The Truth About Venezuela

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By Daniela Gonzalez

Here comes the rain again.

This is not just the title of a popular song. It is a metaphor that implies what we are watching on the horizon towards those dark clouds coming up. If you want to know what really happened to Venezuela, read on.

For many of you who do not know the history of this part of the Americas, the actual looting and crisis we live in Venezuela is rooted in Cuban rule. There are other factors to blame, but the major force sustaining the repressive apparatus is the spying structure on our Armed Forces. Our military has paid a high price when they tried to exert their right to rebellion. Names like Caguaripano Scott and Cap. Rafael Acosta Arevalo (tortured to death with the most medieval beatings and methods) are quite uncomfortable for the troupe of sadistic torturers, now trying to make themselves look to the international media like innocent, law-abiding men.

The reality is far from that: they torture and execute rebels within the military world. The military intelligence for over ten years subjected civilians to military trials, keeping them in military prisons.

The only way that the uniformed elite could keep their society under control is by paying the mercenaries with one hand and manipulating the brain-washed true believers with the other hand. The number of believers is decreasing day after day, progressively taking their loyalty with them.

This is happening both in Cuba and Venezuela.

That elite secured a steady supply of oil for themselves to make huge profits in exchange for the protection and spying on the Venezuelan military and society. Whoever thought this was a “democracy” where “liberals” took the power, I am sure that are now watching how that weekly paycheck is not enough under the current WH residents…and barely starting to understand how things are with those international criminal gangs.

We did not necessarily vote for this.

There was enough resistance, but it was crushed by the blackmailing of the Socialist Party organization in the barrios, denying healthcare and access to food subsidizing programs like the so-called CLAP (a huge scamming and money laundering scheme) to the dissidents or those daring to disobey…and the execution or disappearance in the dungeons of the despotic Maduro rule.

That “justice” application has been the standard for many years now, only really messing with “The Party” members when they are not useful anymore or as a propagandistic event to deceive the masses.

They arrived at power using the democratic path and then demolished every institution, eliminating the sacred power separation that is the base of democracy. The same is happening in other countries, like Spain.

They criminalized every mechanism that could take them down and prosecute ferociously those they identify as a threat. This happened again and again in the Eastern European communist satellite republics.

There is a video by a Venezuelan Journalist, Nitu Perez Osuna, informing that the recent arrival of a Putin warship was because most of their security and armed forces will go to Venezuela to sabotage the election process to keep Maduro in power, and they were desperate to avoid losing control of the island.

Then, they devilishly deploy armed mercenaries on foreign soil, those who do not care about my nation’s lives; they are paid to keep society under despotic rule with boots and guns. This will be a decisive election, and there are many ways that it can go sideways. This will not be tolerated, though, and we expect a lot of turmoil. The ruling faction is still trying to escape unharmed, even with the International Criminal Court sentences pending over their heads. It seems now that the window for that is now closed, and they know it. My impression is that they´re going to promote a real disaster like the country hasn´t witnessed since the late 1800s, and spread a terror war to suffocate the dissidency as much as possible, getting as many hostages as they can in prison to be used later as bargain chips.

There are other people also thinking about this same scenario.

We prep as we can but it’s far harder now.

We have some vinegar, rags, bandages, and medical material stashed away, just in case the riots on the streets start over and tear gas spreads once again to our apartment, too close to the center of the city. There is not too much to do other than storing water and some non-perishables, and some basic materials such as cheap packaging tape to seal doors and windows. You know already what our escape plan is if things get hairy, if you read my previous article.

With most of the young people who fought on the street battles back in the lapse from 2014-on already out of the country (fleeing away from further prosecution and plain execution), it is unlikely that serious resistance can be done in the demonstrations…but now there are millions of people of all ages. And that was precisely what the ruling gang was afraid of. We already lost the fear, and the Machado leadership brought a new hope of change. In the videos, you can listen to people ask her, “Please, make my sons and daughters come back from abroad” almost on the verge of hysteria. That level of hope is incredibly dangerous for the controlling faction who already lost the hearts of the people long ago. And they know it.

The general sentiment on the streets (other than the economy being so sluggish) is that the change is imminent. Whatever the ruling gang tries to do, it will be an explosion. The people do not want them in power anymore, and they know it. These are dangerous days. I do not even care writing about what is happening because any attempt to silence somebody will face thousands of people willing to fight.

It already happened.

Snapshot of the day-to-day

However, there are immediate needs to be solved. The daily cost of living is not greater than a couple of years ago. Prices haven´t gone too high and hyperinflation seems to be something that won´t repeat anytime soon. The real difficulty is finding a profitable activity. Most of the people within my friendships and acquaintances circle unfold in the healthcare area, including dental and mental health. This is a good bonus because will allow free passage to our haven if things get that bad. Since my last article, I could send a couple of boxes with a few more preps: flourn(cornmeal and wheat) in glass jars to protect from mice, brown sugar, and spices: cinnamon, ginger, a couple of honey bottles, and some salty fish. I already left some yeast, but the storage shed is hot, and heat can affect it.

I can feel the tension in everyone´s looks. I try to avoid talking to my loved ones, but I know they are highly concerned, too. As time goes by, it is more and more evident that the overwhelming support the real right wing (represented by the Gonzalez Urrutia and Machado alliance) is raising will bring along an armed conflict: the international commie gang won´t let go of this occupied land so easily.

The Long-term Picture

Anyone believing this was a “democratic process” since Madman Hugo took over the presidency is naive and gullible. This was an orchestrated power-grabbing, geopolitically decided occupation process to build military bases of the Axis of Evil (Iran/Russia/China/NK) to threaten the Americas. Not only the US and its formidable financial structure, but the vast resources of Brazil and the South.

That is the target they´re looking to exploit after they secure Taiwan and their control over the Southern Seas. The commercial BRICS treaty is no other than an attempt to establish a side alliance to weaken the dollar. The fall of Venezuela was only a small part of the whole plot. Establishing the last technology in anti-air weaponry and literally spreading it all over the country was one of the goals they successfully achieved. According to the actual propaganda, any “intervention” could be “repelled” using this advanced weaponry.

All these environmental variables were involved in the equation because they needed a rich country they could loot to afford the expansion and support the activities that would lately undermine the USA’s strong position. This support would be in exchange for security teams and safe havens for their stolen money and relatives once they must flee (which can happen in a few more months).

This was NOT a case of “politicians” and their misbehavior. It was carefully designed to kick our society to a dark place forever, just like they did with the satellites of the deceased USSR. Installing a totalitarian rule in one of the most prominent and rich countries in the South of the American continent, with a deep-water harbor able to receive air carriers, is a prize that the evil anti-American alliances crave. Anybody should see this at this point of things after China sent military equipment to suffocate the popular rebellions from 2014 on, and Russia flooded our economy with cash dollars to instate a defacto, non-declared dollarization and stabilization of the economy, after destroying most of the national industry to facilitate their money laundering activities instead, with the importing of all sort of goods that were once produced locally, like autoparts, and some household whiteline apparatus.

The rain is coming. The storm will be something to behold.

What are your thoughts?

Were you aware of all the machinations that were involved with the takeover of Venezuela and her resources? Do you think the people will be able to fight back successfully? What do you think it will take for a real change to occur?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

About Daniela

Daniela Gonzalez is a student of history at the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas.

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  • This will be the sad truth for most countries, not just Venezuela, as the U.S., Russia, and China all vie for the seat at the head of the table. And unfortunately new elections and new leaders, from either side of the aisle, won’t change a thing. No matter who is elected, we are too far down the path for anything to change in a short period of time.

    Look at what is happening in France right now. When the elections don’t go the way the leftists/socialists want, they riot in the streets, looting and burning, like a selfish child that will break the toy rather than let someone else have it.

    We see it in places like Venezuela and Haiti right now, but it will come to all countries eventually, and I believe, much sooner than many think. It is the time when people will have to make a stand and oppose the evil that is on the rise, or meekly submit to their fates.

    As I have noted many times: There are storm clouds on the horizon, and we are in for some very dark and troubled times.

  • God help those people. We’re seeing the same thing developing in the US–I’m convinced the 2024 election, and all future elections will be rigged the same as in 2020…

    • You’ve been black-pilled, Leonard. You see the evil, but you do not YET see the Light, the rising tide of Awareness that will ultimately bring the evil down. The Cabal/ Deep State/ Mr. Global/They/Demonrats and RINOs/rat bastards will certainly try to rig the 2024 election–but will they be allowed to? I believe it will depend on how many Americans are determined to fight for righteousness as opposed to expecting Trumpy (seen as Big Daddy who will do everything so I don’t have to) or some other nanny to do all their growing up for them, versus awakened ADULTS who will ACT. If too many of us are still children, Trump and his teams will allow another steal. If enough of us find CSPOA, the various law firms beginning to sue the hospital murderers, local officials, preps and not just for oneself, and otherwise act like grownups, then we will stop the fraud and Trump and other (more or less) heroes will be elected, and we the people will begin to take back and repair our country.

  • The “free” world is devolving into a classic battle between good and evil, satan and God. It is the final battle. Same thing will happen here in this failed country – what was once Canada. The West is done, saturated with satanic evil, destroyed and degraded by MSM, government, techno gadget addiction, porn, drugs, materialism. Dark days indeed. Evil occurs when you give good men a good paycheque, not my quote but a quote by a truthsayer that I cannot mention here. Look around, surrounded by dumbed down people, God help us when the cel phones no longer work and the meds are gone. I pray for good people everywhere and I pray for eternal raping hell for our “governments” and the satanic “elites”.

  • I do not exactly know the involvment in Venezuela by either the USA or Russia, so i leave it there.

    What i do know is that you can judge a person by the people they hang out with, so both the USA and their “Friends” who massacre people as well as Russia and their “friends” who also massacre people are not my favorites, i will aknoledge that some leaders are better in taking care of their own people than others in a positive way…still, that what you rub against also comes on your shoulders….

    As for the article it is very educative and some of the things mentioned i already see happening in the Netherlands and Germany. We are on a very fast way down into shit creek and i wonder if we will make it out of that place. The people are very much anti social, greedy and a lot have little or no morals…take and consume, and fuck you. The new way of thinking….i think the word is resilience, and today we lack that.
    Maybe the people in poor countries are more social and willing to help each other because they know hunger and being in a bed spot, over here the doing good crowd needs to feel good themselves, thus they applaude and scream for more immigrants but for one or two exeptions will not feed nor house them from their own money.

    In a time long gone i found myself sleeping in a park in Avignon France, sharing food with some professional vagrants /beggars….one from England with a rotting foot who came up with the immortal words: begging is a social service, we give people the chance to feel good about themselves….

    Most charity is just that, a chance to feel good yourself…

    Articles like this one should be preserved as historical documents. I hope the writer gets through all this well and let us hope for a better future, even tjhe bad stuff does not last…..

  • This sounds very much what I know of China. The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) including its Party Loyal Army (PLA) make up less than 10% of the country. About 10% benefit from the party, leaving about 80% who hate the CCP but are disarmed, demoralized, leaderless, and constantly spied on. The anger is building but the immorality of the people stymies people working together to challenge the status quo.

    From what I hear, the same thing happened in 1930s Germany—a disarmed, immoral and spied on people unable to rise up against a Marxist government. It took war to dislodge that despotic rule.

    Will it take war to remove the Marxists who presently rule Venezuela, like in Germany in the 1940s?

    One place where I disagree with Daniela is that the CCP will NOT invade and take Taiwan. They trot out Taiwan like the magician who distracts the audience with his right hand while preparing the next trick with his left hand. They will need every soldier that they can spare to attack and invade their main target—the U.S.A. They can’t afford to squander forces to take Taiwan first. Only after defeating the U.S. will they turn to conquer Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, and the other countries that they want. If they lose, what will happen to China? Will there be a spontaneous, disorganized rebellion like what happened in Ukraine in 2014? Will the country fall apart? Unknowns upon unknowns. If they win, many of us will not be around to talk about it.

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