A LOT of Coincidences Surround the Maui Fire That Destroyed Lahaina

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Note from Daisy: You’d have to live under a rock not to have heard about the horrific Maui fire that destroyed the historic town of Lahaina, where many residents’ families had lived for generations. Here at The OP, our hearts weep for those who lost loved ones, homes, and this incredibly special place. If you want to help but are turned off by large organizations, a great place to donate is directly to those affected by the fire. This Instagram account can link you to real families who lost everything. You don’t have to have an Instagram account to do this. ~ Daisy

Maui just suffered its worst disaster, with a death toll at 115 as of Thursday and nearly a thousand people still missing. While this loss of life is tragic in and of itself, as time goes by, more questions pop up.  How did the fires begin?  How did they get so out of control?  How come damage seemed to occur almost exclusively to the natives while celebrity estates in the area were miraculously unharmed?

Why was the governor almost immediately making plans for the land?  Why has media been so restricted in what they can report on?

Officials always start by blaming climate change whenever some sort of natural disaster occurs.  I always start by assuming incompetence, and there was certainly plenty of that to go around in this situation.

How the Maui fire began

The historic city of Lahaina sits on the west coast of Maui.  It was the capital of the original Hawaiian kingdom and was noted for its history and beauty.  It was not populated by the chain stores you see on the mainland. Lahaina was largely owned and run by natives.  It was a truly unique cultural artifact.

Lahaina was also surrounded by government-owned land covered with an exceptionally flammable kind of invasive grass that had been allowed to take over after years of mismanagement.  The Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization warned the government repeatedly about the fire risk, but to no avail.  On August 8, as winds from Hurricane Dora swept through the area, small fires began popping up in areas owned by Hawaii Electric.

Then the deputy director of Water Resource Management withheld water from firefighters.

The Hawaiian firefighters did their job to the best of their ability and were able to put out some small fires initially.  But that ability was greatly hampered when the hydrants ran out of water.

The deputy director of the Hawaii Commission on Water Resource Management waited for 5 hours before releasing additional water to the fire department, during which time Lahaina burned. The now-fired deputy director is a former Obama Foundation leader, openly concerned about using water as a tool for social justice, but not, apparently, as a tool for putting out fires.

The warning sirens weren’t used.

The deputy director was not the only person responsible for lost lives during the fire; the man in charge of the sirens dropped the ball, too.  Hawaii has the largest single integrated public safety outdoor siren warning system in the world.

And yet they did not go off as Lahaina burned.

The excuse?

The Maui Emergency Management Administrator insisted that the sirens are mostly used for tsunamis and that the public was trained to run to high ground.  He said he didn’t want to start an alarm and send people running to high ground into the flames.

Maui residents are pretty sure they could have figured it out.

The deputy director has lost his job, the administrator has resigned “for health reasons,” but there is no way to compensate the hundreds (probably thousands) of people who have lost loved ones and the unique community that has been burned off the map.

Community members of Lahaina have continued to care for each other.

Despite initial reports that aid wasn’t getting through, Jeremy Lee Quinn, who is on Maui, reported on the Darkhorse podcast that several community groups had set up relief stations and distributed aid on their own initiative.  He said that about half were tribal-affiliated, though they were not discriminating in whom they helped.

Quinn reported, in fact, that everywhere he traveled on Maui, people immediately asked if he was hungry and wanted to make sure he had eaten recently.

These people are rightly heartbroken, traumatized, and wanting information.  They have been through hell, and they deserve answers.

Social media is full of some wild claims right now.

Many residents are convinced that the Maui fire was started by a directed energy weapon (DEW).  Images of houses and cars burning while trees are just fine have been circulating, and this is understandably making the locals suspicious.

Some photographs are circulating online that people are using to “prove” the usage of DEW, though the photos have so far proved to be doctored.   However, the Air Force does have a research site on Maui where they conduct directed energy research.  Is it really that crazy to wonder if something went wrong?

Another “crazy” theory that may not be so crazy is the presence of aluminum dust in the air.  Retired USAF Brigadier General Charles Jones has publicly stated that millions of tons of aluminum and barium are sprayed across the US almost every day, and the high presence of aluminum in the environment can make wildfires burn hotter than they used to.  Gen. Jones’ statement about the flammability of aluminum dust and the increased intensity of wildfires was backed up by Cal Fire Operation Chief Steve Crawford.

Chemtrails and sprays in the air have long been considered the realm of conspiracy theorists, but a site we highly recommend, Mind4Survival, recently published an article about the increased interest in geoengineering from the federal government.  Geoengineering consists of spraying fine particulates in the in the name of—you guessed it!—climate change, and this is something being actively researched.

I don’t have any proof that a DEW was used. Environmental pollution exacerbating wildfires wouldn’t surprise me, but I don’t have proof of that, either.  And while I believe the USAF could incinerate a city if it wanted to, I don’t see a motive here.

There are a lot of coincidences that have to make you wonder.

But I do see motives for other interested parties.  There are just too many coincidences.

We can start by looking at laws around water usage.  Squabbles between native landowners and developers over water usage have been going on for over a century.  In 2022, a group representing native landowners actually won a major legal battle, which would have let them obtain water-use permits guaranteeing them water rather than forcing them to live off the golf courses and newer developments’ leftovers.

Strangely enough, the new rules were supposed to go into effect on August 7, the day before the fires began.  And, naturally, as soon as the fires came, Hawaii Governor Josh Green announced a suspension of all prior water agreements.

Residents attending meetings after the fires have complained that all discussion about rebuilding has centered around the need to speed up the permitting process. There has been no discussion of how to maintain the culture of old Lahaina and how to make sure the people that wanted to stay were able to stay.  It’s all about rebuilding as quickly as possible and residents are suspicious that they will be priced out of whatever goes up. There was a housing crisis before the fires. Residents are now in an even worse situation.

To make matters worse, the few residents whose homes survived the fires have been served eviction notices.  No wonder Lahaina residents are so angry and confused.

But don’t worry. The billionaires are okay.

Like any good politician trying to look like a knight in shining white armor for his constituents, Gov. Green immediately criticized real estate developers for calling fire victims, trying to buy up their properties.   A full video of his press release shows him insisting that the burned land will be kept in ownership by Hawaiians; he specifies not allowing the land to be bought by foreign real estate developers.

But this does not take into account the fact that Hawaii is already home to many billionaire real estate investors.  Oprah Winfrey could buy up all of Lahaina, and Green would not be technically letting the island be bought up by “out of state” investors.  In fact, Oprah has already spent over $6 million buying property on Maui just in 2023.  She currently owns 1000 acres close to Lahaina, which were incidentally somehow untouched.

And Oprah must be the luckiest woman alive because this is not the first time something like this has happened near her real estate holdings.  In 2017, a deadly fire destroyed many homes near Oprah’s Montecito mansion, but, just like in Maui, her property was untouched.  And afterward, she went on to buy up many of the damaged properties.

Lahaina residents have refused to sell for many years.

Lahaina residents have been notorious for being unwilling to sell.  Why shouldn’t they be?  They have a nice community in a tropical paradise that they are emotionally attached to.

And yet Maui’s had the eye of central planners for years.  The World Economic Forum ran an article in 2018 featuring Hawaii as the first state to be run entirely on clean energy.  A joint Japanese-American case study called JUMPSmartMaui was conducted and published in 2017 regarding turning Maui into a smart community.

Maui also hosted a Digital Government Summit this year.  The conference’s sponsors are trying to play this off as something just relating to practical governing matters, but the conference did offer a lot about collecting data in the name of equity and identity and access management.

Fact-checkers are scoffing at all this, saying that these conferences and research projects have nothing to do with turning Lahaina into a 15-minute city, but again, there are a lot of coincidences here.  I can hardly blame the locals for suspecting that the planners wanting to control their city had a hand in its destruction.

And the information lockdown is not helping.

The antidote to fear and paranoia among traumatized residents is transparency, not telling the local news reporters to shut up.

I don’t have the answers.  Obviously, incompetence was at play.  But was it somehow planned? Putting a bunch of useful idiots in strategically important positions? Intentionally mismanaging the land? Then waiting for a weather anomaly to blow up?  Or was this comedy of errors truly random?  Is Oprah Winfrey really just the luckiest woman alive?

I sincerely hope that the residents of Lahaina will be able to stay in their historic area and rebuild.  But my fear is that, with the fire damage, only developers will be able to afford the cleanup.

What are your thoughts? Do you know anyone who lived in the area? Do you have information you want to add? Do you think that this tragedy was just a natural disaster fueled by incompetence? Or do you think something darker was at play here? What do you think the outcome will be for the survivors of Lahaina?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

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Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

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  • I read more on this yesterday & honestly it shut me down for the day as silly as that is. I was angry, saddened then truly felt helpless & hopeless. The lengths these evil people will go to seems endless.

    It sure seems to be a land grab. Did you see where Oprah was at a shelter giving out a few blankets & pillows to residents? Nice but wonder if it’s just a cover up. She & Obama are buddies so it all makes sense.

    This disaster has lit a fire (no pun intended) under me to get evacuation/emergency paperwork together in one spot for us in the event of a quick get away if we need to.

    • She’s a publicity……”hound”. There were photos of her handing out stuff because she was being interviewed. The second time she came she was going to be interviewed again, but the facilities personnel stopped it and said it wasn’t allowed.

      How utterly vile to use these circumstances for her own publicity.

      • I’ve NEVER liked Oprah, and this goes back to before she revealed herself to be the “hound” she is. There was just something about her. With sufficient levels of poverty existing in the US, she decided to open schools in Africa… where she was treated like a goddess. …That kind of thing… In years since, my gut has proven to be right about her…

        • I’ll admit I did watch her & liked her. I started losing respect when she started parking on her supposed oppression. She must’ve forgotten that all races raised her to the fame & wealth that buys 1000 acres in Hawaii.

          She’s doing some serious CYA-ing. I hope people see through it.

    • Exactlty. In fact the G already released ‘info’ which I refer to as exploratory brainwashing propaganda that the ‘potential’ use of aerosol anti-green house effect sun heat blockage aerial spraying will be ‘experimented’ with to fight against the dangerous global warming. Problem is they’ve been experimenting with environmental chemical aerosol spraying for many years and have now perfected it to a point where they can actually create and manipulate weather systems. Which means storms and rain amounts can be weaponized or agendized to control the people.

      After this low profile announcement people who were ‘aware’ but not certain of something going on in the skies, and mostly ignodred it now opened their eyes to the dangers, started investigating more seriously to potential dangers and the push back slowed down the spraying somewhat this summer but they still continue it. Even Mexico reacted to the info and ‘advised’ the U.S.G. to NOT be making chem trail clouds to block out the sun because the need the sun for their tourism! Go to Geoengineeringwatch.org.

      The climate change global warming hoax fraud is primarily based on natural changes in our planetary and solar system geological changes. But weather manipulation on top of that by Geoengineering can make it much worse.

      • Our WI skies have taken on a new look this summer. We don’t see hardly any stunning starry skies as we did even last year. And where are the beautiful blue skies? September is usually the clearest, so I will keep watch.

  • As for the cause of the fire . . . well, I’ve seen plenty of photos of burned cars in Lahaina bleeding molten aluminum. Never heard that a wildfire could do that.

  • I love the painting of Lahaina Town at the top of this article by Marie Hawthorne. I have been to Lahaina several times and while I’ve tried to find this piece of artwork, I can’t seem to locate it. I do know from checking that many of the galleries and the art they carried were destroyed. While I have a number of photos of Lahaina that I took on my visits, I’d love to purchase this painting. Do you know where I can find it?

  • I saw the clip of that demon Oprah handing out pillows to the slaves. She had that pissed off begrudging look on her face. “Helping” the riff raff as a way to try and hide the smears that have been circulating about her lately. I surmise that a lot of children were abducted that day and are now being tortured, raped and murdered in some cult member’s underground bunkers. Time for a revolution. Currently the cult is burning out Canada as well. They must be missing the flames of eternal hell from whence they came and to where they will return.

    • Hadn’t thought of that possibility. After seeing Sound of Freedom, I can picture vans going around and telling the kids they’re being taken to a safe place away from the fires to wait for their parents. Of course they know where the kids live and will be home because they were sent home from school. They leave just enough of them to be found dead to throw people off

  • I agree with the above comments. I’d say there was NO WAY this was all an accident, so many “coincidences”, way too many to count. I find it horrific what happened to Lahaina, the people, their homes and their pets. I’ve been following things being done to us for 14 years and I still DO NOT believe this “just happened”. In addition to everything else that’s been done, I think the evil monsters should all be strung up! At least for starters!!!

  • I am very bothered the loss of life will rival the Titanic or Katrina . Yet we no so little . No flags half staff and Biden talks about nearly losing his cat . Why is there a “Electronic Fence” in the area . They say it is for drones ? Why when the parents came home find their teenage son gripping his dog burned both to death and this house had been searched by ” Experts ” So very sad .

  • The part about the over 1000 people still missing; as the death toll reached 100, a few people started saying “The death toll is WAY higher; possibly in the thousands. I saw burnt bodies in the streets.” These people were poo-pooed by “the authorities” who called them “conspiracy theorists.” Seems now that the count is a lot closer to that of the tin-hatters than that of “the authorities…”

    …Am I the only one who’s noticed the accuracy of the accounts of “conspiracy theorists” over the last few years?…

  • It doesn’t take a police detective to see quite clearly what is going on here. This is a modified version of the crime in sheep’s clothing called Eminent Domain. Typically it was tried in High-value Resort areas on beaches and other optimal landscape. The municipality or local G felt that the small home owner who owns a plot of land which was in the way of urban progress and renewal, mostly in cities as they grew, would have to move after being paid a fair market value for their hose to make way for the expressway or overpass, etc. for better traffic and transportation for ALL. There was always opposition from people who simply didn’t want to move for whatever personal reasons that were none of anybody’s–especially the G’s business–so then they came up with higher ‘payment’ bribes to the owners like an offer they couldn’t refuse, they usually sold the property to the county. If the owner still refused They would officially condemn the person’s property and make it worthless with an owner facing a long and costly court battle, the legal fees of which, would likely exceed the value of the property, then the decision becomes a no-brainer for the owner’s survival, and the G still get what They wanted for the ‘common good of ALL the folks’. Eminent domain is one of the most interesting legal anomalies so illegally abused in a free Constitutional society with personal property rights and freedoms.

    But this Maui atrocity is so blatantly atrocious just on the preliminary situational observations that it can be nothing else but a vicious criminal act against humanity for profit.

    Hawaii is one of those Island Gems that are getting rare in terms of real estate. I was a real estate dabbler all my life. The picture of that beach with surreal background literally makes it almost priceless. I guarantee you there are huge developers waiting in line for decades once all the best spots were taken.

    If you had to plot a devious scheme to force or open up the availability of that wonderful town for development, it wouldn’t take a “criminal Genious” to figure out a way, just some very sick evile sociopaths with no conscience or care for humanity or value in life expect to stuff their own pockets with dirty blood money.

    I’m impressed with the research in this article, It proves that even though there’s no accountibility at higher political justice levels, that the spotlight of truth can still be shining on the dark side of danger. If the details can be exposed, analyzed and investigated, we should easily find cause and motive obviously there already. They screwed up in the implementation. Thanks for this article, let’s all keep up the pressure on the investigation…

    If political pitbull prosecutors can get a grand jury to criminally indict a ham sandwich, or Donald Trump who simply exercised his rights…

    Then there should be no problem indicting a lot of murdering criminals in Maui.

  • Intersting that the people who died in their cars are the people who refused to run the road blocks, and the ones you said F’ OFF and ran them survived.

  • The evidence in the destruction is clear — this was a weather weapon. Entire buildings incinerated to the foundation, but the trees all around them still standing and green; twisted and melted steel, not possible from a wildfire, which cannot burn hot enough to do this.

    Actual video footage of a DEW light beam coming from the sky!
    Don’t you know who Dane Wigington is? This video includes space images showing anomalous weather patterns over Hawaii:
    and more… There’s documentation for the existence of DEW’s going back more than 50 years:

    • Is this why there was talk from the WH about ‘aliens’ a few months back??? Like we’re supposed to believe aliens will use their ‘laser beams’ on us?

      Honestly, they can’t think we are this stupid?!

  • Above the islands of Hawaii on January 28, 2023 a green laser was seen piercing the night sky. Videos are on Youtube. The scene was caught on camera from a telescope atop Hawaii’s tallest peak. 8 months later the fire…

    • The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) co-owns the camera that took those pictures. A Chinese environmental monitoring satellite was identified as the ‘most likely source’.

  • Dang, the only thing you are missing is Joe Biden and the fact the electric company owns the 3rd largest bank in HI. You must be slipping….

    • Joe Biden was missing, being on vacation, again, and when questioned about the situation in Maui his response was,
      “No comment.”
      When he did finally show up, two weeks after the fact, he made poor jokes and insulted the people of Lahaina.
      A Hawaiian business known for its witty signs put this up,
      “Sorry you almost lost your ’67 Corvette in a fire, Mr. President, Maui Strong”
      after Biden’s insulting speech.

  • Don’t worry the Maui police chief was the lead investigator in the Las Vegas Mandalay bay shooting, in a couple of years there will be a detailed report saying nothing to see here……..

  • Also ironic is the governors name – Green. If the situation wasn’t so incredibly evil and horrific it would be funny.

  • I was a volunteer firefighter.
    Depending on conditions, winds, a fire can rage through an area and leave adjacent property, land unscathed.
    Kinda like a tornado will destroy a row of homes, then skip one and then continue on.

  • I have a theory, this is just a thought for discussion. But the Elite have been building bunkers and buying property in New Zealand to survive what’s coming. My thought is some rich group thought why hide in bunkers. We can take over an island. They could literally have the military protect them on the island from the people on the mainland. Living out their lives in paradise. It would be almost impossible for the average Joe to riot and serve street justice for the lies and corruption that they have caused. Again, if you are a billionaire or high profile politician. Why would you want to live in the 48 states, when you can be away from the coming mayhem on your own private island?

  • This all was very intentional. Those in places of authority were simply the scapegoats. There’s several reasons it was done clearly. That’s what the elite are about in establishing the NWO. Power, control, and money. A truly evil, diabolical plan is at work. Has been for thousands of years. Those lives perishing are all the better for them under the depopulation agenda. The next pandemic has been released abc the next jabs containing nanotechnology, are about to be mandated. With the masks starting again, it’s obvious. For those blinded, brainwashed, and indoctrinated from this, I’m so sorry. People ARE waking up, however I fear it’s too late. They’ve garnered far too much power and are silencing the people exposing them. Only the Lord can and will be the Victor against the enemies of Jesus Christ!

  • Our Federal Government should bank roll every square inch of every property to be rebuilt, every stick of furniture replaced, if property owners are deceased that property should remain in the family PERIOD there should be a moratorium on the sale of any land for a period of two years and then only until proof of ownership can be provided verified. we’ve sent $116 billion to Ukraine to not fully fund the poor and desperate residents of Lahaina would be a national disgrace.

  • Furthermore, it should make no difference if there was a will of testament bequeathing it to a family member. If they can prove, they are blood relatives. The government should not be able to drive a wedge between family members and a clear deed to that property. PERIOD.

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