanist goal. It is the curtain behind which the fascist, socialist operators do their thing. Right. Left. “Democracy” as currently practiced is legal currency which The People pay out for corrupted and corrupting lifestyle advantages. However, our debt as a nation is huge and it is owing.

  • Foreign nation states have been conducting reconnaissance of American networks, not just the power grid, for over a decade. This is old news, and the FBI knows this all too well. Now, it is possible they have identified a more specific immediate threat that has them concerned, hence the reason for the announcement that has been circulated in the mainstream press over the past few weeks. From what I’ve been reading, the information released by the FBI has been considered possibly questionable by many experienced cybersecurity professionals.

    Mic’s posting has a lot of good information in it. As Mic points out, the term “stakeholder” in particular is not some codeword. It is a commonly used business term that has been in use for over two decades. It is not specific to the WEF or Klaus Schwab.

    There are currently no “rules of engagement” in cyberspace. Russia is not the only nation with cyber capabilities. With the “right” decision makers in the loop, an attack would trigger a response in kind. A free for all cyber conflict would be devastating to the entire planet, not just one nation.

  • Keeping in mind the globalist push to convert country after country to a cashless economy where all money is digital and completely dependent on the relevant power grids to keep such systems working … why would it not be likely that such power grid investigations as are being described could have an ulterior and evil purpose to learn how to totally shut down any country’s economy which does not knuckle under to any demand whatsoever from the globalist WEF tyrants? Such tyrants would find it highly dysfunctional if shutting down independent minded countries might also mess over other countries that have already agreed to such slavery.


    • since .9 of all dollars are not physical but digital, they seem already to have arrived at that (though it doesn’t seem to be working with russia/china/india …). a cashless economy seems more oriented towards control of individuals/families/friendship-circles/cities/et-al.

    • From China’s perspective….that could be part of the overall plan. Our military depends heavily on the civilian supply chain, which depends heavily on the power grid. Bringing down the power grid would negatively impact the U.S. military’s ability to support a defense of Taiwan for example……

  • I wouldn’t put anything past Mr. “You’ll own nothing and be happy”. Real wealth isn’t numbers printed on paper, and it isn’t stored in a computer. Real wealth is mined, manufactured or grown. Secure your real wealth while it’s still available. B.B.B.B. Beans, Band-Aids, Bullets, Bullion. Practice everything. Grow/raise food. Preserve it. Learn First Aid. Secure energy sources. Be prepared to defend it all.

  • Why is this POS allowed to walk this earth freely? We have special strike forces that could extract and imprison him and others like Soros. You can’t tell me that it’s impossible? Get rid of these bastards and the world will be a much better place. Dispose of their bloodline too!

  • Deborah Tavares has revealed that all the private utility companies in the U.S. are owned by the Crown Corporation through layers of holding companies and operatives on their boards of directors. So of course Klaus Schwab controls the U.S. power grid in a loose sense. His bosses control the grid. It is largely through your accounts with utility companies that your whereabouts and the ownership of your land is tracked. You can list your deed in a corporate name but the utility companies are harder to fool than the DMV. I have noted that there is a great consolidation of the solid waste (trash) companies in America and they generally want quite a lot of biographical information to establish service with them. The power grid is the control grid.

    • Very interesting assessment. There are a lot of paper trails we don’t consider.
      What’s the “Crown Corporation” you mention? I thought there had to be a crown, eg. Canada is part of the British Commonwealth, and all land not purchased or in preserves (not including unceded Indigenous land) is considered owned by the state, aka the Crown. How does this apply to the US?

  • As to communism…or more specifically Marxism…it is simply a bait-and-switch con game the Khazarians have been replaying since Marx penned the Manifesto. They point out accurately how the corrupt few are suppressing the many for their own benefit. And they foment the masses into breaking the existing order and hoisting them into power. Then they constiture the new ruling class and resume the exploitation of the masses. It is sleight of hand.

    Is there SOME form of wealth-sharing or restriction of wealth concentration that benefits the great majority? Of course. Capitalism without restraint inevitably results in the formation of cartels, monopolies and dynasties. Free markets are like Bigfoot…people claim to have seen one but no one can point an existing one. That is because they are just a fleeting state of being in a cycle between anarchy and totalitarianism. As a market forms it soon becomes obvious that it requires a referee to adjudicate and enforce dispute resolution. Nearly everyone is well-served by the creation of law and order. But as time passes, that authority becomes corrupted until it collapses. And the cycle begins anew.

    The NWO is trying to truncate the cycle by reverting to feudalism. In the NWO, the aristocracy will be Khazar and the serfs, those that are allowed to survive, will be genetically-enhanced chimeras designed to serve more efficiently and with no impulse or ability to rebel.

    • Bill, aren’t you a bundle of cheer!? ????
      I don’t have so much faith in humanity, but don’t see what you’re suggesting being sustainable either. Plus, people keep discounting the strength of the human spirit and the plans of God.

    • Part of the affairs going on in Ukraine, is the taking down of Khazarian dictatorship, where Nazi members, and sir Voldemort(Zelenski) create most of the war damage. Mosts of the mainstream media here in the Netherlands is fabricated, presenting President Putin as the bad guy.
      Many bio-labs are bombed by Russians, after they were emptied first.
      There’s a huge clearing going on in Ukraine. Hunter Biden’s involvement in bio-labs of Ukraine is confirmed. With President Biden showing signs of self-destruct, all this will gradually bring the corruption and infiltration within Ukraine, to the light of day. The US has broken all its promises to Russia, and it will harvest now what it has sown.

  • It’s the “perfect crises” for maybe…. delaying the Nov. mid term elections? No power, no voting! The Media: “It’s a Russian Cyber attack, Joe must have Martial law powers”. Elections delayed for 60, 90, 120 days (think “flatten the curve”). Until, “oh well were not going to have any elections”. Does it make you nervous that they are doubling down on all the bad stuff right now and smiling at you? Not a worry in the world about Nov.

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