Who Would Have Guessed Demolition Man Would Be the Most Prophetic Movie of the 90s?

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Do you remember back in the 90s when we’d watch movies about self-driving cars and bizarre totalitarian futures and we’d laugh and laugh because it all seemed so far-fetched? After all, we lived in the United States of America.

One might expect that the most accurate predictions of the future would be in a serious documentary or an academic work.

Instead, Demolition Man, an action-adventure movie starring Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, and Sandra Bullock turned out to be right on the money. In the movie, a cop and a criminal from the 90s were punished by being frozen. When they were reawakened in 2032, they were baffled by a pacifist society in which crime, mean words, and physical contact are all but eliminated.

Gee – sound familiar?

I had totally forgotten about this movie until I watched the review of it on the Duff and Dale show. Enjoy this video – the guys make some very salient observations about details I’d forgotten that are eerie in retrospect – then check out the movie again.

While we’ve talked about survival movies with important lessons, this movie is a little more entertaining, just in time for Friday night.

The well-read viewer may also notice that the movie contains some references to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and H. G. Well’s The Sleeper Awakes.

What do you think?

Do you remember this movie? How do you feel rewatching it now in the days of Covid restrictions and social distancing? What other movies ended up being far more prophetic than we ever imagined? Let’s talk about movies in the comments.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

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  • Pssst the covid “restrictions” are wearing off. We’ve been doing forever in my state and it looks like most sports, churches and other activities have had enough.
    Pretty sure I saw a politician hop a crowded flight, fly to a crowded beach for loads of fun then come back early in light of “harsh words”.

    It’s up to y’all to quit being pacifist and live YOUR life.

  • Those who have eyes to see, saw the basic direction TPTB were headed a long long time ago. These visionaries were warning us in their own way and in their own version of what they “saw” coming.

    The problem is that we all laughed at it as ” far fetched”. Yet it was not that far fetched. So we did not end up with a “1984” society, just close to that and moving closer every day. We have not yet reached a ” Demolition man”, utopian type society, but we are moving in that direction with the liberal censorship of your speech and all the other virtue signaling things going on.

    What many of us fail to see, is that we are in a war, a culture war.
    It is that very thing, that we should consider when Prepping.
    Natural disasters, Economic ones, Wars and Pandemics come and go, but these people and ideas from Leftist culture will remain throughout them. Some of it may go dormant for a time, but it will resurface as soon as things start to settle down.
    So we better start planning to deal with them, because they will still exist come SHTF.

    • Mic, from what I can tell TPTB have parasitized the Democratic Party. They aren’t ‘leftists’; they are dictatorial fascist oligarchs who have found clever ways to turn ordinary people against each other. ‘The Left’ is just the brand name they’ve taken. As long as we are full of hate, despising and attacking each other, they get a free pass and they are laughing.

  • I do remember this movie and how ridiculous some of the stuff seemed back then ( but so much now). That said, another thing is that if this movie was ever to be remade these days, there’s no way you could have a white guy playing the protagonist (and a cop as well) and a black guy playing the antagonist. That in itself would be considered a racist casting decision considering the dystopian race and gender (or lack thereof for the latter) quotas western society is laboring under today.

    Also see some of the Time Machine in the future as well – a bunch of dumbed down pacified sheep people representing the left wing of society and their feeble minded followers representing the major part of society. The real dangers won’t come from cannibalistic underground humanoids, but when those dangers come, people will simply be too stupid to properly respond.

  • I LOVE that movie, it is (and has always been) great. Note that the Underground is indominable and eternal, and of course far smarter than TPTB on the surface…
    When Dennis Leary “wants a burger” near the ending and he doesn’t care what anybody thinks – the viewer is relieved, like oh thank goodness! Normalcy will not be so easily destroyed… fingers crossed LoL.

  • There is some pretty symbolic predictive programming at the end of the 1983 movie Trading places regarding 9/11. At the train station,the taxi outside WTO and the clock on the wall of the trading room floor

  • “Idiocracy”, made in 2006 as a farcical comedy, has become more of a prophesy ….
    a must-see play by play of present day life. Highly recommend!

  • I’m surprised you don’t know about Predictive Programming. Even A.C. Clark said in interviews, all he did was make non-public, gov’t restricted technology into stories, but by serving the gov’t and the oligarchs that owned it, by herding the population into a future the oligarchs wanted thru fiction (by suspension of disbelief) created a situation where the “shock” of the dystopia was minimized and once it happens in real life, the push back just doesn’t happen.

    Think 1984. Not shocking we are living in something even worse, because the blows were already experienced in fiction: Predictive Programming.

    You think wearing masks that say on the box it doesn’t protect you from the vector the gov’t forces you to use to conduct business happened without Predictive Programming? It’s part of Total Spectrum Supremacy, which ensures you don’t fight back, they care not why you don’t fight back.

  • I remember that movie being a tacobell commercial.
    thinking on it I remember more, last watched it over 20 years ago.

  • Maybe it’s me but I’m going through a phase of optimism. I mean, short-term I’m pessimistic (we’ll go through some serious s*#tstorm in the near future for sure), but long-term I’m optimistic.

    Things certainly look bad now, but the ruling elites, the politics. the IMFs and WEFs, the globalists are just recent versions of the kings, the church, the dictators, and so on, of the past 2020 years.

    These people and institutions always tried to enslave and control society. From time to time they achieve that to some level. But then they f*ck it up themselves because that’s what we humans do. They’re “us” with more buttons to push and more microphones to speak out.

    It’s a cycle. Everything that was at some point supposedly enslave us ended up freeing us at a later stage. Radio, electricity, engines, TV, computers, internet. We’re just frightened and insecure now because a lot is up in the air and there’s new stuff coming up, new technologies, paradigm shifts, changes. We fear what we don’t understand.

    Things change but people don’t, we’re essentially the same since the beginning of times. We’re not evil nor good, we’re just a weird, weird bunch really.

  • I’m just glad that Taco Bell isn’t fine dinning yet. Also because of the toilet paper hoarding we haven’t resorted to the 3 shells yet.

  • We’re living Idiocracy. I’d wager that Hunger Games is the blueprint, with District 13 being Red-state America.

  • Check out “They Live”, starring pro wrestler Roddy Piper as a drifter somewhere in southern California, who discovers that society is run by alien elites who have enslaved humanity with the full cooperation of privileged human traitors.
    My favorite line: “I’ve come to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I’m all out of gum”.????

  • Best one – Ultraviolet. Kinda cheesy but the concept is right now. The Medical Establishment rules and if you’re ‘unhealthy’ you get segregated and disappeared.

  • Hospital group in WA state just announced even though the Emperor finally dropped health care mandates, they are still requiring masks on site. Glad we moved to ID!

  • I was a kid when i first watched this movie, back there i wouldn’t think about such things, but when i turned 13 and started to understand the true meaning of (malice), i began to see those movies from another point of view.
    I am 30 now and not a single sh1t that happens to me nowadays, impress me, what comes from the people that control the masses we can and should expect anything.
    The best we can do is live in peace with our closest ones, and stay away from that circle of madness the best we can. And when i say the closest ones i say the ones you can trust and that are not contaminated by the system.
    English ain’t my main language, im not even live or come from USA, just so you know this crap is global, some places are more advanced in agenda others are slower, but sooner or later will consume everything. The internet was awesome technology, still is pretty cool, but since the time that the governments and oligarchs put their hands on it, it will only serve for them to advance even faster, all their crap is old news, but look how much they advanced in the last decade or so. The Korona test was funny to watch, now that they know the majority of current human cattle will do what they say without question, i doubt that anything will hold them from do worse.

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