Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Victims of a Toxic Civilization

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Sometimes even worse than having a mysterious illness is the fact that no one in the medical profession believes that you have this illness. Or, still worse than that, they don’t believe that the illness even exists.

Imagine being desperately ill and having your doctor tell you that it’s all in your head.  Imagine being so incredibly ill that you are wasting away in front of your family’s eyes, and having your physician prescribe you psychiatric medications. Imagine that in your search for answers, you spend every penny you have and you still don’t have a diagnosis.  Imagine being poisoned by your food, your air, your dentist, and the very medications that are supposed to be helping you.

Imagine being a victim of an instant-food, good-smelling, clean-looking toxic society

A devastating condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is unrecognized by the American Medical Association.  Victims suffer from an array of symptoms including  nausea, fatigue, dizziness, headaches, mental disorientation, inflammation, skin rashes, joint pain, gastrointestinal problems and respiratory problems. Conditions such as “chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, atypical connective tissue disease after silicone breast implants, chronic hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), drug-induced autoantibodies/hepatitis (liver toxicity), illness while living near a toxic waste dump site, dental amalgam disease, … MTBE (methyl-tert-butyl ether, a gasoline additive)-associated symptoms, [and] inflammation of the lungs caused by diesel exhaust particles” are related to, or overlap with MCS. (source)

MCS is the result of a vast chemical overload that causes bodily functions to shut down

Because it is not recognized by the medical profession, research is limited. Since the answer is the avoidance of chemicals instead of the introduction of more chemicals (pills) Big Pharma has a vested interest in keeping this a non-diagnosis.

Toxins that we in the “civilized world” are exposed to on a daily basis can cause flare-ups that lead to hospitalization, disability, and death. Many who suffer from this condition become self-isolated in an effort to avoid exposure to substances like smoke, pesticides, plastics, synthetic fabric, scented items, chemical additives in food, preservatives,  products made from petroleum, and noxious fumes from paint or cleaning products.  Check out the following video to learn more about MCS, an shocking issue that has only arisen in the past few decades as our environment become more and more toxic.


A dubious Wikipedia entry lists the following as alternative names for MCS:  toxic injury (TI), chemical sensitivity (CS), chemical injury syndrome (CI), 20th century syndrome, environmental illness (EI), sick building syndrome, idiopathic environmental intolerance (IEI), and toxicant-induced loss of tolerance (TILT). Gulf War Syndrome and Food Intolerance Syndrome are also considered by some to be a form of MCS.

According to Dr. Mercola, many of the chemicals that we are exposed to on a daily basis never leave our bodies, but accumulate in fat and bone marrow. He writes:

The sheer number of toxic chemicals that you are exposed to on a daily basis is truly staggering. With some 100,000 different chemicals being used throughout the world, and 1,500 or so more being added each year – all without any major oversight or testing for safety until after the fact – is it any wonder that you’re not as healthy as you should be?

The number of toxic chemicals is so large, addressing them all would be an impossible mission, but I believe being an informed and vigilant consumer CAN help you keep your toxic load as low as possible, even if it may be impossible to cut your exposure to zero.

After all, they’re everywhere; in your air, water, soil, food supply, and in a vast majority of the personal care, household and yard products you use on a regular basis. Today, they’re even in the circuitry boards of the electronics you surround yourself with. Some of the sources of toxins you have control over. Others, you don’t. (Click HERE to read Dr. Mercola’s tips on avoiding chemical overload)

Recently I wrote an article called The Great American Genocide, in which I discussed how the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis are making us sick, setting up our children for infertility, and inevitably bringing us to an early death.  I received an email  from a victim of these toxins who has lost everything. I am republishing here (with permission) because it’s time that we, as a society, stop putting our fingers in our ears and singing “Lalalalala” in an effort to drown out the stories from victims like this.

My name is Kim and I have had direct horrible life trauma due to environment and chemical poisoning because of what is being done in this country.

About 11 years ago I was eating a burger from McDonald and cracked a back molar on a piece of bone in the burger, that tooth had previously been “fixed” with an amalgam (mercury) filling. Well after it broke it didn’t really hurt and I didn’t have insurance so I never got it fixed. About a year later I starting having what I was told was panic attacks and anxiety issues (I much later found out that was not the issue).

After about 5 years of dealing with progressively worse “anxiety” it got to the point where I would randomly feel so ill I couldn’t even leave the house. Finally in February of 2010 I woke up one day and felt like someone punched me in the stomach. It was so horrible and I just couldn’t shake the pain – I saw my doctor multiple times and they told me it was all anxiety related.

I realized after about two weeks of being so sick I could barely move with constant “panic attacks” that it would get worse every time I ate. So I immediately switch to something that would not upset my stomach like yogurt and bread. I ate just that for months – all the while my doctors were telling me it was all in my head and there was nothing wrong with my stomach. Over the last 3 years my diet varied slightly but as things got worse I was basically limited to a diet of white rice and chicken noodle soup (without the chicken) for the last two years. I saw 28 doctors in this time period who diagnosed me with all kinds of issues (all of them stemming from the root cause but no one able to tell me what that was)

Not only was I actually having allergic reactions to food, not panic attacks, but I started having them to touching things and smells as well. In January of this year I finally found a doctor that knew a little bit about what was going on with me and put me on many supplements – which have helped a lot. Right before I found that doctor I spent 4 days in the hospital because I couldn’t breathe (especially while trying to have a BM) and after they checked my heart they told me I was fine and to leave the hospital. When I begged the doctor not to make me leave because I knew I would die the doctor told me to go see a psychologist because there was nothing wrong with me.

Just this last Thursday I finally found an alternative medicine doctor/integrated medicine doctor that gave me all the answers I was looking for. After some tests I found out a few things:

  1. I have mercury poisoning – slowly leaking into my body every day for the last 11 years and more recently when I had a child during all this, my nutrition was so depleted that 3 more teeth broke down so I now have 4 fillings leaking into my body daily.
  2. Because of the extreme poisoning it has broken down the lining of my stomach to the point where I have “leaky gut syndrome” or permeated stomach lining. All that time they told me I was having panic attacks and trying to put me on drugs it was actually food escaping into my body from my stomach and my body attacking it as a foreign invader. I’m lucky I never went into shock and it killed me.
  3. So since my stomach lining was already weak, all the chemicals in our food/environment have caused me to develop Multiple chemical sensitivity, continued to deteriorate my stomach lining so I have a chronic Yeast infection in my stomach, my body is so over loaded by toxins that my liver and lymphatic system can barely push any of them out anymore and that by itself causes a whole host of other issues.
  4. Not to mention the mercury that has accumulated in my body/brain is causing symptoms like Alzheimer and I’m only 31 years old.

It will probably take years to rebuild my stomach, fix my teeth, clean all the mercury out of my body, and eliminate all the toxins, etc but at least now I know what is going on and I’m on the right track.

Unfortunately, my out of pocket medical costs have bankrupted my family – literally since we were just evicted and are now living in a hotel with two of our four daughters. With that said I have made it my personal mission to destroy everyone and everything that contributed to this issue – from the bad food we so unknowingly consume, the products we use daily that are filled with cancer causing agents and other harmful products, the western medicine doctors that trying to treat all symptoms with a pill instead of fixing the root cause of the issue, etc. 

 “The preferred medical term is Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance (IEI), which can be defined as a “chronic, recurring disease caused by a person’s inability to tolerate an environmental chemical or class of foreign chemicals.”   The site lists the following criteria for a diagnosis:

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Defines MCS

“The preferred medical term is Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance (IEI), which can be defined as a ‘chronic, recurring disease caused by a person’s inability to tolerate the environmental chemical or class of foreign chemicals.”

The site lists the following criteria for a diagnosis: 

  1. Symptoms are reproducible with repeated (chemical) exposures.
  2. The condition is chronic.
  3. Low levels of exposure (lower than previously or commonly tolerated) result in manifestations of the syndrome (i.e. increased sensitivity).
  4. The symptoms improve, or resolve completely, when the triggering chemicals are removed.
  5. Responses often occur to multiple chemically-unrelated substances.
  6. Symptoms involve multiple-organ symptoms (runny nose, itchy eyes, headache, scratchy throat, ear ache, scalp pain, mental confusion or sleepiness, palpitations of the heart, upset stomach, nausea and/or diarrhea, abdominal cramping, aching joints).

To avoid being poisoned is to be labeled a kook

You will be the one at office parties and family events who brings their own food, the target of sighs and eye rolls. It is being the one who makes her own soap and cleaning products. It is being that person who avoids so many of the things that are part of everyday life in America that she becomes an outcast. We, in the “civilized world”, seem to be intent on being complicit in our own demise, paying our hard-earned money to inhale toxins and pollutants, to consume chemical concoctions instead of food, and to slather poison on our bodies to be introduced into our systems through the pores in our skin.

Whether you believe this is deliberate depopulation or careless disregard in the pursuit of the almighty dollar, there is little question that we are all victims of a toxic civilization.

This is our future, and no amount of cognitive dissonance, no loudly stated refusal to believe it, will make it go away.

Credit:  Thank you, Kim, for sharing you story.  May God bless you and your family.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • I have it and it is a nightmare, emotionally, physically and financially. It turns you into a pariah. Everywhere I go and everything I do has to be carefully scrutinized and planned out. People think I am crazy, but I think that those with MCS are the canaries in the coal mine.

    Thanks for the article.

    • Please see reply I posted to Mel. Most people out there are clueless to much of what’s really going on, on so many levels. It takes mindfulness and diligence/commitment to navigate a toxic world and reclaim/maintain optimum health and sanity. To empower your health is to empower the self. Once the pariah, then a lighthouse….

  • its all true. i can’t take most medications because the side effects are worse than the symptoms. its called toxic overload.
    my question is, can mercury and or thimerasol as they call it
    from vaccines be removed from the body or is it permanent? it’s been shown that a minute amount of mercury can cause cell damage. not sure if that can be reversed.

    • Yes, detoxification of metals/chemicals is possible. Full body cleanse recommended; intestinal, liver/gallbladder, kidneys. Highly recommend “Healthy Healing” by naturopath Linda Page, PhD. a holy book of health wisdom.
      Raw foods/juices VERY helpful. Look into Gerson Therapy diet. Cilantro/coriander is helpful in flushing metals from cell tissue.
      I have been through it, and “I’m back from the living dead”. Cellular replenishment is ongoing in a healthy environment. Gotta get the garbage out first.
      Other info/suggestions I can provide if needed. Moonbow [at] MauiMail [dot] com

  • To go to a doctor, is pointless. These people will do much more harm to you than they will ever do good. Things are becoming scarier and more disturbing daily Dais. Keep up the good work.

  • Occasionally I see pts diagnosed with this. They were sick with vague allergies. The doctors who cared for them were DOs not MDs. Good luck all.

  • And, its getting worse, like one psted, DO s are being used as doctors, we have so many medical personel now, that do not know what they are doing.

    • Understand that “DO’s are DOCTORS OF OSTEOPATHY” and not only have all of the requirements of an “MD, Medical Doctor”, but are also additionally highly trained in “osteo manipulative medicine”, aka chiropractic knowledge as well.

      As a PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIAN, I would take a D.O. over an M.D. EVERYTIME!

      My opinion, but having dealt with both on a professional sales level for many years prior, I do possess more than a “layman’s” understanding of the differences, and similarities.

  • I have been senstive to chemicals, on & off, since I was a little kid. I believe the onset was too much ether when I had surgery when I was 5. I’m told that vomited & hallucinated for 48 hours. After that, I couldn’t go down the laundry detergent aisle in the supermarket. I’ve always steered way clear of fragrance counters, and hair/nail salons. I’ve been cutting my own hair my entire life. I could go on …. But, the good news is ~ is that it can & will get better for all who are faced with this challenge. Diet is integral in my good days! And, not feeling the victim, but instead, empowered by the knowledge of knowing what my triggers are & how I can boost my immune system against them, is paramount. As we get older, we naturally make less glutathione ~ which is VERY important in processing aldedhydes & hydrocarbons. Certain foods increase glutathione production. Increasing your intake of those, as well as those which contain higher amounts of selenium & ALA (alpha lipoic acid) will further increase the bioavailibility of those glutathione foods. This comes from my own trial & error over the decades, and I am able to work from home, keep my roof over my head & healthy foods on my table, by watching not only what I eat ~ but what I say! I was once so sick, that I had to go on Medicaid. That experience was so humbling, and gave me such a greater perspective on how one truly needs to be their own health advocate. (It also pushed me to become an enviromental advocate!) It has also simplified my life, and given me a great appreciation for all of the small things, which I used to take for granted. “Thank you” are the 1st words I speak aloud every morning… and I live alone. I am so grateful that the knowledge, which I needed to regain my health, was there when I needed it. I live in area where there are: several doctors who understand the reality of chemicals in our world, and are not dismissive of their effect on our bodies; with several organic growers & health food stores, which provide clean food; a free library system, which offers access to health articles free online; & countless secluded trails I can walk & not encounter one scented person. I am also so very thankful for all those who inspire & encourage ~ from Louise L Hay to Deepak Chopra. Just knowing that 98% of my body is entirely new in only 1 years time, is incredibly uplifting. To accept that I am completely response-able, for everything I say, do, & think, is a huge step. And, letting go, & knowing & accepting that most people (including myself) are doing the best that they can, at any moment in time, is priceless = ) Best of health & healing to everyone. And, please, remember to look up those foods which will help your body remove any exposures more efficiently & effectively! And, please find a doctor like mine, who understands that you know you, better than they do & who will co-doctor with you! And, please share what you learn ~ you may just help another person somewhere down the line. Thanks for reading = )

    • Thank you SO MUCH for this post. I just had a seriously bad attack (I’ve had MCS for 10 years now) and even though I’ve cleaned up my diet (going on four years, no gluten, soy, dairy, grains) I’m still dealing with really severe reactions to chemicals. Your post is encouraging and reminded me to stay focused on the positive, what I CAN do and what else I might not be doing that could help. Best of health and healing to you and everyone!

  • Thank you for sharing information on MCS to help others.

    I too suffered horribly for many years from MCS, EI, CFS, depression and multiple food allergies to name just a few of my diagnoses. Avoidance was my initial and ongoing approach for years while I researched everything I could about all of my conditions – which all started after moving into a new home, that was in 1995..

    Now in 2013 I am:

    100% MCS free
    100% food allergy free
    100% depression free
    100% EI free
    Have excellent energy levels
    I can eat out in any restaurant or home and eat all foods without reactions.
    I can enter and stay in any room, building or anywhere without skewed responses.

    My note to all suffering with the above conditions is:

    1. Continue becoming educated and avoid triggers. This will allow your body time to stop hyper vigilance and reacting and concentrate it’s energies on repair and healing.

    2. Utilize strategies to reprogram your brain and body to stop mounting skewed, excessive and unwanted responses. This may require a paradigm shift in thinking.

    I have been able to duplicate my ‘symptom free’ status with clients. I share my protocol in my book THE WHOLE PERSON WELL-BEING EQUATION which is now available globally on Amazon.

    MCS can become 100% symptom free.
    Elisabeth Hines, C.N.C.,C.B.P.
    Holistic Wellness Practitioner

  • Thanks for sharing information about MCS. I have learned that avoiding triggers as much as possible and taking care of myself allows me to do some things out in public (I don’t go out a lot but enough that it makes me feel like my life is “normal”).

  • I suffere both allergy and multiple or uncountable chemical sensitivities that I find very inhumane people including doctors that the people are becoming more let chemical company rich,pharmaceutical company, and high tech company rich not recognizing the health of human body and the environment. Also, the food-even the so called organic food, the plastic wrap for how long? The vegitables tightened by roberbend, stoered in the plastic container or alumnum container including organic meat and fish,etc.. I am fighting with housing authority to use sand for de-icing, but the sand absorbes the moisture and leave the ground dry, yet, no one buys it even doctor, environmental specialist whom I see for my MCS,could not advocate me leaves me helpless situation that I do not have a doctor who really understand how to understand MCS’ complex condition that I tried to reconize better than the doctoer’s theory bsae acknowledgement < whuich is very limited and misun derstanding.

  • Thanks for your article. For the last 10 months I thought I was losing my mind and so did everyone around me. Except my husband he’s been very supportive. I can barely eat anything without some sort of a reaction. We have pinpointed a lot of the triggers. I’m just starting to pinpoint the chemicals. We have changed our deodorant,shampoo and body wash because of my sensitivities. This morning as I was reading your article, I realized that my face moisturizer is probably a trigger. So I washed my face and won’t be using that anymore. When you try to tell people about this they tell you you are crazy especially my kids. We have changed the way we eat. We are taking supplements and after searching for many years I have found a naturopathic doctor to work with. People need to be make more aware of our environment and what the gov’t is doing to us. They are poisoning us and so few realize it. So many people are sick and they don’t even know why. My chemical sensitivity is so bad that I can become suicidal but I also want to hurt others and that’s not like me at all. This only happens when I eat the wrong foods. My husband helps me to handle this but it’s very disturbing to have it happen. Now I think I have another piece of the puzzle and will be using the information to share with my new doctor. Thanks Again

  • Hi Lynda,
    I experience the many of the same symptoms as you when I am exposed to perfumes and colognes, “air fresheners”, gasoline ect. ( the list goes on) I have never felt the level of rage and anger, (which is completely out of character for me) and shortly there after, dark, bottemless depression where I can’t get out of bed sometimes for days not caring if I die. It happens when I am anywhere near especially perfumes and cheap body sprays. I was exposed to toxic mold for many years. I hate to even leave my home now because “fragrance” is everywhere. If nothing else, I understand what you are going through. So sorry. It is no way to live. It has changed my life and relationships completely.

    • You might enjoy the books by Dr. Doris Rapp. She writes about behavior changes she has seen in her office during provocation allergy testing and her recommendations. I do not remember the name of her books, google her name, or check Amazon. I just moved and my books are still packed.

  • Hey nana Hey

    I was on deaths do-or with chemical poisoning by all chems.
    The na-me I u-se is: blo-od bra-in barrier damage (3BD)
    Avoidance of them and calming the reactory process down has and is my sacre (sacred) focus.

    sacred Creator path

    May Nayana (sacre name for Creator) guide us all in Creator’s original life path,
    for Creator’s sacre Creation Earth of;
    Creator hon-or sacre simple live,
    Creator given, Creator hon-or, sacre hearth (sacre hearth pairs),
    that there may be Creator guided, Creator hon-or, sacre community.,
    on all Nayana’s sacre Creation E-arth,
    that we may all be as one family in Nayana.

    All glory to Creator. Hey nana Hey.


  • Please keep me informed up dated on any research/ medical breakthroughs on MCS I am suffering in hell post dental implants and other toxic needlessly placed over dental implants once I complained that I am allergic to the dental implants.If considering implants any where in your body, I suggest you google ‘smoking teeth’ and anaphylaxis plus sun allergy. Told must live in bubble. MCS and CFS ensued and life pure hell. Thanks BC Canada.

  • Born at risk marked allergies MCS Fibro CFS and anaphylaxis. Try to remove metal from your body.To check for metals in body request the Melissa test.God speed,thanks 4 this blog.BC Canada.

  • The Freon, PCB’s, many other dangerous chemicals from old A.C’s is the byproducts of Roger work for Trane Air Conditioning and his home operated A.C. business. He has been living in Ridgeland for fourteen years. He bringing old air conditioners from his job at Trane to scrap for metal, copper and refurbish for resale. To accomplish this, he has extra electricity sent to his home and keeps two Trane trucks with trailers as well as his work truck. Aware of the hazards of Freon, Roger can be seen wearing a mask while harvesting scrap from the A.C. units. Within a one mile area of his house, residents have suffered various ailments: This is from 5 houses around Roger, and just 20 notes I put into mailboxes. There is more I’m sure. This is what I have from that. Two fatality, 12 sick, two brain tumors, one lung cancer, five fibromyalgia, autonomic nervous system disorder, kidney cancer, prostate cancer, brain lesion on his back, multiple chemical sensitivity, tumors on bodies of people. We have had horses, cats, dogs, have had tumors and died. Many of these are illness are connected to environmental problems. I have been calling EPA for over 11 years, but they have not terminated his business. The EPA claimed they did not have the equipment to check the air. In addition to this, I called Madison County who, after a lengthy time, finally reprimanded him for Hazardous Waste in 2010. Roger has been great for Trane by saving them money by disposing of air conditioners for them. There are strict laws on Freon dangers of old A.C’s, it is dangerous for residential areas. The Madison County said he could run a business from his home, and the EPA was also reluctant to intervene. (This exhibits a negligence to regard an area of less resistance, or lower socioeconomic class in Mississippi.) This is old plantation land that was given to the blacks after the war. People discriminate, but the environment does not. There is the dump, old dump, little dumps everywhere, 2 large power stations, large power lines, all kind of towers, A.C. hazardous wasteland dump, septic running in the streets. No where around Madison Mississippi has the environmental dangers we have. I have seen as many as fifty air conditioners behind his house. He has since installed a twenty foot fence to hide his work units in his yard, security cameras, 7 no trespassing signs. I alerted the nearby residents from the neighborhood of Bridgewater that the water runoff from the air conditioners pollutes their area. I told them that people were sick and dead. In fact, there was an oily substance on the ground at one of the houses.
    On 7-8-14, I contacted Madison County, and a planning and zoning representative and told them about the sickness and death. They wrote up a new ordinance in 30 days and hand delivered it 14 years late. Roger has retaliated by threatening to, “shoot me between the eyes,” exposing him self to me, and facing a 4 X 8 foot wooden sign towards my house that said, “It’s a deer stand nosey.” The sign was up for 8 months. Shot my windshield out. Put a toilet facing my driveway. This is his way to punish me for turning him in to authorities. This illegal harassment is more frightening to me because his wife told me that her x beat her and went to prison, and Roger beats her. I have emailed the sheriff many times but did not receive a response. I have not had a Sheriff through all of this, and now someone wants me dead! Roger has also illegally damaged my property by moving property lines on three sides, blocking drainage, and rerouting water on my land. His indiscretions against other residents include moving property lines of another neighbor forty feet and taking neighborhood dogs to his work for removal which resulted in a confrontation.
    There has also been a troubling development at my own home. In May of 2014, my air conditioning stopped working. When the repair man came, he replaced a burned wire and checked the Freon which was fine. The repair job, however, did not last and second repair man was called in July. He replaced a metal cylinder and said that I needed a pound of Freon despite the previous man’s assertion. On 8-14-14, a second repairman came back, and upon completing his inspection he found a massive Freon leak. The timing of this is suspicious because I contacted Madison County and the EPA in between these repairs when a leak suddenly occurred. Someone wanted to make sure I had Freon in my body. This made me dizzy, nauseous, sore throat, brain feels tight. Now I can’t even have a A.C..

    I have asked for a petition for assessment from Atlanta EPA, it was denied. An environmental attorney told me this is a good thing. They would just cover up for the EPA. They told me to get my own testing done. The environmental USDOJ is looking into this, but they just sent it to Atlanta. The DOJ is in this state all the time; Mississippi comes out smelling like a rose. Mississippi has less environmental protection than anywhere in the USA. Sierra Club from Mississippi would not even call me back. Mississippi has the same environmental protection as Libya, Cambodia. NONE! Every environmental groups I call, hears Mississippi and they don’t want to talk anymore. They know how corrupt Mississippi is. I have seen things out of Mississippi that makes me sick. They have already put me through the Special Education Nightmare. I really got a education on how dirty politics works from that experience. This is like a Dictatorial Government. The Attorney General controls everyone, everything here like a puppet on a string. Mississippi has told sick people to be quiet, and they are. This could only happen in Mississippi. I’m sure they will slander me to the extreme. I never have been to a psychologist or psychiatrist before moving to Madison County. Madison is the richest town in Mississippi, and they will do anything to keep this town safe. Google: Mississippi most corrupt state in the nation.

    I suspect my decline in health is a result of the Freon, chemical pollution from old A.C.’s and the dump, in an area of less resistance. This link is what is in my blood work. Look at the pictures attached, they will show the amounts of Benzene Ring Compounds. . I have fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity, tumors, autonomic nervous system disorder. I have food sensitivity, need to have my crowns and filling taken out because for sensitivity to metals, many other sensitivity. I started defecating on myself without brain notification and have difficulty breathing. I have suffered constipation for four years that has stretched my colon out into my vagina area and now need sphincter surgery, can’t hold in stool. I have been to five gastroenterologist but they do not know what to do. I take thirty pills a day with no pain pills, but I am on a pain machine because of the shooting pains in my neck and back. My muscles are so weak that my bones and spine are separating. My neural infirmity has resulted in mood swings, and headaches. My brain, along with my face, feels burning and numb. I have neuropathy on right arm, leg, foot, tongue, energy is a lot less, my blood pressure and heart rate are also low and I suffer from chronic insomnia. I have a few years to live. I will spend the rest of my life warning the community that the environment is killing us. People are thinking about property values, while I am more focused on our lives. I went to 3 doctors and they would not tell me what the test meant. The test was in front of them, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Yes I’m saying Mississippi controls what doctors say. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is a environmental illness. Dr. Martin Pall books confirm this. Mississippi would not want this out.

    Since I called Madison County about the sickness and deaths, the threats have escalated; I was shot at in my back yard, 5 feet away from me. This was on 9-15-2014; I have it on my security cameras. It took the police an hour to get here. I knew this was a threat to be quiet. They are killing me slowly and I will not be quiet. Not going to happen! After this I started emailing that they were going to kill me or put me in jail. On 10-19-2014 Roger A.C. man called the police on me for taking pictures of him and his stuff. One police man took my husband to the side and ask him if he thought I could be dangerous, insinuating he thought I was. This was the same officer that came out when I was shot at. The other officer told me that Roger was going to have me arrested for harassment. He also told me that EPA was out Wednesday and all was clear. Strange a police officer would know this information. I knew that if they took me to jail, that I would not make it out of there alive. They would get away with killing me. After this, I dropped my phone, vehicle and took cash. I went to a friend’s home for a couple weeks. I am a sick white woman that needs her meds, pain machine, ice packs. I got it now; this was all just the good ole white boy system. They were all taking care of their buddy Terry Trane. They found a place out here where people do not matter to make a dump for old A.C.’s. This is why I never had a sheriff, supervisor, everyone knew about this and was taking care of Roger’s business. It was just a Mississippi dirty politics deal that cost lives. If Freon can eat holes in the ozone layer, what can it do to a neighborhood? I’m dying, and Trane, Madison County, EPA, Mississippi, Roger, The Sheriff, The Supervisors, they all killed me. Mississippi is going to just let good people keep dying. This is a true Mississippi story that movies are made from. I have really bad pictures. This is a crime against humanity to die a slow, painful death. I have been at the Mayo Clinic to be turned away. I’m in environmental treatment now. The people I have spoke too in environmental treatment tell the same story about the medical world not wanting to see this. I have been away from home since 12-10-14. I have been married 31 years and can’t go home. Please help me save the people I left behind. Robin

  • Thank you for this. I have MCS due to a ton of chemical exposure as a child: my mother was a hairdresser and worked from home, so from day one until I left at age 18, every day was filled with ammonia, peroxide fumes, hairspray, and all the cigarette smoke and perfume from her customers. After being told for years that I’m a hypochondriac, I lost all faith in MDs and turned to a naturopath instead. She put me on the autoimmune paleo diet and had me remove all chemicals and plastica from my home, and everything has improved so much.
    I hope you all find relief as well.

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