Why Every Prepper Group Needs an Information Specialist (and How to Start Collecting Information)

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Many preppers gather into groups of like-minded people to provide skills and equipment they themselves don’t have. One position or skill that is often overlooked is that of the “Information Specialist.”

“Someone who wants senior command should cultivate a lively curiosity. Technical competence (survival skills), even tactical competence (planning and execution of survival and military skills), isn’t enough. Strategy depends on intelligence (access to knowledge [books, articles, blogs, databases, maps, military intelligence, etc.]), and that depends on asking the right questions.”   ~ “Winning Colors” by Elizabeth Moon (Comments in parentheses  by the author of this article)

There is a great deal of information that is available to preppers publically and legally today that most likely won’t be available after the SHTF. Useful information that may help you survive and prosper during those bad times.

About the Information Specialist series

This article, the first of nine parts, does not discuss the basic prepper subjects of food (seeds, planting, growing, harvesting, cooking, saving, plus hunting and fishing), water, clothing, shelter, defense, first aid and medical, transportation, skills, gadgets, etc. This information is readily available in books and blogs. Prepper gadgets are available from numerous sources.

These articles will discuss the many sources of “important facts (that) are well known or may be gathered from public sources. This form of information collection is known as open source intelligence.” (Source). We will be discussing Internet sources of information, with links that you won’t find anywhere else, all free and legal.

For the purposes of discussion in these articles, there are two kinds of information. “Survival Information” (parts 1 – 6) and “The History of Technology and its Use in the Restoration of Civilization” (parts 7 – 9).

  • First are news and disaster warnings to let you stay up with what is happening now.
  • Second is information and gadgets that you can collect now that would be of use to the prepper now and after the SHTF. This includes maps, information about people and places local to you, in your state and nationally, radios, etc.
  • The History of Technology and its Use in the Restoration of Civilization  Information and gadgets you hope you never need but might be useful to your long-term survival and prosperity after the SHTF. This includes PDF books on tools and machines from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, i.e. the Industrial Revolution. Where possible actual devices could be collected.

It all starts with awareness

Situational awareness is knowing and understanding what’s going on near you and its possible impact on you.

“The simplest definition of situational awareness is to be completely aware of everyone and everything around you, paying close attention to even smaller details that many people would miss. When you are aware of all the important elements of a situation then you are far less likely to be caught by surprise or end up in danger. Identify all the critical elements of the situation, process this information in a calm manner, and then comprehend how this could impact you.” Read the full article.

I can’t show you how to be aware of everyone one around you but I will show you how to be aware of some of the things around you. The first step is obtaining maps (part 3). Second is knowing how to find resources and possible dangers on those maps (part 4).

Recommendations for Awareness

The first step in being aware is watching the nightly news so you can stay up on national and world news. I recommend watching the evening news on Fox News Channel, and at least one local evening news show. Second, is to have a small digital TV, possibly 12 volts DC, with the appropriate antenna(s) to catch all of your local TV stations. Keep this TV in a Faraday cage so you can use it after an EMP event.

So, how will you know when an EMP event has struck? If your power is out, your cell phone is completely dead, the radio that you keep in a Faraday cage picks up nothing across its whole range, your car won’t start and all cars (except maybe some antiques) are all dead in the streets, then you will know an EMP has hit and you can put immediately put your post EMP plan, given your current location, into action. It may be some hours before the general public is aware of the truth, so don’t waste those hours dithering in denial.

Below are some websites that will keep you informed about potential natural disasters and disaster alerts. You can subscribe to email alerts on some of these sites below.

Political, national and international news of particular interest to preppers. This is a site that Daisy manages. Preppers Daily News

Most of the information discussed in these articles will be electronic files that you can acquire freely and legally, specifically PDF and TIF files.

Part 2 will discuss how to safely store these files and use them before and after the SHTF.

Part 3 will provide links where you can download many kinds of state and local maps.

Part 4 will provide links where you can download useful information about people and places on those maps. Supplement the maps with real and useful information about what you see on each map.

The value of information is something that should not be overlooked.

Information is a vital resource for survival. Learning what and how to store it is essential.

What are your favorite sites for news and information? Does your group have an Information Specialist?

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