More Than 12 TONS of Beef Recalled Because It’s “Unfit for Human Consumption”

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A mysterious new beef recall has taken place because the meat is “unfit for human consumption.”

According to Food Safety News:

Chino, CA-based American Beef Packers, Inc. late Saturday recalled approximately 24,428 pounds of raw beef products that are deemed unfit for human consumption, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

FSIS inspection personnel retained the carcass and collected a sample for further analysis. Prior to test results being received, the carcass was erroneously released and further processed into raw intact and non-intact beef products, which were distributed in commerce. (source)

These items would most likely be found in freezers, as the meat was processed and packaged on August 21, 2019. According to the USDA, nobody has reported any adverse reactions to the meat, but it still should not be consumed. The products have the establishment number “EST. 34741” inside the USDA mark of inspection.

If you’re wondering why on earth there have been so many recalls lately, this article has some answers.

A list of the potentially contaminated products

Here’s what to look for in your freezer, as per the USDA:

  • Bulk pack combo bins containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS 85 BONELESS BEEF CHUCKS” with LOT NO.110 and BIN No. 85 and BIN No. 86.
  • Bulk pack combo bins containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS 90 BONELESS BEEF” with LOT NO. 110 and BIN No. 81, BIN No. 82 and BIN No. 83.
  • Bulk pack combo bins containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS 85 BONELESS BEEF” with LOT NO. 25-110 and BIN No. 84 and LOT NO 110 and BIN No. 88.
  • Cases containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS RIBEYE 8/10 #1” with codes BT190821-1178, BT190821-1185, BT190821-1188, BT190821-1190, and BT190821-1194.
  • 66.2-lb. case containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS RIBEYE 10 UP #1” with code BT190821-1186.
  • Bulk pack combo bin containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS 90 BONELESS BEEF SIRLOINS” with LOT NO. 24-110 and BIN No. 80.
  • Cases containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS TERDERLOIN 4 UP” with codes BT190821-1160, BT190821-1161, BT190821-1162, BT190821-1163, BT190821-1167, BT190821-1168, BT190821-1169, and BT190821-1170.
  • Cases containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS RIBEYE 10 UP” with codes BT190821-1187 and BT190821-1192.
  • Cases containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS TENDERLOIN 3/4” with codes BT190821-1155, BT190821-1157, BT190821-1171, BT190821-1200, BT190821-1201, BT190821-1202, BT190821-1203, BT190821-1204, and BT190821-1205.
  • 50-lb. cases containing “AMERICAN BEEF PACKERS DESC: BEEF FOR FURTHER PROCESSING 75/25” with lot code 08347412719.

Many of the packaged items were shipped to “federal establishments in California and Oregon” but it’s recommended that everyone take a peek into their freezers for this mysteriously contaminated meat.

The firm notified FSIS on Aug. 30, 2019 that a carcass that was pending laboratory results had been erroneously released and further processed into raw intact and non-intact beef products.

There have been no confirmed reports of adverse reactions due to consumption of these products. Anyone concerned about a reaction should contact a healthcare provider.

FSIS is concerned that some product may be frozen and consumers’ refrigerators or freezers or both. Consumers who have purchased these products are urged not to consume them. These products should be thrown away or returned to the place of purchase. (source)

We don’t know about you, but we’re sure curious what “unfit for human consumption” means.


Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

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  • Unless it is Mad Cow disease, or another prion disease, I would probably be inclined to ignore it. In any case they ought to say. How can they recall tons of beef and not say what is wrong with it?

  • This one is close to home since I’m in North California. But I dont see any of the codes stamped on meat I buy. I’d rather see what store carried the product. Hopefully I didn’t buy any of it.

  • This reinforces my buying a live steer or heifer and taking it to my butcher. I know where my meat came from and how it was raised. If I had the money for a new fence (about three miles of fence) I would buy a couple of feeder calves and raise them myself, but money only stretches so far. I wonder how much of the recall is for poor sanitation, disease or trying to create fear and an artificial shortage of meat.

  • Finding decent beef has been an ever more difficult proposition for the last 3 or 4 years. I can smell the difference when cooking and the taste of some lots…OMG. I wouldn’t feed it to a dog.

    It’s a brave new world folks. Big changes are here and more (and worse) are coming. I can feel it, can’t you?

  • Maybe it’s being re-routed to the border, or as Steve Quayle says on his site with a link to the story, it’s going to the underground bases.
    Prepare people!

  • Daisy, I am so worn out with this recall after recall!! A lot of times, I buy beef and then immediately cook it, can it, or chop it up into user size portions. The label is long gone. The minute the stupid CONgress okayed China to process and ship back raw meat to the US, things have gone screwy. I need to go back to a local butcher shop, and pay the price difference.

    • 25 yrs ago China was poisoning little children’s toys, knowing that infants put about anything in their mouths.
      The US government don’t care, as long as money keeps going into their pockets.
      I will never buy anything especially food products that are made in China, even more so now because of the Tariff wars going on.

  • “erroneously” RELEASED?
    So where are their Laboratories, right next door to the meat packing?
    Now if you detain one carcass for sampling and it turns out contaminated, wouldn’t you judge the whole “Crap” load contaminated?
    I don’t know if I’m reading it right but sounds like one contaminated sample was intentionally “mixed” with other products?
    Do they mean from the laboratory it went into the mixing or cutting machine?
    Where’s the protocol or labeling as “Unfit for human consumption” stamped on that contaminated sample?
    You spend a $100.00 on meats and they say to just “Throw it away”?
    How did it take until it reached your freezer for them to realize that “duh our food is poison”?
    No adverse reaction, you body will assimilate the poison and kill off the bacteria, only those who are weak were meant to die?
    yea, wateva!

  • What the hell is “federal establishments”? Prisons, military bases, MRE manufacturers?

    I never buy regular dairy cattle meat. I always stick to the cowboy’s pride and joy of Angus Beef. Organic beef or grass-fed local ones.

  • released prior to test results.. so what were the results ? i think it was just a procedural incident no real danger just a bunch of hype .

  • At least the problem was admitted to and not covered up, even for such a relatively small amount.

    The way people are so down on the government, a cover up is almost expected, except that would severely damage the beef industry.

  • They’re going to what are called United States Cold Storage Facilities. Theyre next to the FEMA camps. Even with Trump in office the US government is still actively preparing for martial law

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