England Experiments with Feeding Bugs to Zimbabwean Children

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How does history look back on the Tuskeegee Syphilis Study? We look back at an example of something that is nothing to be proud of.

How will history look back on a modern-day study of African children being fed insects as an experiment?

That is exactly what is going on today, and more concerning, this has been going on since Valentine’s Day of 2020.

The United Kingdom Research and Innovation department has been backing this research amongst 7-11-year-olds in Zimbabwe for over a year now, feeding those kids a “novel insect protein enriched porridge.”

The name of the study is “Upscaling edible insect-based porridge to improve the health and nutritional status of Primary School children in Zimbabwean low socio-economic communities.”

According to the researchers, this is perfectly acceptable behavior because it’s “culturally acceptable.” 

They state that within rural Zimbabwe, termites and mopane worms are foods that the people have traditionally resorted to during times of drought/poor harvest.


Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

In other words, people here have eaten bugs in the past when they were starving, so it’s perfectly acceptable to feed this to their children today.

I have a hard time following this logic.

Should Uruguayans experiment with cannibalism because some of them had to resort to that in the past when they were starving? The Donner Party here in America did the very same thing. Does that mean we should start to incorporate people food into our diet?

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Why I Am Morally Outraged

For starters, we are talking about people that are stepping up to the plate under the veil of doing a good deed (“We’re feeding the children!”), but then feeding them something as degrading as bugs. Would you be upset if somebody fed your child bugs for dinner? What if they did this for the extent of this study: a full year?

It also makes me furious that this is an experiment being performed on children. We are literally talking about people who are helpless without a grown man and woman to take care of them. And this is what some are willing to do to them? Run an experiment on them not because we have to, but because we’re just curious about what the health effects are of eating bugs long term? Because people want to push an agenda?

The Organic Prepper has already covered some of the negative health effects of eating bugs already. Emily Mangiaracina points out the danger of eating chitins as well for human health; their causing allergies and inflammation in the body.

I like what Emily points out from the study here: “the mechanistic link between insect consumption and health is missing.”

If the researchers were really that interested in figuring out if insect-based foods were detrimental to human health, why don’t they experiment on themselves? Was it because they were afraid that it could potentially harm themselves? Why did people from England have to go all the way to Zimbabwe to find somebody to experiment upon? Is it because child experimentation of this kind wouldn’t ever fly in England? If there is a cultural issue with feeding children bugs in England, why is that?

Just because somebody else has eaten bugs during a time of starvation in the past is giving them bugs now morally justified?

“The benefits of insect powders against malnutrition have been practiced in some regions of the country. Despite the intervention showing observable nutrition changes in children, this claim has not been proven yet.” (SOURCE)

Read that for what it is. People ate bugs so they wouldn’t die, and they lived. Because of this, we are now morally justified to see if a bug diet will cause observable nutrition changes in children.

Cognitive function, height, weight, and micronutrient status are all going to be measured in these kids. And what if we find that there is a negative impact of eating bugs for a year on cognitive function? I suppose this is an acceptable risk?

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And what can we say about finding the poorest of the poor to experiment upon? Are the people of rural Zimbabwe known for being the shining examples of a developed civilization, or is poverty the norm? The answer is poverty. Why didn’t we decide to choose somebody with money to experiment on here? Not only are we feeding people bugs, not only are we feeding children bugs, not only are we running an experiment to see if bugs impact the health of children, but we’re also doing this on poor people.

This is absolutely disgusting.  

If you agree, tell us in the comment section below. Heck, if you disagree, tell us why. Let’s discuss it.

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    • Not exactly, things are normal.
      Uruguayans, for example, about whom the article rhetorically asks: “Should Uruguayans experiment with cannibalism because some of them had to resort to that in the past when they were starving?”. Apparently, they are already used to it, and some of them have included this delicacy in their routine menu:


      Zimbabwe, on the other hand, has an authoritarian regime and also a history with its Communist Party. Recently, this party even supported Russia: “Zimbabwe Communist Party says to the USA, NATO and their allies hands off Russia!” https :// bulawayo24.com/index-id-opinion-sc-columnist-byo-216178.html

      Also, their Communist Party has a strong historical relationship with the Communist Party of Great Britain. https :// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_Rhodesia_Communist_Party
      It’s possible there’s a connection to the bugs.

      It even seems like a threefold connection, and I think that along this line Russian children can learn from Zimbabwean children in order to better change their mentality and prepare for the future that awaits them.


      September 19

      “Manturov called for a change of mentality and to evaluate the meat from the fly larvae

      In the future, consumers will add more and more vegetable raw materials to their diet instead of animal proteins. The state needs to support this direction, and Russians need to change their attitude to alternative meat, Manturov believes

      “Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov believes that the production of alternative products from vegetable protein in Russia needs to be supported, and consumers need to change the “mentality” in relation to these products. The official said this at a session of the Indofood exhibition held in Sochi.

      According to him, Manturov tried vegetable meat twice — he was treated at the Innoprom exhibition. It was about the products of the Efko company, which began the production of vegetable meat back in 2020 (meat is made from vegetable proteins: soy, pea and rice). “Indeed, it is very difficult to distinguish from natural meat — you have to be such a great gourmet to do it. I honestly couldn’t tell the difference,” admitted the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

      The use of vegetable raw materials instead of animal protein is a global trend today, and Russian manufacturers are keeping up with this trend, but consumers are still cautious about such products, Manturov points out. When he was offered an alternative meat at the tasting, he knew about it in advance: “It was a blind tasting, so, as I said, it’s still in the mentality that you eat a substitute, but it’s absolutely identical in taste. Moreover, all these flavorings are natural.”

      The Deputy Prime Minister admitted that he himself is “still adapting” to the proposals of manufacturers regarding the use of vegetable protein as an alternative to animals — for example, larvae. At the Innofood exhibition, such products — burgers with a cutlet, which consists of vegetable proteins with the addition of a concentrate of black lion fly larvae, vegetables and aquafabs (vegetable egg replacement) — were presented by Modern Food Technology.

      “It’s really amazing when the world uses protein from the larva of the black lion, and we, as I said, are keeping up with the times here. Probably, we need to work a little bit with the mentality of all of us present here, and the black lion can “come in”. But we need to try. Although, probably, a person adapts to everything, and to this too,” the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade noted. He also stated that as a consumer he intends to “continue experimenting and consuming vegetable meat in his diet.”

      Manufacturers are showing “good results,” but in addition to growing raw materials for the production of alternative products, the technology of its production, including mechanical engineering, should also be developed, Manturov added. “We must support these areas on the part of the state with preferential loans, R&D benefits (research and development work. — RBC), to provide support jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture and other federal executive authorities in terms of regulation. Because in addition to the mentality, it is also necessary to ensure this from the point of view of regulatory mechanisms,” the official concluded.”

      This is another thing in which Russia is like the rest of the world – especially the Western world – a part of the world (with which, nominally, in the political words of the Russian leadership, Russia is in a fierce battle). If someone wants to go to the site and translate for themselves is the rest of the article.

  • Small wonder. They picked subjects for experimentation who had no defense, political pull, or the money to buy either. And if those children died, well, it was for the Greater Good. After all, they were just poor ignorant blacks whose lives were already worth nothing. Same kind of thing the Nazi doctors in the concentration camps thought when performing those horrific medical experiments on defenseless Jewish children in the early 1940’s.

  • This is wrong on countless levels.Those who are doing this to these children need to hang at the end of a rope. Not all insects are bad to eat,but many insects do irreparable harm and or cause death to humans that consume them.

  • Reprehensible, but not the least bit surprising. Africa, due to the almost continual political upheaval, and continuing poverty has been the testing ground for theories and experiments for decades. This is where they tested many of the birth control injections, under the guise of “helping people” with an uncontrolled birth rate. Never mind traditional or even religious beliefs. Never mind that in some instances women that had the injection were rejected by the tribes/communities, some even having their arms chopped off by a machete. And if there was a problem; like maybe a certain drug causing sterility, the companies didn’t have to worry about huge lawsuits like they would in a developed country.

    Africa, has always been and will continue to be the armpit of the world. Not because of the people, but because the developed countries of the world cannot continue to exploit them, and their resources, if there was ever a stable, well-educated and productive Africa. And as much as I hate to admit it, because it does sound somewhat racist, but generally speaking the rest of the world doesn’t care what happens in Africa, unless it somehow affects our ability to get a new iPhone, or our double soy latte at Starbucks.

  • Mike, Where ya been? I don’t mean to be cruel or rude. While yes this is something interesting & I do not agree with it but it is a cup of water out of an ocean of experimental criminal activity thrust onto the population (i.e. our military, children ALL over the world, etc.) in the last 2.5 years alone. I don’t believe focusing on this topic is of much importance to most. I appreciate your outrage but perhaps investigating into the true origin of bioweapons (yes, the coming next one too) & the criminal activity being done RIGHT NOW in the U.S.(revamped vac schedules that include the clot shot that will kill more, human trafficking, fentanyl) to our own children would better serve us all.

    • We are each called to do our part in resisting evil, this seems to be Mike’s part. I am glad he did it so well.

      Perhaps you are being called to investigate the true origins of bioweapons and the criminal activity regarding covid “vaccines” and fentanyl and human trafficking affecting the children in the US?

      Who knows what good you may be able to do if you focus on that?

  • Why is this so surprising to everyone? The Governments around the world have been running one of the greatest experiments ever to be performed on Humankind? The so called Covid jab! Saw all those people lining up to be one of the first to get it, brainwashed, unbelievable.

    • Nothing that the elitist globalists do should surprise us anymore. However, they should be opposed at every turn. I agree with you about the vaccine and would take it even further. Personally, I believe that the virus was intended to wipe out the social security generation and that the vaccine was designed to do the same to the young, healthy adults. Now we have the genital mutilation crowd sterilizing the younger ones.

  • Entomorphagy is common among numerous and various cultures, usually third world, and has gone on for thousands of years. It’s even referred to in the Bible (John the Baptist lived on locusts and wild honey), and it is not strictly speaking “Famine Food.” I could fill the page and then some with examples. In some cultures certain Insects are considered delicacies, as creepy as that sounds. Shrimp, Lobster and Crab all belong to the same family of Arthropods, and are regularly consumed in developed nations. A large number of the insects that are consumed, are typically in their Larval forms (before chitin develops), or are removed from their chitin to consume.
    So though we here in the West may find it distasteful or disgusting, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are right.
    My questions, which I could not discern from the article, is were these children made aware that they were eating insect protein prior to it being served? Were their parents and/or guardians made aware and did they give consent? The answers to those questions are where the real ethical dilemma is, because if they weren’t informed nor gave consent, then this was an egregious violation of ethics.

    Just playing the Devil’s Advocate here, personally, I find the idea of eating insects abhorrent, but I also recognize that some cultures don’t find it abhorrent, and have thrived in doing so. My nutty ancestors thought a sheep stomach, filled with organ meats and barley was a delicacy.

    • Agree with you Bemused Berserker well said!
      Eating bugs in some parts of the world is an age old cultural thing that someone in the “civilised world” may not fully comprehend.. ask the French why they eat escargots?

      Mopani worms and fried termites are a delicacy in Africa. Where one should draw the line is when they mass farm some other critters just for the cheap protein value and feed it to humans – fly farming (maggots) for instance is huge business for alternative animal feed protein source..

      I assume they will feed the Zim kids powdered “mopani worms” under this guise to see what happens and stop profuse resistance to such trials by calling it something culturally acceptable..

    • I get it. I have a taste for Haggis, Blood pudding, and Tripe. (really) Which would cause most Americans to gag. LOL.

  • My guess is that they chose those kids to perform their experiment on because they got grant money to pay for it while giving themselves nice salaries as well.

  • The world is overpopulated. There is not enough food for everyone. I read Maybe One by Bill McKibben and Collapse by Jared Diamond, with very moving, fully documented accounts demonstrating this. At this time, because of drought, heat, the war in Ukraine, financial chaos, world wide inflation, and shortages, there is much less food being produced than normal. So the question becomes whether it’s better to sustain life eating insects, which I also think is disgusting, or starve to death. Most people would choose insects over death. I’m not sure if I would. Several months ago, there was famine in east Africa, and the countries involved asked the UN for food assistance. The UN said that it did not have money to buy and send food to them. We need to think about how we’re going to cope with severe scarcity of many products. Mc Kibbin said that genetically modified plants to increase harvests had reached its limits. Attempts to create corn plants which could produce more ears per plant were falling over from the weight. First World countries can’t export our surpluses when we don’t have enough for ourselves.

  • During the 60’s, I grew up around Navajo and Apache kids. We all ate crickets, grasshoppers, grubs, and Jackrabbits as snacks and for lunch when we were wandering about. Also ate varied beetles and grubs from frier bins in a few Asian countries, while shopping. And I also occassionally eat grubs I find while working my garden site. But yes, I also understand the mental block of most people when it comes to bugs. It’s more social conditioning than anything of true substance. Once you get past that, it’s just food.

  • This is nothing new. Experimenting on the hopeless, weakest, the poor and the young or aged.The powerfull have always stepped on the backs of the poor, and it saddens and outrages me greatly. I too have wondered when will we see food supplements derived from humanbeings. Can anyone say Soilent Green, or I’m I just too old.

    • It won’t be long. You’re not too old. The young just don’t see it, yet. But if the evil isn’t stopped, everyone will see it.

      My husband and I have been talking about the old stories like Soylent Green, Brave New World, 1984, etc. He wanted me to read a C.S. Lewis book called That Hideous Strength, written in 1945 (pre-dating even Orwell’s 1984) and I just couldn’t. It was so dark and descriptive of what’s going on currently that it was just too creepy for me.

      Billy Graham was right. America should’ve repented. Instead we let inmates run the asylum.

  • Your morality doesn’t fill a child’s belly. I get where they are coming from. Marines in the military are taught to eat bugs if they are going hungry when their MREs run out. they know that bugs are full of protein. It’s sad that here in the US we still throw out so much and yet people in other countries are going hungry or are dependent on fermented sorghum seed that even my chickens won’t eat unless it is absolutely necessary.

  • And this is why we prep and learn how to grow our own food. If they will do this to Zimbabwean children, how long until they find it acceptable to feed this to us? A lot of countries now have insect protein farms and have approved it for human consumption. Makes you want to read the list of ingredients in processed foods a lot closer now doesn’t it.

  • I didn’t know the comments were being moderated. That’s a good thing, because the Honourable Daisy will be able to test her honesty.;):)

    (I know very well about the long-standing crimes of the Ukrainian puppet mafia power, Azov and so on. It is a pity that all their actions over the years, plus what is currently happening in Ukraine, are at the expense of innocent Ukrainian citizens. But that doesn’t change the facts, which are unbiased and apply no matter who they relate to – the United States, Russia, Ukraine or anyone else. He who does evil is doing evil; if two do the same evil, both are evil. Isn’t that right?:))

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