North Korea Escalates with a Missile Over Japan; Citizens Warned to Take Cover

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By Daisy Luther

The Pentagon and the Japanese national news station (source) have both confirmed that North Korea fired a missile over Japan at 5:57 am local time. (That’s 4:57 pm Eastern Standard Time.) Officials say the missile was launched from Pyongyang.

When the missile was detected, the citizens of Japan were alerted to take cover.

The Japanese government has urged people in Tohoku to take refuge in solid buildings or underground shelters, according to NHK. (source)

Fortunately, the missile flew harmlessly over Japan and landed in the ocean, where it did not cause damage to any watercraft. But the threat cannot be ignored.

Here’s the flight path, as per CNN.

CNN reports:

“The missile launched by North Korea flew over Japan,” Pentagon spokesman US Army Col. Rob Manning said. “We are still in the process of assessing this launch.”
South Korea’s Joint Chiefs issued a statement that North Korea “fired an unidentified projectile” from an area near Sunan, Pyongyang, toward the sea east of the Korean Peninsula, that “flew over Japan.”
Japan’s Chief Cabinet secretary Yoshihide Suga said the missile passed over the Erimo Cape of Hokkaido, and it is estimated have fallen in the Pacific Ocean, about 1,180km east of the Erimo Cape. (source)
The launch is considered to be a particularly aggressive test. South Korea’s military is on high alert and “has strengthened its monitoring and preparation in case of further actions from North Korea.” (source) US Pacific Command is also standing ready to respond.
Three short range missiles were fired over the weekend, and this most recent launch is in defiance of escalated warnings from the international community and President Trump.
It seems extremely likely that Japan will retaliate.

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the missile test was a threat that Tokyo would respond to firmly.

“This ballistic missile launch appeared to fly over our territory. It is an unprecedented, serious and grave threat to our nation,” the top government spokesman told reporters.

Suga called the test a clear violation of United Nations resolutions. He also said that Japan will work closely with the U.S., South Korea and other concerned nations to find a timely and appropriate response.


As for those of us who could be caught in the crossfire of warring world leaders, the thing we must focus on is being prepared. Many will undoubtedly say that this is a set-up for a false flag, but when you’re talking about your family’s survival, it won’t really matter who’s firing nukes. (More on that topic here.)

Read this article to learn more about surviving a nuclear strike or take this class for more than 2 hours of interviews with nuclear survival experts.

Keep your eyes on the news. (You can sign up here for my newsletter.) As we learned a few weeks ago, we wouldn’t have a whole lot of notice in the event that missiles bearing nuclear warheads were fired at the United States, so you need to have all of your basics in place well ahead of time.

This could be the last straw for nations around the world who are tired of Kim Jong Un’s loose-cannon actions. Don’t expect this aggressive action to go unanswered.

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  • Very worrying that the situation has not been defused by the President, but rather has been escalated further to this point. Prepare and prepare lots.

    • So Trump has escalated the situation? I believe it is N Korea who has shot the missles over Japan and Trump has not fired a missle over N Korea. N Korea also sunk S. Korean naval ship with almost 50 sailors dead and shelled a couple of islands with civilians on them so give me a break of course that was on Obama’s watch so N. Korea is used to getting their way.

  • Daisy, I read another article today saying N Korea is planning another test of a nuclear weapon by Sept 8th or 9th (not certain which right now). I would expect, if they will make an active move against Kim, it will be before that date. He seems to think that the west is afraid of the massive casualties that aggressive military action would cause, and that no one has the nerve to stand up to him. I think he has not yet gotten the message that the US has a new sheriff in town who is the polar opposite to Obama. I expect a massive targeted attack to attempt to take him out and perhaps those at his headquarters. If it fails, it could be a major world-changing disaster. If it works it could calm a lot of out of hand tensions.

  • I can’t believe the Japanese let him fly those things over or even near their country. Imagine if japan lofted missiles towards NK.

  • I still hold to the opinion that China is using NK as a proxy to start a War. Why else would Mr. Nutbag be shooting missles toward Japan knowing that the US has a defensive pact with Japan? Japan starts something in self defense or NK hits Japan then it’s war and we by our pact are forced into it. Allowing China numerous options of attack while US is busy with NK. NK is just waiting for the green light from China.

  • Love your articles, Daisy. Keep them coming.
    Sadly, most people don’t know about N. Korea and very few care. They will care if the time comes for war but till then, they go on with their routines as if nothing bad will ever happen. Poor fools. They are like spoiled children who have always gotten what they wanted but then the day comes. I think that only a real catastrophe will shake them out of their lethargy and I’m not talking about a localized one such as 9/11. Those who lived through the , Great Depression learned a very valuable lesson and I’m sure most lived the motto, “waste not, want not”. When the inevitable SHTF, we preppers will be in good shape.

  • Tiny Kim is laughing out loud….he probably is saying “I should have just taken out Japan!”

    And Japan did not respond to a missle flying over their country??? Stupid Japs!

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