Here’s How Preppers Can Get ORGANIZED, Once and For All

If you are a subscriber, you recently got the awesome preparedness binder pages. (If you didn’t get this, you can go right here to sign up.) A lot of people wrote me to say that it really helped them to get organized and I was tickled pink. Why?

Because that binder is just a small portion of a book I’ve been working on for quite a while.

My newest book is called The Prepper’s Book of Lists and it’s just what it sounds like. It’s jam-packed with more than 40 lists to help you get organized and ready for anything.

What’s in the book?

Here are the lists that the book includes:

Part 1: General Supply Lists

  • 1-Week of No-Cook Food List
  • 2-Week Food List
  • Prepper Food List
  • 2-Week Power Outage Checklist
  • Special Needs and Comfort Items List
  • Pet Prepping Checklist
  • Sanitation Checklist
  • How to Make a Kitty Litter Toilet
  • Non-Food Stockpile Checklist
  • Last Minute Shopper’s Checklist

Part 2: Medical Supply Lists

  • OTC Med Checklist
  • First Aid Checklist (Traumatic Injuries)
  • Health History for Each Family Member
  • Veterinary Supply List

Part 3: Checklists for Specific Emergencies

  • Sheltering in Place After a Nuclear Strike Checklists
  • How to Use Potassium Iodide After a Nuclear Emergency
  • Pre-Disaster Home Readiness Checklist
  • Post-Disaster Home Safety Checklist
  • Pandemic Illness Supply List
  • Pandemic Isolation Area Checklist
  • Vehicle Emergency Checklist
  • Winter Warm-up Checklist
  • Civil Unrest Checklist
  • Civil Unrest Lockdown Plan

Part 4: Action Checklists 

  • Home Inventory Checklist
  • Evacuation Checklist
  • Get-home Plan
  • How to do a Pantry Inventory
  • Food Safety Checklist
  • Activities for Kids During a Power Outage
  • Prepper Skills Checklist
  • 101 Small Ways to Prep

Part 5: Personal Emergency Preparedness Binder

  • Adult Personal information
  • Child Personal information
  • Pet information
  • Financial information
  • Homeowner’s or rental information
  • Automotive Information
  • Legal information
  • Important phone numbers
  • Emergency Contacts:

How to use the book:

There are a few different ways you can use this book.

  • You can print it off in full and write all over it. You can always print more – as many copies as you want!
  • You can pick and choose the pages you want to print. When you send it to your printer, it will ask you which pages you want to print off. Select the ones that are most relevant to you that you want to include in your binder.
  • You can use it as a template for your own notebook. Do you ever think you might be forgetting something important when you’re getting ready for an emergency? Jot down the things in this book that apply to you, create shopping lists, and use it as a template for important inventories that every prepper must perform. I have a little spiral-bound notebook that lives in my purse which has a running shopping list. I can refer to it whenever I’m at a yard sale or see some great deal at the store. I have other notebooks with inventories for my renter’s insurance and my food pantry.

Get it this weekend

The Prepper’s Book of Lists is available this weekend and it is only $5.49. After the weekend, the price will go up to $9.49. This is a great way to get organized on a budget!

Go here to order:

Get The Prepper’s Book of Lists for $5.49

And a BONUS!!!!

There’s an even bigger BONUS offer that will be gone after the weekend. It’s the Prepper’s Book Bundle, which is normally a $65 value. You can get these 6 books for only $19.99 along with your purchase of The Prepper’s Book of Lists.

  • Selco’s SHTF Anthology
  • The Prepper’s Hurricane Survival Guide
  • The Pantry Primer
  • Bug Out Boot Camp
  • The Seasonal Kitchen Companion
  • The Cheapskate’s Guide to Personal Finance

You’ll get 599 pages of additional prepper information from 3 different authors for less than $20! This is your weekend to score. 🙂

Go here to buy The Prepper’s Book of Lists and The Prepper’s Book Bundle! LINK:


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