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  • Well I have the 2 meter, annd multi band transceivers, plus CB’s, along with the “police scanners”. and crank receivers. But I have elected not to get any FCC license. The reason for this is that when the SHTF, the FCC will be in shambles. Plus it gives the FCC your address, just in case they decide to confiscate your equipment. I do test mt transceivers every week or two at random times, for no longer than 30 seconds. That way they don’t have time to triangulate my location. When the SHTF, Big Brother will have more important things to do, rather than looking for a 150 watt transmitter. I have practiced taking the internet exams, and pass them about 90% of the time. Is my logic of not getting licence logical?

    • It seems to me that you are only focused on a small set of SHTF scenarios. Take a look at Puerto Rico – the FCC is still in play there but all their comms infrastructure was destroyed. In the confiscation situation you mentioned there would be plenty of other signs of tightening restrictions and a mass confiscation can’t happen quickly.

    • Henry…I strongly encourage you to get the tech license, that allows you to legally use your kit now, before an event, because you WILL NOT automagically know how, where, what, when and why to do certain things unless you do it now. It is folly to think that you can simply buy kit, keep on shelf, and then turn it on and know what to do in a stressful setting. go here for more info on comms: https://brushbeater.wordpress.com/the-foundation-squaring-away-communications-basics/

      to your point about being licensed and the FCC then having info, so what, pure paranoia….

  • Understand your thinking, and at one time I was doing the same, the issue is, unless you are participating/ joining groups / chat session (AKA NETS) and becoming known by your prepping peers, when the SHTF does hit the fan, no one will be talking to you, (Don’t know you don’t trust you) fellow Preppers will most likely think your a bottom feeder out to exploit their resources. also, by getting out there, you make contacts and can form mutual aid groups.
    with big brither scouring the internet, and solcial media (as well as all your surfing habits) registered as a Ham radio operator is minimal(Technician), they do not know if you have a $35 Baofeng, 2 meter radio. or a $4K “lord o mighty worldwide setup”. key thing is work contacts get trusted, join MAGS’s just my 2 cents

  • I have serious reservations about what information will be available in a SHTF event.
    Take any significant event we have had in the past: 911, Boston Marathon Bombing (recall the Charlie Fox of CNN reporting on that one?), Orlando shooting, etc.
    They are thin on the facts, apply massive spin, pundits, talking heads.
    Now imagine all the disinformation, misinformation, conspiracy theories that will be floating around on the airwaves.
    Be more inclined to talk to my neighbors, face to face, and enact our own emergency plan.
    In our area, hand helds are only going to be useful in a few places, too many hills, trees etc.
    The local church has a bell that still works to notify all those in hearing rang of an emergency. Those little orange emergency whistles can be heard from a ways off. Give three long blasts with a pause in between each, then the next person does the same, and so on, notification of an emergency could go faster than trying to find a high point on a hill.
    Or, two shots in the air.
    Besides, all that equipment is dependent on having a power source. No power source, no workie.
    They are nice to have, but alway assume worst case and plan accordingly.

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