Friday Farm Blog – Sept. 4. 2015

September 4, 2015
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By Daisy Luther

This week was nice and mellow here at the farm. For once, there were no catastrophes, I didn’t run out of something important, and life went smoothly. Maybe it’s because we’re back on a routine again.

Homeschool started up for my daughter, so we got school supplies. Whether you leave home for school or not, there’s something inspiring about starting off with those fresh new notebooks, a package of pens, and a pristine datebook for scheduling your days. We hit the really good sales and got enough to last the year for a fraction of the normal price.  As much as I dislike Wal-Mart as a corporation, I sure appreciate a 12 cent package of loose leaf notebook paper.

My oldest batch of chickens (16 weeks) figured out the perches in the run this week and spent their time looking down on the middle chickens (9 weeks).


This week, as I was sitting on the patio having coffee and going through emails, our little goat Nameless hopped the fence into the yard. She took one look at the dogs and took off running, so of course, they felt obligated to chase her. She was terrified, running into the fence in a panic, trying to get away from them.  I yelled at the dogs and ran after everyone. I finally caught up with Nameless and she jumped right up in my arms. But when the dogs saw I had her, they ran up to me and she panicked again. She was screaming (if you’ve never heard a goat scream, check out Youtube) and she literally climbed up me and perched on my shoulders to get as far away from them as possible. It was like having a toddler again, except with hooves. Cora, the other goat, stood by watching, nibbling on fallen leaves like they were popcorn.  I’m pretty sure she told Nameless, “I told you not to go in there.”

My daughter got into the farming game with 5 baby chicks that she has picked out and is raising herself. Here’s a picture of the little fluffballs:

Rs baby chicks

I spent some time over at a friend’s house preserving food. Gee, I’m glad someone’s garden is bountiful because mine is NOT.  All that survived the move was tomatoes and peppers and since I planted late, I’ve only gotten a few of those.  I was lucky enough to get some overripe tomatoes from a farmer’s market and did a bit of canning. (Here’s my tomato prep process.)  Look at these beautiful jars of tomato basil soup!

tomato canning

This weekend, I’m getting started on my fall garden, which should work better since I don’t have to move the plants this time.

The book for this weekend is called The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss.  While I don’t expect to cut things back to four hours a week, I’d really like to be more productive and reduce my time a little bit so I have more time for other responsibilities.

I’ll leave you with this picture of one of The Bronte Sisters (the names of our 3 Barred Rock hens that we can’t tell apart) eyeing up my morning coffee. Am I just weird or is that hilarious?

bronte and coffee


Tell me about your week!  How is your garden doing?  Have you harvested much?  Let me live vicariously since mine is slow to produce. 🙂

Have a great week!

Daisy Luther

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