3 Types of Emergencies That Could Happen to Anyone

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By Daisy Luther

Not every situation that requires you to be prepped is a doomsday scenario. There are 3 common emergencies that could happen to anyone, but all of the racket from the bunker in Survivalistland can sometimes drown them out. This can make getting started pretty intimidating, paralyzing, even.

Maybe you’re brand new to prepping and not sure where to start. (Hint: Start here.) Maybe you aren’t really interested in emergency preparedness but your well-meaning in-laws keep sending you links to websites about the topic.  Maybe you go to those websites and you see so much doom and gloom that you immediately exit. Maybe you say to yourself, “Holy cow, no!  I’m not one of those crazy Doomsday Preppers!”  Maybe you’re the in-law sending the articles and you’re looking for a tamer article to send.

If any of the above apply, then this post is for you.  It’s chock-full of links, supplies, resources, and information for those who are new to preparedness that may not be ready to dive in 100% just yet.


Prepping for Beginners (and Non-Preppers Who Like to be Sensible)

It’s all about what I like to call “prepping-lite”.  It’s for people who aren’t into apocalypse scenarios but who are sensible enough to realize that, well, stuff happens. Remember, prepping doesn’t mean you’re a doom-and-gloomer. It’s actually the ultimate act of optimism!

There are three types of common emergencies that can strike nearly anyone.  These don’t require that you systematically pick apart every episode of The Walking Dead so you can figure out how to survive the impending zombie pandemic. They simply require that you flip on the news every now and then and see that these are everyday situations that can happen to us all.  And since you are wise enough to accept that these things are realistically things that could, at some point, affect you, I hope you’ll take that wisdom one step further and prepare for them.

Water Emergencies

The last year was a bad one for water emergencies. Remember the chemical spill in West Virginia that left hundreds of thousands of residents without safe water for a more than a week?  The toxin in the water was so potent that it couldn’t be used for bathing or basic cleaning, much less consumption.  Shortly after that, more than half a million people in Cleveland, Ohio were left without running water because agricultural runoff caused and algae bloom that tainted the municipal water supply.

In both of those situations, store shelves were rapidly emptied of water in every form. Families who didn’t make it to the store on time were left to drive for hours to find water, or to wait while the National Guard rationed out bottles. In either case, some water preparedness could have eased the crisis. Here’s what the average family can do to prepare for a water crisis:

Weather Emergencies

After the abundance of snow that has fallen this year, most of the United States can relate to the possibility of a storm affecting day-to-day life. People have been watching store shelves get cleared, digging their way out from under several feet of the white stuff, and getting stranded at home for days at a time.  Even worse are the hurricanes and superstorms that cripple entire regions of the country, taking out power lines, damaging roadways, and shutting down businesses.

To be prepared for a weather emergency, you should have the following:

Water and water purification supplies

See the section above.

Food and a way to cook it

There are two schools of thought regarding food during a power outage.  One: you need a cooking method that does not require the grid to be functioning.  Two: you can store food that doesn’t require cooking. If you opt for a secondary cooking method, be sure that you have enough fuel to last for a while.  Store foods that do not require long cooking times – for example, dried beans would use a great deal of fuel, but canned beans could be warmed up, or even eaten cold.  A rocket stove that can use many different types of fuel is an excellent and flexible choice. The Volcano 3 is an excellent quality choice, and Swiss Army stove is an inexpensive choice for those on a tight budget.

Heating or cooling without electricity

If your power outage takes place in the winter and you live in a colder climate, heat is another necessity.  During the first 24 hours after a power outage, you can stay fairly warm if you block off one room of the house for everyone to group together in.  Keep the door closed and keep a towel or blanket folded along the bottom of the door to conserve warmth.  You can safely burn a couple of candles also, and in the enclosed space, your body heat will keep it relatively warm.  As well, dress in layers and keep everything covered – wear a hat, gloves (fingerless ones allow you to still function), and a scarf.

However, after about 48 hours, that’s not going to be enough in very cold weather. You will require back-up heat at this point in certain climates.  If you are lucky enough to have a source of heat like a fireplace or woodstove, you’ll be just fine as long as you have a supply of wood.

Consider a portable indoor-safe propane heater (and propane) or an oil heater.  You have to be very careful what type of backup heat you plan on using, as many of them can cause carbon monoxide poisoning if used in a poorly ventilated area. Make sure to have CO monitors that will work without electrical power.

Emergency Lighting

Lighting is absolutely vital, especially if there are children in the house.  Nothing is more frightening than being completely in the dark during a stressful situation. Fortunately, it’s one of the easiest things to plan for, as well as one of the least expensive.

Some lighting solutions are:

Tools and supplies

Some basic items will make your life much easier during an emergency. Here are some things that are essential in the event of a power outage:

If you’d like to expand on the basic supplies, a more detailed list of tools and hardware can be found HERE.

Financial Emergencies

This is very different from the other types of emergencies.  It’s undeniable that our country has seen an economic downturn that shows little sign of improvement on the horizon. Many people have suffered their own personal economic downturns due to job loss, unemployment or a higher cost of living. As well, smaller emergencies can crop up. Maybe your refrigerator gives its last hurrah. Maybe your car’s transmission gives up the ghost. There are all sorts of issues that can cause money to be in short supply.

We had our own personal economic crisis 5 years ago when I lost my job. I was unable to find a new job right away, and had to wait more than two months for my first unemployment check to arrive.  Luckily, I had a full pantry and linen closet, as well as a small emergency fund stashed away. The full pantry meant that I didn’t need to take money from my emergency fund for things like groceries, shampoo, and school supplies. The emergency fund meant that I could still keep the utilities on and pay the mortgage even though money wasn’t coming in.

To face a possible personal economic crisis, buy extra food and supplies that you normally use when you see them on sale, and put them back for a rainy day. Consider making some adjustments to live more frugally so that you can put a rainy day fund away.  Hopefully disaster never strikes, and you simply have a savings account and some extra supplies.

Learn more about building a pantry.

Learn more about shopping frugally.

Learn more about creating a rainy day fund.

For more information…

Does this sound pretty sensible? If you can see the logic behind being ready for these scenarios, you might be interested in taking the next step. First, check out this list of 10 things the beginning prepper should do.

If so, I have a book to recommend. My very favorite preparedness book is The Prepper’s Blueprint: The Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Through Any Disaster, by my friend Tess Pennington. It is an absolute compendium of information that takes you from the very beginning steps towards preparedness to full-fledged self-reliance.

A little note from Daisy

For those of you who have been at this for a while, please use the comments section to share your suggestions for those who are dipping their feet into the pond. As well, if you have some loved ones whom you would like to see more prepared, send them a link to this article or share it on your social media!  If you are brand new at this, don’t be shy!  Ask questions in the comments section below. You’re sure to get some great answers from the preparedness community. Happy prepping!

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Great first-steps. Imagining what you’d need to endure a period after a major disaster, it’s amazing how fast you can gather up essential supplies. Doesn’t hurt to keep a few key items in an easily carried bag, too, in case the situation demands that you and your family vamoose. Doesn’t have to be a 75 pound monster with a month’s worth of a food, just a few things that hit on the above needs. Great stuff as always, Daisy. We’re at the point where we’ll be transitioning from the demands of winter to those of summer. And it can’t come fast enough, in my view.

  • Excellent advice! Set backs and emergencies can occur anytime to anyone.

    Add some sprouts to your food pantry. Whole Foods (and other large grocery stores) sell sprouting seeds. If we couldn’t get to the grocery store, due to a crisis situation (bad weather, blizzard, low finances, sick, etc.), fresh fruits and vegetables would be one of the first things we would miss. This would be especially important if there was a crisis situation was in the winter months.

    Our bodies need plant enzymes to help digest food and regulate bowels. Sprouts can be grown in 3-5 days. They are filled with plant enzymes and high in vitamins and fiber. Sprouts can be stored easily, as they take up very little space.

    My favorite is alfalfa sprouts. You only use 2 tablespoons to make a large container of sprouts, as they expand to many times their size.

    More info. about sprouts here.
    Sprouts: A Genuine Super Food

    If you can’t find sprouts locally, you can order online. Link below is where I have ordered sprouts. You can purchase small packages or a #10 can.

    5 lbs. of organic alfalfa seeds (sealed in a #10 can) have a shelf life of 10 years (unopened) when stored properly.

  • Thanks for the informational piece Daisy. I found a couple of prepper sites a couple of months ago when I was looking for some recipes. Being intrigued with the information available, I decided to receive a few newsletters because it seemed to me that I’ve always been a bit of a prepper.
    Born in the fifties, meant that I had a mother who knew how to recycle, be thrifty and be prepared for the unknown. At that time it was the smart thing to do and I don’t remember any tags, like; prepper, recycle, reuse. People just naturally did preserves and many things that are mentioned on blogs. However, it seems to have gotten lost over the years, then all of a sudden it’s back.
    I always have extra food (enough for a couple of weeks) and many of the things mentioned in the lists above. There is one thing that I do, that I haven’t seen on any blog for short term preps and it’s so simple.
    When I hear of bad weather coming in (storm), I rinse out the bathtub and fill it with water, then put a bucket in the bathroom. Yes, we do the – if it’s yellow, let it mellow and if it’s brown, flush it down – which can be done because of the tub of water.
    The tub water is also handy for sponge baths and dish washing, if you don’t have paper plates (I always have paper plates). To wash the dishes (pots, silverware) I add a little bit of bleach to the water but for anything else, other than drinking, (we have bottled water for that) the tub water is fine the way it is.
    Our last ice storm – a year ago – left us with no hydro for a week. After the storm was over, the temperatures stayed just above freezing which was great for us, since our wood stove needs replaced. I couldn’t cook on my wood stove, but I could use the BBQ. Happily, we didn’t bury it in the shed, so I was able to use it.
    Sorry for the length of this post but if I go through it, I know I’ll just delete it and since I think a tub of water is a very handy thing, I’m leaving it. lol 🙂

  • Every time I see a reference to the TV show, ‘The Walking Dead’ (Which I have never seen, but heard Much about) I’m reminded of an episode of the TV show, ‘Duck Dynasty’ where the oldest son references that TV show as if he’s in, ‘the know’.

    That gets me to thinking that there are far more than 3% of the population who are, “into” Prepping.

    …Way more.

    Bell Bottom jeans were popular for a time in the 1970’s, and back then, you could pretty much be assured that the house you bought would be worth many multiples of what it was when you bought it, in the future.
    A lot of People are finding out, “The Hard Way” That It’s Not, a stead fast rule!… And, they are learning the, ‘why’.
    …Oh, pardon me, this is an article about ‘Panic” and, “emergencies”, not how popular opinion is shaped, guided and formed like a pair of blue jeans under a hot iron [ or, is it?] by those who rule us all. Or, as The Daily Bell would refer to it as, ‘Directed History’.

    [Heh, so I won’t Even mention the facts I find on thehousingbubbleblog] Truly a non-panic. Psft.

    …So, I got one embarrassing, ‘as_all_get_out’ to share, [RE: ‘Panic” and, “emergencies”] if you care to know, (Yeah, I know you NSA guys ALWAYS want to know, so you don’t count. And, you suck! You’ve become Monsters.) [Gawd, I felt like such a Soviet Russian writing that, … that is soo sad and a reflection of the failures of those who love The State and The Empire. [[[Do you hear me ARMY! ? You’ve become, “Them”!!~! The enemy!]]] [[…Are you paying attention,… or just collecting a paycheck??? The whole notion of what you “fight for” has been lost. The honorable position is to quit! There is no other.]]
    You too, so-called duped and ‘pressed’ into service for The Empire, “Patriots”. A.k.a. poop-for-brains who cheer-lead for war.

    LISTEN, Damn It. …But, I digress.

    Anyway… I went for a walk one morning. I wasn’t feeling well. Sorta flu-like. When I got home I went straight to bed.
    When I woke up, I checked my gear. Everything was A-ok,… except for this slot in my backpack where I keep THE GLOCK. …It was empty!

    Oh Sheet!

    I panicked.

    Looking back on it, and comparing the years gone by, I think maybe I’ve never panicked in my life until that time.

    The better half freaked out. She nagged me to No end, “Get out there and find it!!@!!” I got that twice, after I walked my whole route.

    I said it once, “Just gimmie a minute and Let Me Think!”

    She didn’t.

    I don’t blame her. Perhaps I should have?

    Finally, after walking my path a number of times I concluded, “It’s Gone.”

    Insert an emoticon of me crying like a …. for my error.

    [No, I didn’t cry, however it was close.]

    And yet, and in spite of that, and in contrary to…[I’ll let you fill in the blanks] She didn’t let up.

    Looking back on it, I can see a Lot of people doing the same things in unrelated matters,… like making M-O-N-E-Y to pay the bills and such,… or to find grub in the bottom of a trash dumpster like they did out Sandy Hook way.

    Her response to me was worse… Much Worse, than what was happening.

    ***I can’t stress that enough. ***

    Her response to me was WORSE… Much Worse, than what was happening.

    I panicked. Her response caused me to panic.

    It’s my fault.

    I was weak.

    After awhile I collected my thoughts. Things had cooled down somewhat. We’d adjusted to the idea that The GLOCK was out there available to anyone with an arm and a hand. We, especially me (as it was my fault) had to come to terms with reality. Then she replayed to me how a “child” could find it. …

    It was, an “Oh Sheet!” moment.

    I mean, I just wonder, How different those people in the 1970’s, or even today, would react if they knew everything, down to the type of jeans they wore, was manipulated from down_on_high?

    Pst, who am I kidding? It’d be cognitive dissonance, writ large.
    …And, by their willful ignorance, I ashamed to be their countryman.
    All “they” want is WAR! War on the individual. War on anyone who does not submit and obey! It ALL seems Very Un-American to me. But the, study history and oh-boy, Americans love war, death, conquest and rule of Men.

    W.F.D. …One of those Popes was right, it’s a culture of death we live in. …If you’re the religious type, that might seem like a bad thing. …If you’re the government-Is-God type, you’re happy as a clam and wanting MORE.

    There’s a bit from a Police song (ironically enough) “I can’t stand loosing you.” [Freedom and liberty?] … “You’ll be sorry when I’m dead, and all this guilt will be on your head when I’m dead.”

    Apparently, the majority of Americans have decided they are just fine with loosing liberty and freedom in exchange for the FALSE perception of security.

    I pity them.

    And, The Sick Twisted World They Are Creating.

    Really, the round rock we live on, is truly, BizarrO World.

    After all, a government boot on your neck isn’t that bad. You might even like it after awhile?

    It’s HI-FI when it’s your child with a boot on their neck, right?

    Oh wait, that’s a “Blank Out” moment, I forgot.

    But still, …It’s The New American Way!

    Ya, war-mongering sheet-fer-brains f*&ing bastards@!

    Nothing outside The State, everything For The State!
    Uber Allies!

    The world is a Vampire. … “There’s, – a hole – in My life!”
    That’s what it means to be an American?
    Uber Allies! ??? WTF?
    The Only Value Americans projefct is one of POWER, they like it when a boot presses on a neck.
    That’s what it means to be an AMerican today: You love it when a boot presses againt the neck of someone,… anyone. As long as it’s not you.

    [Big surprise awaiting at The End?]…

    I Hate you warmongers.

    You’re everything life strives against.

    I pity you.

    Don’t think me unkind. I understand your place.
    Just GTFO!

    “Words that scream for your submission!
    Noone’s scrambling their transmission! … Their logic ties you Up and wrecks you@!

    Um, Let me put it this way: It’s uncool as Hell to be in the service to The Empire.

    Is that too much to absorb? MFs?
    Yadda Mendotta, MFs.
    Quit yer job and come home, we’ve been overrun.

    “I don’t wanna spend my life as… a statistic on a government chart!”

    To all you Big government whoreshippers: a Big shout Out to You: F-U.

    You will Never Win.

    Resistance is Not futile!

    Bite me MFS!

  • It all kinda makes me think we should all lead off every comment we make to be:

    “Dear West Point graduate: ,….”

    Yeah, they won’t listen either. ?

    The new recruits, the gullible 18 year old’s, they swallowed: “The Line” : the hook: the line and sinker. Shhet t5hey ware suckers extrodinare!

    That’s shameful! Imho.

    It embarrasses me to No End that they’ve lost their way.

    I always thought they wanted to fight The Monster with me.

    World, won’t you listen to me?

    “They” want to be a monster.

    It’s their dream, to suck your blood.

    I’m Not kidding!

    And currently, they are your rulers. Are you OK with that, being ruled?
    Whatchya gonna do about that?

    If you’re like me, you’ll do nothing.


  • RE: “Born in the fifties, meant that I had a mother who knew how to recycle, be thrifty and be prepared for the unknown. At that time it was the smart thing to do”

    Ya, she was my grandmother, too. I see.

    I can’t help but think of those guys who were instructed at that time to: kill everything, by that same guide post.

    Some were bound by obedience, others were bound by practicality.

    I.M.H.O. You’re Not “normal” if you accept the status quo.

    Life-sucking bastards all around us. …Don’t be one.

  • Ha. susan.

    Bad comment, no doubt. And, I left out the end. I had placed The GLOCK on a shelf before I went to bed and forgot doing so.
    All that panic, for nothing.

    Feel free to delete my recent comments.

  • Dear Daisy, I loved your old site but this one is confusing. I don’t know how to find your new articles. Now just home from 3+ weeks it is even worse as this syndrome (Miller Fisher) Has damaged the casings on my nerves so both eyesight & co-ordination have been impaired. The treatment I took will have me back to normal within 6 mo. If you could give me a few clues on how to operate this site I’d appreciate it, Thank-you.

    • Dear Canadagal:

      First, I’m sorry to hear about your illness. Please keep me updated, either here or via email!

      My apologies that you have had difficulty navigating the site. The top row of photos include links to the latest articles in each category. I have these split by category because not all readers are interested in all categories. Alternatively, you can go up in the header and click on the category that interest you. They will appear from most recent to oldest.

      The newest 4 articles always show in the top row.

      Very best wishes regarding your health. We’ve been hanging out for a few years now, and I wish I could bring you soup!


  • re: the water filters

    The Swiss army volcano camping stove above as of 2024 is listed as unavailable on Amazon per the link from this 2015 article. In contrast the 3-fuel Volcano 3 stove (using wood, charcoal, propane, wood pellets, etc) from volcanogrills.com is very much still available from either the company or on Amazon. The Big Berkey water filter company was hit with a huge lawsuit for not performing as advertised. I suggest running an online search to check on the progress of that lawsuit and check on discussions of whether the company may shut down.

    I have a Sawyer Mini filter that has never been used in order to keep any water residue out of it in case of a freeze. Because a freeze can break its tiny tubes if they have even a little water left … it is vital to either carry a never-used Sawyer Mini OR if it has ever had water run through it … you must keep it from freezing (whether by body warmth or other warming methods) to keep a freeze from destroying it the filter’s tiny tubes with remaining water inside them. One strategy to learn how to use the Mini is to buy TWO of them … one to learn with by running water through it (and clearly labeling it as water containing so DON’T ever let it freeze and self-destruct) and the second Mini to carry with you without fear of a freeze since it has not ever had water in it yet

    Another strategy is bypass the filter industry problems is to explore the many ways to distill water … which can remove every kind of contamination completely … including even radiation, chemicals, diseases, prescription drugs, et al). There are many different kinds of distillers both at retail and DIY. A rocket stove (for outdoor use) can easily power a distiller as can any stove top — there are many examples of both dirt-cheap DIY and retail rocket stoves on Youtube. There are multiple kinds of solar devices that also can do that job, whether parabolic (some even inside a highly portable umbrella), giant pool table shaped distillers with a slanted glass top, or huge Fresnel lens solar heaters. Some such equipment is highly portable, some is better suited for vehicle or traveling use, and some is large and bulky enough to install and use only at home.

    My theory for a long term power outage of unknown length is to use solar power as much as possible (roughly 2/3rds of the year) and only use stored paid-for fuels for when solar is unavailable whether during cloud overs or at night.

    re: lighting

    Flashlights, head lamps, portable radios, etc can serve you for many years as long as they can run on replaceable and rechargeable batteries.. (I recently had to trash one with a rechargeable battery but was not replaceable when that battery died.) I like using Nimh batteries (whether AA, AAA or D-cell sizes) since there are both AC chargers and solar chargers available for all those sizes. Keep at least some sets of fully charged batteries handy for when the batteries your device is using …need to be pulled and recharged.

    Also, old fashioned kerosene lamps and portable cooking burners (mentioned in Daisy’s article) are very much available and highly reliable … as is the much cleaner burning K-1 kerosene fuel that replaces the much older and stinkier kerosene that gave kerosene a bad name for decades. Long ago I finished many a grade school homework assignment by kerosene lamp light when local power would often die. That was well before YouTube videos came along to teach you how to light and regulate kerosene lamps and burners.

    re: fire lighting

    In addition to matches or BIC lighters, there are book-page size Fresnel magnifying clear plastic lenses available at the Dollar Tree for about $1.25 these days. They make a great fire starter. Another handy fire starter is a portable bathroom mirror with a slight concave design. Intended to magnify your face for shaving or cosmetics use. That slight magnifying effect can easily reflect sunlight to a near point to start a fire. I inherited a 5-inch diameter one that does that job wonderfully.

    re: duct tape

    The quality of the different brands varies wildly. Some of the cheap stuff begins peeling off all too quickly. The Gorilla brand is much better and durable. Test whatever brand you’re willing to pay for BEFORE you need to depend on it.

    re: financial disasters

    Years ago Bob Wells learned the hard way that the child support payments after his divorce case meant that he could not support two households. So he moved into his vehicle to lead a gypsy style life. He wrote a book titled “How to Live In a Car, Van, or RV — And get out of Debt, Travel, & Find True Freedom.” and created a channel on YouTube called CheapRVliving. Today there are many examples there of such mobile living. I saw one recently by a male nurse in San Francisco who lives in his vehicle in the parking lot of the hospital where he works.

    While many such examples are people who have chosen that lifestyle for the long term … it could also make sense for someone who needs a short term remedy until they can rebuild their financial position — without the real estate burden in that interim. The Bob Wells channel on YouTube is just one of several that teach the how-to, and the gotchas to avoid, of that lifestyle whether for short or long term use. That knowledge adds to one’s perspective when buying (or trading for) any vehicle as to whether it could be suitable for living in should the need arise.


  • Great article! I agree with Daisy that, “Lighting is absolutely vital.” Say you drop your car keys in the driveway after dark or the baby decides to be born at midnight.

    Check out “The Non-Electric Lighting Series” of books (written by yours truly). There are 8 books, all available in both eBook format as well as paper. Book 1 is “Candles.” Book 7 is “Propane.” Etc. Nice info to have squirreled away.

    You can quickly locate these books by typing “non-electric lighting by ron brown” into Google. Hope you do. IMHO we all need to start prepping for real.

  • Advising anyone to use Google’s search is often very dysfunctional given their frequent censorship of anything political they don’t approve of. Here are three far more reliable search systems to regularly depend on:




    Exceptions (like medical, eg) might suggest using one of the several hundred and sometimes highly specialized search engines from a search engine directory.

    Secondly, in recent months many of Daisy’s articles on TOP have appeared in very faint lettering … making them very difficult to read. I tried using my browser’s “Reader Mode” which blocks out all the ads. But while it enlarged the article’s print size to help a bit …it completely blocked out ALL of the comments. That’s not acceptable.

    Another strategy to highlight the article AND comments, preferably one at a time, into some reader software such as AbiWord which transforms the text into whatever text type you specify when you open up that application each time you turn your computer on. That gives you the ability to not only read but also to optionally save or even print out selected passages of your choice. BUT that does not save hot links from either an article or from within the comments — you can see the saved passages but the links will not be distinguishable from the surrounding text and those links won’t work from the saved text.

    There is a workaround if you want to save all the article text, all the comments, and all the embedded working links. That’s by using a browser extension (mine is built in) to save everything in either html or PDF format — which will also probably save all the ads as well.

    But if you don’t want to go through that trouble … you can still selectively get much better visibility by highlighting however much you want to read, whether selected passages, entire articles, or an article with all the comments, eg as you might wish. That’s the quickie way to much more easily read TOP material as much as you wish … without going through the copying, pasting, and optional saving or printing. On a piecemeal basis you might just highlight a passage, read it easily, un-highlight it, and move on to the next.

    Those are the long and complicated OR the easy quickie ways to more easily read TOP materials until (or if) the faintness presentation problem can be solved by management.


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