What Really Happened in the NC Substations Attack?

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As of December 5, parts of North Carolina are still without power after a targeted attack against the two power substations in Moore County.

Shortly after 7PM on Saturday night, gunfire was directed against these two substations in the exact area required to shut down the power with minimal effort.

Tens of thousands were left without power, and initial investigations quickly discovered that it was an attack that had caused the loss of power.

Sheriff Ronnie Fields of Moore County then instituted a curfew for the area from 9PM to 5AM, and a state of emergency has been declared as well (solely at the county level). Anybody caught outside of their homes within that time window could be subject to fines, arrest, or imprisonment. Moore said that the curfew was to “protect our citizens and protect the businesses of our county.”

How exactly this mandatory curfew is expected to make the citizenry of Moore County safe Sheriff Fields didn’t seem to specify.

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As of Sunday night, approximately 35,000 people were without electricity.

The local hospital, Moore Regional Hospital, also lost power, but instantly switched to generator power. Hospital representatives state that no patients were negatively affected and that they have not experienced “any issues or concerns.” There was a car crash that caused injuries associated with the power outage.

Duke Energy says that they expect the power outage to last until Thursday. Schools in Moore County were closed on Monday, and according to Tim Locklear, the Moore County school superintendent, “As we move forward, we’ll be taking it day by day” in making the decisions whether school will be held that day or not.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said, “An attack like this on critical infrastructure is a serious, intentional crime and I expect state and federal authorities to thoroughly investigate and bring those responsible to justice.”

The FBI has since been brought in to assist with the investigation.

While nobody has claimed responsibility for the action, investigators have determined that the perpetrator “knew what they were doing,” that this was “a targeted attack,” and that it “wasn’t random.”

A metal gate to one of the substations was also knocked over. Some have pointed to this being part of the attack, but it is unclear, and currently under investigation.

Current theory gaining steam

While investigators have not found any motivation for the attack, it is currently theorized by some that this was done because of a drag show that was being held in Moore County that was initially advertised as being open for children to attend. Residents of Moore County were openly opposed to the idea.

In response, the drag show organizers raised the minimum age of attendance to 18 and brought in private security teams as well as the Southern Pines Police Department. Sunrise Theater Executive Director Kevin Dietzel said that the event had better security than any other event he had ever overseen within the past decade at the theater.

The power went out at 7PM when the drag show started.

The event was then canceled after it was realized how extensive the outage was.

Again, while there is no direct evidence of this being the cause of the attack, this is currently what some people are speculating.

The investigation

It appears that police showed up at the house of one woman who posted on social media that she “knew why the attack happened at the time that it did,” referencing the drag show.

Law enforcement is now providing in-person security at power substations throughout North Carolina. Sheriff Ronnie Fields has referred to the attacker or attackers as “cowards.”

One of the head drag show headliners, Naomi Dix, is now encouraging protestors to show up Saturday at the Sunrise Theater where another show will be held in the community. Dix has encouraged the protestors to wear pink to support the right of children to have access to the types of shows that Dix participates in.

Despite the power outage and darkness of the theater, Dix continued to dance and sing Beyonce songs with the other male drag show performers until about 9PM the night of the show. The few attendees used their smartphones to illuminate the room so that they could see as they sang along.

Dix has also said that the fight will continue to allow people of all ages, including children, to come to drag show performances in the future. Dix did not seem to clarify why children should be in the audience.

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Many have noted that this is a virtually identical attack to the Metcalf station attack in 2013, where attackers left an area without power after shooting at a transformer.

What do you think happened? Who do you suspect? Do you think this is likely to happen more frequently? Tell us what you’re thinking below.

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  • It was a Black Swan event. I would not be shocked if it was in retaliation for blowing up of the Nordstream2 pipeline… Or something like that.

  • Good Lord above. We are in truly evil times. My skeptical mind always goes to ulterior motives. There always seems to be some ‘event’ that they project onto the right that they themselves are doing. As if God fearing conservatives think ‘I know, I’ll commit a felony & destroy the power to the entire area because of a drag show that I disagree with, that’ll show em’.

    I wouldn’t doubt this was similar to the power grid going down in Texas. The fact that they wanted everyone to ‘secure in place’ makes me quite suspicious.

    Pay attention to any new installs/removals of anything around that power grid in NC. Much like all the antennas/5G paddles installed on & in buildings during the convid shutdowns unbeknownst to us at the time.

    • Jennifo,
      ‘I know, I’ll commit a felony & destroy the power to the entire area because of a drag show that I disagree with, that’ll show em’.

      LOL! That was funny!
      And I agree seems a bit drastic for a drag show, 38,000 people without power.
      Additional reporting I read, they had the drag show anyways, just by light of smartphones.

    • Was thinking the same thing while reading the article. The “left” will continue to do this to demonize the political, even religious opponent, “and”, martyrize (if that’s a word) these degenerate, demoralizing activities.

  • Another black swan to make it look like those crazy gun toting Trumpsters are out of control and need to regulate guns

  • I have been concerned for years with this very thing happening. So many of these substations are mere feet from a highway, readily accessible to practically anyone. On Hwy 377 going into Fort Worth, Tx, there are several only a few miles apart. It is a confluence of some major power lines. One can only imagine what would result if ALL of these were hit!

  • I thought the drag show was Friday night, the way our local news reported it on Sunday. But even so, thinking someone would put the entire county in the dark for a week, seems a bit extreme. However, that is a pretty rural county and about 60% are registered Republicans. But I still can’t see it. I think it is something else. Whoever it was knew exactly where to shoot to cause the most harm and I would think that had to have been planned months in advance. But that is my humble opinion.

  • It seems odd that the organizers of the drag show are pushing that it was related to their show. Maybe it was. Maybe it was done by a supporter of the drag show for publicity (this is what I’m leaning toward). Maybe it had nothing to do with the show, but they’re using it to make it look that way.

  • Seems to me that we’ve had 100+ fires at different factories, processing plants, etc. And they’ve all been “accidents”. Of course you don’t have to investigate possible sabotage if it’s an accident. Now we have an attack on electrical infrastructure. One more test by outside forces? I also like the fact that the government has a ready excuse, and an “enemy” to point the finger at. Pretty convenient that the enemy also helps push their agenda. Obviously this was right-wing, Christian, conservative domestic terrorists. One more reason for them to have to pursue an active campaign against Christians and conservatives. We’ll need to be able to track everyone so that this can’t happen again.

  • I have to agree with the previous commenters. My first thought, when I read they were blaming conservatives opposed to the drag show, was conservatives don’t do these things. We respect the law and protest peacefully. This seems to be the work of someone pulling a false flag in order to blame the “far right domestic terrorists”. Unfortunately, with the biased, corrupt FBI investigating, all the focus will be on conservative, white, right wing, Christians.

    • I think everyone is forgetting one thing, our foreign enemies like nothing better then us fighting with each other. Think sleeper cell. Timing to turn us more against each other. Also test responses and amount of damage.

      • Wake up Judy. There are no such boogeymen in the country. That’s a bunch of nonsense concocted by your government to keep people always scared so they can justify a totalitarian security state.

  • In the absence of any real evidence that this crime took place due to a Drag Show, that claim is 100% speculation. No doubt Leftists will cry LGBTESP/STP/Total BS Hate Crime, and the Main Strean Propagandists will happily parrot the speculation as the truth.

    And as always, it will be Trump’s fault.

    • The Drag Show theory is pure speculation, and as others noted, assigning that blame just happens to promote a certain agenda. It seems to be getting debunked already, and there’s no evidence to support it. Also, the fact that two stations were attacked seems odd, especially in the backyard of Norfolk and DC. Would someone planning to disrupt a Drag Show actually plan to hit two stations?

      This seems more like a test run for a larger or subsequent attack on the electrical grid. The rural location was a good choice for a dry run, with low risk of discovery, evaluating the impacts (area affected, recovery time). I’m expecting more attacks in the coming weeks or months, but could be wrong.

      A friend noted that this happened shortly after an announcement to send more electrical components to Ukraine, and thinks it might be someone protesting that. But he also considers the dry run theory with an expectation for more attacks, potentially at a critical moment and location, like the substations controlling power to a city right before a winter storm.

      • Dagr,
        There is an angle I did not consider (again, not speculating without more evidence/reporting): Foreign state actors, operating within the US (why not? We have Chinese police stations here in the US. Side note, a few more newsoutlets also picked up that story after TOP’s.) take out two substations as a test run, or in response to US policy e.g. the Ukraine/Russo war, the Biden admin sanctions on China and microchips.

  • Not going to speculate on the motive without evidence.

    I think the more interesting part and bigger picture is how vulnerable the grid is.
    In Ted Kopple’s book, Lights Out, he goes into depth of how the grid is maintained. How it is a careful balancing act of supply and demand. He discusses how environmental things like trees can cause power outages, he was referencing the 2003 Northeast blackout.
    He discusses how vulnerable our grid is to a cyber-attack, citing experts as of the belief other state actors have accessed our grid and could cause a cascading failure that could bring the whole grid down for months if not years.
    He also notes how poor the US grid is and in dire need of not only repair, but upgrading and modernization.
    Note, that book was published in 2016.

    • And that ain’t the half of it my friend. Open to cyber attack – you bet. But open to physical attack for sure. I’ve heard various reports on just how many sub stations would need to be taken down to cause a cascading effect that would effectively take down the grid. The lowest number I’ve heard is nine. NINE! I tend to go with a number that I read some time ago in an article that said eighteen. But even so eighteen is a pretty small number, given there are thousands in the U.S. The nine would have to be pretty specific I’m thinking, but it really wouldn’t be difficult for somebody to determine which ones in which sequence would need to be hit.

      Now, for the other fun fact that nobody EVER talks about. The talking heads always say thinks like, “this could disrupt power for weeks or even months before it could be restored”. The real truth is that if we lost power for even 2 weeks, we would never get it back – at least not in our lifetime. The large substation transformers required take anywhere from 12 to18 months to build, and we don’t have a backup supply of them sitting around, waiting to be used. That 12 to 18 months is during “normal” times with no supply chain or transports issues. Within 2 weeks there would be no gas/diesel to transport them even if we had them. No skilled workers standing by to install them, etc.etc, etc.

      The reality is that if the grid went down for even a week the effects would be very similar to an EMP. Mad Max here we come.

      • Lone Canadian,
        Ah, my good Northern friend, you and I seem to read the same material!
        Yep, those really big transformers, takes at least a year or more to build. Guess where they build them: China. If China really wanted to put the screws to the US, they take our money, then, oh, supply chain issues! That will be 24 to 36 months to build!
        I have also read some of the rail lines that would of been used to transport those transformers, are gone. An entire logistical issue alone in itself.
        I did read a post by one guy who was in the big grid industry and is still a consultant abroad. According to him, if someone hit 4 of those big transformers at the right place and time (see my above about how our grid is a balancing act), millions would be without power for at least a year.

        Good grief, a week, even two without power let alone a year?
        Mad Max is right.

        • I guess I could add here that I’m an electrician by trade. I’ve installed some of these transformers over the years. I am intimately familiar with the complications of both construction and transportation of these units. Not just China, but Mexico, with the automation components most often coming from either Germany or Japan. The logistics alone are monstrous, with entire companies specializing in the requirements. Narrow bridges. Substandard highways that won’t support the weight. The list is a very long one. Once more we are faced with the fact that globalism is great – as long as it works.

          I guess it’s because of my intimate knowledge that power generation is always one of my biggest concerns and causes me more sleepless nights than anything else. Most people are so used to flipping a switch and having a light come on, they really don’t look beyond that. Without power for even a week you have no heating/cooling. You have no sewer. You have no water. You have no gas. You have no deliveries to grocery stores. You have no banks, and as a result no money. You have no internet, and no cell phones to call for help.

          These thoughts are the stuff of nightmares. Welcome to my world.

          • The Lone Canadian,
            Excellent observation about no water (municipal treated) or sewer.
            History shows us that sanitation issues are the leading causes of death, with disease and war being a close second and third.
            Imagine when hundreds if not millions cannot flush.
            And your average Wally-World American cannot understand the link between sanitation/hygiene and fresh water supply. That alone is the stuff of nightmares.
            The first 30 days could see a mass die off.

          • A loved one wished to be cared for in their home. It was an eye opening experience. A bed that was plugged in to raise and lower. An air mattress to help alleviate bed sores. And, an oxygen machine. All these humming to provide comfort. How many people in NC were facing the same circumstance trying to keep their loved one comfortable in their last days? Many a sleepless night for sure.

        • In regards to the large Transformers made in China, the NSA intercepted two of these transformers and kept them. There is strong speculation that the transformers have a “Back Door” in the in them that China could activate them remotely and they could play havoc with the electrical grid.

    • This is the grid that the control freaks expect to power EV’s along with heat pumps and other assorted extra loads. Fat chance.

  • I’m a Christian, white, conservative, straight, gun owner. I had a 23 year career in POL, HPNG, power and telecommunications infrastructure development. I had a six year career as a professional sergeant of Marines dropping bombs on peoples heads in my younger days.

    I have a notion of who may have done this and had motive and opportunity. But I’ll withhold posting that here. Keep in mind several years ago an act nearly identical to this happened in California. The feasibility dry run had already been completed then. This was beta testing before full scale implementation. JMO.

    Most importantly, I was home when this happened Saturday.

    By virtue of the fact that the local and state run media jumped on the “Christian protests” angle to direct attention to a LGBTQ show -rather than focus on facts- I feel I have a duty to openly declare my whereabouts on the evening of the 5th.

  • This is actually how unbiased reporting is done. Straight facts, no editorializing from the journalist, even though there was much grist for that particular mill. Wild. Just wild. The contemporary MSM find this too daunting a task.

  • I have no data on the humans who did this.
    It seems to me that this is a mercy of G-d. I have known for a decade that America’s entire power grid is weak and vulnerable. In the geoengineered Texas freeze, they came within seconds or minutes of a months-long power outage. Those paying attention learned that most Americans will not support spending the money needed to secure the grid. I don’t think this will wake up enuf people either–but it gives us an improved chance.

    • Actually, it would cost very little to harden the grid.

      The problem is that no one wants to take responsibility for doing it, not the power companies, the state regulatory commissions, the US Congress, no one.

      Check out Dr. Peter Pry. He was on the Congressional EMP commission, I believe it was.

      • Val,
        What source are you citing?
        Seems to me, the cost of copper, aluminum, smart meters, etc. far exceed the 1t mark.
        I could be wrong.

  • Like many others here, I don’t believe a Christian conservative would cause so much hurt and destruction to thousands of innocent people to stop a degenerate festival. We simply don’t attend. I have no doubt that the drag show was concerned with security, as they’re only popular with a small segment of society, and despised by most others. In my city, during the first Drag Queen Story Time at a local municipal library, our woke mayor had police snipers positioned on the roofs of surrounding said library “…to keep everyone safe…”.

  • Someone making a point: “People in Europe don’t have power, now you see what that’s like.” Speculation, I have nothing real to go on.

  • IMO this had as much to do with the drag queen thing as a second-rate video had to do with Benghazi. And I’m leaving it right there.

  • How about a false flag in order to blame the people opposed to the drag show.
    I wouldn’t put it past them.

  • I think we will find that it was a disgruntled employee/ex-employee.
    For them to know where the substations are (yes I know it is not secrete, but most people have no clue where they are) and for them to know what it would take to destroy them, it had to be someone with knowledge of the facilities.
    I am concerned about the possibility of “copycat” attacks.

    • It’s my belief you are close to the mark.

      There are hundreds of contracted companies with thousands undocumented or angry employees that work for all (*read every single*) utility companies. Their range of functions go from what I used to do in survey/planning/development to final construction. In a lot of cases the contractor can obtain a multi year extension to perform various daily maintenance tasks if the primary company is growing too fast to support the infrastructure growth in house.

      A contractor company (which I will not name) during the heaviest period of development in the Bakken Play had an employee intentionally lie about completing a job, stole a company computer with sensitive plant placement data, vehicle and gas cards and drove off the job back to Chicago where the vehicle was later recovered.

      The job he lied about completing (it is supposed he timed his exit to inflict maximum damage so that no one could put an emergency stop to operations and check his work) cut off all data and cell communication to a city for a day. No big deal? Well, the one plant cut contains a leased transport on the national defense fiber ring and effectively cut primary comm to Minot AFB. So, it was a very big deal.

      He was never arrested or charged with a crime. And, despite what he claimed, he knew perfectly well what was in that package and what he was doing.

      This looks planned, premeditated, and executed with inside knowledge to inflict maximum damage and (at least) inconvenience to people in Moore County. JMO

  • If someone claims this was to protect childhood, they’re lying. One person has been found dead in a house without heat. How does making people live without basic necessities in whether that could be dangerous protect anyone? I do hope those living without power will take note of what they lost and try to address their shortcomings. Can’t depend on others to feed you. If this happens more covering more areas, what happens when everyone runs out of gas? Who’s going to give you food and water then?

  • The concern about the grid is not misplaced. It might take some rough years but the ingenuity for such grids did formulate here in the good ol’ US of A. If the grids go down here, we will just have to redevelop our smelters, gather electrical engineers etc. and re-do on a local level where the control belongs.
    Of course, this is a hopeful perspective.

    The Big Guys are going to outwit and out do themselves at some point. They’re already parading around in the winner’s circle. Woohoo! The emperor has no clothes. History repeats in rhyme.

  • And the ball is rolling. Begin domino effect. Snowballing even. Can’t we all just get a long one? Life is like a box of reloads, neva know whats you gonna get. This one’s gonna…DRAG out for sure. Apologies in advance, I really don’t know how to fathom this event. It’s ludacris-alicious. Ok, goin to listen to some Frederick Mercury.

  • Right wing narrow minded Christian terrorists. If you thought Fundamental Muslims were bad, these guys are even worst. They want to spread their version of sharia law to the US. They don’t care about their fellow Americans, nor about the rights of Americans. They want to spread their beliefs to everyone and place America under a theocracy.

  • Yes, this is suspicious. Did the event just jump on it to gain publicity? Did someone actually try to take out the event by taking out the whole grid? Was this a planned attack by the PTB to determine how to cripple the populace? Was this a person who wanted to bring attention to the vulnerability of the grid? Was this attack planned by the event holders? One will never know, but you can invest in your own off grid power solutions now!

  • Everyone use this as the catalyst to take a quick assessment of your own situation.
    Water tank? Check.
    Backup gas generator? Check.
    Gas tank? Check.
    Alternative propane cooking appliances & hot water heater? Check.
    Minimum 2/4 weeks of food supply? Check.
    At least 1/2 tank of gas in car? Check.
    Cell phone charged? Check.
    Candles & new batteries for camping lights & flashlights? Check.
    Buckets for alternative toilet? Check.
    Solar charger for cell phones? Check.
    God bless y’all!

  • A close family member works for the company making the repairs. He told us last night that a total of 5 stations were shot and the repair crew had to take cover yesterday (Wednesday) because a car drive by shooting at them.

  • If the FBI ws brought in to “investigate” afterwards, you can bet it was an alphabet attack. The only reason the FBI investigates attacks is to cover up evidence. Examples of which are the wtc and the las vegas shootings.

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