Biden Just Signed “The Declaration of North America.” One North American Country?

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On January 10 of this year, Biden met with Trudeau and the president of Mexico at the 10th North American “Leaders” Summit. While there, Biden signed the Declaration of North America. Here is what was inside it.

This is verbatim text, as found at Our comments are below each segment in bold and italics.

Today, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President Joseph R. Biden, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met in Mexico City for the 10th North American Leaders’ Summit (NALS). The leaders are determined to fortify our region’s security, prosperity, sustainability and inclusiveness through commitments across six pillars: 1) diversity, equity, and inclusion; 2) climate change and the environment; 3) competitiveness; 4) migration and development; 5) health; and 6) regional security.

Right off the bat, you know that this document means trouble. Every American is fully aware of the woke concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion and how that plays out in their daily lives – discrimination against them. Climate change is being used to push through global tyranny. This sets the stage for what is to follow.

North America shares a unique history and culture that emphasizes innovation, equitable development, and mutually beneficial trade to create inclusive economic opportunities for the benefit of our people. We are not just neighbors and partners. Our people share bonds of family and friendship and value – above all else – freedom, justice, human rights, equality, and democracy. This is the North American DNA.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is foundational to the strength, vibrancy, and resilience of our countries. We focus on providing marginalized communities opportunities for their full, equal, and meaningful participation in our democracies and economies. To advance these objectives, President López Obrador, President Biden, and Prime Minister Trudeau reiterated their joint commitment to protect civil rights, promote racial justice, expand protections for LGBTQI+ individuals and deliver more equitable outcomes to all.

Providing “marginalized communities” with anything means that your money as an American taxpayer is going to be stolen from you and given to them. This is Robin Hood idealism. It doesn’t matter if a thief steals what you have to give to somebody else. It’s still theft. We are already seeing what their idea of “meaningful” participation in our democracies (should read: “republic”) is. It typically involves children.

When we talk about “expanded protections,” what rights are currently denied to these people? Absolutely none. This simply means there is going to be more legislation coming down the line that will make it a “hate” crime, or something of the sort, to object to kids at schools having pornographic homework.

And as far as promoting “racial justice” goes, there are still piles of ashes left over from 2020 when businesses were burned to the ground in the name of “racial justice.”

In partnership with Indigenous Peoples, we will promote innovative and sustainable solutions that honor traditional knowledge, foster Indigenous-led growth and drive job creation. We will continue our cooperation to build societies where Indigenous women and girls can live, learn, and lead without fear through the Trilateral Working Group on Violence Against Indigenous Women and Girls. Indigenous women from all three countries will convene in the coming weeks to facilitate discussions about priorities and best practices including in areas of political, economic, and social development. The three countries also reaffirm our commitment to gender equality and empowerment of women and girls, in all their diversity by aiming to improve financial and political support for women’s and girl’s rights.

What is meant by “traditional knowledge?” It can’t mean herbal medicine. We just arrested some poor Amish man not too long ago for that. We’ll all be living without electricity here soon, so maybe that will be the “traditional knowledge” we get to honor?

How are we going to foster “Indigenous-led growth”? Does that mean taxpayers are going to have their money stolen from them and given to someone else? Is racism going to be institutionalized further, where if you’re “Indigenous” you can have the job solely because of your skin color?

The last sentence of this paragraph is the institutionalism of militant feminism within the government and the belief in the fake notion of “toxic masculinity.” 

Climate Change and Environment

Mexico, the United States, and Canada recognize the critical nature of taking rapid and coordinated measures to tackle the climate crisis and respond to its consequences. This includes achieving our respective 2030 nationally determined contributions under the Paris Agreement, and working together and with other countries to keep a 1.5-degree C temperature limit within reach. To promote buy-in for ambitious cuts to emissions, we will come together to align approaches on estimating the social cost of greenhouse gas emissions.

Keep in mind that their idea of responding to the consequences of the so-called “climate crisis” is to rob you of your car, home, job, and career. They’ve done this to the farmers in the Netherlands already. Then they started shooting when the farmers protested. “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.”

Is this the social cost of greenhouse gas emissions? Happy families and a healthy economy?

We will continue to implement and build on commitments from the 2021 North American Leaders’ Summit on climate mitigation, adaptation, and resilience, while renewing our focus on reducing methane emissions from all sources, with a new focus on waste methane. We will explore standards to develop hydrogen as a regional source of clean energy. We will move swiftly to accelerate the energy transition by deploying clean energy solutions, increasing the production and adoption of zero-emission vehicles in North America and transitioning to cleaner fuels. In partnership with Indigenous Peoples, we reiterate our pledge to protect biodiversity, to work toward ending deforestation, and doing our part to conserve 30 percent of the world’s land and waters by 2030.

“Emissions from all sources.” If you’re a farmer or involved in manufacturing, they are coming for you.

“We will move swiftly” – I suggest we just call this a Great Leap Forward.

“Increasing the production and adoption of zero-emission vehicles” – No more cars. Because as they’ve said, “owning a car is immoral.” They all flew to Davos aboard their private jets with their prostitutes to discuss this, but you don’t have the right to own a car. Remember that California pushed through this type of legislation then told people not to plug their car into the grid to charge. That is what they want to do to you.

“In partnership with Indigenous peoples” – I’m confused as to why we need to partner with these people to “protect biodiversity.” Are they professionals at this? Or is it just because of skin color once more?

“30% of the world’s lands and waters by 2030” – We are talking about the chance that 30% of the USA – land that has been in your family for generations – being robbed from you. This is Agenda 21.


We seek to deepen our regional capacity to attract high quality investment, spur innovation, and strengthen the resilience of our economies, recognizing the benefits brought by the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. To boost regional competitiveness, the three countries will seek to forge stronger regional supply chains, as well as promote targeted investment, in key industries of the future such as semiconductors and electric vehicle batteries, which will be critical to advance electric vehicle development and infrastructure. We will convene public-private dialogues and map out supply chains to address common challenges and opportunities.

To “attract high-quality investment” is literally impossible given the above conditions. Racism will be further institutionalized, you won’t be able to drive a car, you won’t be able to farm, your job will be shackled by unlawful climate orders, free speech will die completely, and yet we’re told it will attract high quality investment. I don’t think so. Look what totalitarianism did to the economy in 2020. We still haven’t recovered. What makes one think this time would be different?

Aren’t “electric vehicle batteries” bad for the environment? Knowing this, can we then argue that putting the USA into electric vehicles is truly about climate with any shred of logic? Or is the curtain pulled back to reveal the ugly truth? That this, too, will ultimately be recognized, and then you’ll be left with no car.

Critical minerals are an essential component to accelerating North America’s clean energy transition. Each country will review and map out existing and potential reserves of critical mineral resources in the region, while taking care of the environment, respecting local communities, and adhering to high ethical standards.

“Respecting local communities” – if we really were going to respect local communities, all of what you see about migration below would be removed from this document. Respecting human rights is a part of respecting communities. You can’t respect anybody when you don’t permit them freedom to speak (only you get to say what you want), rob them of their money, rob them of their jobs, and rob them of their country.

To support innovation, job creation, and workforce development, the three governments commit to working with the private sector, civil society, labor and academia across North America to foster high-tech entrepreneurship, promote small and medium-sized enterprises, and strengthen technical education. We will also consider trilateral approaches to promote sustainable, inclusive jobs and develop the workforce to meet our climate commitments.

“Inclusive jobs” – aka, hire this person or else. Keep in mind that this will apply to everyone. If you own a business or are a member of a congregation, this will make it so that if you don’t hire that person – either because they are unqualified or because you have concerns about their working with your children – then you will go to jail.

Migration and Development

Today marks the six-month anniversary of the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection, a bold new framework for regional responsibility-sharing that 21 leaders endorsed on the margins of the Ninth Summit of the Americas. The three countries of North America each made ambitious commitments under the Los Angeles Declaration, including working together to advance labor mobility in North America, particularly regarding regular pathways, and have been delivering on these commitments.

“Regional responsibility sharing” is another term for global governance. Why do I, as an American, have any responsibility for Mexico or Canada? Imagine your neighbor three houses down the road coming up and telling you that he needs a new addition added to his house, and it’s your responsibility to pay for it.

Since June, Mexico, the United States and Canada have collectively welcomed the record numbers of migrants and refugees from the Western Hemisphere under new and expanded labor and humanitarian programs. Today, we affirm our joint commitment to safe, orderly, and humane migration under the Los Angeles Declaration and other relevant multilateral frameworks. This includes assisting host communities and promoting migrant and refugee integration; providing protection to refugees, asylum seekers, and vulnerable migrants; strengthening asylum capacity in the region; expanding and promoting regular pathways for migration and protection; addressing the root causes and impacts of irregular migration and forced displacement; and collaborating to counter xenophobia and discrimination against migrants and refugees.

These migrants were shipped here overseas at night, illegally. They were not “welcomed.” They were brought with a military purpose in mind.

“Assisting host communities” – You, the taxpayer, will pay for this.

“Promoting migrant and refugee integration” – This sounds suspiciously like Agenda 21’s statements that you could have people dumped into your neighborhood that you don’t want there and you will pay for it. Keep in mind that it was Ireland that recently floated the idea of bringing “refugees” into their country and forcing Irish people to let them stay in their homes. Wasn’t forced quarter part of the Declaration of Independence?

“Expanding and promoting regular pathways” – There will be no border and hence, no America.

“Countering xenophobia” – Free speech will be fought against.

Now more than ever, we need to identify and address the root causes of irregular migration and forced displacement. Mexico, the United States, and Canada commit to supporting countries across the Western Hemisphere to create the conditions to improve quality of life, especially in marginalized communities that are vulnerable to both forced internal and regional migration and displacement. To that end, we will continue to work together and with our respective private sectors to promote responsible business practices, implement obligations under the USMCA and international labor conventions, and cooperate to eradicate the use of forced and child labor in our supply chains.

“The root causes of irregular migration”


Trilateral health cooperation will focus on launching an updated North American Plan for Animal and Pandemic Influenza (NAPAPI) to improve prevention, preparedness, agility, and to provide rapid response to health emergencies in North America. The North American Health Security Working Group will develop and launch a new, revised NAPAPI as a flexible, scalable, and cross-sectoral platform to strengthen regional prevention, preparedness and response to a broader range of health security threats that include influenza and beyond. As we emerge from the acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, we also recognize that resilient health systems, including a strong health workforce, are the foundation upon which effective pandemic preparedness and response will be built. We will continue efforts to build stronger and more resilient health systems that meet the broad range of health needs in our countries.

At face value, building stronger and more resilient health systems doesn’t sound like a bad thing. But remember what these people mean when they say this. Lockdowns, denial of healthcare to unjabbed, forced masking, artificial intelligence, tracking apps, and the like.

Regional Security

Mexico, the United States, and Canada will focus on strategies to bolster our shared continental security against domestic, regional, and global threats, including cyber threats. Security cooperation will continue to abide by our common understanding that respect for human rights and the rule of law contribute to a more secure North America. Our security cooperation includes actions to disrupt criminal actors and associated crimes across our shared borders, including money laundering, child sexual exploitation, firearms and human trafficking. We also are taking a consistent approach to the collection, use, processing, retention, and protection of Passenger Name Record (PNR) data to strengthen our shared security perimeter and the safety of our citizens, including advocating for the global adoption of standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization on PNR data.

“Respect for human rights” – It’s laughable that this phrase is even included here.

“Firearms” – keep in mind that both Russia and China are funding efforts to change public perceptions about firearms within the United States of America. They want to take your guns.

“The global adoption of standards and recommended practices” – this is veiled speech. This is global governance and as we saw with Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, “recommended practices” are anything but.

We will continue our North American Drug Dialogue and further advance our cooperative international efforts to address the growing global synthetic drug threat as the United States takes the chair in 2023. We will enhance trilateral work to address the use of precursor chemicals in the production of illegal substances in North America and to disrupt drug trafficking, as well as strengthen public health approaches to prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery.

Addressing the drug threat in America would require a strong southern border. That’s at odds with preceding parts of this “declaration” – wording specifically chosen because a “treaty” requires the Senate to vote on it.

As both natural and human-induced hazards and disasters increase risks to vulnerable populations, we will continue to work together to share training and best practices to keep our people safe and address emergencies including natural and other disasters. Recognizing the differentiated impact disasters have on women and girls, we aim to integrate a gender perspective in these efforts.

“Human-induced hazards?” – What could those be?

Looking forward

The commitments made during this summit are rooted in a shared vision for a more equitable, just, inclusive, resilient, secure, and prosperous North America and a shared responsibility to achieve more equitable outcomes responsive to the needs and aspirations of our citizens. As we work to implement these commitments in the upcoming year, we seek to model a democratic and sustainable path based on trust to promote inclusive prosperity and security. Mexico, the United States, and Canada look forward to building on this progress at the eleventh NALS (NALS XI), to be hosted by Canada.

Does anything about this sound more “just” to you? Was our national sovereignty just signed away? What do you think about this “declaration?” How do you believe we’ll be affected? Tell us what you’re thinking in the comments section.

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Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson is an avid fisherman who likes to spend time sailing on his boat and reading while at sea.

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  • This type of wishful thinking by elites isn’t new. This tripe has been peddled for decades. At one time they were going to introduce the Amero a North American dollar like the Euro. They talked about all these highways for shipping that would freely move about the continent without customs. blah blah blah…

    • You are quite right Concerned Citizen. The Trilateral Commission was started many decades ago and they have been steadily working towards this. How many decades now have we had NAFTA? That is all part of this same scheme of global government. The borders are already open, this just tells us why. The globalists already control Canada and Mexico and the US is about to crumble.

      • David, don’t forget about GATT (Global Accord Trade Treaty) that was enacted the same year as NAFTA. Both treaties redistributed production, supply chains, wealth (standard of living), and control away from the manufacturing powerhouse that was the United States.

  • This is deeply concerning, and it illustrates the the Globalists are accelerating their agenda. It’s also in direct violation of the United State’s Constitution.
    Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., or as I nicknamed him, “McSniffy Shitz-His-Pants” is a National Security Threat worse than his boss Obummer.
    The President can sign this “Declaration,” but like all Treaties, it must be ratified by Congress to be enacted. Enacting the Declaration without Congressional approval fits the definition a High Crime.
    This Demented, Evil Man needs removed from Office ASAP.
    US Citizens needs to reject this agreement forthwith. It was done without our consent and without our approval.

    • Agreed, He can’t sign any ol’ treaty willy-nilly. No way it can be binding as is. This is a nail in Biden’s coffin. He’s been duped by his own.

  • There has been a change in definition by our politicians! Just like “women.” “American” has been redefined to mean anyone from the Western hemisphere! When a politician says “American” in his mind it is not an United States Citizen!

  • This is the regionalization version of the transpacificpartnership. Note that the push to globalism was done to allow them to potentially fall back on new formed REGIONS but that can’t be done until the existing national boundaries are destroyed by war.

    Theres an old book from the 1930s or so from colonel house called “philip dru; administrator”… it explains all the current shenanigans and shows that these things were an aim for a 100 years or more already.

    It means they HAVE to have this war. It will be pushed till it happens so they can reface the national boundaries and do away with America as the hammer, so they can get a new hammer that has less humanity to use against humanity.

    Hopefully Americans win out. Every other nations leaders, even the current American ones are criminals. But the people don’t all follow their leaders examples.

    • The U.S. is being dismantled right now. Arent there any who feel this government needs to be stopped?
      Its over for the US if the people dont start the emergency response NOW. the fake war in the ukraine is the drill to destroy the US. canada could be saved if we werent so patient. This is the end of the old world as we knew it

  • In any mixture of ingredients, they will all go into the mix and become diluted to give the mix the best depth of flavor. With humans, it is essentially designing our societies to fall to the lowest common denominator.

    Americas indeed.
    There is a reason that Central and South America are third-world hell holes, and then there is Justin TrueDope’s Canada, which he has turned into a tyrannical dictatorship. And Biden believes this is the best choice for America. NOT IN MY BOOK

    We must fight against this with everything we have if we are to save America from those Socialist DemonRats !!! And we do mean with bullets !!!

    • Understand that each of these pirates is playing out his ROLE. WE are not getting our country back. It’s been hijacked. Our founding fathers and Jesus warned us. Two hundred years of sneaking around us, while we shopped.
      They are ALL in on this.
      Agenda 21. Read it.

  • This declaration affects residents of Canada, USA, and Mexico.

    Regarding borders:

    Do you fantasise that other folks’ opinions backed by up to lethal acts regarding who you may permit on your property extends to property that you do not own?

    Do you fantasise that other folks’ opinions backed by up to lethal acts regarding with whom you may or may not associate extends to folks with whom you do not associate?

    Do you favor barring folks from Mexico, or Canada, or anywhere else just because they started life in those geopolitical regions?

    I am not an american. I am a real resident on real land. I regard any enactments by any government folks that claim authority and power over me as a threat to my circle and to me.

    I have more to write about this issue later on.

    • 1. No, but just because I don’t own the property doesn’t mean that the laws of the land don’t apply. We are a nation of laws, not people.
      2. No, everyone has the right to their own opinions, but as a nation of laws, not the right to engage in violence because of them.
      3. No, people have a right to legally immigrate. As a nation of laws we reserve the right to control the flow and where immigrants originate.

      All of the above is based in reality.

      • Concerned Citizen-

        Who do you mean we, kemo sabe?

        I am not a nation. I guess you are prolly a human. Daisy is a person, not a nation. Jarhead is a person, not a nation. Jeff is a person, not a nation.
        A “nation” is a label that people apply to a collection of people.
        Statuary laws are peoples’ opinions backed by up to lethal acts.
        A “nation of laws, not people” is a label applied to opinions that people inflict on people though up to lethal force. This discussion is all about people.

        So a “nation of laws, not people” includes the following two examples:
        Up to 1868, claimed ownership of human beings was lawful in the US.
        Up to 1976 marital rape was legal in all 50 states in the US.

        There is no nation, there is just real land on which real folks really reside.

        Jeff comments on “the drug threat in America”. The drug threat in America is a direct result of folks inflicting their opinions regarding other folks’ behavior. The results of inflicting those opinions have always been to provide opportunities for some folks to harm other folks for the fun of it.

        • You don’t strike me as one of the sharper tools in the shed. You claim you’re not an American. If not, who cares what you think, you have no vested interest past or present of The United States. Your condescension and name dropping demonstrates the weakness of your position. If there is no nation, how do you explain the people who gave their lives to throw off British tyranny? If there are no nations then why do so many from around the world illegally immigrate here? Interestingly enough, you site two situations that laws corrected, but you don’t seem to recognize that civilized society requires laws, not to harm folks for the fun of it, but to protect the people who otherwise would be harmed with no recourse for transgressions against them. Name the civilization or nation historically that has given the world as much genuine innovative opportunity as America. What facilitated that atmosphere? It wasn’t anarchy or feudalism. It wasn’t communism. I’ll wait…

          • What facilitated that atmosphere was sound money and a small limited government that recognized the Sovereignty of the People.

            What has killed that atmosphere is fake PRIVATE “money” and the big obtrusive government of FRAUD it allows its issuers to create.

            The bankers stole not only the money, but in so doing also stole the Sovereignty of the People. Last time that was an issue was 1776. And it will once again lead to a war between those who want to be free and the governments that refuse to allow it.

        • I’m sorry for the tool shed comment. That was out of bounds. I have to remember that I might actually have something to learn from you, but right now I’m just not getting the message I think you are trying to convey.

          • I like you Concerned Citizen. You have effectively argued against Fake Name’s points with a favorable outcome regarding the original statement. I DID see some of their points but not enough to negate your opinion/statement of facts. Laws are necessary to protect the lambs from the lions. We can’t all be lions. Some people simply want to live (Fake Name) and not rule. Don’t sweat the petty things. Fake Name doesn’t. History has shown many injustices but America has done the best by far to remedy them. I love America warts and all.

          • I suspect what he is trying to convey is that the people and the government (nation) are two separate and distinct things. He is one of the sovereign People and claims the rights inherent in that. He believes he is not a “subject” of the government, and in the Laws of the united States and the United States he is absolutely right.

            You claim both of you are REQUIRED TO BE SUBJECTS of the government, and that government is sovereign over the People. You believe that you have some requirement to submit to slavery, and based on that false belief you think he has the same REQUIREMENT to enslave himself so you can be equal.

            In other words, he claims the freedom and personal Sovereignty the Law and government exists to protect. You deny your own freedom and personal Sovereignty, while also denying he has a right to enjoy his.

            There are two states of existence. You can be free and Sovereign over yourself, or you can be the subject (slave) of an outside force claiming sovereignty OVER YOU. They are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE states, and you can’t be both.

            The free sovereign man can not make rules for you OR your sovereign. You nor your sovereign can make rules for him. Neither has power over the other unless one trespasses on the others rights.

            The Law does not exist to control the People or establish/limit their rights. It’s only legitimate purpose is to protect those rights the people already have, both for the groups of People AND AS INDIVIDUALS.

            The legitimate “powers” of government and law begin when the rights or property of one of the sovereign People is violated, and they end when justice is done for that violation.

            You should seek a better understanding of the world around you. Nothing is sillier than someone fighting to prove their slavery to a nonexistent corporation is freedom, while denying all other men the right to be free on their own terms.

            • If you are correct in your assessment of what Fake Name was saying, then we are of the same living and thinking. With that being said, if I understand as long as neither of us infringes on each others freedoms, we’re good.

          • all good, Concerned Citizen…..I just might be a hammer, so don’t have to be sharp.

            if you define an American as somebody born to US citizens in the US, I might be an American. I define me as a real resident, really residing on real land in a geopolitical entity called the US.

            I mentioned by name folks who frequently comment on this site to make my point that life is all about folks, not about frameworks. I even mentioned you to make that point.

            I see that other folks here clarified my comments.

            I admit that I am too intellectually insolvent to incorporate lots of ideas. you may possibly be outside my pay grade. being that I am full of myself, I don’t worry about that.

            be well

  • If it were not for double standards the globalists would have no standards at all.

    In their recent trips to and from Davos they all insisted on their aircraft pilots be unvaccinated (re: Covid-19) to avoid such sudden emergencies as heart attacks in flight.

    The worldwide price of donated blood from unvaccinated people is skyrocketing among the knowledgeable people — even if US hospitals are fighting that distinction tooth and nail — just as they were forced to fight the use of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine which have saved countless millions of people worldwide.

    What do those few examples tell you about the unmitigated death-dealing tyranny of centralized control of so many things .. whether medicine, money, food or whatever?


    • It is called treason. Biden or even congress does not have the authority to surrender our sovereignty. What they are claiming actually would require a constitutional amendment. This is grounds to remove Biden and anyone who tries to support this treason! Where are the governors, attorney generals and state legislatures? Failure to act on their part is also treason!

    • It ALL does. Each of us holds THE constitution within us. It’s time we display it. It was never a piece of paper. Understand?

  • Americans seem content to watch FJB and the DemComs literally destroy the nation… we sit inert, complaining and wringing our hands, like subjects, instead of STOPPING him, like free men who govern our own nation. The frog-pot is a’boil, folks…

    • I agree ☝️
      I’ve been at town councils spewing the facts. That this is banana republic. Then, I turn my back to the fake council and plea to the whole auditorium on what we are to do.

  • America was sold out when the UN was given land in our country. Back then we could have done something about it, but look what happened to Trump when he tried to stand against the world government. We are down the road so far that there is no turning back. No matter what we do it will be used to further the new world order. So my advice is to get ready to duck, because all hell is going to break loose soon.

    • Yes. Rockefeller did not donate his Manhattan land to the UN without strings. Trump is no different than any one
      of these tyrants.
      Our problems came
      from abandoning God.

  • This is what happens when you do not follow the law! (the US Constitution)
    We have allowed  power grabs by the Supreme court that literally makes them God in this country.  With this illegitimate power they have declared that “Treaties” supersede the US Constitution.

    What really chaffs my ass, is the absolute stupidity of your average  uninformed and uneducated “Patriot”  that accepts this and goes along with it.

    The fact of the matter is that “patriots”  may be a greater threat to our  liberties than left-tards.

    “Stupidity is a more dangerous enemy of the good than malice“
    ~Dietrich Bonhoeffer


    • You believe there aren’t plenty of stupid and dangerously biased, ignorent left-wing nuts in places high and low?

    • Bush Sr was in bed with the Mossad. Reptilian. Barbara’s dad is Allister Crowley. She was transgendered at a very young age. Wake up.
      Reptilians do not respect Law, nor human Life.

  • This article demonstrates the writer and the commenters have not informed themselves of the limits placed upon governments by the Organic constitution. There is no term or word “taxpayer“ in that constitution. It is the falsely approved 14th amendment of the constitution that has changed the standing of Americans from being a free people who were sovereigns in the state where they are born and who receive their birth- RIGHTS as such, to the change of former standing as free men and women to allegedly becoming “citizens of the United States subject to the jurisdiction thereof”. All who carry driver licenses and offer them to show “their identity” are accepting the ALL CAPITAL New NAME , (examine the licenses and official documents from government, state or federal) provided them by an unconstitutional government to allow that government to treat them as owned chattel (did not they provide you a new name and a new citizen defined as their subject? ) Read the 14 th Amendment. Read the constitution. Word for word, not glibly. Since that amendment no republican form of government in America has been supported.

    We still sovereign Americans are properly known as American State Nationals, not “citizens of the United States” , and are being led to our destruction by a counterfeit government that treats us as “persons”, that is incorporated entities i.e. incorporated INTO the United States Inc. and voting for so called representatives is demonstrating you are just fine with this counterfeit government that thrives on theft, deceit, unlawful Impersonation, and endless wars to profit the banks and the elite who control the corporations, including you, because you see not what the organic constitution says so you are led along as sheep to the slaughter. Study for massive information about the frauds and the solutions.

  • This satanic take over of America, Canada and Mexico is now nailed down, and our coffins are ready, are you? The only hope is in Jesus Christ, get right with Him today and survive!

  • None of this means Jack Schitt. The Saudi’s are no longer demanding payment in petro dollars. Our financial collapse has begun, the dollar will be worthless in less than two years!

    • Let’s keep in mind that “worthless” contains the words worth + less. All commerce is a comparison game. Can I get or give a better deal (including value of the fiat $ I’m trying to pay you) than others in the same market? What’s worth less than the others?

      Most of the countries in the West seem to be racing one other to bankruptcy. But none wants to be the radically weakest pillar in their semi-controlled demolition of World Trade.

      USA holds the advantage that the majority of world trade beyond oil, still trades in gringobux. My concern is that our own country will try to shaft us, the ordinary folks, once it’s shafted its trade partners to the limit.

  • the whites deserve this and more. they sat around for 50 years doing nothing. I got asked to leave houses gun shows gun stores trying to get people to wake up. now they can all go to the hell they helped create. I shall take a personal interest in seeing them suffer

    • You think yourself the only one ?
      I’m still fighting. Keep fighting. Don’t give up.
      For, if you do, the worse is yet to come. God exists. His temple is YOU.

  • If anyone below him (and that means all of us down here and those up there) comply then they are committing treason.

    This is treason and goes against the Constitution. NO ONE should comply, obey, carry out, enforce, or embrace this illegal act of treason.

    IF everyone did this the pedophile up there will just be a talking mouthpiece and a laughing stock of the world as it should be.

  • they may be on to something: back in the day, a few friends and I would play Risk on a semi-regular basis. My strategy was always to capture North America first — five bonus armies for holding the continent and only three points to defend. From there I took over South America — only two bonus armies, but the seven extras built a freaking WALL that nobody could penetrate. Maybe that’s what these guys are doing — playing Risk with us…

  • Welcome to the last days for humanity. The anti Christ has just come into power. He has assigned the 10 kings that have now received their power from the anti Christ! Repent now while there is still time left. Give your life to Jesus who will forgive you for repenting! Judgement is coming to the world and these 10 kings will reign with the anti Christ for one hour! Daniel 7:25 and Revelation 17:12.

  • We live in a strange time and a strange place. America as we knew it is long gone and less and less recognizable.

  • I couldn’t even finish it.
    It is treason. Making war against the States, and oath-breaking by refusal to uphold the Constitution.
    I WISH we were still a Republic.

  • The president can sign anything he wants. It’s Congress that has to make the agreement binding. If Congress refuses to sign the agreement, then it is null and void.

    • Congress is in bed with your “President.” These things get passed with or without congress.
      They send everyone home, but those who will unanimously agree. It has been going on for over one hundred years!

  • Good evaluation! Shining bright light through the smokescreens. This wheezy “Declaration” reveals a lot of the Scamsters’ plans while cloaking them in jello-soft phrases. “The problem” is, many of these gobbledygooky descriptions are or will be carried out by biased bureaucrats who are emboldened by being beholden to no voters or term limits.

  • A version of the Great Reset. Total theft of any sort of independence: mental, moral, physical. NOT ACCEPTABLE!

  • What a vomitous, vacuous, nauseating collection of empty fecalized english…. a.k.a. Execuspeak/business-ese/Politi-speak horsesh*t. (The Declaration, not the article.) I can picture a boardroom loaded with self-important, empty-suit-wearing vanilla corporate types blathering on about how to stretch 2 paragraphs into 12, while fostering a trilateral trajectory to move forward at the end of the day. Blecch.

    • Two hundred years of tyranny! This has been a very slow process and now it is warp speed !
      WHO NEEDS REPRESENTATION ANYWAY??? (WE represent ourselves).
      VIRTUAL 1984 existence, because all of us sat quietly, silently watching. Doing nothing to ???? this;
      Behind the GREEN MASK
      Rosa Koire

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