As the EU Refuses More Migrants, Thousands TRAPPED in the Balkans Are Overwhelming the System

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Editor’s Note: There are numerous reports that an influx of migrants is overwhelming the already-fragile system in the Balkans. You may think this is not pertinent if you don’t live in Europe. But just like the collapse of Venezuela, the Balkan War, and the collapse of Greece, there are patterns of behavior to which attention should be paid.

Here’s a quick video with a glimpse at the situation occurring right now in Bihac, a city of about 61,000 people in the northwestern corner of Bosnia.

Some have gone so far as to call it a humanitarian crisis, and others have said the number of migrants is increasing rapidly. Although the official number is around 4000 migrants, it’s estimated that the real number may be as many as 30-50,000. When I asked Selco if they outnumbered Bosnians, he replied, “Not yet. But in some parts, there are more capable immigrants then capable locals.” This crisis has caused havoc across the region, yet many locals are unaware of the depth of the issue. (Boy, does that sound familiar. Cognitive dissonance, it seems, is not an American problem.) I asked Selco to share with us what he has witnessed. Here’s what he has to say. ~ Daisy


Of course, there’s the money behind the immigration crisis in the Balkans

The interesting thing ( fascinating thing actually) is that the common citizen here in the Balkans finds out more about the immigrant problem here in our region when reading the world news than the local news. You may not know unless you are out in the field every night, seeing all that.

There are several reasons for that, and the most important one is the fact that local governments are taking money from the EU do “deal” with immigrants HERE. In other words, the EU does not want immigrants, so they are giving local governments outside the EU money to deal with the situation and to keep those folks here.

Of course, the money ends up in the pockets of a few powerful people at the top of the pyramid, definitely not in the system that should take care of immigrants.

So there is not too much news in local media about problems with the immigrants. The ruling structures do not want too much info about how heated the situation is.

And the situation is complicated and getting more complicated.

Everybody has an opinion, but there are two major opinions. One says “we should help people in need” and the other that basically says “f..k them, they need to go where they came from.”

I have my own opinion about it, but here is the truth: nobody cares about my opinion.

Just like nobody cares about your own opinion on this subject.

I strongly believe that events are set in motion, events that are way above our influence, driven by some powerful forces, and that the opinions of common people are irrelevant unless they discuss how to prepare for it and what to do.

Who are these immigrants?

So, who are they?

Several times, I helped people among them, sometimes with food, sometimes with other things… as times go by, and as I emerge myself into discovering more, my wish to help fades away. It does not disappear, but it fades.

So let me put it like this.

The majority of them are young folks, men in their 20s, in pretty good shape, with experience in violence, knowledge about weapons, and experience (quite a number of them) in different armed groups and conflicts from wherever they came from. There is a pretty high percentage of drug abuse among them. When they have absolutely and completely different views on how man (and woman) should live, how society around them should look… you get the idea that we all may end up deep in troubles.

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And what about the system?

The system was barely functional even before these waves of immigrants, so you can only imagine what tens of thousands are doing to it.

Here is an interesting fact: Most of the crime that immigrants commit is actually violence between themselves, and it is usually violence that is made with knives.

The reason is probably that there are many different people among them, actually many different groups and nationalities, so they are simply fighting between themselves over what group is going to be in charge.

Guess where they are gonna turn to look when they finish that?

And yes, among them there are people and families with kids who just run away hoping for a better life, who willing to adapt differently, to “blend” in, to integrate and assimilate in a new and better society. They want to live a normal life.

I am sad to say that I think they are the minority.

The majority of them want to change MY world to their vision, not adapt their vision to ours.

The capability of the migrants

You have men who are traveling for months without proper food or resources, men with fighting experience, men with survival experience… you can get a clue as to how capable they are.

They are capable, no matter what we may say because they look poor and dirty. Trust me, they are real survivalists capable of a lot of stuff. (I wrote more about the kind of stuff people can be capable of when they’re desperate in my book.)

The problem is if that capability one day may be turned against me or you. How capable you are?

Those folks sleep here in abandoned houses or simply camping in city parks. You are probably saying “Why does nobody arrest them?” Well, if you have 10,000 of them in an area that has 800 police officers, it is clearly a matter of waiting for what is going to be.

What about the future?

The problem here is very simple. We are neighbors to the EU- where those folks want to get in. Of course, the EU has closed its borders, so those people are simply amassing here in this region that is already very politically fragile. So the future will be probably very interesting: nobody can send them back because there are too many of them, and no country wants them.

A general feeling among locals is still kinda confusing. As you know we have been through a terrible civil war so people here still have fresh memories about wars, refugees, and suffering. I think because of that most of us are pretty friendly if not neutral about them.

But here is the thing and it may be politically incorrect but it is the truth, so bear with it: they are DIFFERENT.

And I do not think here about the color of their skin, or their religion or their nationality. I think about their views on how the world should look.

I do not like that world.

That is gonna start real problems.

And the EU (Europe)

People here have a saying that “Europe (EU) is an old lying wh*re” and lot people find this whole thing is actually backfiring on Europe because of many reasons.

Eventually, it is going to be a matter of numbers, just like many times in history, wave after wave, and they will forcefully come to the EU in numbers that will spark big things. And then it is going to be interesting to see how things going to unfold. Like that old Chinese curse says, “May you live in interesting times.”

We are witnessing events that are changing history and the world.

About Selco:

Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution. He is currently accepting students for his next physical course here.

In his online works, he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today.

He never stopped learning about survival and preparedness since the war. Regardless of what happens, chances are you will never experience extreme situations as Selco did. But you have the chance to learn from him and how he faced death for months.

Real survival is not romantic or idealistic. It is brutal, hard and unfair. Let Selco take you into that world.

Editor’s Note: More details about where the migrants are stying

Many migrants are staying in shelters or local parks if the shelters are filled.

Others are renting rooms from local residents. Currently, the police are searching private homes because locals are illegally renting rooms to migrants.


The Bihac police continued its search of private houses owned by the owners, the search action and the transfer of migrants from the city to the Vucjak area. In today’s search, several facilities have found close to a hundred migrants and refugees. Migrants stayed in private homes where the accommodation paid 10 euros per day per person, and criminal charges would be brought against the owner for illegal renting. The action, according to the Bihac police, started yesterday, and will continue in the coming days, and appealed to citizens to stop this practice. (source)



Selco survived the Balkan war of the 90s in a city under siege, without electricity, running water, or food distribution. In his online works, he gives an inside view of the reality of survival under the harshest conditions. He reviews what works and what doesn’t, tells you the hard lessons he learned, and shares how he prepares today. He never stopped learning about survival and preparedness since the war. Regardless what happens, chances are you will never experience extreme situations as Selco did. But you have the chance to learn from him and how he faced death for months. Read more of Selco's articles here. Buy his PDF books here. Take advantage of a deep and profound insight into his knowledge by signing up for his unrivaled online course. Real survival is not romantic or idealistic. It is brutal, hard and unfair. Let Selco take you into that world.

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  • “US leads 25,000 troops in drills to protect Europe from Russia in Black Sea” SO WHAT?! What is the point of spending TRILLION$ to fight Russia and China when our treasonous MISleaders are flooding us with raping pillaging Invaders and refusing to fire a shot to defend the borders?! Remember Osama Bin Laden directing his followers to “Attack America’s ECONOMY” Here they are INSIDE the Gates and openly following his plan. Enemies Foreign AND DOMESTIC.

    It is government’s PRIMARY DUTY to kill raping, pillaging, murdering, invaders at the BORDER.
    Then to HANG any traitor who opened the City Gates to them ……..
    As for these “sanctuary” priests, politicians & judges …..It should be LAW that if your family member is killed by an ILLEGAL you get to execute the Judas Iscariots that gave the ILLEGAL “sanctuary”. Since they claim these “immigrants” are so peaceful they should WELCOME such a law as PROOF of their tolerance.

  • I lived and worked in Kosovo from 2000-2002 as a UN Civilian Police Officer, under contract from a US State Dept program to support rebuilding the criminal justice system in Kosovo. The organized criminal activity and political corruption was rampant. Often times the only thing that brought the two major ethnicity (Serb and Albanian) together was money! Still, some lived perfectly well together. The article is spot on about young men with lots of experience in fighting, weapons and criminal activity. My biggest concern is that these globalists, organized criminal organizations and our politicians are making billions trafficking people and it is being used to reshape American (and European) culture and the voting base.

    • If only kosovo or some other country ruled by the demon cult would take their fellow cultists in, this would not be an issue. Since no countries ruled by the demon cult are willing to accept their fellow cultists, I propose to you that these demon cultists aren’t refugees but warriors for the demon cult.

  • Very interesting article. I would be curious to know where they are coming from and, if the EU allowed them to, where they are trying to get to. This could be some telling data.

  • “Capable” means “fighting aged males” which we are drug over the coals for saying in my profession. The cries of “think of the children” are meant to drown out the issue that comes with this group.
    I do like the way this was put especially to the preparedness community because he is correct they are more capable than many in the community. This just enhances the need to be in shape, be skilled and be trained. You can’t buy your way out of that preppers because no amount of supplies will stop it. If your a shape and not in shape all you are is a logistics supply chain for the bad guys.

  • I believe it is several acting with a common goal. It’s not something that would matter nor something I could do anything about anyway. We all know the names of numerous organizations already that undermine our way of life, threaten our way of life and stand for everything that will cause destruction and we are completely unable to do anything about it even in our backyards.
    All I can do at my level is protect mine in preparation by training, storing, skillsets and group building by identifying the threats and acting or reacting accordingly.

  • It should be quite obvious your leaders are committing TREASON on you. It’s not immigration anymore, but an invasion. Done without firing a shot.

    This will get dangerous when the SHTF. As these lawless people will now go crazy on you and overwhelm police (if they are still around).

    Your Army will be gone (fighting the communist) or stretched to control and protect their own homes here. The ‘elite will finally get what they want.

    A fooled population, disarmed, invaded, overwhelmed and finally DESTROYED. Yes, they have mental illness and you are being ruled by them. Historians will find this utterly Hillaryous and will dissect to find out how people could be so STUPID?

    • What? OMG. Are you saying that we should now remove the word “theory” from its shameful word partner, “conspiracy”? Is it possible that some are beginning to realize that all this shifting and shuffling is not about some hapless politicians making humanitarian errors in judgment?

      It’s the French Drop Coin Trick. Distractions are in play. Keep prepping on and stay circumspect.

  • Before there was the Internet I stumbled across that news magazines, ie. Time Magazine, had a domestic and an international edition with different articles. If you wanted to understand how the world saw the U.S. you read their newspapers as they paid close attention to what was happening here. The ‘Dublin Times’ was fair minded.
    After 911 other countries were sympathetic to what had happened. But with constant wars they are now withdrawing away from the U.S.. “Fortress Europe” may not just be a phase, at least for Eastern Europe.
    One reason is the ‘blowback’ of breaking nation-states and the spillage it creates, immigrants and fourth generational warfare. As economics shifts to the East, Europe is in a precarious geographic position. Alot of their gas comes from Russia for example. Pragmatically, America’s most die-hard allies could turn on a dime if need be.
    Most likely just as the immigrants have no intention of leaving their host country, neither will they be leaving the houses they are renting from. They have already cased out the house and the surrounding neighborhood. Organizing into gangs would be the next step.

    It took seventeen centuries to push foreign countries out of Europe. It took the Seige of Vienna, and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire after WWI to do this. Then the need for oil and infusing vast amounts of dollars into their region, revived them. Plus Europe did the same thing we did and imported cheap labor. Kinda like salt-water intrusion in coastal areas, for every one gallon of fresh water taken from the ground it is replaced by a gallon of salt water. It then takes nine or more gallons of fresh water to push out the salt water. O.k., not exactly a clear parallel but the point is … it’s not going to be easy pushing out the immigrants. Depending how embedded they get, it could take more than a generation?

    It’s written once a country doesn’t have the will to fight it is over. (A rule of thumb is most empires last about two hundred fifty years before being overpopulated with snowflakes.)
    It almost wants to make one say something flippant like if one of the routes the immigrants are coming north thru is Serbia then let the Serbians do what they do best. But that’s idiot talk from a couch potatoe and it ain’t gonna happen.

    • What is the immigrant’s weapon of choice?
      Out breeding their host’s negative birth rate.

      And yes. Serbians are best at making a decent AK and female basketball players.
      ( Although, when they cant their heads and look at you with their dominant eye … .)

  • An interesting quote:
    “The most successful sorts of invasions, after all, were relatively peaceable ones. First the invader gained a foothold. Then it settled in as a neighbor, intending no harm. Then it began to work at destabilizing the established powers. And finally, it eliminated them, one by one.”
    Terry Brookd – The Stiehl Assassin

    • And an army that is stateless.

      State-less – a person who is without a country.

      Why and what happened to their country?

      We destroyed it.
      First Iraq, then a string of countries along the northern coast of Africa and elsewhere.

      And what replaced it?
      A vacuum.
      A breeding ground for Fourth Generational Warfare.

      And being “stateless” means there are no borders for these ‘armies’ as we, still fighting an obsolete way of warfare, would recognize them.
      These armies have no uniforms or Abrams tanks.

      But they can migrant.

      If you’re interested William S. Lind’s website explains it. He also has a series of weekly articles, in a book form now, ‘War Journals’ 2003-2009′, on how it happened.
      For example, after the fall of Baghdad, Iraq, one of the first things we did was to send home the local police force who knew the area and the people. Great. We didn’t have a clue about their culture or how things were run and we just fired the people who did. On top of that, this person we send home has no job and a family to feed. But he does have skills.

      We just created our own enemy. Or, we just shot ourselves in the foot.
      This is the defination of FUBAR.

      Along with Selco’s book Lind’s would be good to read.

  • Btw

    Writing of FUBAR,
    You know it’s too late to grab your B.O.B. when there are smurfs are at your front door (if it’s past your mailbox).
    History has a way of using the same game plan.

    From above,
    “Not So Free, An interesting quote:
    “The most successful sorts of invasions, after all, were relatively peaceable ones. First the invader gained a foothold. Then it settled in as a neighbor, intending no harm. Then it began to work at destabilizing the established powers. And finally, it eliminated them, one by one.”

    Sounds more like British merchants in Northern Ireland. Or any merchants in the world for that matter.
    We could have learned from the British army during Iraq. When patrolling the streets there they weren’t as heavily armed and made a point to talk to the locals. In Belfast they took their casualties and prevailed. While they were tied-down there we did most of the fighting in Iraq.

    Lesson: Same as in investing with other people’s money, use other people’s armies.

    From above,
    Namelus “Easy to rule the stupid and divided.”

    Kinda applies to both sides of the fence.

    • … so there is no misunderstanding, “Kinda applies to both sides of the fence.” definitely applies to me, not the writer.

      Last pearl-of-wisdom,

      Since a trapped person is dangerous … perhaps it would be cheaper in the long run to give them a one-way ticket to San Francisco, CA. care of some snowflake’s home so they house and feed them.
      (Off season cruise ships would be cheaper and they have free around the clock buffets.)
      But since as I understand it, Bosna is a mixed culture it would be hard to reach a consensus and funds are diverted to build a fence …


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