And the Hits Against the American Food Supply System Keep On Coming

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Continuing the discussion on the current happenings within the American food supply chain, we have a series of strange events that have taken place over the course of the past week or two that you may want to catch up on.

Perdue Farms catches fire in Chesapeake, Virginia.

April 30 at 8:30 PM, a fire was reported at the Perdue Farms grain processing and storage facility in Chesapeake, Virginia. When firemen reported to the scene, they found a large soybean processing tank that was on fire. Crews were able to get the fire under control within an hour, and no injuries to employees of the facility were reported.

According to the plant manager, the damage from the fire will have a “minimal impact” on the facility’s production or operation capacities.

Spokane Seed Co catches fire in Spokane, Washington

Early on April 29, the Spokane Seed Co in Spokane, Washington, reported a fire just after midnight. The fire was in a multi-story seed storage silo. The company is known for its processing of chickpeas, peas, and lentils. Firemen responded to the scene and were able to contain the fire in two hours but apparently had a difficult time in doing so.

According to the fire department, “The difficulty involving the fire was that it was located in multiple locations as the origin was the auger unit that moved material from ground level and delivers it to the top of the silo; therefore, there was smoldering material located at the bottom of the auger and burning material that had been delivered to the top of the silo.”

(For the record, Powder Bulk and Solids published two pieces of late on April 26 and April 28 claiming that the uptick in fires at food processing facilities was a myth. They then reported the Spokane Fire on April 29 and the Chesapeake fire on May 2. They appear to have largely used Snopes to determine that the uptick in food processing fires was a myth and declared that “the continued spread of the rumor in the news media and on social media is perhaps attributable to a lack of awareness of industrial fire safety issues among the general public.”)

Oklahoma reports highly pathogenic avian influenza and will now monitor backyard chicken flocks.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, as well as the US Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS), a case of HPAI was found in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma, at a commercially run chicken farm.

As of this past Sunday, all chicken swaps, sales, and exhibits have now been declared by these two agencies to be illegal in the state of Oklahoma until July 30. Oklahoma says that it is “working diligently with federal partners to prevent further spread of the virus.”

Both state and federal officials will now begin to conduct surveillance of all poultry flocks in the area around the Sequoyah County case – both commercial and backyard flocks.

Officials are asking chicken owners to alert them if their birds produce strange eggs, don’t produce eggs, have diarrhea, cough, sneeze, have low energy, die, or show signs of respiratory distress.

(The time is now to start putting food away in a larder if you haven’t already. Check out our free QUICKSTART Guide for more information on building a 3-layer food storage system.)

A Colorado inmate has been diagnosed with a human case of H5N1.

The highly pathogenic avian influenza strain talked about at the moment is H5N1. A Colorado inmate was recently diagnosed as the first case of H5N1 in a human in recent times. The man was in a pre-release program and had been involved in moving chickens from an infected farm prior to his diagnosis.

Lisa Wiley, the spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Corrections, said, “When bird flu was detected at the farm in Montrose County, the inmates were asked to help in the process of killing and removing the birds.”

To be infected with H5N1, one needs close contact with infected birds. The man reported fatigue for a few days before recovering. According to the CDC, “it was possible the man only had the virus present in his nose but that his body was not infected.” In other words, the man may have just been fatigued.

What will we see next? 

Food is likely to become more scarce in the very near future. Numerous voices are openly stating that outright global famine is on the way, and it would be prudent to take these warnings seriously. Food is only going to grow more expensive six months from now. Do you have the ability to feed your family for an extended period of time? Do you have the ability to grow your own food? Have you figured out ways to boost your current food production?

If you haven’t accomplished or thought of any of these of late, it is now high time.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • After serving over 20 years in the fire service as a female, it still bothers me to see the firefighters referred to as firemen. I’m not some liberal so don’t start asking me what bathroom I use. 🙂

  • Really?! They want to use bird flu as the new covid?? The articles I’ve read have referred to “presumptive testing”. I am NOT putting any of my chickens down because some asshat “presumes” my birds are sick. Amazing how the paranoia about covid is now transferred to just about anything else…WAKE UP

  • I live about 10 min from Sequoyah County, Oklahoma i dont live in this County, but nobody has come by place yet but I did have low flying plains Saturday but that is normal this time of year.

  • i am certain the authorities in discharge are using the gold medalist test of the PCR to verify all suspects. also everyone knows that nose virus stays in the nose and never enters the body…………so y did we wear masks???

    • Good point John….The PCR test is known to not have been designed for this kind of testing… is also recognized as not accurate for this kind of testing….

    • Masks are NOT enough lol…You absolutely MUST make sure your chickens do NOT socialize. If they must be SURE you keep them 6 feet apart (at least). YES, and the mask need to be high grade N95 masks, not those cheap hospital ones…Be sure to follow all rules on this now and listen to the CDC or Dr. FAU UHHHH CEEEE. He is the “expert” you know. He might not know much about chicken but he knows about the FLU and COVID, OMICRON and ALL of the variants. Him and Dr. Birch both…Hope you save the chickens. Love chicken stir fry and grilled so long live the chickens…hahaha good luck…

      • We use custom 3D printer spacer collars to keep our chickens separated….it is funny to see them walking around almost like they are a marching band (I’m kidding of course).

  • I believe very little coming out of official channels because they try and control the narrative; and breed fear. (And the sheeple are gobbling it up!)
    Support your local farmers who are producing food. My goal is to establish a parallel channel for all food that my family consumes; and for my community. There are a lot more people who are doing this in your communities than you think; get to know them. Better to know them now then to try finding them when their is yet another “crisis.”
    And if you have not been stocking up then better get to it!
    My two favorite meals are – rice and beans and beans and rice!

  • While I’m no expert in genetics, it seems to me that putting down millions of chickens because they might succumb to a virus is counter-productive. Out of the millions killed the laws of probability suggest that some might have genes that confer some degree of natural immunity. Why not allow the virus to run through the flocks and then take any that survive as breeding stock? That way the species would eventually become resistant to the virus. If you just kill them all, there’s no chance for natural selection. Besides what’s the difference if you kill them (and apparently discard the bodies) or the virus kills them? They’re dead either way. Oh…I forgot…got to kill them to create a food shortage so that the deplorables can be whipped into line. The rationale here appears to be that the virus might jump species to humans – I think that’s why the Colorado case is being made into a big deal.

    • ….but, but, that would be using the scientific method – why would you want to do that?

  • It will be risky later to leave home without someone there at all times, as crime and breakin’s increase. Food will go higher then many can’t afford groceries and food banks will dry up for lack of donations. Homeless people will steal to eat also, as feeding centers shut down and volunteers quit. Large dogs may be turned loose or given away as people feed small lap type dogs table scraps and cats can hunt birds and mice to survive. I tried to tell one lady to get rid of two lg outside dogs 60-80 lbs, and keep the cha-wawa inside. She is on fixed income and complains about hard to find kibble. Someone needs to stay home as other person runs errands, etc. if things get worse later. Stay armed (loaded guns) at each end of the house near entry doors, one in bedroom within reach. Tell no one even close friends what you have or stashing. Hopefully, this all will pass without incident.

  • It’s hard to believe but the left tells you what they are gonna do BEFOREHAND and then they go do it RIGHT in front of your face!

    So it’s hard not to believe them but there for the grace of God, go I.

  • They killed Chef Boyardee yesterday! Those bastards! Oh the humanity of no more mini ravioli! The end is near!

  • Don’t let anyone give your chickens a PCR test. These tests are fraudulent and cannot tell what, if anything, that the subject has. It’s been the whole basis of the Covid fraud, and is behind the bird flu fraud as well.

  • The chickens are happy, the incubators are running and we have chicks. She hatches chicks and sells them locally, mostly dual purpose birds so you get eggs and meat. Some fancy ones because they sell well.

    I don’t know if it will work, but I bought strongly worded no trespass signs including one that revokes “implied consent” and have them posted. “Implied consent” is what gives your neighbors the right to come knocking on your door, or government types to knock and talk. Short of a medical, fire or police emergency they should have a warrant based on case law. We’ll see if they work. Audio and video recording is kept for evidence. My guess is that government types will just ignore the signs, then I may test the legal system.

    The freezers are stocked, if we add any more meat we’ll have to pull out what little non-meat is in there to make room. We pulled out most of the veggies and stuff months ago to make more room for meat but we do keep a couple of frozen pizzas and similar items, about 95% meat. As long as electrical power holds out, be it the grid or generator, we’re good on meat for a long time. Plus I have salt and smokers available. In a worst case scenario we won’t lose it all.

    • Have you considered a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer?
      Freeze drying adds no toxins and preserves more nutrients than any other food storage method. It needs no electric in grid-down. If you have a freezer, it is probably a sound investment.

      I am looking to find components for a cheaper system. Today, I looked up “12V vacuum chamber.” I don’t think they’d pull enuf vacuum to do a good freeze dry.

  • It should be obvious to this group that panicking over one sick bird is NOT to protect either commercial or backyard flocks any more than fear masking was to reduce the spread of (nonexistent?) COVID. The real purpose is to have an excuse to attack preppers and non Caesar-worshippers by killing backyard flocks. The REAL way to protect backyard flocks is to ignore the disease and let vets handle it. Most flocks would remain unexposed, and the others would develop immunity.

    It is about time we attacked commercial CAFO overcrowding as a threat to the food supply, but we are 1 to 10% of the nation and most Americans are determined that nothing major is happening. They are very willfully blind, insist that’s it’s just a small price increase they can live with, and will not act until they are at urgent risk of death from starvation. Then most of them will “solve” the problem by riots and attacks on grocery stores.

    We need to be thinking now about how to HIDE flocks, and protect a few birds. We also need to be considering other meat sources and how to have some survivors of attacks on those.

    And how to rebuild civilization afterwards–and also starting now.

  • Yea, stopped eating chicken after covid causing weird smell and taste issues.. A year later, still, chicken smells weird, as does other stuff. Other family members have the exact same issues.. with the SAME foods.. coffee reeks.. eggs reek, chicken reeks, etc…. nothing fixes the, just don’t eat it anymore.. maybe its a warning for us.. who knows…

    • From what I understand That venom was inserted in a lot of the injections because it is true that if you suck venom out of a snakebite you will lose your sense of taste and smell for at least a year most likely you have long-haul Covid and possibly need anti-venom therapy at the very least you need ivermectin go to the FLCCC website for help I am so sorry that you are all suffering needlessly

  • What will older people on fixed incomes do with a big rise in food prices?
    Everything else is going up, too.

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