Florida’s Teacher of the Year Bluntly Writes WHY School Violence Is Out of Control

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Kelly Guthrie Raley has been teaching for 20 years and currently educates kids at Eustis Middle School in Lake County, Florida. Just last month she was named the 2017-2018 Teacher of the Year.

The day after the horrific shooting that took place at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, she posted a rant on Facebook that has since gone viral. In the post, she talked about parental responsibility, compassion, and respect…and more than 823,000 people have “liked” the post and agreed with it, while more than 649,000 have shared it with others.

Here’s what Mrs. Raley had to say.

Okay, I’ll be the bad guy and say what no one else is brave enough to say, but wants to say. I’ll take all the criticism and attacks from everyone because you know what? I’m a TEACHER. I live this life daily. And I wouldn’t do anything else! But I also know daily I could end up in an active shooter situation.

Until we, as a country, are willing to get serious and talk about mental health issues, lack of available care for the mental health issues, lack of discipline in the home, horrendous lack of parental support when the schools are trying to control horrible behavior at school (oh no! Not MY KID. What did YOU do to cause my kid to react that way?), lack of moral values, and yes, I’ll say it-violent video games that take away all sensitivity to ANY compassion for others’ lives, as well as reality TV that makes it commonplace for people to constantly scream up in each others’ faces and not value any other person but themselves, we will have a gun problem in school. Our kids don’t understand the permanency of death anymore!!!

I grew up with guns. Everyone knows that. But you know what? My parents NEVER supported any bad behavior from me. I was terrified of doing something bad at school, as I would have not had a life until I corrected the problem and straightened my ass out. My parents invaded my life. They knew where I was ALL the time. They made me have a curfew. They made me wake them up when I got home. They made me respect their rules. They had full control of their house, and at any time could and would go through every inch of my bedroom, backpack, pockets, anything! Parents: it’s time to STEP UP! Be the parent that actually gives a crap! Be the annoying mom that pries and knows what your kid is doing. STOP being their friend. They have enough “friends” at school. Be their parent. Being the “cool mom” means not a damn thing when either your kid is dead or your kid kills other people because they were allowed to have their space and privacy in YOUR HOME. I’ll say it again. My home was filled with guns growing up. For God’s sake, my daddy was an 82nd Airborne Ranger who lost half his face serving our country. But you know what? I never dreamed of shooting anyone with his guns. I never dreamed of taking one! I was taught respect for human life, compassion, rules, common decency, and most of all, I was taught that until I moved out, my life and bedroom wasn’t mine…it was theirs. And they were going to know what was happening because they loved me and wanted the best for me.

There. Say that I’m a horrible person. I didn’t bring up gun control, and I will refuse to debate it with anyone. This post wasn’t about gun control. This was me, loving the crap out of people and wanting the best for them. This was about my school babies and knowing that God created each one for greatness, and just wanting them to reach their futures. It’s about 20 years ago this year I started my teaching career. Violence was not this bad 20 years ago. Lack of compassion wasn’t this bad 20 years ago. And God knows 20 years ago that I wasn’t afraid daily to call a parent because I KNEW that 9 out of 10 would cuss me out, tell me to go to Hell, call the news on me, call the school board on me, or post all over FaceBook about me because I called to let them know what their child chose to do at school…because they are a NORMAL kid!!!!!

Those 17 lives mattered. When are we going to take our own responsibility seriously?

What do you think?

I would have loved for my children to have been in Mrs. Raley’s class because not only is it obvious that she really cares, but also that she has an abundance of common sense, something that has been notably absent in our politically correct school systems.

I raised my kids in much the same way Mrs. Raley refers to having grown up: with rules, curfews, and consequences for their actions. My girls weren’t totally sheltered – they saw violence on television and in movies – but we discussed it. I taught them empathy for other human beings and all creatures. They too, have had access to guns, and know how to use them, but I’ve never once been worried that they’d use them on another human being for any other reason than self-defense in a life-or-death situation.

Like every other parent, I now worry every time my daughters walk out to door to attend their college classes. Because, honestly, it can happen anywhere.

But I sincerely agree with Mrs. Raley.

Guns aren’t the problem. The current culture is the problem.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • I agree 100%. I feel that too many parents are so busy that they take what their children tell them w/o going any deeper. “How was school today? ” ” Fine.” And then don’t have any follow-up questions.

  • Hoorah, someone finally told the truth and called it like they saw it. Kids these days are pampered and as Clint Eastwood so eloquently called it we are raising a generation of woosies. God bless you for being honest.

  • Wow she is totally correct. Everything she said is exactly what’s going on. My wife and I were walking past a pharmacy one day and saw two teenagers behind the building smashing up some grocery carts and I went over and told them to stop. They told me to mind my own business and I told them it is my business to stop them because it translates into higher costs for customers because if their actions in the long run. They wouldn’t stop so I went into the pharmacy and told the manager what was happening out back. He put the run on them. So my wife and I continued on our walk and stopped in to visit a friend down the street. About 15 minutes later there was a loud knock on the door and there was one of the kids with a police officer and an enraged mother calling for my arrest for ssssulting her kid. Long dory short. One of the police officers drove me (upon my request) to the Pharmacy to talk to the manager who told the police what the kids were doing to his property and that I had intervened. At first the kid was behind his mental case mother grinning maliciously at me but when me and the police man went back to the place where we had been visiting the cop told the mother that the manager was going to press charges against the kid if the mother pressed charges against me. By the way I had grabbed the kids arm when he was swinging a a steel bar at the property. The kids were about 14 or so. I will admit that I touched the kid by grabbing his arm and stopping him from smashing things and the cop told me that privately that by doing that I had “assaulted” him. It was the cop who slyly told me to ask the manager if he would be willing to charge the kid because his mother was so wild at me for touching the kid. She was steaming for the cops to artest me. I have never forgotten how the mother never said a word about her kid damaging property but that I had no right to stop the kid. The policemen both very gravely told her in front of me my wife and our friends, that she wasn’t addressing the real problem of her son doing illegal activities. The threat of her kid being charged stopped her from charging me and she and the kid left with her cursing me out. The policeman VERY NICELY told me afterwards I did the right thing but pointed out how crazy it can get because parents don’t discipline their own kids properly or regularly. The mother never once even looked at her kid or said anything about his actions.

    Man the world we live in today. Unreal! For doing the right thing I was almost in big trouble.
    (I’d do it again but not touch… just record it on my phone.

  • Now it’s my turn, did any of these kids make an attempt to be his friend or did they just make him feel like an outcast and after his mother died from the flu was there a grief consular to help him out? We’re was social services, and don’t get me going on the violence in video games, they are nothing more than a how to guide on desensitized killing. Mrs.Relay is right parents need to pull up their britches and take the control of their house , people need to stop blaming guns and start treating this as a mental Heath issue and a morality issue,

    • For the most part today’s children are “spoiled” rotten. They have anything and everything they want. Parents give to them ALL that they can to make up for other things b/c they may feel guilty that they don’t pay much attention to their kids. Many times children get in trouble simply b/c they want “attention”. They are bored a lot also and find trouble somewhere with somebody.
      Parents have to be the “parent” and NOT be so concerned about being a friend to their kid/kids. They have friends at school and elsewhere. The main job of the parent is to be a parent and love them enough to give them discipline instead of making excuses for them when they don’t behave properly.
      Mental illness is a factor many times as well. However I do think that the gun that he used should be discontinued. They don’t need to continue to manufacture those lethal guns anymore. The President and Congress should make sure that they can be found nowhere for the public to get ahold of.
      I DO NOT think that this killer was mentally ill, b/c he seem to know how to gather all that he would need for what he wanted to do that day. He was capable of calling the Uber driver, he knew exactly where the school was, and he managed to get into the school and shoot 17 people. Therefore if he were mentally ill, it does seem to reason that he wouldn’t have been able to sufficiently carry out the duties of that fateful day to the manner in which he did so. He was however able to do so with precision.
      MOST (not all) of these problems start in the home with the parents, or the care giver of the kid. It’s all in how they were raised or spoiled or privileged. Children need GUIDANCE, LOVE, CARE, and DISCIPLINE. The Bible says, “SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD”.GOD was telling us there about discipline. IF we spare the rod (the spankings and discipline,) then we wound up spoiling the child, and spoiled children want their own way and have a way of getting into BIG trouble, and some just go out and take innocent lives just b/c they can…Parent’s need to think about how they’re raising their children, and hold them responsible for their wrong doings. He needed attention and he knew that after he did what he did he would have “plenty” of it for days to come. He would be on television, and perhaps in his mind some sort of a hero or special person.
      I am a retired elementary school teacher for Private and Church schools and I have seen these problems even at the elementary level, and it only gets worse as they grow up…

  • “The current culture is the problem.” How the culture has reached this point , that parents are afraid to parent and children have been given legal rights that are used without benefit of experience, and deny parents ability to interseed, seems to have gained momentum in the 90s . The results of the ‘experiment’ is clear. It’s a cultural failure!
    You’re right on, Mrs. Raley!
    It’s time for parents to be parents again. Dollie

    • Those given legal rights that you refer to come from the United Nations Global Educational System (Common core). It is DELIBERATE and is being done to in order for the Globalist to get their “Global Government” or “One World Government”. They are also using “Agenda 21” and “Agenda 2030” which is also part of the UN Global Educational System. Anyone who does not know about these two AGENDA(s) really needs to Google them and read the Articles and you might ought to do it Quickly BEFORE they are removed. You can also go to http://www.AmericanPolicy.org and click Issues at the top then click Agenda 21 from the Drop down menu. When I first found out about these AGENDA(s), I was so shocked that I did not sleep for over a week. It is both terrifying and shocking the Plans the Globalist have to destroy America. BUT, first they had to get CONTROL of all the Young people and they are using the Educational System to do this. These evil Globalist even admit that if they can get all the Youth “Brainwashed”, they will be able to get their “One World Government” and with ALL the young people on their side, they won’t have any problem in getting everything the way they want it. We must remember that Most ALL of us older people will die sometime and these “Brainwashed” youth will take over and they will be running everything. That will surely be the end of Christianity on this Earth. This is NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY, BUT IS THE TRUTH.

  • The violence here is the flip side of the coin of the permanent war economy. Period. This culture is saturated in violence because we have perpetually been at war for 70 years.
    Oh yeah and the more your schools resemble prisons, the more your kids will resemble criminals.

  • It is the instability of our society that is causing these school shootings, riots and so much more which is caused by the hate, denigration and intolerance of conservative beliefs and the Christian religion by the left. The intolerance and denial of different viewpoints and opinions by some teachers, some professors, Hollywood, left-wing organizations and websites supported by some of the super rich and lies presented as news are causing this instability as well as the ongoing attacks on our president and government. This process has been going on since at least the 1960’s.

    Yes, parents are responsible for the behavior of their children, but, the instability of our society makes patenting much harder and life worse for all. The mixed messages sent to our kids by our unstable society confuses them. We must somehow stop the hate spewing left and make our society stable again or one day we will be eating our stored food because society has collapsed.

    Frankly the interviews Daisy does with SELCO and Martinez scare the h**l out of me. This is were the left wants our country to go. I don’t know how to stop this but there must be a way and gun control is not it.

  • Totally agree wit her you 100%. We also have guns in our home, and my kids have been thru training and also how to be compassionate people. It starts at home and I truly feel bad for teachers, they have enough to deal with, and 2nd no one is ever going to want to become a teacher if things don’t change in this World.

  • WOW !!! I like this teacher.Kelly Guthrie Raley dropped a GIANT TRUTH BOMB on everyone and told it like it is.

  • I believe this lady has hit the proverbial nail on the head. When I was in high school, in rural Georgia, deer hunting was almost a religion. We carried lever action 30-30’s and shot guns in the gun rack of our trucks.We hit the woods ,and got in an hour before coming to school (unless we got one), and back to the tree stand after class. No school shootings. NONE ! Never heard of anyone’s gun being stolen either. It is moral decay that is causing this. Another factor, I think is the ” Safe schools Act of 1990.” Within 5 years of It’s passage, there were as many school shootings as the 10 year period before it. That bill set our teachers and students up to be unable to defend themselves.

  • The Comment this Teacher made nailed it. What she said is 100% Correct. Most Parents, BUT not all, are too busy with their own entertainment to be concerned with their Children. Hollywood has contributed to a lot of these killings because of the Violence in the Movies they make. They have, for years, presented murders and killers to be “Glorified”. These kind of violet movies are not good for young minds. This leaves the impression that if you go out and shoot up and kill a few people, you will become famous, like Hollywood stars. If our Government really wanted to stop some of these killings, they should start with Hollywood and demand that these movies be cleaned up.

  • SOMEONE AMERICANS HAVE NEVER KNOWN,.OUR LORD JESUS,told everyone,, take your kids out of the public schools,the government is planning to slaughter them,trained MK ULTRA VICTIMS will shoot till they kill them all,AND I AGREE,the parents don’t care if their children are killed,SO NOW the LORD will come and take ALL his little ones and then his saints,watchmen,prophets,and america can have ALL the war and blood on the sidewalks they love..till they’ve all killed each other…AND YES YOUR HERO’S ARE PLANNING TO KILL EVERYONE IN AMERICA…

  • I agree with everything this lady had to say. I am a mother of 3 grown children.I knew where they wad and if they got in trouble at school they got in trouble at home. I knew who their friends was and also their friends parents.I taught them about the love of God and how important it was to love one another.This world had gotten so far from what the bible teaches .We need to turn our homes back to being God fearing people and take time to be the parents we was called to be.This teacher said it all and thank god for her standing on what is truth.

  • I think we can avoid this happening in the next generation by teaching parents and teachers how to disciplain children. Children should know there are consequences for their actions and how to accept punishment and taught to be sorry at a young age. Yout h today were not allowed any as far as I am told. Those that are problem in school should have extra care right away.

  • The truth is a alt movement now. It takes courage to be part of that. Many people who dont own guns support this movement called the truth.

  • 3 cheers for this brave lady.
    Unfortunately, I wonder if she will still have a job after this, given the way TPTB in most school systems think nowadays.

    BTW: My wife is a teacher and feels the same way.

  • No one is talking about the known danger of the psychotropic drugs on children, or how many of the shooters for over a decade have been influenced by the drugs… this is as much a danger as anything else – and since big pharma is involved – no one is covering it. Till I hear people getting down to this common factor – and solutions to the problem – the rest is a waste of our time.

  • Absolutely agree!
    Parents getting a divorce & having to cowtow to their kids whims all the time so they could keep custody.
    Parents letting the filth & violence on tv baby sit their children because they are only thinking of themselves.
    Parents not punishing their children when they deserve it so they grow up with no sense of right & wrong.
    Parents wanting to be cool rather than be a parent.
    A wicked govt that has out of control wicked CPS that sticks its incompetent nose into decent parent parenting.
    Abondoning God & the biblical principle of bringing children up in the love & admonition of the Lord.
    What do you expect?
    The nation has abondoned God & embraced the devil so this is the result.

  • I agree with this 100%! I live in an area full of school age kids, from elementary through high school, that are allowed to act however they want. Several years ago, there was a family next door that made a habit of teasing my dog. My dog, in my fenced in yard, who was outside for a few minutes a time, a few times a day. They’d throw rocks at him, make barking sounds at him, etc, which would get him barking back. One day, I was outside getting my mail when I saw a group of kids there, young to mid elementary age, doing this. I very nicely but firmly said, please stop teasing my dog. Not even 5 minutes later, the “mom” and two thugs are on my front porch, demanding to know why I talked to her children. I went through a good 15 minute rant from the “mom” about why it wasn’t any of my business, how I should keep my dog inside, etc. The 2 young men with her were obviously there as an intimidation because I dared ask them to not throw stuff at my dog. This is just one example of what I’ve experienced in the 15 years we’ve lived here, and it’s a big reason why I chose to homeschool.

    Also, I know of a family who’s 12 year old son has mental health issues. He’s been arrested and taken to the psych ward many times for punching, kicking, biting his mom and dad. He’s been expelled from schools for violent behavior and threatening to kill people. The parents cannot get anyone to help him. Private help is well beyond what they can afford financially, and the state refuses to step in. They have offered to give up parental rights so that he can receive the help he needs. Instead, he is turned back over to them after a short stay in a psych ward. This has been an ongoing cycle for several years. I can’t help but think that this is an example of how we’re failing. People are being shuffled back and forth, falling through cracks, instead of receiving the help they need. They’re being left in society surrounded by innocent people who have no idea what kind of issues the person truly has.

    • Awful what response you got to trying to talk in an appropriate way as an adult to kids about your dog !!! Sorry to hear.
      Disgusting self centred, stupid neighbours.
      Just wondering regarding the 12 year old….
      Isn’t it possible that the cycle of psych wards is a result of the drugs given this kid ? Drug after drug and drugs for side effects of other drugs, that have known side effects of suicidal and homicidal intent ? Parents of drugged kids are often drugged themselves. I think it’s just so overlooked as a part of the problem. Communities call for more help, ie more psychiatrists who only do a bit of counsel but mainly prescribe drugs. Maybe get Psychologists and get rid of social media and tv and video games.

  • My very thoughts. My wife and I outlined almost exactly what you said. Morals and discipline are not totally gone in families, but it has been on the uprise for years. What was considered bad is now portrayed as good or ok to do. The family unit needs an overhaul in many cases, fueled by loving discipline……….Bravo

  • Oh yes! Culture is the problem and not guns. It takes a human to shoot a gun, (once in awhile a dog gets lucky) and therefore, it is a HUMAN problem – NOT a gun problem.

    Watch for the psychotropic drugs that alter some minds very severely. If you don’t believe me – read the WARNING labels and be afraid, VERY AFRAID!!

  • Mrs. Raley is entirely correct. The issue is mental health, values, culture, discipline, etc., which our current society lacks almost entirely. It has been shown over and over again in real time that gun control DOES NOT WORK. Cities such as Chicago, Detroit, New York, Baltimore, and others have had strict gun control for years and look at all the violence in these places. They are dangerous and law abiding citizens have no way to defend themselves. Look at cities in Europe where the native citizens are being raped and assaulted by immigrants and again, have no means of self defense. Criminals ALWAYS get guns if they want them.

    Until the advent of guns, the common citizens had no way to overthrow tyranny. Even the compound or crossbow wasn’t adequate. It is no stretch to say that we owe our civil liberties and their maintenance (very tenuous these days) to guns. Why would anyone who values basic rights and liberties, not to mention human life, be willing to give up willingly that which won them in the first place and that which maintains them to this day? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, pun intended!

    No gun ever got up and shot someone without human assistance. If we outlawed every item that could cause injury or death, we would live in tents and graze on grass. Cars, cigarettes, alcohol, home accidents all cause far more deaths than guns on an annual basis. Virtually everything we use to sustain our lives can cause harm but we strive to use these items thoughtfully and carefully and with restraint.

    Any act committed by an individual person or a group must analyzed to see who benefits. Who benefits from gun control? The citizens? No, it places them in far more danger. Government entities? Clearly! No guns in the hands of citizens means government can do to what it pleases to you and take all you have. It gives citizens NO WAY to overthrow tyranny and we will no doubt find that necessary again in the near future.

  • I’m with you except for not allowing kids to have their own space. A kid must be given respect before he can fully give it back. That kind of domination does not foster mental health. Sure, you can probe into why he’s staggering around slurring his words, but going through drawers in anything short of an overdose situation seems too invasive to me.

  • ” I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving _ _we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it _ _ but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor. ” Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.
    The direction in which we are moving, our culture, reminds me of cadence when learning how to march. Left, left, left, right, left. For every right foot count, there’s three for the left. In our culture, it seems as though for every move to the right, there’s been three to the left. If we are to survive, this cannot continue. The educational system is broken, and cannot be fixed.
    Reformers in the past have learned that if an institution is decayed from within, then all effort at reform was futile, the answer was to start anew.
    The public education system has been a main front in the culture war.
    I used to work with someone who was a school teacher. She said that when corporal punishment was removed from the schools, they lost control of the classroom, and that was when she retired from teaching. Parents being threatened with child abuse for properly disciplining their children, has in many cases yielded the desired result, many kids going undisciplined.
    Did you see how Betsy Devoss was treated by those in the educational establishment? Are those people teaching your children? Don’t be surprised when your kids turn out treating people like those people treated Mrs. Devoss
    To those teachers who are willing to make a difference, and are totally dedicated to turning out the best and brightest. You know that America’s future is in your classroom. Thank you so much for the unwavering commitment to making America great.
    If termites get inside of the foundational beams, then those beams must be replaced. Sometimes there are termites in so many foundational beams that the entire structure needs to be replaced. The educational system is a main structure of our culture. I’ve seen many communities that have razed their old school buildings because they were out of code and condemned.
    Is our present system up to code? Or should it be condemned?
    Perhaps two main public systems. One for the left. And one for the right. I think perhaps that the one for the right might possibly be willing to do what a NFL player recently said ” Get God back in the schools ”
    Someone said that gun control means ” he that has the gun has control.” An Ohio Sheriff has a good idea. He’s offering free concealed carry classes for those teachers in his county who are interested, and qualify.
    He’s also offering them training on how to deal with a school shooting type situation. Now if we can get some of the manufacturers to offer a deal to those teachers, perhaps protecting
    the students in that county may not be very far away.
    On wanting more gun control. I’ve yet to comprehend how that disarming law abiding citizens prevents criminals from commiting crimes? Criminals are committing crimes because they are criminals and are not deterred by the law. Criminals don’t commit crimes because law abiding citizens own guns.
    National Review October 9, 2015 article states that the ban on 660 types of semi-automatic weapons and magazines with capacity higher than ten rounds, from 1994-2004, had zero effect on the crime rate between and including those years. As per FBI stats.

  • Thanks Daisy for your site, great work and this posting.
    I love this note by the teacher of the year. Totally take it to heart and agree.
    I wish that psych drugs received a much greater bad rap tho, because these incidents of mental instability and violence get everyone going along the lines of all that is socially wrong.
    Because in the last ten years, drug use has skyrocketed and big pharma pocketing mind boggling sums of money and exert mind boggling control on main stream media and government with their lobbying and advertising.
    Because drugs are handed out at general physician appointments for sad feelings, depression, angst, anxiety, that if treated alternatively early and only with healthy food and supplements could well be curbed and helped as normal responses to life and trauma. We’ve normalized drug use and clothed it with political correctness.
    SSRI’s in particular as documented by so many, for eg. at drug awareness.org create a mindset of many things – along with erasing feelings of anxiety and fear and depression, take away fear of consequences of one’s behaviour and create the need for extreme stimulus to experience feelings (dopamine receptors damaged). There are consequences to curbing normal human emotion with drugs.
    So sad about talking to people and one in several has a non chalance and ‘why are you so concerned’ mindset because they have been modified and dulled. Brave New World.

    • Read “Anatomy of an Epidemic” by Robert Whitaker, pub. 2010. You will learn how the growing impact of psychotropic drugs on our society came to be, and the continuing damage to our young people. Makes me very aware of the induced mental illness, as well as our diminishing capacity to deal with adversity.
      As an elementary school teacher for 30 years, I saw the changes in my students, as well as the attitudes of the parents, go from respectful and helpful to resentful and defiant (yes, parents, too). At least at the elementary level, we just tried to do our job of teaching skills and facts, not indoctrinating little socialists as many people think. Sad to say, but “garbage in, garbage out’ — they came in damaged, they left damaged. They grew, they learned, but often with no support from their parents. In private consultations between teacher and supportive administrator about troubled students, we’d often speculate on the kid’s future, 20 years hence. If home life continued unchanged, that kid would be in jail or dead in 20 years. We’d redouble our efforts to guide the parents to better parenting, support the kid in anyway available to us, and of course continue teaching the other 29 children as well. I am glad I’m out of it — teaching gets more difficult every year.

  • We have been talking about these items (this Florida teacher wrote about) during lunch time at work . I work in a union auto parts plant. There is universal agreement with her statements.

  • Someone yelling on the riverbank “you’re heading towards Niagara Falls!” but the people in the boat just keep going.

  • I see some great points here and I agree with much of what said. There are two other issues that aren’t often discussed in discussions about school violence.

    The first is that to my knowledge, a vast majority of school shooters were on SSRIs. That could be concerning as a possible under-reported side effect of those medications. Alternatively, it could be a problem with a child being medicated to treat a problem without the appropriate support and counseling needed to help them with their condition. This needs to be explored.

    The second is that these days many parents are frightened away from disciplining their children. Too many parents are reported to CPS and similar agencies by either concerned neighbors or by their own children. Mandatory reporters at schools, doctors’ offices, etc, may get the wrong idea of what’s really going on at home and then the situation may blow out of control. The culture of “see something, say something” may help some abused children but it gets many parents into terrible legal trouble when nothing really happened in the first place, often sending their children into group homes or foster care – where they may be abused. A quick example, out of many, is the case where a mother had the police called on her because her daughter was in a park nearby their home. Said daughter was old enough, had a cell phone and a curfew but that didn’t matter.

    It does take a lot of work and attention to make sure a child is properly raised, particularly in times like this. Great article!

    • Isn’t it interesting that the PresstitutePress never mentions the possibility that a “drug-induced” brain fog Might Have Contributed?

  • The soul of this nation is on trial and in an environment in which both narcissism and victimization have been institutionalized, it’s anything but a slam-dunk case for moral imperative. Thankfully, true Americans are by nature, rebellious, and in that vein, those of us with common sense are getting louder. We will win.

  • You Go Girl!! How can I get Ms. Raley to move to Oregon – where EVERY liberal places blame rather than takes responsibility?

  • Mrs. Raley Nailed It! Exactly the type of “home atmosphere” that I grew up with. Those historical distinctions are not now apparent in children and their parents. We are seeing and hearing the results.

    [Guns Don’t Kill People. Someone Has to pull the trigger. The “shooters” must be held accountable, whether they were adequately trained or not.]

    Not having “nurturing/caring” &/or “Involved”-In-Everything Type of parents, insures socially deviant behavior. The Florida School “shooter” Unfortunately Did Not Have this type of upbringing. How very sad.

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected by this needless catastrophe. There were A Lot Of Failures That Precipitated It.

    Thank you, Daisy, for posting this article.

  • of course any sane person is in agreement with her professional assessment on the current situation within our schools, but she neglected another element of these abnormal behaviors and also the authority these social workers and school psychologists have.
    HOW MANY of those with severe and chronic behavioral problems ARE ALREADY on pharmaceuticals finally documented as causing more problems, and in cruz’ case scenario, why were the “team” of the school psychologist,evaluator and social worker asleep at the wheel ? Apparently there had been problems of various degrees since grammar school continuing and escalating leading finally to being expelled from a mainstreamed setting to a more structured environment–am I wrong here regarding his being only recently expelled ?
    So why were the students exposed to dangers posed with no demands made regarding an authentic mental health eval and follow up w/proof to be presented t the school OR THEIR OWN TEAM INTERVENING ?
    They have their hearings regarding placement and expulsion,so why was there never demand made ?
    The horror stories on minor aged being picked up from the school and delivered directly TO the offices of CPS solely based on unsubstantiated claims/ hearsay are not fables,they remain factual.
    S o here they are with their own sets of files on cruz and did nothing.
    The same applies to their local law enforcement who have authority under public safety statutes and codes regarding protective custody as threat to self and /or others and also to simply bring an emotionally disturbed person to the ER or psych catchment hospital within their district and make demand without a court order for an admission as a 72 hour hold and then the hospital takes over and then the courts if necessary.
    The law enforcement was also well versed on him.

    Something remains extremely wrong with this entire case scenario.

  • I guess I was one of those parents who did give a damn. I raised my now 30 year old daughter alone. And ran my medical practice, took care of patients, and came home and checked her homework, talked to her about school, and after we’d eaten, we did the dinner dishes together and put them away, cleaned up the kitchen, and talked all through our shared chores. Yes, I had a full time housekeeper and a maid to help with the cleaning. But some things were for my daughter and I to share together and it gave us time together to talk, while we did those things.

    I never hesitated to check her computer, email, social media accounts, etc. Compared to many of my friends kids who were on drugs or drinking by 15, my daughter was almost a saint. When she turned 16 I bought her the desire of her heart at that time. She got a new Honda for her birthday. After carefully explaining to her about the need to maintain it. Tire pressure checked weekly, oil changes every 3000 miles, including filters. And of course the warranty checks required by Honda and their maintenance schedule as well. She took it all seriously and to this day that car is still in the family and is being used daily by my housekeeper! And although it’s 15 – going on 16 years old now, it’s in darned good shape and thanks to her religious washing and waxing, the finish even looks pretty good too!

    When my daughter got a ticket for doing 90 mph on a freeway one early evening as she headed home from her best friends house and I later learned that the girls had worked themselves into a snit about some boyfriend and his behavior in finding other girls more interesting at school that day – leaving both girls near hysterics and my daughter in tears. In that state she got into her car and drove home. Fortunately a CHP pulled her over, put her in cuffs in the back of his car and called me. I was embarrassed at her endangering herself and everyone else on the road of course. I took her car away for 90 days. The Juv Division Traffic Judge was lenient and made my daughter do some community service and view films of the aftermath of high speed accidents and what such accidents did to drivers and passengers at those 80mph and over speeds. (Hint – there wasn’t much left of any of them that was identifiable without lab equipment and almost no survivors at those speeds, either.)

    On top of the mild sentencing from the courts, she lost her pride and joy – her new Honda for three long months. She screamed “how will I get to school?” at the breakfast table the next day after she had her punishment imposed. I added on an extra ten days for her screaming at her father, and then told her she could walk or ride her bike. But she could not solicit or accept rides from friends for the first month and if she could stick to the rules during that first month, we could and would reconsider allowing her to ride with friends. But first she would walk or bike and I expected her to be ON TIME for her classes. Any failure to do so and a tardy slip might well result in an increase in her time without a car.

    I also told her point blank that any further disrespectful behavior toward me would result in my seriously considering selling her car and putting the proceeds in her college fund or trust. Suddenly the sullen little imp became a decent human being again. Walking to and from school gave her time to consider her behavior and how dangerous it could have been. Instead of being summoned to pick her up so she would not spend a night or two in juvenile hall, I could have been told to go to the morgue to identify whatever was left of my only child! Or heaven forbid, if her car had hit another vehicle (and at those speeds no one in either side of the 12 land wide freeway is safe as a car spirals out of control!) and killed others, and then somehow she managed to survive and had to live with having destroyed some unknown number of innocent lives with her irrational and semi-hysterical behavior.

    Several of her friends parents called to support me when they heard of my taking her car away. They also helped to monitor her during that first month to make sure she was not getting rides anywhere without my specific approval of both the driver and destination. For instance, she had dental appointments as her braced were being removed and retainers checked and tightened during that time. For that, she was allowed to have our housekeeper drive her to and from, and wait for her while she was in the chair. But she was NOT allowed to be in a car with any of her friends or peers for that first month.

    At the end of the first month, I knew that she had stuck to the rules. Various parents of her friends had called me and they’d even gone so far as to offer her a ride home and she’d refused them! She tried the silent treatment – as most females will on their fathers if nothing else works. I ignored it as long as she was not speaking to me without being rude doing so. At the end of the first month, I called her into my den at home and told her that I would allow her to ride to and from school with a very small group of her friends and/or their parents. However, she was still semi-grounded and social engagements were very limited. I did allow her a few Saturdays at the mall with her friends, and even a movie or two on occasion. But nothing else. As for her “boyfriend” I assured her she would not die without him and if her really cared at all for her, he would be waiting when she was once again allowed more adult freedoms to decide where and when she would go out, etc. But for now since she had acted like a spoiled hysterical brat and then drove like one – she would not have those freedoms until and unless she proved able to handle them. Of course this “great love” of hers promptly found a couple of other girls to date and pretty well dumped my daughter during her brief period of serious restriction on her comings and goings. I was delighted because I always felt he was after only sex and she figured it out too when he got one of her friends pregnant and then dumped the girl and told her to “get rid of it”! Not exactly son-in-law material later on, and my daughter saw him for the piece of garbage he really was and was soon glad he was no longer in her life.

    She started speaking to me one night about the 2nd week into her 2nd month. She had a nightmare and woke up crying and very upset. When I rushed to her room, she told me the dream had been one of her being mangled in a car accident and then being awake in the ICU with a vent in her mouth and her face partially destroyed by the accident in her dreams. She was getting the idea of what could have happened, and while I felt sorry for the fear she finally was facing in her dreams, I was also glad that on a deep sub-conscious level, she was “getting it” at last! Some fear is rational and appropriate – and the fear of a bad accident caused by excessive speed is one of those things we should all be afraid of and do everything in our power to prevent. I held her and comforted her as she poured out the dream and cried like a baby. Then she hugged me and admitted that I was right. She could have killed herself or others and for no reason other than two hormone-crazed girls getting themselves into an emotional state about some boyfriend who would be out of her life in a few weeks at the longest, and possibly sooner if he didn’t manage to get her into his bed.

    Finally her 100 day sentence passed. She stuck to the rules, did her community service, took the grizzly driver improvement courses and viewed the required films and submitted her report on those films to the judge. She was free. The charges were dismissed without further penalty. She got her car back and before she drove it, she hugged me again and said “thank you daddy. thank you for loving me that much! ” We held each other till we were both in tears. And to this day she admits it’s the only time she ever got in serious trouble thru her teens,and she brags about the wisdom and tenacity I showed in her punishment and sticking to my word as she grew up a bit walking and grounded for a while.

    It’s not easy to check their rooms,bags,computers, etc. It’s easier to hand them a card or cash and let them go their merry way. Unfortunately those things are courting disaster for you and your child if you do take that ‘easier’ way out and dodge your responsibilities as a parent. I remember saying to my daughter during that rather dark 100 days when for much of it she barely spoke to me and I missed her company terribly – I said to her “as your father, I have always tried to be worthy and earn your respect. I believe I’ve done so. I would very much like to have your love, too. But I can live without it if I must. But I will not allow you to become some tyrannical little bitch who is disrespectful to me, or to the home and life that I’ve provide you. Whether you love me or not, I am your parent and I will fulfill my duties and obligations to make sure you’re safe – even if that means restricting your freedoms terribly until you can learn to be more responsible. While I’m sorry your mother left us both, I will not let her leaving deprive you of both parents. And my darling daughter, part of being a parent is making sure you are not making decisions that could destroy your life. Even if you forfeit your privacy and other privileges to insure that is the case. Trust and honor are built over years of learning you can trust me and I can trust you. I thought we were much closer to that goal when I wrote the check for your new car at 16, and the insurance, gas,oil, tires, etc., that go along with it. Fortunately I can do such things for you. And I am happy to give you the world. But just as I would not give you access to narcotics, I won’t give you access to a lethal 1 ton projectile with a steering wheel and an engine that can propel it to speeds far in excess of anything safe or reasonable. Not until you can absolutely be trusted to know your own mental state and not drive that car if you’re upset emotionally. That’s almost as bad as driving drunk! And sadly. it is just as dangerous if not more so.

    a few of do try, and with the luck and perhaps the help of the angels above – we even get it right sometimes. Thanks for your brave and honest comments. I hope my memories, and experience can help some other parents to see how INCREDIBLY important it really is for us to “man up” and raise these kids, vs letting their peer groups do so. If they didn[t need parents they would be self-sufficient by the time they were a year or two old like many animals are. God knew what he was doing when he decided it would take two of us to create a child.

  • Ms. Rayey is spot on and to anyone who wants to understand the causes of these tragedies, she has provided an educational primer. Bravo and my sincere thanks to her for her intelligence, honesty, and courage.

  • “Preaching to the converted”, I believe is the term. Unfortunately knowing what the cause of certain problems with the system are, in some quarters also makes them impossible to rectify. In developing even a palatable medicine for the ailment you must first ask, who will take it voluntarily?

  • Great article and a lot of really great responses!
    I agree with what most have said.

    Daisy, keep up the good conversation and dialog.


  • My wife has been teaching in elementary school for thirty plus years and yes many parents have the ” You baby sit my kid for eight hours a day attitude” and do nothing else …. Politicians are trying to divert attention from guns to mental health and it is a combination of many factors….Parental attitude-(absence of it) Mental attitude from all persons-and yes assault style weapons…. But when those politicians and/or the NRA can truly justify why an average citizen should be allowed to own an AR-15 assault style with a thirty round banana clip ( and a trigger mount to possibly make it fully automatic) you have them call me!….When they do justify it I will join the NRA or support the politician….One of the major problems is the “line in sand” for the Gun Control people…..If the line is set now they will want to move it again the next election and the one after that….Never ending story…(Please do not hide behind the second amendment ….Machine guns were made illegal years ago)

  • I worked in the public schools for years before I retired, and I am pretty sure this lady may not have her job after this post–no matter how right she is. The current belief in education now is that if there is a problem with a child in the classroom, it is the teacher’s fault. A drama teacher I knew left her cabinet unlocked, and when a teen stole a camera out of it, the administrators implied that the student must have done it because the teacher didn’t have a good enough relationship with him.

    Teachers are spending more time tracking test results and spending hours on paperwork that don’t really contribute to creating great lessons that engage students. They are also contending with students that have lower reading levels because many of these kids were never read to and didn’t develop the higher-level reading and writing skills you need to succeed at the upper educational levels. Parents (and there is often only one of them in the home) are working long hours to try and make ends meet in a society that feels like it is falling apart, so I get how difficult parenting is and why kids are misbehaving.

    I used to recommend teaching as a career, but I stopped about a decade ago. One of the reasons was school violence, but not because of active shooters. It was because of fights between students. At my at-risk high school, teachers were expected to break up fights. If you got in the middle of one of those, you could be seriously injured, and if you tried to break up a fight and injured a student, be sure that the district would back away from defending you. We had many pregnant students, and it was not uncommon for girls to fight. I knew what would happen if one of those girls got injured and lost her baby.

    The financial “perks” of being a teacher are also slowly going away in many states–being able to retire younger with a decent pension and health insurance plan. The beginning salary in my urban area is still good, but it doesn’t go up much over a twenty-year period, and many teachers can’t afford the district’s health insurance for their family. The costs have gone up too much. Due to future economic difficulties, I can see that many of these defined benefit plans will go away, so it will be much more difficult to save for retirement. Maybe one parent can go into teaching, but the other one needs to do something that makes more money. Sorry… this is the new reality. You may have to fully fund your own retirement, and that isn’t easy to do in today’s economic climate.

    I still care about kids and the problems in my inner-city area, and if you feel called to teach, just make sure you go into it with your eyes open. Don’t just watch “Mr. Holland’s Opus!” Talk to teachers in your area and make sure you read Ruby Payne’s book “Understanding the Framework of Poverty” (Talk to your local reference librarian so you don’t have to buy it.) There are few easy answers.

    However, I am going to say some unpopular things here… To deal with these immediate problems, I WOULD like to see stricter gun control on automatic weapons and also to see schools create entrances that are not easy to enter. Yes, I know it would cost money and kids might feel like they are in prison, but right now, it is too easy for active shooters to just walk in. You need more than just a sign-in sheet in the office! There should be physical barriers that have buzz-through doors, entrance cameras, and policies that discourage students from opening fire doors to let anyone walk in (And yes, students do this all the time so that other students can avoid coming by the front office). We also have to have some way of letting local law enforcement (or whoever) have all of the pieces of the puzzle. I know these views are unpopular, but in my opinion, some of these steps would have stopped several of these shooters.

    In the long run, it IS a cultural problem, and when 3D printers can be used to create small weaponized-drones (and I’m sure that will happen eventually!), there won’t be any way to stop students from flying a drone over the school and dropping a small bomb. What will we do then? Put snipers on the roof?

    Just my thoughts on the situation…

  • Yes mam, you are 100% correct. It is just a shame that so many people have been brain washed by the lying, corrupt main stream media and they can no longer see or admit the real truth. People have been led to believe that they are being cruel if they discipline there children and that teachers should be fireed or put in jail if they even try. Part of this is because of the unreasonable laws we have adopted over the years that were based on a few isolated incidents. Too many people think the answer to everything is to pass a new law. Laws are like taking medication, it may help one thing but it may have many in wanted side affects. There is just no replacement for good old common sense and it has no known side effects. The only problem with it is there is not much of it around any more.

  • talking about high school violence … if you read into the details of the Parkland Shootings – the two teachers that were killed were NOT teaching or coaching at the time – they were working as school security – unarmed and untrained to handle that shooter …

    my condolences to everyone killed – especially those two brave guys – but instead of employing glorified bouncers to handle the everyday knockdown fist brawler crap – how about employing off duty/retired PD officers that are armed and qualified in ALL aspects of security …

  • Agree w/ article and Daniel: parents do not run the home, kids do, free to do anything. This is why so many “kids” ages 30 something still live with parents. Parents are cowardly whimps, afriad to instill discipline and work ethics as children like household chores, etc. When I used to attend patriot meetings I knew some parents like that, that let the kids run the show and boss parents. This was unheard of in my growing up. Home school or find a Christian school that teaches basics not common core. Gov schools are brainwashing centers for socialism. Teachers need to quit and get another job like some have.

  • I absolutely agree with Mrs. Raley. Kids need parents to be parents, not friends. They have to be taught respect for others, personal responsibility, common courtesy, compassion, kindness & tolerance at home. These things are the responsibility of parents. We.ve had a couple of generations of parents as friends & look where we are. These kids don’t have a chance in life without actual parenting in the home. It is the responsibility of teachers to educate but it the responsibility of parents to raise a decent human being.

  • Finally, some common sense. I have seen news guests try to bring up that the heart of the problem Is the moral decline and breakdown of family….no one wants to respond or hear that!

  • I’m sorry but you’re just touching the surface of the problem. You have to study history and economics to really understand how we got here.
    Everybody’s looking to blame somebody for what’s happening in society, when the infrastructure was put in or should I say the poison pill to destroy this country from within. I’m not trying to sound radical or a conspiracy theorist. All you have to do is look at any Third World country, and see what they’re going through -guess where we’re headed? It’s going to get a lot worse until people start learning the truth. I offer the truth right here, after studying for 10 years this is what it comes down to. So don’t say nobody told you how the system really works. Don’t say nobody warned you about what’s coming. Don’t try to deny and blame everybody else, as I remove the mask on what’s really happening on this planet.
    Now you’re probably wondering, what this has to do with gun violence. It’s all connected, you just need to understand the basics. From politics, religion, money – power. Then perhaps we can really solve the problems. If not I’m afraid we’re headed towards Third World status and our great country will be just another desperate society trying to survive.


  • I grew up basically the same as Ms Riley. One difference- we didn’t have guns. I’ve never needed one and don’t care to own one. Never taught my kids to shoot guns and they don’t feel inadequate because they’ve never handled one. And…they don’t live in fear, nor do I.

  • I am a retired Army Officer with 27 years of service. Starting as a pvt and going the gammuit to Major.
    From a member of a 105 artillary unit to end up as a research Microbiologist. I have been a certified rifle and pistol instructor withthe NRA and the US Army, I have taught “Hunter Safty courses to young and old alike. Spent 2 years with the 82nd as an officer and 8+ years commanding a competion rifle squad for the 6th US Army-Reserve team. (did quite well at it too, we qualified in the upper 10% at all matches).
    I have 4 “children”, they would not like being called children, they range from 40 to 54 and have children of their own.
    Yes I have taught them the fine rudiments of firearm handling and safety. They are quite competent as well as fine shots and yes they were brought up in a loving and displined home.

    I agree with what is being said about lack of parental guidance and the “Hollywood” movies and video games. What happened to Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck?
    My wife and I handle firearms as well and are prepared to use them to protect our own.

    P.S. I am a volunteer for the Sheriffs Dept in the Dept of Emergency Services as a HAM radio operator. Likewise I am working with our local Police Department to add to their communication system with short wave units to enable thme to use our many repeaters in the area as well as giving them additional range for Simplex, in case the grid go down. Yes they both know I am a firearms instructor and owner.

  • Kelly Guthrie Raley most certainly is a well-deserved recipient of Teacher of The Year award. I totally agree with this article. I’m 68 years young and have witnessed a whole lot of change over the years. As far as many people seem to think we have come, personally I think we have gone backward. Our leaders are failing us, our unbiased reporters who only report the truth seemed to have disappeared, and obviously, we are failing ourselves. Integrity has been lost. Kelly is a true leader. People listen and spread her words. Please help restore common sense.

    Ever noticed how the bulk of Mainstream Media, whether it be video or text articles, DO NOT have a comment section? Could one surmise that perhaps MSM wants a bunch of media puppets to spread their un-contested propaganda? Consumers of that sort of bias news should really realize that they really DO NOT HAVE A VOICE! In engineering terms that would be considered an open loop equation and open loop equations, for the most part, are unstable.

  • We need more teachers and parents like this. This is how I raised my kids and they are great kids, responsible citizens and wonderful, responsible parents. Their kids are great kids too. They have said many times,” there is a right way, a wrong way, and dad’s way”. I’m so glad I did it my way. Keepup the good work.

  • Maybe we should post some signs on the walls of schools that say, “Don’t Kill.”

    Oh, how could I forget – we used to have those signs, but then government forced schools to take them down. They were called the Ten Commandments (thou shalt not kill), and it seems like there weren’t any school shootings back then when the signs were up. Hmmmmm.

  • Great rant, and I agree. And let us also not forget that for probably a MAJORITY of the kids growing up in a home and developing some form of mental health issue (and it’s a wide continuum!), they are living with adults who ALSO suffer some form of mental health problem. Yes, of course this stuff come from somewhere: it starts (and is most deeply established) at home. But it’s not 100% fair or accurate to then blame parents for conditions that they themselves learned/developed from their own childhood homes.

    Basically, the path to (re)gaining our moral compass and just basic good sense will start with the KIDS today, who (for as many as we can help, and pray for) will grow up to hopefully raise sane, normal, healthy children.

    But, like I said, it’s a wide continuum of inner corruption, and to whatever extent that parents ARE able to bring reality and goodness to their children, it is precisely to that extent that the next generation will have a better shot at a good life in a sane society. And it’s going to take all neurons firing to deal with pollution, corruption, violence, AI and a world designed increasingly for machines and not people.

    Bless everyone…

  • So true. And I have been saying this for years.

    Remember when you & your neighbors would communicate and assist each other?
    Now days how many neighbors communicate these days.

  • gun control ?? How about pharmaceutical control ?? How about making the pharm companies legally liable for their drugs ?? like the automobile companies.

  • I would like to have this lady be our first woman president she call,s just the way it should be now and forever. I was proud to share this in my home and will be the first one to pass this along to every one I know. Great job don’t ever let them put you down.

  • Daisy, great article but there is another side of this that most people don’t see, and that is, who is pushing this? I have a few years under my belt and watched as the Communists took over the Democratic party at the Democratic national convention in the 1960’s when virtual riots broke out. No it wasn’t an immediate take over but it was the genesis of what has become the defacto communist party in America today. We know from the verona papers that the Russians infiltrated the anti-war movement, lead it in many cases and funded it much like we are finding out they are doing today but on a larger scale. (I am not bashing Trump, we have learned they did it to both sides simply to create chaos). If people step back and look at that time frame when communism seemed unstoppable and we had held them in Korea, it makes sense that in the next proxy war they would employ the same propaganda tactic with us as they did at home. That is what was really behind the anti-war movement, they were fighting us with bullets in Vietnam and subverting our people with Marxist tactics at home. Once they politicized the war we were beat.

    At the same time they were training our next generation of Democratic politicians, Hilary and Obama are prime examples, both learned from the best, Saul Alynski. Saul came about because the revolutionary tactics of groups like the Weathermen (their leader is Obama’s friend who got him started) used were getting themselves killed, they were killing cops but getting killed themselves too. Saul taught them how to be effective in subverting the system in less violent ways and he has been very effective. Everyone should;d read “Rules for Radicals”, you will immediately recognize all the tactics being used by the left.

    So how does that relate to the topic at hand? We need to understand that these people whether they know it or not are Marxists and want the U.S. to be Marxist too. Once we understand that, we have to look at what it would take for them to accomplish their goal. It can’t be done by force, that would be suicide, it has to be done clandestinely by subversion. One of Saul’s primary tactics is to break the enemy ( us ) into groups that can be pitted one against the each other, then demonize the enemy and control the narrative, break down authority, parents, religion, our own government ( how many people trust their government today ). The result of all this is it creates a void that is being filled by a philosophy, a dogma or as some people say a humanistic religion that focuses on the group and dehumanizes the individual, makes him or her subservient to the movement.

    On the other side you have every micro group in the world being told they are special but are being persecuted. They are being built into narcissistic time bombs ready to explode at any time. Thank God that is usually not gun fire but you see it every day in the riots and confrontations for every little thing in the book.

    These things are being fostered and funded by people with an agenda, a Marxist agenda.
    People might call me a conspiracy theorist but it is the most visible conspiracy I know of. It is out in the open for everyone to see but it does take some critical thinking and an open mind.

    That is how these killers are being built and who is doing it. It is much later than we think….

  • Notice that she was raised as a military brat. Her parents lived in a rules world and it rubbed off. My kids were raised the same way. Respecting yourself starts with respecting others, they still refer to my friends from my military career as Major, Colonel or General SO and SO and their wife as Mrs SO and SO even though they know it may be Tom, Dick, Harry or Jane. It starts at home folks, to many parents today wish to be their kids FRIEND not their PARENTS. Kids today respect nothing including the POLICE and TEACHERS because of that, not even them selves.

  • Great article. What I don’t get is how some people blame guns for an action when guns are inanimate objects. (For those who attended public schools, look up inanimate on the internet). So if guns kill people, then cars cause drunk driving deaths, spoons cause heart attacks from obesity, and keyboards cause stupidity as exhibited by poor spelling and poor grammar.

    Of course none of those are true INCLUDING the one about guns killing people! Why? Because NONE of those objects, guns, cars, spoons, and keyboards, are capable of acting on their own volition. (Yeah, you public schoolers will have to look that one up too).

    SO show your elected serpent in government that you are smarter than they are by asking them to explain how an inanimate object can act on its own volition. They can’t because it is IMPOSSIBLE!

    CONCLUSION: Guns don’t kill people. PEOPLE kill people, and they have been doing it with all kinds of weapons including rocks since Cain killed Abel.

    P.S.: Governments want gun control so they can control YOU, not the guns! Think about it. Guns are inanimate so they don’t NEED to be controlled, but PEOPLE have free will which means governments FEAR them which is why they want to CONTROL us!

  • WOW, Mrs Raley couldn’t be more right. This great example of a real dedicated teacher should be imported into the mindset of all teachers and parents. She is right, in too many cases the children are running the show at home. Too many parents don’t want to offend their kids by disciplining them and making them into model citizens who show respect to others and think before they act.
    In my opinion Mrs. Raley has more common sense than 98% of the people running this country. After reading this letter I think Mrs. Raley should be teacher of the year for the whole country.
    Thank You

  • You nailed it!
    Human nature is the cause of bad behavior.
    If the right information does not get loaded into the developing human, if no rules for right living and relating to others, if no understanding of relating to authority…is ever learned (taught). Then no concept of right and wrong. No understanding of disciplined living. No fear of God occurs and the individual only acts in self interest.
    Every voice that does not address these basic causes of bad behavior is ignorant of the truth or lying to promote their own agenda.
    We must demand that our leaders, our spokespeople, our clergy, OURSELVES, speak to these real facts and against the harmful, and evil, forces in our culture.

  • 100% TRUE!! Throw out God. Throw out parenting. Throw out rules. You can’t blame the guns or the confused kids.

  • that’s just it, parents are abdicating their responsibility of parenting and not instilling core values in their children; values such as consideration, responsibility and yes, the sanctity of life. it’s not just violent first person shooter video games either. the entire entertainment world is FILLED with violence. does nobody know that by the time a child is done with elementary school they’ll have watched more than 8,000 murders on the telly and in movies? how about by the time they’re 18 they’ve seen over 16,000 murders and over 200,000 acts of violence; from mild to extreme. all of this does nothing but desensitize them from violence and death, which makes them more likely to kill. yet people blame firearms for these deaths? that’s like treating a runny nose and ignoring the flue or allergies that’s causing it! if this keeps up, the future of america is doomed as we know it.

  • I agree with the teacher who wrote the post. However, the problems are deeper than her beliefs. When the government took God and prayer out of public schools, a culture developed. This culture does not know the truth, which is Christ Jesus. As long as Christ Jesus is being pushed aside, mayhem will continue, not just in public schools but in the world.

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  • We agree with this teacher, , we both have about 20 years of teaching experience.
    So check this out, teaching oddities.
    1 With a class of 35 children, half of them do not speak English, the parents do not want them to speak English, the parents want the class taught in their native language!
    2. While volunteer tutoring, one boy has a letter from his parents, “do not discipline our boy, do not ask him to do anything in class hat he does not want to do!
    3. A parent of one child calls us at home and really cusses us out for assigning homework!
    4. In college, 30 students show up for an engineering class. I hand out a syllabus, it defines the amount of homework, quizzes, library research paper, and all of the quizzes, exams etc. Half of the class get up, return the syllabus and tell me that they are not going to do all that work, will take it from a Professor who does not require all of that work.

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