5 Epic Disasters Are Looming Over Us Right Now

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By Daisy Luther

Doesn’t it seem like all the disasters are coming at us at the same time? Just in case one catastrophe isn’t enough, we’ve got all sorts of other things either going on right now or headed our way. Here are 5 stories that will make you glad you’re a prepper. And if you’re not, perhaps this is a cosmic kick in the pants that is telling you that you should be.

Here are 5 epic disasters that are happening right now.

The five stories below will make you want to double down on your preparedness efforts because between mankind and Mother Nature, things are looking increasingly dangerous.

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Hopefully, the disasters that appear to be en route will end up being non-events.

Texas was just hit with the biggest rainfall ever recorded in the Continental US.

Hurricane Harvey flooded the Gulf Coast of Texas with more rain than has ever been recorded in this country. The storm dumped 51.88 inches of rain on the state, flooding the coast and causing billions of dollars worth of damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure. And the disaster isn’t over yet. With the flood and wind damage comes a whole new set of problems, like waterborne illness, mosquitoes, and explosions at flooded factories. (Read more about the aftermath of Harvey here.)

The Western United States is on fire.

The western half of the country is burning right now, with smoke so dense that NASA has tracked it all the way the way to western New York. More than 80 wildfires are spreading uncontrollably across California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, and Montana. Pair the fires with extreme heat, high winds, and very dry conditions, and it’s a recipe for an unstoppable disaster. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed, natural and historical wonders are going up in flames, and thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes. (source)

North Korea successfully tested a hydrogen bomb…and they keep threatening us.

Despite warnings from the international community, North Korea continues to behave in an increasingly aggressive fashion. In the past week, they sent a missile flying over Japan and they detonated a powerful hydrogen bomb. They’ve also pointed out that a nuke could be detonated in the atmosphere over the United States, resulting in an electromagnetic pulse that could take out our electrical grid for years.

But it isn’t just the US that is at risk from North Korea’s irresponsible actions. The mountain where the bomb was detonated is beginning to show damage, with landslides that are visible from satellite images. Chinese scientists say that the mountain is at risk for collapse, and if that happens, it will cause an unprecedented radioactive environmental disaster. Wang Naiyan, a former chairman of the China Nuclear Society and a researcher on China’s own nuclear weapons program, said, “We call it ‘taking the roof off.’ If the mountain collapses and the hole is exposed, it will let out many bad things.” (source)

Two X-class solar flares are headed our way.

And if North Korea doesn’t take down our grid, the sun might. The sun just released two of the biggest solar flares in a decade. Space.com reports:

At 5:10 a.m. EDT (0910 GMT), an X-class solar flare — the most powerful sun-storm category — blasted from a large sunspot on the sun’s surface. That flare was the strongest since 2015, at X2.2, but it was dwarfed just 3 hours later, at 8:02 a.m. EDT (1202 GMT), by an X9.3 flare, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC). The last X9 flare occurred in 2006.

According to SWPC, the flares resulted in radio blackouts: high-frequency radio experienced a “wide area of blackouts, loss of contact for up to an hour over [the] sunlit side of Earth,” and low frequency communication, used in navigation, was degraded for an hour. (source)

There is some evidence that a cloud of plasma was released along with the second flare, called a coronal mass ejection. This could cause spectacular auroras tonight, but could also damage satellites, communications, and the electrical grid. It takes anywhere from 1-4 days for the CME to reach the earth. The issue with communications and satellites could be huge, effectively blinding us with Hurricane Irma on the way.

Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded, is headed straight for Florida.

If hurricanes could talk, Irma just said to Harvey, “That’s all you’ve got? Hold my beer.”

As Michael Snyder wrote, “If there was such a thing as a Category 6 hurricane, this would be it.” Hurricane Irma is the strongest hurricane ever measured outside of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, with sustained winds of over 185 miles per hour. Unless something major happens to steer the storm away, the storm is due to hit the Florida Keys as soon as Sunday, and since there is only one road out of the Keys, the islands are already under mandatory evacuation orders.

If you are in Florida or close to the Southeast coast, I strongly advise you to evacuate. Your home cannot stand up to sustained winds of nearly 200 mph. Leave now before all routes out are clogged with people, because if you think being in a house when the storm hit would be bad, you don’t even want to think about being stranded in your car on the road. Here’s an evacuation checklist that can help you get ready to leave in a hurry. If you are someplace where you can safely hunker down (like AWAY from the coast), here is a guide to hurricane survival.

There are two more tropical storms close behind Irma with the potential to turn into hurricanes. Jose is on the same course but may veer North instead of hitting Florida and the East Coast. Katia is developing in the Gulf of Mexico near Veracruz.

One disaster after another.

I’d ask what else could possibly go wrong but it seems like that could be taken as a challenge.

Are there other pending disasters that you have your eye on? Share the bad news in the comments below.


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  • Hurricane IRMA isn’t going to hit Florida at 200 or 180 mph winds. It’s only suppose to be about 145 mph. It’s also NOT going to be a category 5 when it hits but a category 4 instead.

    Where do we get 200-180 and 5 from?????

    It’s more like 145 and 4 instead.

    Let’s not make it out to be worse than it’s going to be, b/c what is coming is going to be bad enough as it is.
    It will be over 100 miles wide, it will be as wide as Alabama and Georgia combined, that we do know.
    The Florida Keys will be evacuated however they have not said anything yet about south Miami being evacuated. It’s going to be larger, stronger and worse than Andrew was and Andrew was a monster.

    Unless there is some info that I am not aware of yet, then this is the correct information.

    From a Biblical perspective…we were warned in the Bible that as the return of JESUS comes near our situation would worsen. Storms would be stronger and closer together. Isn’t that what we are now seeing?

    • According to the CNN news reports, Irma is a category 5 right now. Winds are 185mph as it approaches Puerto Rico. So, if it does head towards Florida, it sure will be devastating!
      CNN also states ” Irma is the most powerful hurricane ever recorded”!

    • They have reported wind gusts of 225 mph. The 185 mph is the sustained winds. Also, depending on when It was reported and which “projected track” they use, most models are projecting it hitting Florida as a Cat 5 or high cat 4 borderline cat 5. Key word here is projected, which is just newspeak for guessing. I was born & raised on the beaches of Florida and still currently live here and I can guarantee you that they have no idea what any hurricane is going to do once they get a few days out. Regardless, a Cat 4 is DEVASTATING and CATASTROPHIC. A storm with 145 mph sustained winds can still produce wind gust upward of 200 mph. There is no “making this out to be worse than it is”. ALL of South Florida has been told to leave and sadly, its probably already too late as traffic on I-75 and I-95 was a parking lot yesterday morning….and if I remember correctly, the day before also. THIS IS BAD!! Irma is 400 + MILES WIDE!!! IT COULD COMPLETELY COVER THE ENTIRE STATE OF FLORIDA WITH ROOM LEFT FOR OTHER STATES!! In my 42 years I have NEVER been scared…I have NEVER evacuated…I have NEVER paid more attention to ANY storm like I have this one. I am scared, evacuating and have no expectation of coming home to find anything…even my home, if Irma hits.

      • Angelique, I, too was born and raised in Florida (Central, though) and have lived through many hurricanes as you have (I’m 65) without panic. I now live in North Carolina and even there it looks like Irma may pay us a visit! I know what it’s like to go through these storms and their aftermath. I hope that you have a safe place to go. Blessings and safe travels to you and yours, friend.

  • One could argue that one of the largest threats to humanity is the power/influence of the world’s central banks. Their constant interference in all things economic/financial puts us constantly in jeopardy.

  • You could talk about how the hurricane is only able to reach these levels because of the rising ocean temperatures. With the ocean warmer than before, it gives perfect conditions for hurricanes to form (especially large and powerful ones).

  • There were about 96 earthquakes in southeast Idaho over Labor Day weekend. The largest was about a 5.5ish. They were told that the earthquakes would probably taper off, but to prepare for a 7.0 just in case.

  • The best prep is an emergency fund. It’s awful having to ride out a bad storm in a shelter because you can’t afford to evacuate. The peace of mind that comes from knowing you have the savings to be able to miss days of work, and to be able to buy a ticket out of the area, and to be able to afford a hotel room on the other end, is priceless.

  • To me the greatest danger in this country is the ignorance of it’s inhabitants when it comes to believing anything negative about how and why Nature is fighting back. Why waste time arguing about who’s correct in their assumptions concerning global warming when it is SO obvious SOMETHING is happening? We need to swallow the ‘being right’ attitude and prepare for the worse . . . that is coming for ALL of us.

  • And all this within a week or two just after a solar eclipse? sign of the time? watching the signs in the heavens? coincidence probably not. Biblical? Tottaly!

  • Bad news for Americans is that the status of the US Dollar as the world reserve currency, which we have enjoyed since the end of WWII, is quickly slipping away. China has opened a petroleum exchange payable in yuan or gold. https://asia.nikkei.com/Markets/Commodities/China-sees-new-world-order-with-oil-benchmark-backed-by-gold

    This spells the end of the petrodollar, and therefore the way of life we have enjoyed here in America. Either the US will try to stop China, like they did Sadam and Ghadafi when each tried to sell oil in a currency other than the dollar, which would likely bring on WW3, or we will see a very rapid and dramatic decline in our standard of living, since we would no longer be able to pay for our imports with money that is created out of thin air.

  • Just in case it has skipped peoples’ minds with all the other stuff going on, but in four days, Sept 11th, it will be the 16th anniversary of the original 9/11 attack, and we should all know by now, how the islamic terrorists love to pull off attacks on the anniversary of significant events. And with so many people distracted with the hurricanes, N Korean threats, and the wild fires (many of which they probably started), they might decide to take advantage of that distraction and try to pull off another BIG attack.

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