Why Have the Goverment and Media Turned Against American Jews?

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Somehow, after a horrific attack on civilians in Israel, people all over the world – including those in America – are making antisemitism cool again.

I know that the contents of this article may not be popular with some readers, but it needs to be said. In the aftermath of October 7th’s attack, it seems like the US government, people with left-wing ideologies, and the mainstream media have turned against American Jews. It’s roused up the folks who always hated Jews (generally those on the extreme far-right and white supremacist types who actually call themselves white supremacists) and that was to be expected. Extremists of all ilks are going to be extreme every chance they get. Holocaust deniers are gleefully crawling out of the woodwork, and people are justifying ethnic hatred by calling it “anti-Zionism.”

Saying that you think the attacks on Israel were awful is suddenly an open invitation for people to tell you that you clearly hate all Arabs and you are an Islamaphobe who is cheering for the death of Palestinian infants and toddlers.

It’s all or nothing in the world today. You are either seen as 100% pro-Jew-anti-Arab, or you are pro-Arab-anti-Jew. In-between stances – and heaven forbid, neutral ones – are not allowed, and you will be called to account accordingly.

But the popular stance being embraced by college students and somehow not being shamed by the media is one of antisemitism. In fact, it’s hatred that is being ignored by those in positions to really make a difference.


This is what happens when we stop teaching history and replace it with classes on “social justice” and “gender studies.”

It has become open season on American Jews and our government, our media, our criminal “justice” system, and our colleges just don’t seem to care. Being a Jew in America (and many other places) is a dangerous undertaking these days.

This happened fast.

What shocks me most is how fast it happened.

Photo Credit: 8NewsNow in Las Vegas

It was just last summer that Kanye West got canceled for making antisemitic tweets. But now it’s nifty-cool to spraypaint “Death to Jews” in public places, and people aren’t even hiding their faces while holding up swastikas for press photos.

Image Courtesy of the NYPost

Washington, DC, was the scene of a crowd with estimates ranging from 100,000 to 300,000 people who showed up last weekend demanding a ceasefire in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. In front of the White House, people were climbing on the gate and waving the flags of a foreign nation through it. They were chanting things like “Death to Israel” and “Allahu Akbar” and “F**k Joe Biden.” They defaced the pillars of the gate with red paint, screamed insults at Secret Service agents, and there was even a guy proudly holding a Hezbollah flag in our nation’s capitol, right across from the White House. Here’s a brief clip of the scene at the gate.

These people are of the philosophy that “Resistance is justified when Palestine is occupied,” according to their signs and chants. And it doesn’t stop there. Some people are openly supporting Oct. 7-style “resistance” in the United States.

People are screaming for “intifada” right here in America.

College campuses are rife with antisemitism.

College campuses across the country are filled with hateful, antisemitic students and teachers. You have professors like Professor Russell Rickford of Cornell University who said he was “exhilarated” by the massacre. (He later apologized but I’m not sure how you stuff that genie back in the bottle.) A Harvard professor who “reportedly discriminated against Israeli students” was not disciplined, but was recently given a civil rights award. A professor at UC Davis went a step further, suggesting that Jewish journalists and their children be targeted at home and school.

Protests have made it unsafe for Jewish students in American colleges. They’re hearing horrific things like, “We’ll finish what Hitler started.” Students cornered a young journalist at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, demanding to know if she was Jewish. At Cooper Union, Jewish students had to take shelter in a library while an angry pro-Palestinian mob beat on the door outside.

While I am a firm believer in free speech, it’s hard to imagine what it must feel like to be a Jewish university student today. It’s the only form of discrimination that is tolerated on campuses, aside from being a non-liberal white student, of course.

Meanwhile, crimes against Jewish people aren’t being considered hate crimes.

The MSM has loved throwing around the phrase “hate crime” for years. Up until now, antisemitic attacks were considered hate crimes. But now, it’s open season on Jews and our criminal justice system isn’t calling it out.

In Indianapolis, a woman drove into a building that she thought held Jewish people. Ruba Algameth was arrested last week.

Almaghtheh told authorities she decided to attack the Israelite School of Universal and Practical Knowledge because the “Hebrew Israelite” symbol on the front of the building offended her, according to police reports obtained by the outlet…

…Police said Almaghtheh admitted she rammed into the building with her car on purpose and made references to “her people back in Palestine,” according to Fox 59.

As it turned out, the building wasn’t Jewish, but was in fact anti-Jewish. The Israel School of Universal and Practical Knowledge are an “extreme and antisemitic” sect of the Black Hebrew Israelites, as per the Anti-Defamation League. She wasn’t charged with a hate crime, even though her stated intent was to harm Jews. She was charged with criminal recklessness.

An elderly Jewish man, Paul Kessler, was killed at a pro-Israel rally in California when a pro-Palestine protestor shoved him.

“Witness accounts indicated that Kessler was involved in a physical altercation with [pro-Palestinian] counter protesters,” the release continued. “During the altercation, Kessler fell backwards and struck his head on the ground.”

A hate crime “has not been ruled out” by Ventura County law enforcement.

But the truth is, nobody is calling these acts against Jewish people hate crimes. No. They’re “bias crimes” if local law enforcement really wants to walk on the wild side.

It must be made clear that some attacks have also occurred against people of Arabic descent, like the young Palestinian boy who was killed by his landlord. But those are immediately labeled hate crimes and covered very differently in the MSM.

The people at the highest levels of our government are concerned…about Islamaphobia.

Imagine how it must feel to be the target of so much national hatred and then see the Vice President of the United States post a video that says she and the President are “taking on hate” as a national priority.

But they aren’t worried about American Jews. They’re super-worried about…Islamaphobia. Watch this video.

It’s a federal-level slap in the face to every Jewish person in America.

Nearly all the coverage of anti-semitism is posted under “Opinion” in the MSM.

I can’t say that the mainstream media is completely ignoring the rampant antisemitism. They’re allowing prominent Jewish people to be heard and it’s A-OK as long as it’s considered an “opinion” piece. A Jewish professor at Columbia wrote that he wouldn’t let his kids attend school there. He said:

Following the horrific massacre in Israel by Hamas terrorists on October 7, I felt an intense, relentless grief. Grief for the thousands of civilians shot, murdered, mutilated, raped and beheaded. Grief for the intentional killing of babies, some burned beyond recognition. Grief for the confused children dragged at gun point by violent men into captivity in Gaza.

Yet there was a deeper, darker grief. A grief that seeped from a wound I’d thought was healed. A grief that comes from the trauma hiding at the bottom of every Jewish person’s heart. A grief that comes from seeing, once again, Jewish people targeted in their homes and communities.

Soon, this darkest of griefs was joined by intense fear. I feared not only for the future of innocent Israeli and Palestinian children, but for the future of my family here, in New York City.

Having spent over 13 years building a close-knit community of like-minded liberals, I suddenly find myself abandoned. Abandoned by the resounding silence of friends and neighbors who refuse to publicly denounce Hamas’ evil crimes against humanity. Abandoned by colleagues who whitewash and excuse barbarities that included the raping of Israeli women and the execution of disabled Israeli children as a mere “military response,” who consider such horrors as “awesome” acts of “resistance.” Abandoned by student organizations who have welcomed and celebrated the October 7 massacre with the chant “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” code words for the eradication of Jews living in Israel.

Abandoned by Columbia University — my very own employer — which, in the name of fostering “different points of view” has allowed such expressions to take place. Its statement that “we must avoid language that vilifies, threatens, or stereotypes entire groups of people” rings hollow when it doesn’t condemn the professors and students doing exactly that.

This is happening not in Gaza. Not in Israel. Here, in the United States of America. Here, at universities, which are supposed to provide safe spaces for everyone in the community. Everyone, it seems, but Jews and Israelis.

And he’s far from alone in feeling this way. In another opinion piece, a 70-year-old Jewish university faculty member wrote that he was unprepared for what he’s seeing in America today. He wrote:

On Friday, someone in my school posted on Instagram a picture of me with the caption, “Erwin Chemerinsky has taken an indefinite sabbatical from Berkeley Law to join the I.D.F.” Two weeks ago, at a town hall, a student told me that what would make her feel safe in the law school would be “to get rid of the Zionists.” I have heard several times that I have been called “part of a Zionist conspiracy,” which echoes of antisemitic tropes that have been expressed for centuries.

I was stunned when students across the country, including mine, immediately celebrated the Hamas terrorist attack in Israel on Oct. 7. Students for Justice in Palestine called the terror attack a “historic win” for the “Palestinian resistance.” A Columbia professor called the Hamas massacre “awesome” and a “stunning victory.” A Yale professor tweeted, “It’s been such an extraordinary day!” while calling Israel a “murderous, genocidal settler state.” A Chicago art professor posted a note reading, “Israelis are pigs. Savages. Very very bad people. Irredeemable excrement…. May they all rot in hell.”

…To be clear, I — and I hope all of us — mourn the loss of life in Israel and in Gaza. There is surely room in our hearts to feel compassion for all who are in danger and all who have lost loved ones. But it is simply wrong to confuse condemning antisemitism with ignoring the plight of the Palestinians.

Of course, criticism of the Israeli government is not antisemitism, any more than criticizing the policies of the United States government is anti-American. I strongly oppose the policies of the Netanyahu government, favor full rights for Palestinians, and believe that there must be a two-state solution. But if you listen to what is being said on college campuses now, some of the loudest voices are not advocating for a change in Israeli policies, but are calling for an end to Israel.

Aside from opinion pieces and smaller outlets, hardly anyone is calling out antisemitism. It’s suddenly all the rage to hate Jewish people, and the mainstream media is afraid to cover it. Fox News, the NYPost, and Daily Mail are some of the few MSM outlets who’ve mentioned it but if you’re looking to other legacy media outlets, you’ll see it only in the opinion section.

And if, as a so-called journalistic outlet, you aren’t calling this out, then you are quietly supporting it. There is no integrity in your silence.

This is absolutely delusional.

There are so many things about this that are wrong, but I’ll close with this.

These young people screaming about “gassing the Jews” and “Hitler was right” are the same ones who, just recently, called anyone who was a Conservative, a Christian, or a Trump supporter a “literal Nazi.” In their worldview, just a few years ago, Trump was “Hitler,” and it was bad. They are the same ones who scream over anyone with an opposing viewpoint, calling them “fascists.”

And now they have chosen a side again, and it’s every bit as delusional as everything else they stand for publicly.

Cancel culture has certainly dropped the ball here. The most vitriolic rhetoric I’ve heard in years is going on, and nobody in Hollywood, nobody in the federal government, and nobody in the mainstream media seems to care.

How in the world are these people with platforms not denouncing these acts of antisemitism?

These people are pro-terrorism. They hate Jews, and they don’t even know why. And there are a lot of them. Hundreds of thousands of them. Possibly even millions.

And they’re right here in America.

I see my Jewish friends – people I love – suffering under extreme hatred of people who were just a few weeks ago their neighbors and classmates. I wish that I could help. I wish that I could stop what’s happening to them in their schools, their neighborhood markets, and their communities. I’m so sorry this is happening to them.

And I wonder, did it all go downhill this fast for Jewish people in the late 1930s? Or was it more gradual?

All it took was one attack – an attack against Jews, mind you – and this is where we are already in the United States of America.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • This is the result of decades of Marxist professors preaching hatred of America. We need to defund those schools, fire those SOB’s and refuse to hire graduates of those leftist citadels. Why Jewish people continue to support Democrats and their leftist causes is beyond me. And the fact we have Jew haters in Congress is equally beyond my ken. They should be impeached.

    • Exactly! Even know a Holocaust survivor frothing at the mouth for President Trump to be jailed. She’s 88 yo and been to Israel 6 times. Came to America with her family and told me Israel was safe. That I was a typical American for not thinking otherwise. I felt sad for her.

    • In an ideal world, that would solve it. But many of those schools are additionally funded by foreign entities – which mean we can defund all we want, but they’ll still have money, (and they’re already sitting on enormous endowments they’ve grown over the last few decades) and still be educating our kids according to the ideological wishes of the biggest donors, which may very well be our adversaries. Why build an army when you can fight a soft war just as effectively, if not more so?

  • When people say they hate you and want you dead, believe them.

    When other people don’t come to your defense, or at least disagree vociferously with those who would kill you, it is wise to figure that they agree with those who would kill you and have secretly hated you all along.

    This is a sad lesson for Jewish people, as well as Conservatives and Christians.

    The Left really DOES hate us and want us dead.

    Don’t trust any Leftist, even those who are your family or “friends.”
    Their insane ideology is more important to them than family ties or friendship or even life itself.

    • It makes my heart heavy with wanting to weep….no one from any country should suffer the atrocities of Oct. 7th.
      People may disagree about what form retribution takes, but this did not start in the 70’s, 40’s or even even the thirties…it has been thousands of years in the making….unfortunately our ignorant youth are taught by equally ignorant, but “educated” professors and teachers from the “kinder” and “tolerant” left with such “open minds”.
      This anti semitism has been simmering for years…I abhor it!
      Yes…I also abhor the children of Gaza being hurt and killed, but it is the result of ignorant people letting Hamas rule and the result of that rule….hatred not life…it is so sad and pointless. Who has babies hoping they will blow themselves up killing others?
      The whole world is being set on fire and it is the result of that hatred….truly frightening that in our safe “cocoon” we are experiencing the awakening of such evil from our neighbors and “friends”. That is what fascism is…. too many years of head in the sand…wake up…it’s real!

  • People are so mind controlled by the leftist media to join in the latest “Flagism” it’s scary. Thank u Daisy for writing this. As a Jew I’ve felt the antisemitism my whole life since I was a child. Never knew so many could be so evil.

  • It has always been there. The Progressives and the Regressives (MAGA) have always been antisemitic. Its only now when we focus on the war in Gaza that we are seeing it better.
    The BDS movement was from the Progressives. The use of antisemitic tropes and blaming certain Jews was from the Regressives. Jewish space lasers or a conspiracy of George Soros are antisemitic as hell.
    It’s not just the white supremacists. It’s common everyday people. Most don’t even realize they are being antisemitic. Maybe it’s stereotypes (Jews have long noses, Jews are rich) or jokes (How many Jews does it take to screw in a lightbulb). Its inherent in cultures where Jews are for the most part absent.

    And of course, most colleges are filled with idealists who don’t understand how the real world is. There will always be two sides to a conflict. Both sides will proclaim that God is on their side. Gaza right now is infested with Hamas and the only way to exterminate the infestation is to burn it out.

    And unfortunately Palestinians are collateral damage. None of the supposed Arab nations will take them in. As they haven’t taken them in for the last 75 years of warfare between Israel and the Arabic countries around them. Americans tend to root for the underdogs and the oppressed. But now the underdogs (Israel) are fighting a war where the oppressed (Palestinians) are collateral damage. Some want to blame the oppressed for allowing themselves to be oppressed. But the strong always prey on the weak. It’s human nature.

    • I am a Make America First Again and I will be voting for President Trump. I do not hate Jews or and group of people enough to see the dead. Please stop painting a group of people with the same brush. President Trump has been a big supporter of the Jewish people so your comment doesn’t make any sense.

      • President Trump says he is a big supporter of the Israel and then turns around and insults Jews and makes jokes about them. Or call them nicknames that are Jewish tropes. Antisemitism is both actions and words. Its also allowing others to do it without calling them on it. Every time someone says that George Soros is supporting something they are spreading the idea of a secret cabal of Jews are running the world. Jewish space lasers are a variation of the cabal How many told MTG that she was being antisemitic? When we don’t stand up to people who are spreading antisemitism, we are supporting it. When we say well you know how Jews can be, we are being antisemitic. Look up anytime President Trump said something about a Democratic Jew, was it an insult of the person or because he was a Jew. If he uses certain words, it’s because he is a Jew. There are buzzwords that effect Jews.

          • It is still the same antisemitic trope. We are blaming a Jew for something that he is supporting. If you can’t see that, then perhaps you are blind to it. Like I said many don’t even understand that they are being antisemitic. The trope that rich Jews are destroying the world is centuries old. Ask your Jewish friends if it’s antisemitic.

            • That’s ridiculous. Him being a Jew has nothing whatsoever to do with it. Him being a bad person has everything to do with it. Being Jewish doesn’t excuse bad behavior any more than it should make a person a target for hate.

              • Daisy,
                Soros being a Jew has nothing to do with anything.
                And criticizing him is not being antisemitic.
                Just like criticizing Israel is not being antisemitic.

              • Yup, ya got it! Soros is not a Jew by faith or identity even (by his own admission)–he was proud of bein’ a “capo” durin’ WWII an’ turnin’ in Jews (to the Nazis!). Yup, he helped in the effort in Hungary to identify Jewish homes so the Jews in ’em could be deported to the camps an’ so the Nazis could grab their possessions an’ “redistribute them”–fer aidin’ the Nazis his life wuz spared. The man is rotten to the core, a “shonda” to the race, also he’z behind ANTIFA an’ other hate groups an’ color revolutions everywhere. Callin’ a crook a crook is not anti-semitic. That man’s rotten cuz he’s rotten (so is his son), not cuz he’s Jewish. (The only issue I take is with those who say his rot comes FROM bein’ a rich/selfish Jew even tho the man is secular an’ disavows his own “jewishness”–so that’s the bunk!–Heck, even the Rothschilds’ — who are worse than rotten — do not identify as bein’ Jewish–it’s been recorded in interviews–none of these baddies foller the 10 Commandments aka The Torah. A baddie is a baddie–they come in all colors an’ stripes.

            • So if someone who just happens to be Jewish does something wrong, we are not to criticize the individual because that individual happens to be Jewish? Surely you cannot be serious.

            • I disagree….Soros betrayed his own people (Jews) as a child…and from interviews I’ve seen, never regretted it.
              Any critic of him…is his alone…just as I can not speak for all people of my faith or be responsible for the actions I disagree with…
              I suppose I am MAGA and yet I do not think if you knew me you would think me your foe.
              This senseless name calling and threats to Jewish peoples’ lives is criminal and I wish so many were not “fooled” into following the mob thinking…it is truly dangerous and frightening.
              I will never forget the pleading of a young Jewish girl in Seattle …she kept saying (to a mob of pro-Palestinian demonstrators) “But…they want to kill us…please…please listen…they want us dead!” I only heard it on the radio, but I can only imagine her disillusionment and horror and it was something I will never forget!

          • Soros also supports soft on crime DAs, which lead to lawlessness or protects the criminals while prosecuting the victims. See the NYC DA case against Jose Alba’s self-defense.
            See the conditions of cities like NYC, San Fran, Portland OR, Seattle.
            Just recently the McDonalds corp just closed one of their San Fran stores after 30 years in that location due to crime and employee safety.

          • Soros is pure evil. His is also a self hating Jew who actively works to harm Jews and Israel. I can only presume he was damaged by the Holocaust and that made him who he is.

        • Provide direct quotes of what Trump has said that was antisemitic.
          And was Trump being critical of a Democrat because they were Jews? Or Democrats?

          • Why bother? The evidence is all there. At this point people are believing what they choose to believe, evidence notwithstanding. Trump has insulted everyone from Jews to veterans and his cult still follows him. No evidence will ever alter that!

    • Maybe protecting anti-humanists like George Soros isn’t in your best interest. Jews should cast him out from under their umbrella. Don’t defend him. That is exactly the type of behavior that gets Jews in trouble. George Soros may be a Jew in heritage but religiously he is a satanist. Heritage or not, Jews need to stop protecting satanists if they want credibility.

      • @ Natasha

        I don’t defend or protect Soros; he is truly evil. But his evilness has nothing to do with his Jewish heritage. So it’s ok to say he’s despicable because of what he supports and funds but not because of his Jewish ancestry. It’s only a problem when Jew haters point to Soros as an example of a Jew- no, he’s just an awful human being. And he funds causes that harm Jews and Israel.

    • No, calling out gleeful Nazi Extortion Assistànt George Soros is not anything but purely accurate.
      There is no hope for educating Jew Haters if you won’t admit evil Jews are in high places.
      They are. It’s a fact.
      It’s also obviously a fact that evil Gentiles are also in high places.
      Thus, it is clear that just because evil Jews exist does not mean all Jews are evil, just as the existence of evil Gentiles doesn’t prove all Gentiles are evil.
      That’s the point that needs to be made.
      Pretending Soros is not deserving of condensation us just dishonest, and gives Jew Haters confirmation that the other side is lying.

  • Thanks Daisy for your boldness to speak up. I am of Sephardic descent and had family members murdered in Auschwitz. So yea this hurts and hits home. Best to You

  • I am equally as confused as you are Daisy. The top positions in the United States under this administration is mostly Jewish people. So how can they standby and allow/watch this to happen? What happened on October 7th was horrific and evil. How it could happen is just as confusing. Israel has the most secure border and I have heard many say if a cat tried to cross the border the IDF knew about it. Why did it take so long for help to arrive? Why oh why does the Israeli government not allow their citizens that spent two years training to defended their people access to guns?

    These people waving the flags of other country’s screaming Alla Ackbar should be immediately deported to their country of origin and placed on a no fly list into America.

    I do not support the death and destruction of any group of people.

    In my opinion our government is doing everything they can to whip up a civil war to declare martial law and confiscate our weapons so they can unleash he’ll on us to reduce the population significantly.

    • “Top positions in the US are Jews so how are they letting it happen.” I asked myself the same thing. I think the simple answer is that those Jews actually worship money and power more than they do their God. Chaos and division help those in power to stay in power. They are so filthy rich that the chaos they sow will never touch them, or so they think. I hope they repent before they have to find out they were wrong.

  • If you look closely, you will find that most of these protestors are not “white”.
    Now while I try not to judge people by race, I am not blind to the differences between the races. Including how they stand against the USA and Israel.
    Many are immigrants or 2nd or 3 generation immigrants from these “trouble” spots around the world.
    These are the Radical types you will see doing all the crazy stuff during SHTF.
    You see how they act in places like Dearborn, Mich, in Europe or any other place they have large numbers of them. Steal, Kill and Destroy, is their motto.

    Right now their focus is on Israel, but it will change, as fast, as the wind blows.
    The radical Left is infected with them and their ideals.

    I don’t go along with the White Supremacy crowd either. There are good people of color, other races and religions. However their cultural backgrounds tend force them to be easily run by emotion, and violence.(We need to make honest assessments here, not politically correct ones.)

    The Palestinians have rejected so many two state solutions. They don’t want that. They want to Kill the Jews, Steal and or Destroy their lands. It is an emotional, delusional thing.
    BTW all the Arab states around them, refuse them as Refugees. Why? Because all they do is start trouble where ever they go.
    Past experiences with these “refugees”, has taught them this. They just like to fight and do terrorism and they will find a “cause” not matter where they are.

    In fact some Arabs suggest Israel should wipe out All Palestinians, completely. So that the region can finally find Peace. Nobody wants these people, because they are just bad to the bone. They “hate” everyone.
    The MSM, (Globalist agenda), does not want you to know that.

    • For what I remember about the Palestinians, in the Bible, they were mentioned as Philistins (sea god Dagon cult) and they came from the Crete Island that they flee after a big earthquake that destroyed everything, so they arrived from the Mediterranean Sea to what is called today Gaza Land. The sons of the sea were never fully accepted by the sons of the desert (Arabs). I have a crazy idea for most of your readers. The United Nations could buy the island from Greece (the country had 200 islands) in gratitude, erase totally the debt of Greece; relocate the Palestinians on the Crete Island so they can have access to a new peaceful lifestyle and break the brain washing of this mind-controlled population. They wil stop being used as human shields and the Israelites will stop being blamed for everything and being the scapegoat of this world. I think islands should not be bought and owned for the enjoyment of billionaires only. Money should not be used only to finance war, but peace. Where there’s a will, there is a way.

      • Now, there’s an original idea that does not just recycle all the “solutions” that failed in the past, like the “two state solution,” which is what Israel is. This has a chance. Promote it, including on my brand new Substack, IshmaelHandInHand

      • None of this is about a homeland for “palestinians”. It’s about killing Jews and death to Israel. Listen to what they say. Indonesia is the country with the largest muslim population. They are strongly anti-Semitic. Why? It has -nothing to do with a homeland for palestinians. It’s 6000 miles away from Israel. It’s simply hatred.

      • Crete belongs to the Cretans. How are you going to reverse the beliefs of Palestinians? They are based in Islam. Moving them to another location would do nothing to change that. I think Israel should push Gazans (once the IDF takes care of Hamas) into the Sinai, as far from Israel as possible. Israel owned the Sinai several decades ago, but gave it to Egypt. Work out something with al Sisi now. Pay him billions, but get the Palis out of Israel for good.

      • Modern Palestinians have nothing to do with the ancient Philistines. Modern Palestinians are simply Levantine Arabs who went to the land of Israel relatively recently, most of them to seek work from the prosperous Jews in the nineteenth century. The word Palestinian to refer to them was first used in the 1960s: before that, they were simply called Arabs. There was NEVER a Palestinian state until Israel enabled the states of the P.A. and Gaza.

    • Jordan killed a thousand Palestians and threw out several thousand more in 1970. Kuwait killed and threw out thousands more.

      Israel left thousands of greenhouses in which they had been growing fruit, vegetables, and flowets to sell when they gave the land in Gaza to Palestinians. They immediately destroyed all of them. They were given billions by charitable organizations: they could have built hotels and made Gaza a tourist destination. But they spent it all on weapons to kill Jews.

      I heard someone say that for the first time in history, a nation state committed state suicide. The 20,000 Gazans with work permits to work in Israel were making two million a day. But gave detailed information to Hamas telling it who and what was found where on the kibbutzim so they could murder them more easily. Israel will never live next to them again, nor should it. Gazans will have to throw themselves on the mercy of UNRWA and maybe get an al Hul-like camp somewhere in the Sinai. All for the fun of one day of vicious atrocity.

      • @ Cia

        All true but it’s been a long time coming; Oct 7 was just the last and most brutal installment in the determination of Hamas to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews. And the world has been complicit with this as they continued to fund Gaza, which Hamas used to obtain weapons and build the most insane tunnel system ever.

  • The Israeli retaliatory attack on Gaza City reminds me of the Lidice Massacre of 1942. In response to the partisan murder of Reinhardt Heydrich, the Nazis demolished the town and killed all the adults and most children. The world was horrified by this war crime. Fast forward to the Israeli destruction of Gaza City. Bombing civilians is still a war crime, whether you drop leaflets on them first or not.

    • I don’t know anyone who wants to see children die in bombings. But that’s not what today’s article is about.

      The Jewish people in America didn’t bomb anyone. They don’t deserve to be threatened and maligned.

    • They are not bombing civilians.
      They are bombing Hamas.
      Unfortunately, Hamas uses innocent Gaza Palestinian civilians as human shields, storing their supplies, use schools, hospitals as weapons depots, HQ, or as sites to launch rocket attacks.
      Hamas is know to divert funds raised for the Gaza Palestinian civilians in humanitarian aide for their own use.

      • Yes, Hamas even takes the water pipes given to Palestinians and makes rockets out of them. Why the world is so mad at Israel but not Hamas is the epitome of media brainwashing. We need people to think for themselves, and that’s why the state fights so hard to control education. Decentralization solves so much of this. Abolish the Dept of Ed. But the teachers unions want their free health care, so screw thinking for yourself!

    • @ Barrens
      Israel has given several weeks notice to Gazan civilians to head to south Gaza. They have physically opened up a route despite being fired on repeatedly by Hamas which is trying to keep the civilians in the north so they will be human shields and add to the body count. Israel has the most moral army in the world; they are trying their best to avoid harming civilians in a country that hates them. And furthermore, Hamas has embedded themselves and their missile sites in homes, schools, hospitals and “refugee camps “.

    • No, it’s not. In a war, you fight the enemy as hard as you can until one side admits defeat. Civilians have never been exempt from being injured or killed in wars. Israel is fighting for it existence. Hamas puts weapons, missile launchers, and control sites in or under schools abd hospitals, hoping people get killed do it can use them as propaganda. Every day the IDF says it destroyed another 250 Hamas military sites with bombing. Gazans were told tge first day, Oct 7, to get out, and every day since they’ve been warned to get out and go south.

      Israel has committed no war crime, it is waging very effective war to safeguard its people. Gazans spent some of their billions on an extensive tunnel system under Gaza City, and the IDF is approaching its necessary destruction very carefully, first with bombing, now with careful examination of every tunnel sending in dogs and robots first. It’s irresponsible to speak of proportionality, another completely made-up concept. And there have been no crimes. Israel is bombing Gaza to smithereens, and it has to. It has renounced all responsibility for Gaza. It cannot live a stone’s throw away from it again.

  • “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not dpeak out because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then the came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me” (written WW2 by Pastor Martin Niemoller)

  • What’s happening right here in the country that helped put a stop to Nazi Germany is appalling! The lean towards authoritarianism/fascism on both sides is appalling. Being forced by pundits and pollsters into a choice between a criminally insane lunatic and a doddering old fool who’s probably just as corrupt is appalling. Unfortunately, antisemitism is nothing new. There’s video footage of pro-Nazi rallies from the 1930s and 1940s on YouTube. There’s a whole lot of anger and hate going on, and both Trump and Biden are channeling those emotions for their own purposes. It’s heartbreaking to see! But we the people put them into office. We the people will have to fix this, just as the Roman peasants lived through the insanity of the Caesars. All of this has happened before. Remember our small circles and control what we can control.

    • You didn’t actually come right out and say both sides are equally bad, but you sure did hint at it. But it just isn’t so, which makes it an uncomfortable position for those in the middle.

      Sometimes the middle is not the right place to be, regardless of how it makes one feel. All sides aren’t equal.

      • Again, I agree with you. I love Israel, Israelis, and Jews. Israel has done so much for the Palestinians, more than any other country would have, and yes, the IDF is the most ethical army in the world. Even dropping dud bombs on roofs to warn residents to get out before the real bomb falls. Hundreds of thousands of men have flown back to Israel from abroad to serve in the IDF and defend the Jewish homeland. Thousands of men when they heard of the massacre grabbed a gun, jumped in their car, and sped down to the kill zone to defend the people there. Thousands more would have been killed at the Nova festival and the kibbutzim if it hadn’t been for these men doing what was right without any direction, and often losing their lives.

        I bought a necklace after the massacre, it says Am Israel Chai, Life to the people of Israel. I’m wearing it all the time. Today a Jewish boy working at an amusement park saw it and said he liked my Chai. I bought a t-shirt that says Swords of Iron, already had one that says This is what a Zionist looks like, and one that says I stand with Israel. It’s important to show the world, to show Jews in particular, that they are not alone and we will defend them.

        • Yes. What we say and do matters. We must not remain silent. Evil is shouting loudly, all over the world. Theirs must not be the only voices being heard.

  • I agree with Daisy. I too am shocked at the overt, in your face anti-Semitism across America, on college campuses. I believe in free speech but this is the kind of thing that leads to real violence. Are we going to see Americans chasing Jews down the street like in 1930s Germany? I shudder at the thought and yet cannot rule out the possibility.
    I have been reading about Jews who feel betrayed by friends, co-workers, to a degree, the government and MSM. One Jew wrote he did not feel safe at his work place. That work place was the UK based The Guardian.

    The fight, the war, between these two groups have been raging on for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. Each side doing terrible things to the other. It is not going to get solved anytime soon, if ever until one side wipes out the other.

    When the Ukraine and Russian war started, I saw people flying the Ukraine flag in support down in town.
    Yesterday I was shocked to see the NEW pride flag: It incorporates the Palestinian flag. It seems people do not know history.

    • A Pride flag with the Palestinian flag incorporated? Do these people not understand what happens to LBGTQ folks in Gaza and other Arab countries? It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

      • The issue is that even if you tell them, they do not care. No amount of evidence you present can convince them that their television is wrong. This is how you know it’s true brainwashing. And done quite well.

  • First let me start by saying I do not hate any particular people group. I also choose to be color blind! Now, going forward, one has to dive into the history of current day Israel and what used to be the area of Palestine. The slur “antisemitic” has become politicized in order to push violence against certain people. Obviously it is working and there is nothing new under the sun.
    The problem is the fact that the lines between Zionist and Jew have been so blurred that folks think they are the same thing. They are not. The Palestinians know the difference having lived with the two for a long time.
    The Palestinians are people too who have a right to self-determination as much as you or I. Here is a good place to learn some basic facts on this:
    As a side note I believe the Palestinians could find common ground with our own Indians. Our history there is shameful.
    I am so tired of the push by various rulers to hate this or that and the sheep who rush along after them. As God’s people we need to be known for our love. *New Testament-there is neither Jew nor Gentile. All who believe are grafted in.* To me that means no one person is more special to another in God’s own eyes. Our belief in Him makes us equals to each other regardless of heritage or color.
    Zionists disagree. Jewish people understand.
    America has done it’s share of encouraging hate. Look at what was done to Native Americans and later people of Japanese heritage. Right now it seems to be Jewish people in the crosshairs.
    It boils down to an epic battle of good vs evil. That is the bottom line. The devil is in the details and we tend to get lost in the details.

    • One of the big things that gets overlooked is that being Anti-Israel is not being antisemitic. One is a country while the other is a religion. You can call the actions of Israel as wrong and not be antisemitic. Many American Jews are against Netanyahu. It’s ironic that Netanyahu is edging Israel closer to fascism.

      • @ James

        That’s a tricky sticky point. Judaism is more than a religion; it’s also a nation. Israel is the ancient historic and Biblical homeland of the Jews. Being anti-Zionist has been an acceptable way to be an antisemite. And for sure, wanting Israel to be destroyed is asking for the deaths of millions of Jews.

        • I am not Jewish, but I am a Zionist. It is a lie to say Israel took the land of anyone, a lie that most people seem to believe. Israel should start an all-out educational program makind movies and documentaries in many languages to show people the truth.

      • Every system of government moves towards fascism, whether it’s left or right politics. The way the Constitution and Bill of Rights were written was supposed to prevent that. I believe the problem lies in accountability. For decades, politicians have ignored the law and gotten away with it and now here we are at fascisms door again. If we get a next time, we need to add measures of accountability to those who are entrusted with the law and break it. Severe penalties which are followed religiously ought to do the trick.

        • There are so many things that have gone wrong in this country, I feel we are being destroyed from within. At first it was death by a thousand paper cuts. The Supreme court ruling that politicians can lie to us without repercussions and repelling a law in 2013 that prevented the United States government from using propaganda on her citizens, the patriot act and many more back to 1911.

    • Except that Israel has not colonized or committed genocide, nor practiced apartheid, the only country in the Midfle East that doesn’t. People don’t know the history of Israel. It has been extremely hood to Palestinians, who enjoy civil rights equal to those of Israelis. Palis have been offered, but rejected, six offers of land for peace because they don’t want land and they don’t want peace, only death for Jews.

  • You’re article is spot on Daisy! What Hamas did to Israeli’s on 10/7 was pure evil. I believe the only safe place for any Jew to be right now is, ironically, in Israel.
    The Bible says all of this will happen, it’s just alarming how fast it’s all unfolding like you said.

      • It is protected per the Bible. The destruction does not come until 7 years into the Tribulation correct? It won’t fall until then, I believe.

        I’m behind in this story & clearly do not completely understand it all. I’ve never understood why some hate the Jewish people. Aren’t they usually very faithful, peaceful people?

        The fact that MSM & haters are preaching at us again would tell me really what side instigated a lot of/all of the chaos/agenda. They need something to stir us up with, drain funds, & get us all hating & killing each other again. And we fall for it every time!

        Maybe it’s not as simple as I make it but I’m always looking at what this administration supports…then figure out what is truly going on without diving too deep (I just can’t). It’s usually quite clear what their agenda is.

  • I didn’t see anything here about the fact that Kamala Harris’s husband is an American Jew. Did I just miss it?

    • What does that have to do with anything?
      Has he been attacked? Has he had anti-Semites in his face calling for the destruction of Israel?
      Has he declared he is pro-Israel or pro-Palestine? Or denounced the Hamas terrorists attacks on unarmed civilians?
      Has he denounced Hamas using Gaza Palestinians civilians as human shields?

    • It is being reported that Harris’s stepdaughter is fundraising $8 million for Gaza children.
      See my above comment of how NGOs use such fundraising to divert funds to the Hamas.

  • guess our comments will be blocked again if not aligned.
    as Leonard Cohen song goes: “everybody knows”..
    Historically who started the leftist communist movement?
    Who runs the capitalist USA?
    Left or Right, Jew, Arab or Marisians.. you are all governed by far worse unseen forces that play the strings from the puppets..
    Seems the OP has aligned themselves and does not condone the madness inflicted on Gaza, although it would make a prepper story far better than this one..
    anyways, good luck.

  • And I wonder, did it all go downhill this fast for Jewish people in the late 1930s? Or was it more gradual? It was more gradual in the early to mid 1930’s. Tragically, my family in Hungary missed the signals and almost all were murdered by the Nazis. Thanks for your encouraging article. Shalom, Marc

    • From my readings of primary accounts of the Holocaust, it all went down pretty quickly. When Hitler was declared Furher after von Hindenburg died, he was ready. He’d been using his position as Chancellor to quietly put like-minded people into power, in the education system and throughout government. Then he was able to get the Nuremberg Laws passed, which disenfranchised the Jewish people on many levels. After that, it wasn’t long before Kristallnacht and the Blitzkrieg.

      The first people in the Nazi camps were actually political dissidents. There were many who tried to resist, from Sophie Scholl to Herbert Baumann and the White Rose to countless others. Similar patterns played out in Iraq under Hussein, Russia under both Lenin and Stalin, and China under Mao. And it seems to be happening here. Both sides of the political spectrum are pushing their own brands of fascism, and people on both sides are cheering them on. As I said above: I am appalled!

    • Marc,
      There was a book published in French that explained that Hitler would never had been elected if these 3 banks had not become bankrupt and deprived the people of Austria, Hungary and Germany of all their savings: First) Credit Anstaldt bank closed May 11, 1931, owned by Louis Nathaniel de Rothschild Second) Danat Bank closed July 11, 1931, owned by Jacob Goldschmidt Third) Dresdner Bank closed July 14, owned by Herbert Guttman. Never trust the elite, especially the bankers who don’t care about ordinary people (that includes ordinary Jews who lost also everything in these banks). 2 of 3 banks were owned by very rich Jews so it that gave powerful arguments to Hitler to convince the population to vote for him and got him elected with a strong oustanding majority in Germany. If you are familiar with French and interested in history, here is the link (put the subtitles): https://youtu.be/lQHFo5J0neE?si=ZBvGxo2k5MbPutDb
      Think about it, if the American banks failed with their swift system and US dollar, how many countries will blame ordinary American citizens and consider them the new scapegoat? History tends to repeat itself…

      • It didn’t help that companies such as IG Farben and Siemens propped the little man up in return for the profits it brought. That’s another thing that’s very much in play today. The criminally insane lunatic could have been stopped five years ago at his first impeachment trial, had the empty suits voting on it had any integrity. Then there was his second trial, where the same empty suits said he was guilty and acquitted him anyway. These things were done for power and profit, just as they were in Nazi Germany. And now look at the mess we’re in! It definitely speaks to the character of those willing to put such a man back into power though. And no, the other guy isn’t any better!

  • It is troubling that the protests in Washington DC, have been labeled in these clips as a political stance for the left; really, it is both extremist groups of the left and right who expose and rally beside hate.
    History has not been replaced or omitted here in Washington State! If it has been in your state, then the people need to question their state’s educational system.
    Why are these protests labeled, frankly it is to separate us more. Who are the people who have made their opinions known regarding the Jewish and Islamic people? Their affiliation with a University or College is one part of them, I would like to know more.
    I am concerned about what those professors who are extremist, left or right, are teaching our children, and those teachers need to be held accountable for their comments and beliefs regarding the Jewish people and dismissed.
    Daisy I appreciate you opening the door to talk about this subject, the Jewish people are being targeted by the extremists in our country and in other countries. However, there are some missing pieces in your article, and those missing pieces, continue the divisions in our country.

    • I agree we need to teach history, but can assure you it unfortunately is only as good as the teacher and text books…my daughter graduated in WA. State 2013…and her text book was missing the facts it was asking in the review questions…
      I sent several books from my personal library to her teacher and they were used for the rest of the semester…
      Texts books now are heavily “woke” and certainly not accurate…I have always loved history and have seen it does repeat,

  • Thank you for this Daisy; I really appreciate it. Between my horror and grief over what’s happening in Israel and the almost immediate turn of the world to Israel hating and antisemitism, it’s been a miserable month. I used to wonder about the Holocaust; how and why so called advanced civilized countries in Europe bought into this and managed to murder 6 million Jews as well as millions of others. During Covid and the demonization of those refusing the vax, I started to understand. Now I totally get it. There isn’t much difference between the US, Canada and other western countries today and Europe in the days of the Nazis. It absolutely could happen here. It would only require official governmental approval which would require electing a government that hated Jews above all. There are millions in the US, both on the left and the right that would happily support such a government.

    Why is this happening? Why have so many young people and our colleges turned into festering pools of antisemitism? I’d say that while we weren’t paying attention, education in general got taken over by the radical left. They support intersectionality which is a system that brands Arabs, Moslems and Palestinians “victims “ and “brown people” and Jews oppressors and “white people”. That one can’t tell the difference between Arabs or Jews in Israel based on skin color is irrelevant to them. But they have taught the younger generation to hate Israel and Jews. Sadly many leftist Jews have accepted this. Some of them are now horrified to realize how much their supposed allies hate them. Leftists don’t actually understand the situation in Israel, Gaza etc; they know what they learned in school and what the Israel hating MSM tells them. The antisemitic right has generated conspiracy theories about Jews and Israel for years; no need for facts. It’s coming from all sides. Scarily enough though, politicians want most of all to be elected. If they have to throw Israel and Jews to the wolves they will do so. This is especially so in the UK right now. And that’s another thing; really high levels of immigration to countries in Europe, Canada and the US, by lots of Moslems from the ME and Africa. This is starting to have a serious impact. They are active on college campuses and also in the community. Violent pro Hamas rallies are spearheaded by these groups, joined by their useful tools. It’s scary times.

  • Thank you for standing up against the antisemitic bullying that is plaguing our society. It injures all of us, whether we are Jewish or Gentile, and it plays into the hands of not only those people who would only be too happy to see intifada here in the U.S., but all those who seek the destruction of America as well as Israel and every other place founded and populated by people who still believe in God.

    For those who believe that this is NOT a religious war, well, you folks need to wake up. Agree or not, we are in the opening stages of an epic war between good and evil, not just rival ideologies or political parties.
    Choose wisely.

    • @ Kitty

      Yes indeed it IS a religious war. It’s not actually a war over land as the MSM likes to present. It’s Islamists intent on taking over the world in order to have a worldwide caliphate. They are starting with the Jews and Israel and then will move on to the West. Christians are also on their list.

  • I’m an oldie, and never thought I’d live to see all this mess in our own country!!! I was raised in the 50-60s, never quite understood all that happened then, actually didnt care, I was never raised to see any color in folks, just the good/bad, integrity, honor, caring, etc. I had friends of all color, race, religions, etc and thoroughly enjoyed being around them. I never took sides becaue I believed everyone deserved a chance to make their life the way they wanted, helped where I could, gave time and energy when I could, no matter who/what they were. I was taught to share with others, we often had non-family at our table both daily and holidays; we were a firefighter family, and they stuck together along with the police, emts, etc. you either believed in God or you didnt, you either worshipped or you didnt, and so on…I wasnt judging you either way; if you were my friend you were until you betrayed me or mine, then I might exit the friendship – depends on what the situation was; today I’m still that way, I do what I can for self and others, live my life quietly, my motto live and let live. leave me alone, and I’ll not bother you…….I wish I could move to the mtns for the time I have left, and just enjoy nature, beauty, peace and quiet for whatever time is left….I’ve been blessed in my life, have no one left, and I’m so sorry things have gotten to where they are, I feel for everyone hurting, losing loved ones, those who have lost everything, health, home, family, animals, anything. and I truly pity the folks who are so full of hate and evil that they cant see anything anymore….its sad, and it scares me to think of whats coming and how it will all end, not good for most….its time to get things right in your life….its now very very short, and shorter every day….

  • Well said, Daisy. And thank you for saying it. The only thing that I feel differently about is where you were shocked at what happened and how quickly that trigger started the open wave of antisemitic rhetoric and actions, whereas I am not at all surprised at what happened, how it happened, and the results to date.

    While some things are certainly independent of the direct actions of the Cabal/TPTB/TNWO and all the other names for those people, like Soros, that intend to destroy civilization as we know it in order to bring into full being their vision of nirvana wherein they are the masters and everyone else is either a useful idiot, a minion, a slave, or a hard-working taxpayer to fund all of it and provide the money for their lavish lifestyles in locations they have had declared off-limits to ‘ordinary people’ that do not know how to ‘properly’ take care of them and therefore should be kept out of them and be taxed to upgrade them to the requirements of the elite that will be using them.

    The ongoing programs, running in conjunction with each other and supporting each other of Complete Civilian Disarmament and militarization of civilian law enforcement, the weakening and gutting of our military and external information gathering programs, the control of the education system, control and use of the Mainstream Media, use and influencing of the entire entertainment industry to spread the various messages and to divide people and encourage hatred, implementation of universal surveillance using embedded systems in communication systems, implementation of total financial control, implementation of the genocidal elimination of everyone they do not feel would be useful to them using a variety of schemes from created viruses to the destruction of food sources, and the other ways in which I am probably not aware, have all been building and growing for years.

    Due to my somewhat unique upbringing and natural mindset, I have seen this happening for what it is, rather than separate, coincidental unrelated events; for a very long time. My father instilled in me an abiding need to know; to research; to analyze; to watch and really see; and listen and really hear; and to read and really understand; to use classical logic without accepting the skewed versions of logic that now exist; without letting outside influences keep me from understanding it all.

    Not that I am all that special. There are plenty of us in the prepper ranks, as well as, fortunately, throughout the world population. I have no assets; skills; or means to effect any changes; other than to help those who are trying to get as many people as possible to understand and prepare for the ultimate result of everything happening now, in more open view; one form or another of Armageddon, Apocalypse, TEOCAWKI, or a NWO of elitists ruling commoners.

    Of course, this is all just my opinion.

    However, again, Daisy, well done.

    • I analyze data and information all day for my job. Like you I research everything and believe nothing we are being told by the government or media. They have been planning for what is happening in the world for probably close to 100 years.

      Right now we are in a dangerous position because many more people are starting to see their evil plan. Our time to prepare spiritual is getting short.

  • It is unbelievable that this is happening again in the world! This appears to be a much larger well coordinated uprising world wide to complement the massacre of Oct 7th. Did you notice just how quickly protests sprang up where so many were waving the Palestinian flag and/or wearing their headscraves? How did they show up so quickly? Are they selling them at the local Walmarts? We are being played and badly!

    We must stand against evil and the pure hatred that is spilling into the streets. I read that not only was red paint splattered on the gates of the White House, but they spread feces as well. Tells you the caliber of these demons. This is not free speech, they are crossing all lines of decency.

  • Thank you for your insightful comments. We Jews are caught between left wing haters and right wing haters. We will survive as we have for millennia, but, it is painful and sad.

    • I’m right wing, Pro-Israel and pro-Jewish. Have been for a long time. My husband and I attended a Yom Kippur War fundraising at a Tulsa synagogue in 1973. Still have the war bond we bought. And although I’ve never seen any right wing haters, neither do I deny that they exist; more from probabilities than anything else. The fact is, the only anti-Semitism I’ve encountered from anyone other than the left, was from libertarians.

      Would you relate for us specifics about right-wing hatred toward Jewish people? For the last 30 years, I’ve followed American politics closely, and I simply haven’t encountered it.

      • Oh I can speak to this. There are a number of alternative news readers who are very conservative and have extremely hateful views about many groups of people. These people believe that Jewish people are involved in bizarre plots to rule the world and that all Jewish people loathe “the goyim.” Trust me when I tell you, they exist and they often vote Republican.

        • As I said, I don’t doubt that they exist. I don’t see them marching or demonstrating. And, unlike liberal politicians, no one on the conservative side espouses hate speech toward Jews. I can name several specific Hamas-defenders in Congress – and we all know who they are – but I’ve not heard any elected officials on the right engaging in hate speech. I freely admit I don’t know it all, and must’ve missed it if there were.

          On conservative comment forums, yes, I’ve encountered a few anti-Semites, but the longer they go on, the more obvious it becomes that they’re fringe, at best. I suspect that at least some of them are fbi troll accounts, seeing who they can flush out.

          I have no tolerance for anti-Semitism and fight it wherever I find it. There are several libertarians among your readers, and I realized that I should’ve made it clear that obviously, not all libertarians are anti-Israel. However, all of the ones I’ve talked with personally were. It almost made my head spin hearing them defend Hitler.

          • I’m a staunch philosophical libertarian and have no use for Hitler or his ilk. Neither do any of my libertarian friends. I’m happy not to have met the ones you’re describing in any of my interactions

        • @ Daisy

          Yes, sadly this is very true. I was horrified, but not too surprised to read some seriously nasty stuff on some right wing sites that basically demonizes Israel and Jews and attributes all manner of conspiracy theories to them. Their fan base, from the comments, absolutely loves it and happily joined in. I have freed up a chunk of time no longer reading those sites. And even when a conservative site itself isn’t run by an antisemite, it’s shocking to see all the vile hateful antisemitic comments and support for Hamas. So yeah, I sorta feel like I’m getting it from both sides. Which makes me appreciate you and most who post here even more.

  • Daisy, I have followed you for years, and gotten a great deal from your advice and wisdom, and admired your ability to stay rational in the midst of the crazy in the world. I have never been more proud of you than I am right now. Thank you for your bravery.

    I will take my own stand here, and that is to say that everything is spiritual. This hatred of Jews is a spiritual condition, springing from an age old conflict between the enemies of God, and God himself. In this case, God‘s chosen people, the Jews, are his proxy. I’m not saying that they always do what God wants them to do. This isn’t about the state of Israel being in the right in all things, but they are still God’s chosen people, and they have a roll to play in the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. Jesus is going to come back, and when he does the Jews will welcome him from their land. Satan wants to overthrow this, and believes if he can wipe out the Jews he can put an end to God’s plan of the redemption of humanity . This is existential. This is spiritual. There is no understanding the worldwide hatred of Jews outside of a spiritual context, because it is utterly and completely irrational.

    God bless you, Daisy, and may you always be successful in your search for truth.

  • The part that really has me worried is the leader of Hamas calling for more than just the destruction of Israel and Jews in Israel but has also called for the death of all Jews in the world. He has openly called for coordinated attacks on Americans as well everywhere. Those marching under the invading flag of people calling for death and destruction must be stopped. They hate Jews and Christians keep prepping times are going to get worse. You need to be prepared to defend you and yours.

  • Most of the anti-semitism is coming from liberals and Democrats, you know, the ones that preach tolerance. Of course there are a few right wing extremist groups also. My observation is that for many years, the Democrat party has shunned Jews in general, yet many Jews, especially the wealthy and celebrities continue to support the Dems and their liberal causes, girtually selling out their own.

  • I am a Jew, by choice. I converted a long time ago. I live in a very liberal college town. There has been escalating violence against public Jewish buildings; any kind of remotely Jewish public activities. Many folks don’t get that you can be pro Jewish and against what is happening to innocent Palestinians in Gaza. These pro Palestine public activities attract violent folks of all kinds. It’s turning into a free for all for “acceptable” public hatred. It seems to be cool now for college kids to be pro Hammas. And, non thinking folks don’t get that you can be anti Hammas and against the violence done to innocent Palestinians in Gaza. I now hide my star of David necklace alot of the time when I’m alone. Other folks feel like they need to be careful w/their outward displays of their Jewishness, especially if they have a family. Troubling times but not totally unexpected.

    • Denise, Jew by choice,converted in the 90’s. I wear my Star of David out. I also live in a pro-2A state.

      • King David never wore that Star . The only time a symbolic star is mentioned in the Bible, it is with prophet Amos, chapter 5 where he denounced the Star of Remphan (Kijoun by other name), a warrior false god who needs human sacrifice. See (1min34): https://youtu.be/J7yfTOFgwkc?si=bazwa_M805B9yuDA You will not get the blessings of Yahweh you are hoping for. Think about all the curses, woes and bad luck it brought to the Jews for many centuries…

  • Daisy Luther, you just won the award for the bravest woman on the planet! This article was terrific!!
    Where the college professor went wrong:”Having spent over 13 years building a close-knit community of like-minded liberals…….”I have never known a Liberal who isn’t a Leftist and if you don’t follow their edicts to the N’th Degree-you are in serious trouble. People do not realize that the definition of “liberal” changed in the ’60s. It used to be that a liberal was an open minded, non judgemental person willing to debate both side of ANY issue. Now? You better be a card carrying communist. My suggestion is to associate with folks who are open minded but honor generational truths.
    We all practice our religion-whatever way we believe. Faith is a very personal thing. Not all Jews are rich, not all Muslims are religious, not all Christians practice the same way. This country is being torn apart by intolerance and I frankly blame the immigrants who move here and are ungrateful.

  • Where Would They Go?

    It seems like half the world is calling for the Israelis to leave the Middle East. The question is where would the nearly 10 million Jews go?

    I would offer two suggestions: the west coast of North America is one option. California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia proclaim they are sanctuaries for the poor, downtrodden and displaced. The Mediterranean climate of California seems ideal. You would just have to allow the Jews to keep their weapons since the drug cartels are slowing taking over the west coast.

    Another option is the Jewish autonimous region located in the Russian Far East. Wikipedia states “The Jewish Autonomous Oblast is a federal subject of Russia situated in the far east of the country, bordering Khabarovsk Krai and Amur Oblast in Russia and Heilongjiang province in China. Its administrative center is the town of Birobidzhan. The JAO was designated by a Soviet official decree in 1928, and officially established in 1934…Article 65 of the Constitution of Russia provides that the JAO is Russia’s only autonomous oblast. It is one of two officially Jewish jurisdictions in the world, the other being Israel.”

    Considering that the Oblast sets at the heart of the region that Vladimir Putin says is Russia’s economic future, the Jewish people could be among the world’s wealthiest in one generation. Imagine being under the protection of Mother Russia and able to focus fully on trade and commerce.

    “Next year in Jerusalem”, sung at the end of the Passover Seder and at the end of the Ne’ila service on Yom Kippur would take on more meaning.

    • @ Bill

      No, the Jews of Israel are home at last and not going anywhere. It’s our ancient ancestral biblical homeland. Jews have lived there for thousands of years, often getting slaughtered or kicked out but still we persevere. Ain’t going nowhere.

    • Bill, there are 22 Arab countries Palestinians can move to. The problem is, NOT ONE OF THEM WANT THEM. Have you wondered why?

  • Daisy is right most issues but couldn’t be more wrong on this one. While anti-Jew hate is a problem (as much as anti-black, anti-asian, anti-latino, anti-Muslim, etc), the overwhelming consensus of mainstream media and establishment politicians across the board are pro-Israel. The short answer to the question posed in her article’s title is the hatred in this case is a direct consequence of the genocidal policies carried out by the fascist and corrupt Natanyahu regime against Palestinians and dissident Israelis before and after 10/7.

    • @ Harpo

      You couldn’t be more wrong or indoctrinated in Israel hate. Netanyahu and his current and previous government have not been committing genocide against anyone. That propaganda is widely pushed by complicit MSM as well as the Arab controlled virulently antisemitic UN. That you spout such nonsense tells me just how effective the brainwashing has been. I have little hope that you and those like you will overcome this. If Israel fails at taking out Hamas and if we don’t reign in the Islamists, you will, sadly too late, come to understand this. Just as the mostly leftist “peace promoting” kibbutzim and music festival folks saw too late that they were totally deluded and were supporting monsters.

  • It’s my opinion that most anti Semitic hate/violence, is coming from the left,not right. I live in Arizona where not a whole lot of anti Semitic, anti Israel sentiment is happening,except at Arizona State University, which is not surprising. It’s considered one of the most leftist,least educational colleges around.Notice,violence,assaults,murder taking place in Blue anti 2A states.

  • When I watched the Goshens speak about their experiences, the death threats, businesses refusing to do business with them and they announce they are closing both channels? THAT hit me. My pop’s side is from South-Eastern Poland/Galicia. I have relatives who perished in the camps. i have a photo of some of my uncles, cousins standing before their wives, lined up with the Nazis right before they killed them. So very sad, Man never learns.

    • The Jews did learn from the Holocaust. They learned that no one was going to defend them from genocide and that they had to defend themselves. And that’s what the “palestinians” are livid about. Jews are fighting back.

      All that high-minded peace talk didn’t do those girls any good at that music festival. Peace through strength.

  • “Hate Crime” charges are gilding the lilly. It should be enough to apply existing laws. Murder is murder, and to be frank, the mens rea (state of mind) already implies a degree of hate. Same goes for assault and battery. It was a mistake for the Legal systems of the Western world to go down the “hate crime” rabbit hole, but they probably had to because they lost the stomach to vigorously enforce the laws on the books. Look at all the Soros DAs letting America’s cities descend into chaos; are we surprised the Bolshies aren’t charging their foot soldiers with the weakest of offences and sending them on their way to do more?

  • Thank you for your article. A few people a brave enough to say the truth today. I am scared of what is happening in the USA, Western Europe in UK is even worse…

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