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One of the questions many people ask when taking Selco’s popular course, SHTF Survival Bootcamp, is how to get a hard copy of the information. Well, just in time for both the holidays and all heck breaking loose in the United States, we’ve made your wish come true.

I’m thrilled to introduce SHTF Survival Boot Camp: A Course for Urban and Wilderness Survival During Violent, Off-Grid, & Worst-Case Scenarios.

The year 2020 has rendered in-person education unachievable in many situations. Going off to take a survival course in Europe is nearly impossible. This doesn’t lessen the need for this type of course. In fact, learning about SHTF survival is more important than ever. The dangers are more imminent than ever.

So, Selco has opted to bring the course to us. In this book, you can learn the survival skills that kept Selco alive during the wars in the Balkans in a city under siege. Selco fought to survive in his urban setting against marauding gangs, he evaded sniper fire from the mountains above the city, and he scrambled for the limited resources available.

He shares the secrets that allowed him to survive in the course for which this is a textbook. You can learn about urban survival, wilderness survival, what to do before the SHTF, and how to prepare for all of it. Learn the skills he staked his life on. It may not be long before we’re doing the same thing.

While most of us won’t be getting to Bosnia anytime soon to learn from Selco directly, this guide is the next best thing to an in-person experience.

This is a monster of a book with 404 pages of information you won’t find anywhere else, written by guys who have been there and done that. Don’t get your survival information from folks who camp in the back yard. Get it from people who have truly survived and who are writing from cold, hard experience.

It’s loaded with information written by Selco and Toby, and it also includes helpful diagrams, photographs, and checklists. It’s the survival education you need to be ready for whatever chaos could one day come.

You’ll learn about a wide array of subjects. Here are some of the topics that the book covers:

  • First steps
  • The psychology of survival
  • Urban survival
  • Wilderness survival
  • Violence
  • First Aid
  • Hygiene
  • Preparedness

Readers are already loving the book.

Before we’d even officially launched the book, here’s what early buyers were saying:

Christine wrote:

I am actually one of the people lucky enough to have taken an in-person course with the authors, which was the experience of a lifetime, so I was beyond excited to order this book when it came out. It does NOT disappoint. I read it cover to cover yesterday, and although there are many of the same topics as we learned about in person, the level of detail in this book is phenomenal. I used over a sticky pad of Post-it notes on the pages, writing things I need to add to me gear and/or my to-do lists. I don’t know how anyone can cram this much useful info into one book, but Selco and Toby have managed to do so. If you only ever buy one book on the subject of survival and preparedness, this is the one you need to buy!

Jw said:

This book is a must have for preppers and survivalists. Once you get it, it will never get covered in dust. You wil use it daily.

You’re sure to get a lot of out this informative guide.

And OP readers can get a valuable bonus.

If you grab the book this week, either in Kindle or paperback format, just send us your proof of purchase from Amazon to [email protected] and put “Free Course” in the subject line and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with course access. We’ll send you exclusive access to a recorded course that Selco and Toby put together to say thank you for purchasing the book. It’s an hour and fifteen minutes and they share the top ten lessons their students have taken away from attending live courses.

We’d charge $20 if we were selling this course – but we’re not – it’s absolutely free and ONLY available to those who purchase the book.

Note that if you’ve already purchased the book you are absolutely eligible for the bonus. Just send us a screenshot of your “orders” page on Amazon showing that you got the book.

You’re going to love this book.

One reader sent this photo of all the notes she’d made when eagerly devouring the book.

Not only is it a great book for you, but also for the loved ones who you want to help get better prepared. It’s so thorough that it’s a veritable encyclopedia of survival knowledge. Both of my girls are getting a copy for Christmas.

Grab your copy this week to get the webinar.

The sooner you get the book, the sooner you get access to the webinar that the guys created – and remember – that recording is currently ONLY available to those who bought the book.

After Black Friday week is over, so is this offer. You can ONLY get the course if you purchase the book before December 1st.

Go here to buy your new textbook.

Email us at [email protected] and put “Free Course” in the subject line and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with course access.

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  • Do they ship directly from USA to EU if ordered from or do they send it from a warehouse located somewhere in EU?

    • We listed it on Amazon in every country that has it so there are numerous EU listings. I’d go to your home amazon and search up the title of the book so you get it from the closest location.

  • i am looking for about your product place lave me a messages . When I post this , I am looking for more information on this .

  • Dear Daisy

    First of all I wanted to thank you for your blog, it has been a nice companion to me for the last 3 years, and an inspiration both to get into a more frugal life and to start having a prepping way of looking into the future.

    I just purchased the book from Selco, in Kindle version through amazon Spain, does this also qualifies for the access to the webinar?


  • I waited several weeks for Amazon to ship it and for some mysterious reason they didn’t ship it so I had to buy it from some other place… I hope the other store ships it.

    • This has only been available for two weeks and is only available on Amazon. Are you sure this is the book you ordered?

  • An invaluable reading.

    In this book, perhaps more than in his previous, I saw a lot of Stoic philosophy in Selco’s words and advices. I practice Stoicism and I find a lot in common with survivalism. Perhaps because both deal with reality and acceptance and perseverance (and more).

    I dunno if he’s into it or not (probably not) or even knows about it (probably does). But it’s definitely there IMHO.

    Can’t recommend enough. Even for non-preppers I’d say it’s a great reading. Congrats to all.

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