Dr. Mercola Got Debanked and It’s Happened to Others, Too.

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Remember the “Disinformation Dirty Dozen,” the group identified as responsible for 65% of anti-vaccine content on internet platforms?  Their number one offender, Dr. Joseph Mercola, just got debanked. He was informed that Chase was closing all of his business and investment accounts, along with the personal accounts of his CEO, CFO, and their spouses and children.

This is pretty major, to have debanked not only the offender but also his employees and their children.  How bad is this guy?  What did he do to warrant such extreme action?

Who is Dr. Mercola?

Dr. Mercola grew up in the Chicago area and attended school to become an osteopathic physician. He is licensed to prescribe medicine and perform surgeries in all 50 states. He became interested in natural health after watching the integration of improved nutrition and exercise improve his patients’ outcomes.

Aside from treating patients, Dr. Mercola also began selling nutritional supplements and writing books, two of which have been New York Times bestsellers.  He ran his various businesses in the Chicago area until about ten years ago when he moved to Florida.  

Dr. Mercola has had his share of controversies over the years, like claiming that tanning beds prevent skin cancer. In spite of this, millions of people read his website and follow him on whatever social media platforms will allow him.  Even if you don’t agree with all his claims, he still posts a variety of fascinating medical studies that make for interesting reading.

He has been a longstanding critic of the conventional vaccine regimen, so it was no surprise that he came out against the Covid jabs. As other prominent voices were being shut down and deplatformed, in 2021, Mercola decided to only post his articles for 48 hours at a time.

What many followers like myself do, sign up for his email list here, look over the daily articles for what seems interesting, and then download pdfs of anything promising.  You can also check out his book, a USA TodayWall Street Journal, and Publishers Weekly National Bestseller, The Truth About Covid 19. The paperback is less than $5 at the time this article was published.

Dr. Mercola is unusual in that he is willing to engage in discussions with people presenting different information.  For example, he has been a big promoter of the ketogenic diet for a long time but has run multiple articles in the past six months with another nutritionist who argues against long-term ketogenic diets.  The discussions are interesting, informative, and respectful.  He offers the public what so many people desperately want and need, the opportunity to listen to experts present varying points. 

Because of Dr. Mercola’s large clientele base and internet presence, he has been able to get his messages about natural health, and increasingly, about the irregularities in the Covid response, to many millions of people.  And this is the only reason he can think of that explains the closure of his bank accounts.

He is not the only one who has been debanked.

As Dr. Mercola explains in his interview with GBNews he received no warning and no explanation from Chase as to the closure of his and his employees’ bank accounts. Now, GBNews is a British station, and they’ve been willing to interview Dr. Mercola when American stations haven’t, because they’ve been covering the debanking of British politicians.

In June, Nigel Farage, one of the major politicians behind Brexit, announced that his bank of over 40 years had closed his accounts.  When he contacted other banks, nine others refused to bank with him as well. After Farage publicly complained about being debanked, many thousands of people came forward with their stories, claiming they had been debanked, too.  

Other debanked British figures include podcasters Konstantin Kisin and Frances Foster, writer Toby Young, and Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt. Many politicians involved with Brexit, the rebranded Brexit Reform Party, and the Reclaim Party have also not been able to obtain bank accounts, making it incredibly difficult for those particular political movements to function.

At first, the British bank, Coutts, claimed that Farage’s account was not “commercially viable,” and within the first few days of Farage going public with his complaints, this was how the BBC tried to spin the situation.

However, Farage is well known enough it quickly became obvious that this was a complete lie. He had plenty of money in his accounts.  And it soon became obvious, as well, that he had been targeted for his political beliefs.  NatWest (Coutts’ parent company) Chief Executive Alison Rose and Coutts CEO Peter Flavel both resigned this week, as Farage’s claims became substantiated.

Farage has been able to make so much noise about being debanked that British politicians, even Rishi Sunak, his political opponent, have criticized the actions taken by banks against Farage. Going forward, British banks will have to provide reasons to customers who lose their accounts. It seems that, for now, British bank customers might get a reprieve from this particular social engineering technique.

Nigel Farage is a Donald Trump supporter; the two men have a great deal in common.  They are often criticized for believing in controlled immigration.  They’re a thorn in the side of global establishment figures because both men ran on platforms promoting national sovereignty.  

Donald Trump has also been debanked.  After the Jan. 6 protests, many banks severed ties with Trump. In March, PNC Bank closed the business accounts of Donald Trump Jr. relating to his news curation app, MxM News. However, this barely made news in the U.S.; a few conservative outlets reported on it, but none of the major legacy outlets did.  

What happens when people get debanked here?

Financially targeting conservative voices has been going on more than we realize, for longer than we realize.  There were a variety of reasons that the Tea Party went away, but the IRS targeting them for additional scrutiny certainly did not help. JP Morgan Chase has been accused of debanking conservatives since 2019. Given the scant attention this has received, I don’t think we can hope for the kind of public outrage Nigel Farage was able to channel to change things in Britain.  

Britain has its share of problems.  But Farage can still be treated like a human being by politicians on the other side of the aisle.  In the U.S., that’s becoming increasingly difficult.  Since 2016, there has been a widespread assumption that Trump and his supporters are so dangerous that no tactic is too outrageous when it comes to opposing them.  

The definition of “dangerous speech” in the U.S. is far too broad.

Dangerous speech has gone from shouting “fire” in a crowded theater to having a different opinion on medical treatments, and that’s the issue with Dr. Mercola.  He’s not even a political figure, just a medical dissenter.  The language the mainstream media has used against him, particularly in the last three years, has been ridiculous. 

A 2021 MSNBC segment outright accused him of killing thousands of people because he questioned the efficacy of masks and vaccines and recommended vitamin D supplements.   The Center for Countering Digital Hate named him one of the Disinformation Dozen due to his views being part of the “dangers of the anti-vax industry.”

With Dr. Mercola being labeled not just as wrong but as dangerous, his opponents are absolved of any moral obligation to engage in real debate with him.  His opponents are able to see themselves on the moral high ground in an ethical battle with a dangerous man.

Though, as Dr. Mercola himself pointed out, it’s somewhat ridiculous for Chase to imagine it can claim any kind of moral high ground when they happily did business with Jeffrey Epstein until shortly before his death.  In what kind of alternate reality is trafficking organic supplements more morally egregious than trafficking underage girls?    

Daisy’s written a lot lately about FedNow and the framework in place for CBDCs If you’re wondering what life might look after CBDCs are implemented, we may be getting a taste of it.  We’re watching a dissenter from mainstream orthodoxy get punished in a fashion that will be a lot more streamlined once CBDCs are in place.

What are your thoughts?

While it’s hard to be very optimistic about this subject, there are still steps you can take to avoid getting debanked.  There are a host of reasons to have multiple bank accounts. I’ve had more than one bank account long before I knew anything about CBDCs.  If you’re used to only having one, now might be the time to spread things out a little. Getting some of your savings into precious metals may also be wise.

And it’s important to keep talking about CBDCs and their potential uses.  Most people I know are still blissfully unaware of what’s going on in the financial system.  They pay attention to their 401ks, and that’s about it.  But the more aware people are about the efforts to centralize control, the less likely they are to simply go along with whatever comes next.  

What do you think about Dr. Mercola and his employees and families being debanked? Are you concerned this may become more widespread? Is this the next way that unpopular views will be silenced and their espousers “canceled?”  What are your thoughts on ways to combat this? Would you continue doing business with Chase Bank after this?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

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A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

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Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

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  • While that more than likely did hurt Dr. Mercola for a time, it is a wake up call for all depositors of that bank to dump their accounts and move them to credit unions. That type of run, while not hurting the bank all that much, it will scare the heck out of them as do most Bank-runs. AND, if you do accomplish a bank run it will be a lesson just like Bud-Lite had to endure. IE: If you try and fuque us over we will in kind destroy your business by taking our business somewhere else ! DUH !!

    • Agree with moving money into a credit union….in general, my experience has been that they are aggressive about investing in the local community….often far lower loan rates, and better support for small businesses.

      • Credit unions are non-profits that work for their members (customers), not shareholders or government bureaucrats. That alone should make them the preferred financial institutions.

        Also, the CU insurance fund, unlike the FDIC, is solvent.

  • Most likely closed due to violating banking regulations. If he’s been transacting with embargoed countries, the bank is not going to do business with him. If’s been laundering money, adios. And to be frank, some people are just poison to a business.

    • you think like them.. coming up with excuses to promote this evil. who embargoed these countries, who is laundering money, and poisonous is only our governments worldwide..

    • Chase is not squeaky clean by any stretch of the imagination…..do some research on the $309 Million they had to refund to more than 2 Million consumers for illegal credit card practices…..and the $166 Million in charges for illegal debt collection practices…..even small business owners who have received SBA loans have had their accounts closed for no reason…..and their fraud department….well, I’ll save that for another time.

      • We had Chase car loans way back in the early 90s (Bank One bank I think?) & credit cards. I kept getting fraud alerts & people using it across the country (like 4x), it got to be such a pain to reorder new cards I realized it was a garbage bank & we cancelled our accounts.

        When we were paying off debt heavily years back, we listened to Suze Orman & Dave Ramsey to get into credit unions since they were smaller & less foreign owned. Been with CUs ever since. Never regretted.

  • Last week my mother and I were at Costco. A women demonstrating a product there stated she use to be a fraud investigator for a bank, but lost her job when Covid hit. My mother stated she was reading a lot of articles about banks and her bank was chase. The women told my mother to move her money to a credit union because they were more secure and worked under a different set of rules. To date my mother did not take her advice. At 85, my mother hates changes.

    • I told a friend over a year ago to leave Chase, she went to a cr. union opened an account, buy still left some money in Chase.

  • My Christian faith warns me about a time when a Mark of the Beast will be required to buy or sell.
    I think that time is coming soon and what we are seeing now is a foretaste of it.

    What to do about a system that wants to destroy you?

    Spit yourself out of the system as much as you can.
    Get physically and mentally and spiritually healthy.
    Get out of debt.
    Raise as much food as you can.
    Stockpile goods to barter.
    Gain skills you can use to barter.
    Consider “junk silver” coins and small gold wedding rings for bartering. Check out the author known as Ferfal for suggestions.
    Have off-grid ways to purify water and cook and heat.
    Learn to forage food.
    Have camping gear and a way to transport it, like a wagon or garden cart, because you may have to be on the move if you are de-banked and cannot pay the rent or buy gas for your car.
    Learn self defense.
    Try to find alternate places to stay, like with friends or relatives.

    Nomads have survived for centuries, today’s homeless people survive.
    It won’t be comfortable or pretty, but you can survive too.

    • Won’t work to be nomands /homeless for seniors he is 81 (bad back, ht cond.) I am 78 having bouts of hip bursitus. We need a basic home atmosphere. We have downsized afew yrs back sold the house now in a retirement community. People here dumb as a stack of bricks, I don’t talk much to anyone as I can tell by casual encounters they are in apostate 501c3 churches (social clubs) and don’t know much about Biblical end times. Have few friends likeminded,don’t need shallow ones.

  • Don’t bank at large mega banks who could care less about you. Bank only at small, independently owned banks. They WANT your business, and their balance sheets are usually healthier than the big banks.

    • ^^^ This…..when you join a credit union, you are a member (as in, owner) and get to influence or vote on how they run things……and they do want your business, that’s a fact.

  • Diversify… Multiple banks, multiple currencies and multiple countries. Gold and silver and start transacting in Bitcoin, crypto currency transactions cannot be censored…

  • Why would anyone want to use Chase, Wells Fargo or Bank America as all three have had scandals about security issues and people’s accounts being “messed up”, etc. This country has been in a steady decline since Clinton era and picking up speed as Biden the puppet of the WEF (as other country’s leaders also) pushing for UN agenda 2030 and extreme environmental controls on cars, appliances and generators forcing people to buy things that are less efficient. We need men in leadership with spines to stand up in the communties and resist this agenda which would lower everyone’s standard of living and cause mass unemployment worse than recent lockdowns instead massive layoffs. Soon censoring and climate lockdowns unless more people wake up and become informed. Younger generations (Z and Millenials) will go along with anything and don’t care who rules what as they have been indoctrinated in public schools to comply to anything. It would be their parents and older (gen.X and boomers) to inform others.

  • I find it odd that so many of his family and employees bank at Chase. There are hundreds of banks. Why would they have concentrated so many of their assets into one bank?

    • Indeed…surely there must be some local credit unions or regional banks that would be eager for his business…..

  • I’m only surprised that it took so long for that to happen but yes it’s completely wrong. This should be no different than any other form of discrimination. Like many others, Dr. Mercola is a target because his protocols don’t include big pharma and he’s not helping them profit. His covid protocol along with the “controversial prescriptions” from our functional MD saved my husbands life when he had Covid pneumonia and literally didn’t think he’d survive. The hospital ER sent him home to only return if his oxygen dropped to dangerous levels, basically the point of no return for many. Offered no help of any kind.

    • Cold, flu season ahead this fall likely new strains of covid. I don’t take shots. Also read Mercola articles. I take zinc, D, kelp and multi’s have lots veg and fr. lean meats, shop early in the day and stay out of crowds like on weekends@ shopping centers. A Dr. I know socially told me to stock saline nasal spray, tylenol, and Flonase nasal spray (covid, colds, flu) saline kills viruses in nasal passages. solution of hydrogen per. in water (go online) mouth wash. I was exposed several times to covid sitting at a table w/ others last Jan. who called next day they tested pos. Neither hubby or I came down w/ it.

    • Yes. HE is Truth. His Word is Truth. And you cannot change what is foretold in the Book of Revelation. We are living in the last days… those days that are known as “The Beginning of the Birth Pangs”. Look up… for your redemption is drawing nearer and nearer each day that passes.

  • Beware! Banks are “government” controlled and our current “government” hates conservatives and people who don’t follow their lead.
    In other words, they are fine with banks cutting off peopke’s ability to have a bank account.
    Credit Unions do operate under different rules. Not sure if they might be forced to follow what the banks are doing or not.
    As the old Chinese saying goes, May you always live in interesting times.

  • Credit Unions are no different.
    In 2005, the credit union gave our entire account to the IRS that wiped us out, even though we told the credit union that the IRS had no authority.
    Proof – and $10,000 offered for any factual corrections:

  • Chase, as a private business, can choose to do business with and associate with whom they wish. Apparently, they choose to not associate with a quack. Their call, it’s still a free country after all.

    • If they can silence Dr. Mercola (which is what they all agreed to do up there) they can silence you and me, your son, or your daughter, etc. You should be careful what you wish for.

    • Let them refuse to do business with anyone for being black or Hispanic or Asian or disabled. You will then squeal like an impaled porcine, hypocrite.

  • I greatly respected Chase. They gave me my first credit card when nobody did that for me. They were a very generous company but this changed all that. I already quit Amex because of their “woke” policies. I will have to do this with Chase too. Sorry…..

    I have some admiration for Dr. Mercola even though I, myself, am banned at his site but he was one of the first to warn about Fosomax which I warned my mother’s doctor I was not going to give it to her. Her doctor was aghast when I told him what Dr. Mercola found out. He didn’t believe it.

    Later, people started breaking their bones from taking it. It affirmed, in me, from that day on that there are people out there that are telling you the truth and I became a follower of Dr. Mercola to this day. I’m just sad he decided to ban me and they got him anyway. As far as I know I did not violate any of his comment policies. I, like him, just told the truth. We live in strange times…..

  • That’s what happens when we lose our 1st Amendment Rights.
    Now, we’re going to have to fight like Hell to regain them, and we might lose that battle.
    A Despot was installed into office, in case you haven’t figured that out yet.
    Our 2nd Amendment is on the chopping block as well, as Biden is looking to sign an EO establishing Universal Background Checks and a Federal Gun Registry. If he does it, then it’s time to remove the Biden/Harris Administration from Office by Armed Force. Otherwise, Confiscation will shortly follow.

    • Good points Bemused…..EO’s are not law, but typically treated as if they are. A Constitutional Sheriff and Governor can help fight back against this – depending on where you live…..and your Attorney General for that matter.

  • Great point about how the de-banking (and de-platforming) gives the other side a pass on debating the truth. It allows them to simply take their ball and go home. As for Dr Mercola—I’ve followed him for over twenty years. His information on tanning beds wasn’t as stated—far from it—his information was real science and has been discussed over several years. Very helpful actually. And now many of us pay for a monthly subscription to read his articles on Substack, where they’re always available.

  • First, do not do business with any big bank. They are not interested in nor do they care about you. The number one goal is making money-any way that they can. Secondly, the “woke” policies being incorporated from HR departments are about making them more money and getting government business. No matter how hard you have worked for that $50,000 in savings-the bank views it as THEIR money. Get to a credit union. They are not perfect, but at least you are considered an owner.

  • To be honest, I was rather surprised Mercola banked at such a terrible bank. I thought ‘Duhhhh’. I’ve disliked Chase for over 30 years & I’m not as smart as he is.

    I view this as eye opening to whether the bank wants all of his money (much like a business that behaves stupidly, I will go elsewhere).

    It’s wrong but like in a restaurant if the staff & owner are rude, insult you & steal from you why would you do business with them? Thank them for showing their true colors & invest your money somewhere else. Maybe I’m missing something. 😉

  • Conneticut and certain states banned parents religous rights of first amend. to exempt their kids from shots, ( religious exemptions for vaccines for school), most people don’t know their rights otherwise they would stand up for them Same during covid when employers forced adults or be fired. Where are honest lawyers to take a stand for this issue in the courts.?

  • Here is one bank worth looking into, but there are many. I apparently signed up to receive email from them: AmericasChristianCU.com

    Also, from one of Daisy’s previous posts, I’ve learned that when looking for a small bank to join, you must ask them if they’ve adopted Fed Now. If they have, they’ll be the first to adopt cbcd’s. Find a bank that hasn’t and preferably won’t ever join Fed Now. Also don’t forget that when you ask you’re letting them know what customers want. Just asking encourages the behavior you seek. Ask away!


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