Stockpile Challenge – Update #4

January 18, 2013

Okay.  I admit it.  I really really really REALLY want to go to the grocery store. If I could go to the store right now, I would bring home a big pile of broccoli, red peppers, bok choy and carrots.  Then I would steam it all, drizzle it with homemade honey garlic sauce and eat until I couldn’t stuff any more in. *drool*  This picture of a “salad harvest” from my garden last summer has had me salivating for 2 days straight.

I was talking to a dear friend who is on a fitness forum with me.  (See, I warned you – all my friends make their way in here eventually!)  We were discussing a “serving” of vegetables.  According to all the prepper food storage charts, for most veggies a half cup is considered a serving.  In our version of the world, a serving of veggies is at LEAST a cup.  I regularly roast a pound of Brussels sprouts and a pound of carrots and share this dish only grudgingly.   I love veggies!  And fruit – we eat a lot of fruit in our house.  Sometimes I  make a big platter of fruit and we snack on that while watching TV and playing games. It’s really not the same with apple sauce and canned peaches.

Of course this doesn’t mean that I can’t survive, and healthfully, on what we have, but it does bring me to a few conclusions.

  1. I can’t base my produce storage on the charts that are available if I’m not going to be happy with those serving sizes.  I need to re-inventory our stored produce and base it on serving sizes to us.  This could really hold true to any type of food.  The point is, I don’t have nearly as long-lasting of a supply as I thought I did, based on the servings we prefer.
  2. I need to reconsider the way I’ve been stockpiling and work on getting a much higher percentage of produce stored away.
  3. I can’t say “root cellar” enough times to stress the fact that I will have one this coming year and will plan my 2013 garden quite differently than 2012.  Root cellar, root cellar, root cellar…..Root cellar.

This, of course, is the point of the Stockpile Challenge – to test out how well we’ll do if we rely solely on our stockpiles.

I used the last of the eggs this week, but in brighter news, I unearthed a brick of cheddar in the freezer, much to my delight – this will be an awesome treat this week! I’m plotting our cheesy meal!

We’ve run out of ketchup, so I’m going to make homemade ketchup this weekend with a recipe from a friend – more about that tomorrow during Project Ketchup!  I had let my stock of ketchup dwindle down because I’d planned to make it myself next time – looks like “next time” is here!

So….how is YOUR stockpile challenge working out?  What have you learned?  Are you going to change anything about the way you stockpile?


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