If the Federal Government Won’t Protect Us From Invasion, Texas Will.

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The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.  (Article 4, Section 4, United States Constitution)

Texas doesn’t feel like the federal government is holding up its end of the bargain, as described in the Constitution.  

The southern border has been a mess for decades, with government falsely officials insisting they can’t do anything about it.  

Illegal immigration into Mexico has always been treated as a crime. If you are not a citizen of Mexico and are caught there without the proper identification, you will be thrown into a Mexican prison.  When Trump became president, he worked with the Mexican government to control the flow of migrants coming up from Central America.   And it worked.  Attempted border crossings slowed down.

From January 2017 through January 2021, through Trump’s entire presidency, Border Patrol encountered 2,112,458 people entering the United States illegally through the southern border.

However, the flow changed with the administration.  Only partway through Biden’s presidency, as of October 2023, there had been over 9 million illegal entries into the U.S.  Things have only increased since then. December alone saw approximately 300,000 illegal border crossings.

Texas has had enough.

The open border policy has been a disaster for low-income American communities, where resources were already stretched thin.  Texas, with its huge border, finally had enough.  

On January 10, the Texas National Guard seized Shelby Park near Eagle Pass, Texas.  The Biden Administration had ordered Border Patrol agents to use the 47-acre park for processing migrants.  When Texas National Guardsmen seized the park, they began erecting concertina wire as a deterrent.  The Biden Administration ordered Border Patrol to continue using the park anyway, and filed an emergency brief with the Supreme Court, who voted 5-4 to allow federal agents to resume cutting Texas’ concertina wire. (source)

This could have been a recipe for conflict between federal Border Patrol agents and Texas Guardsmen.  However, the Border Patrol has stated that they have no plans to dismantle infrastructure put in place by the Texas National Guard.  A senior Border Patrol official told Fox News that the relationship between the Texas National Guard and Border Patrol was strong. They respected each other’s jobs, and both intended to provide a secure border.

Two weeks after taking control of Shelby Park, on January 24, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued the following statement

The Executive Branch of the United States has a constitutional duty to enforce federal laws protecting States, including immigration laws on the books right now. . .  The failure of the Biden Administration to fulfill the duties imposed by Article IV, Section 4 has triggered Article I, Section 10, Clause 3, which reserves to this State the right of self-defense.  For these reasons, I have already declared an invasion under Article I, Section 10, Clause 3 to invoke Texas’ constitutional authority to defend and protect itself.  

The next day, January 25, 25 Republican governors released a joint statement of solidarity with Greg Abbott, saying that he is acting in the best interests of the entire nation. Some of these governors have sent National Guard members from their own states to support Texas.  

The Border Patrol and Texas are cooperating.

In a January 26 X (Twitter) post, the National Border Patrol Council, the union representing Border Patrol agents and staff, reiterated that they have no problems with Texas’ actions, and anyone spreading rumors of tension between the two groups is lying.  They said that each group is under obligation to follow lawful orders, but that, “Unlawful orders, as determined by competent legal counsel and not what some outhouse lawyer behind a keyboard says, will not be followed.” 

History students remember that the Civil War began when South Carolina troops took control of Fort Sumter.  There has been some attempt in mainstream media to normalize the dialogue around another civil war.  Look at the new movie coming out this spring.  I believe it’s possible some malicious actors had been hoping Border Patrol and Texas National Guard would start fighting; instead, both groups are behaving professionally and in a mission-oriented manner.  If this situation was intended as some kind of bait, they’re not taking it.

But the White House isn’t idly standing by.

On January 26, the White House announced it will “pause” LNG exports.  Ostensibly this is being done “to save the climate,” but the effects of this ban would fall hardest on the LNG exporters, primarily located in Louisiana and Texas.  They are punishing Texas economically.

And as if that wasn’t enough, a massive explosion and fire just occurred on January 30 at a Texas chicken facility with twelve million birds, causing another economic hit to the state.

 As of right now, no official causes for the catastrophe have been listed, but this farm has been in operation since 1968. Terrible timing, isn’t it?

And now there’s a trucker convoy.

With emotions running high throughout the country, a new truckers’ convoy, the Take Our Borders Back Convoy, began rallying on January 29 to head to border towns in Texas, Arizona, and California.  They are calling on all “Americans, Veterans, Law enforcement, Elected Officials, Truckers, Bikers, Business Owners, and Ranchers to join us.”  They want to show their support for Texas’ actions through a series of rallies.  

It’s worth noting, however, that Texas sheriffs are begging people not to come.  They say that these protests are logistical nightmares in rural communities with no more than two-lane roads. They are trying to create some semblance of normalcy and order for the small border towns.  Giant rallies tend to enable chaos.  Look at January 6.

Some folks think Texans are just racist.

Naturally, opponents of Texas’ actions are crying racism.  MSNBC’s Joy Reid said that Texas’ actions reminded her of segregation in the 1960s.

None of this has to do with racism.  It has to do with cities being unable to provide services for their own citizens. Yes, migrants are human beings with rights, but citizens have rights, too, and the first obligation a nation has is to its own citizens, not everyone else’s.  When public facilities like schools and hospitals can no longer be used by the people paying for them with their various taxes and fees, it is time to say, “Enough. We can’t do this anymore.”

We should be able to say this without being accused of hatred, fear, or malice.  Leaving the border open is not the “kind” option.  The trip is dangerous. Migrants leave themselves open to exploitation by a variety of criminal elements, and many of these people would probably be better off staying in their own countries.

The kindest option is the honest one.  The US is not physically capable of accepting everyone unhappy in their own country.  This needs to be broadcast loud and clear around the world.  Upon interviewing migrants post-arrest, the vast majority had gotten the impression that, since there was a new president now, the laws were changed, the border was open, and it was okay to go through.

Who put that idea out there?  Who profits from this mess?  Fixing this false impression and finding ways to impose consequences on the traffickers profiting from this lie would go a long way toward solving the border crisis.  

And we need to be honest about who is coming in.

While it’s easy to feel sorry for the families featured by mainstream groups drumming up sympathy for an open border, we need widespread recognition that many of the migrants are not desperate mothers with crying babies but military-age men from all over the world.

Yes, there are some desperate families at the border.  But with the numbers arriving, there are bound to be criminals and bad actors in there as well.  And when people come across the numbers that they have, law enforcement simply does not have the personnel to sort out legitimate asylum claims from the criminal elements.  

I don’t hate anybody.  I think a secure border, coupled with a coherent immigration policy, would be best both for Americans and for the potential immigrants who love this country enough to obey its laws.  The Texas National Guard and Border Patrol deserve commendation for working together, and I sincerely hope more of the state governors take action to help in a professional, humane manner.

What are your thoughts?

Is the Biden administration trying to stir up animosity between the Texas Guard and Border Patrol? Did they cry “uncle” by leaving the razor wire in its place? Do you think Governor Abbott is doing the right thing? Where do you think this will end – civil war?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

About Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

Marie Hawthorne

Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

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  • Good article. I have read both sides on Abbott. I’ve read some Texans say Abbott is a WEFer puppet. The Healthy American has done an article or two about how he has open areas of fencing without guards so he’s guilty of smoke & mirrors himself so I’m confused.

    Texas is a great state we enjoy visiting. The people seem happy, friendly & ‘calm’ for lack of a better term. But I suppose all we encountered were packing so there is that. We actually felt at home with like minded people to be honest.

    I say the upcoming movie is predictive since we know how Obama loves his movies.

  • Excellent article. Governor Abbott has been way too slow and I have to wonder why. He should have done this years ago.

  • All smoke and mirrors even with Texas. This is only ONE area, many others are still wide open. And why now? Why not years ago? Why bus them into the interior and not just send them back? I understand the Governor may be making a point but my grandma used to say “don’t cut off your nose to spite your face”. If we want to stem the tide, we aren’t doing it.

  • The shooting and slaughter that was the American Civil War started at 4:30am April 12, 1861.

    The war actually started on May 22, 1856 with the very public and brutal caning of Massachusetts senator Charles Sumner due to Summer’s ungentlemanly public remarks toward SC senator Andrew Butler on the senate floor whilst debating the admittance of Kansas into the union as either a “slave or free state”. https://www.senate.gov/artandhistory/history/minute/The_Caning_of_Senator_Charles_Sumner.htm

    Our second Civil War began on November 19, 2019 when a federal judge in San Francisco placed a restraining order on then President Trump’s order to close the border to a “caravan” of “migrants”.

    Now we wait for 1861 again. And, rest assured, it’s coming.

    • We see the same group of people resorting to violence as in 1856. The language that Charles Sumner used was not unusual for that time, but that he was almost killed in a cowardly attack was unusual.

      President elect Lincoln complained privately that he couldn’t open his mouth without his words being twisted in ways that incited anger among Southerners.

      Lincoln was faced with a situation for which he was not prepared as a lawyer—the U.S. Constitution stipulated procedures by which new states could be admitted to the Union, but no way for them to leave. So how was he to deal with the states who had unilaterally declared their succession? Constitutionally, they were still part of the Union. Lincoln had the responsibility to put down an armed rebellion, the same way that President Buchanan sent General Lee to put down the John Brown rebellion. So when Southerners started the shooting war by firing on Fort Sumpter, …

      Today the violence comes in reaction to “using the wrong pronoun” or other “trigger words”. When will they go too far? Will they provoke a “bloody Kansas” situation or worse? What role will all the military men allowed through our borders by traitor Biden play in possible violence? Enemies of our country are hoping for a civil war to make their invasion easier.

      • I agree with every word you wrote. And I appreciate your open questions in the last paragraph. I’d like to dig in at the plate and take a swing at them.

        “When will they go too far?” – Most folks seem to think they already have. Most People in my generation (X) are just too kind natured and were raised proper to cross any lines.

        “Will they provoke a “bloody Kansas” situation or worse?” – Worse. There’ll be a false flag. And it’ll be beyond anyone’s reckoning.

        “What role will all the military men allowed through our borders by traitor Biden play in possible violence?” – Reconnaissance in force.

  • This has nothing to do with racism. The left has made this there highest talking point. These people are coming in from 168 different countries. They are a drain on our economy. We accept so many immigrants a year. We don`t except terrorists or illegals. Get in line.

    • Racism was created by government to keep people divided and against one another. It has been doing damage to every human being and has been working for the powers that be. We all share the same DNA. And government has deemed it so to be against one another. Think about it. They take from one to give to another, this method creates chaos. It has been in play way before most were born.

    • its also not fair to the folks who are trying to do it legally, they go thru years following the law, learning the history, and whatever they have to do to get citizenship, and yet these illegals bypass all that, crossover, and get handed EVERYTHING FREE!!! not fair at all!!!! I’m not prejudice, I’m not racist, dont care about black, white, pink, red, whatever color or religion, I just want you to follow our laws like we have to, honest work for a living, make something of yourself, respect our history, people, our country etc. live and let live. dont expect ME or others to finance you, give you everything free, house/clothe you etc. when I’ve worked all my life, paid my taxes, minded my own, and so on. it irritates me that my hard earned money is going to pay for these illegal aliens who want to take everything from me and others who have tried to live our lives by God and the laws of our country…

  • I live in Texas about 100 miles from the border. Our town is very small. We have “encounters” with illegals 3-4 times a week. So far, it has been fairly peaceful here. We have no facilities to house these people and I suspect they are basically just trying to move through to San Antonio or Houston. Occasionally, on my way to town, I see a large piece of cardboard thrown over the barbed wire fence where I imagine a group has climbed the fence to make it to I-10.
    We are continually on the look out for these people when we are outside working on our property, and we have a net work of neighbors that keep up alerted to the police scanners.
    Our government is not protecting us as they should and I am glad to hear Gov. Abbot will. Our police and sheriff department here use Operation Lone Star to make it happen for us.
    I will say I am a bit tired of always having to be on the lookout for a problem. Going to town, I’m constantly watching for speeding cars etc. We also have installed security cameras.
    My biggest question lately has been – How do these illegals get vehicles? This seems to be the biggest thing now. Stopped, discovered to be “in the county illegally”, detained and vehicle impounded.

  • I have a legally married daughter-in-law who has tried for several years to come to
    America. She did all the required paperwork then Covid hit and travel was impossible. Hundreds of dollars of papers expired. In December my son died there. He had refused to come home without his family and that cost him his life due to not tolerating the tropics weather. We would still be grateful if she and my granddaughter could come here. Now she can file as the widow of a citizen but all those expansive forms must be redone and she suddenly has no income. It takes time for Social Security to begin supporting his child. She lives so far from the Main Embassy she had to take a boat to another area and then fly to the Capitol city to file all his death-related papers. If she comes or not, my granddaughter’s passport must be renewed in a few months. She is registered as a foreign born citizen. It gets complicated and expensive. Now that my son is dead the Embassy will send someone in the next month or two to check on their living conditions. What does that mean anyway? In the meantime our family has paid for a funeral and her trip to the embassy and some for living expenses. The biggest problem for all of us is finding someone to sponsor her. We financially can’t. The granddaughter doesn’t need a sponsor. She is a citizen.
    The daughter-in-law is a smart hardworking young woman. She worked for 10 years before marrying and 2 more years after the marriage. She lived in the capital city then. My son chose to move his family out to her family’s home area so they could all live on his Social Security disability. If she can come here with a visa and green card to work there is a job in Florida waiting for her. And she and my granddaughter could live with my younger daughter until they could afford a place of their own to live in. A former Ambassador to the US was her employer and she lived with and traveled all over the Orient with the Ambassador’s family. A very good recommendation comes with that friendship.
    It is not easy and is expensive to jump through all the hoops and come here legally, Come illegally and you may be put up in a fancy hotel or bussed to the city of your choice. You just end up living under the radar until you find a way to stay legally or work and live illegally. Yes, illegals can and do work illegally and own property. They are paid less than normal wages because they are here illegally. Few pay into Social Security unless they obtain some kind of papers that are not legal. Many do quite well while far more live under the radar. They can’t report crimes against them, can’t go to college unless they can get DACA papers, and they survive in what we see as real poverty.
    The mostly single men often leave a family behind and support them from afar and only rarely go back to visit. Many then start another family here and live with a citizen or illegally marry a citizen here. And it gets very complicated. They can not get life insurance here if they are illegal. There are a few things truly denied to illegals. The greatest danger is that many are already being placed here as members of gangs and crime syndicates. They work in drug trafficking and human trafficking. It is known that frequently there are those coming in who are already on terror watch lists. OH FUN…. some are caught and sent back but I bet a lot get through. So do convicted criminals and other undesirables. They don’t suddenly reform and become law-abiding. And we get to live with them in our neighborhoods. Our citizens are raped, murdered, and we watch while our homeless and veterans go without needed services and support. We suffer from the effects of inflation while we see illegals being cared for and given services we can’t afford. It is a formula for one big unhappy nation. If more terrorism comes as a result of these unconstitutional policies, folks here will get seriously angry. Then what?
    Watching my family member jump through all the hoops to come legally just makes me angry when I see thousands entering illegally and then cut loose by our boarder patrol.

    • I had a very similar problem after my children’s father died and I moved back home to the US from Canada with my daughter. She was born in Canada but is a dual citizen because I’m American. I made an error and didn’t register her birth with the American Consulate when she was born, but she’s dual nonetheless. We had to jump through so many hoops to make her “legal” it was unbelievable. Someone at Immigration told me to ADOPT my own child because it would make the paperwork easier. I refused and finally had to hire a lawyer. I was so angry and disgusted. Don’t even get me started about how I saw people at the Immigration office treat people who were there trying to follow the rules but who spoke poor English. They treated them like stray wildlife, and were filled with contempt for these people who were earnestly following the rules.

      We need immigration reform desperately.

      • no offense to you or others daisy, but 1. there should be NO dual citizenship and 2. also no “automatic citizenship” for babies born in US to non citizen parents! both of those needs to stop! anyone with dual should make the choice either or, not both!

        • It isn’t offensive. It’s ridiculous.

          If you think that only having one passport is a good idea, you’re not thinking straight.A second passport gives you freedom when your country would take it from you. Did you know the US government can suspend a person’s passport, which means they’d be unable to leave the country if they wanted to? In a time like ours why would you EVER choose such a prison for yourself if you had the legal option not to do so?

          Finally, my baby wasn’t born here – she was born in Canada but she had every bit as much right to live in the land of her mother when her father passed away as anyone else. She is an American citizen because I am an American citizen and for you to suggest otherwise means that for ME to come home, I’d have to have left my 13 year old behind.

          I didn’t bring her here and go on welfare or get free housing or free anything. I came here, worked my tail off, raised my child and put her through college without debt. We followed every law with regard to her being here legally.

          If you find THAT somehow goes against your rather ill-thought-out opinion, we are NOT the same kind of people.

          • Some folks have never read the Constitution. And others turn their heads on anchor babies and chain migration when done by certain person(s).
            I have no issue with dual citizenship. What I do have issue with is green card holders who are here for decades yet refuse to become a citizen. Grifting at its best – have his/her out if the kitchen gets too hot.

  • The mention of the truckers’ convoy should raise all sorts of red flags:

    Who’s paying for it? Diesel ain’t cheap and big rigs get terrible mileage. I smell a rat.

    Secondly, look at the public statements supporting it. They sound like what an FBI agitator would make.

    Local sheriffs ask that they not come, yet they’re coming anyways? Those who respect the laws of our country would listen to the local sheriffs.

    Truckers as a group are not trained to deal with violence. So one can count on FBI agitators among them to instigate violence, just as they did on January 6.

    What other red flags do other readers recognize?

    • True. We can’t trust anything these days and whoever is running all this, from behind the curtain, is capable of any deception.

    • Yep another Jan 6 event in the making! Beware. They are just asking for agitation because they think we are stooges. Sadly, some will go & be shocked at the outcome.

  • Ever wonder why Ellis Island was shut down? It was the beginning of the end. When you have a system that sends a message that come to a place where YOU get everything and free stuff, why would you not take advantage. Bottom line is government made it easy for them. If you want this crap to stop, government needs to STOP the free stuff. Politicians are pimps and they have whored out America.

    • Because the timing was right – plenty of attention and campaign contributions. Never mind how many of his contributors employ illegal labor.

  • It is only the Eagle Pass area that they have secured, the rest of Texas’ border must be secured too. The Border is still wide open in New Mexico, Arizona and Commiefornia also. The entire border must be sealed, including the one with Canada as they are allowing infiltrators into America also. The entire administration and administrative state must be expunged.

    • and what about the REST of America’s borders? canada, western, eastern, southeastern, etc. they are flying in, boating in, walking in, busing/train/trucks/vehicles etc. they are coming in every which way they can, and not being observed, stopped, nothing! WHY?

  • “But with the numbers arriving, there are bound to be criminals and bad actors in there as well.” Sociopaths and bad actors are within every group of people. The percentage ranges from 1% (Dr. Robert Hare), 4% (Dr. Martha Stout) to 10% (Dr. Karl Jung). My experience is about 5% population you have to spend 95% of time and resources on dealing with their s**t.

  • Why are people so slow to realize that Biden has committed treason by giving aid to our enemies and endangering the safety of the U.S. in exchange for money.

      • Same happening in Europe….the German government needed voters to stay in power because they f*cked up about everything…so they created new voting rights for people not being German…now there is a Islamic party emerging….because they can now vote but also start a party….bunch of Einsteins in Bonn…..

  • The USA is in many ways (not all for sure) akin to the goose that laid the golden eggs. Lots of folks from all over know about the golden eggs, and are seeking to share in the benefits that go along. I think this in and of itself is ok (leaving aside for now those who are coming here and wish us harm). It’s what humans do and have done throughout human history. The reality is, however, there probably isn’t enough golden eggs to go around. How many eggs are there? I don’t know. But I know the supply has an end. If the goose is overburdened, I think, it will die. That helps no one, and hurts almost everyone. Which brings us to the eternal question – who gets access to the eggs?
    This question has been answered throughout history with geographical borders. Not that borders are sacrosanct and/or permanent. They are not. So, our border on the south is being challenged, not unlike many borders throughout history, in order that access to the goose & eggs be unfettered to all. If this state of affairs continues, then it is a de facto start to the end of the USA as we know it, in essentially all facets, language, border, culture, etc., etc. (this has been underway for some time, but will rapidly accelerate if the border remains open as it is now). Which brings us back to the goose. In my opinion, the goose will die and there will be no more golden eggs if what is going on at the border continues for much longer. I think some people desire this end. I do not.

    • In Europe if the social security system stops there will be mass slaughter . The golden eggs here are artificial eggs….made out of thin air and put on paper and making our money worth less and less…in the end there is collapse….than plunder and everything that comes with that. There are people who want this to happen, and they are getting their way.

      The sale of ammo in Europe has doubled in the last year, not for no reason.

  • first off…DONT CALL THEM MIGRANTS..THEY ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS, not migrants…migrants are workers who migrate to different areas to work, who supposedly are legal and carded, when done, they move to another area….these are ILLEGAL, they are coming here against our will and ignoring our laws!!!! they are INVADING our borders, killing, raping our people, stealing, using OUR resources that taxpayers pay for, resources needed for our citizens, and so on. I dont feel a bit sorry for any of them or what they go thru, they are idiotic to pay some cartel to bring them here; knowing the trip is hard, they may get raped/killed etc. and tell me…if they are so desperate to get out of their own country…WHERE DO THEY GET THE MONEY for the cartel???? no, we are being INVADED, and it needs to stop, Americans need to stand up and fight for our lives, our rights and our country. I wholeheartedly praise what Abbott and other govs are doing, more should be joining in! I’m glad they are standing up to the pos we have in the oval office; GOD BLESS TEXAS AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

    • You are being invaded, but i think part of those invading have little left to go to….stay home and die by bullet or starvation….it think there are a lot of people who would have stayed home if possible, and very likly a lot that want ot go on rampage in the US of A. Same here in Europe, refugees are steering clear of Europe as there are more shitbags in the shelter centers than good people having a hard time…

      in Hamburg Germany in a “refugee” shelter a father was killed by the police for attacking the also living in the center rapist of his 3 year old daughter….injustice befalls both them and us…

      The amount of European women raped or/and murderd by fortune seeking shitbags is in the 100.000 thousends…just google England and rape of white girls…police doing nothing because being called racist is worse…you get sick.

      You have an invasion on your hands, whith a lot of bed people using good people as a shield…. to see the human in a person is sometimes what keeps us strong and upright. If we can only see bed in everyone we will lose ourselves.

      take care and defend what is yours, just leave some space for those honest and good of will…there are.


  • Der Krieg gegen andere Völker und Staaten holt die USA ein. Die Migrationsfrage ist von den USA selbst losgetreten worden. Da kann auch Texas nichts mehr dran ändern. Die USA müssen sich ändern!

    • Translation: “The war against other peoples and states is catching up with the United States. The migration issue has been initiated by the United States itself. Even Texas can’t do anything about it. The U.S. needs to change!”

      Texas is doing something about it. This is the beginning.

  • Hooray for my state!! I applaud Governor Abbott for this time being true to the citizens of Texas, and to all citizens of the United States.
    I do believe that Biden’s handlers are trying to get a civil war started in the United States. I also know that the County Sheriffs in Texas (those voted in by their county’s respective citizens) are the highest law enforcement officer in the county, and have the power to arrest any federal officer regardless of rank or office if they are not fulfilling their oath to the US Constitution. I think a civil war is on the horizon. I pray that it is not.
    Old Duffer.

    • I said, “if they are not fulfilling their oath to the US Constitution” I left out, “when the are violating the rights of the citizens of this state.”

      • And the Constitution clearly states immigration is a federal power. Not any words, to any effect, that says “well, if you think the feds aren’t doing their job you can make your pitiful attempt to do it”. And from the party of “law and order no less”. Federalize any National Guard who are in Texasistan. Arrest anyone interfering with FEDERAL business.

        • If Biden would do his job, we would not have stellar illegals like these guys in the states, beating up NYPD officers.
          Migrants Who Beat NYPD Cops Released With No Bail, Given Free Tickets To California Under Fake Names
          If we did not have weak, soft on crime Democrats, we would not have the crime wave we are currently experiencing.
          Do be sure to check out the pic of that fine, upstanding man.

          • Shuttling hard core criminals around the country to cause ever more chaos? That is some pretty bad sh!t the big boys are cooking up. And it’s not just here, they’re devouring Europe with the same tricks. (Which they? All of them, they’re in cahoots.)
            I was thinking a thousand pills in my pantry was excessive, but times change, and we need to anticipate trouble all the way down. Don’t be caught thinking, “if only I had seen this coming…”

        • Selena perhaps you should actually read the Constitution instead of believing everything that Joe Biden and his fans in the msm say about this issue.

          Governor Abbott does in fact have the Constitutional right to defend Texas from invasion. See Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 below. Biden has failed to protect Texas from invasion as required by the Constitution Article IV Section 4. The Constitution provides for states to protect themselves from invasion without the permission of the federal government. It is simply the right of self-defense. Entering the US illegally violates federal law and Texas does not need permission from Biden to prevent illegal immigration.

          As far as your statement “the Constitution clearly states immigration is a federal power”. People crossing the border illegally are not by definition legally migrating. They are in fact invaders. Go to any country you can think of and ask this question. If people enter your country illegally are they invaders or legal immigrants. When the Nazis invaded countries during World War II were they invaders or legal immigrants. I find it amusing that democrats called Donald Trump a Nazi and worse than Hitler when he wanted to secure the border. Nazis have no respect for anyone’s border. Maybe open borders democrats should research history before calling people names. Projection is a strategy democrats use a lot against people.

          If you woke up in the middle of the night and a person in the country illegally was sitting on your chest. Is this person a legal immigrant or an invader. According to you the Constitution requires the federal government to make that decision and remove that person from your home, not you or your state. In the mean time you have to care, feed and house your so called immigrant until the federal government removes the invader. Please don’t quote me laws about unlawful entry or your right to say who can or cannot stay in your house. Those state laws do not apply because according to you “the Constitution clearly states immigration is a federal power.”.

          BTW Selena are you interested in having some illegal immigrants stay at your place on your dime. Meaning you will out of your own pocket care for them, feed them, clothe them, provide them transportation etc. Can you name me one open borders democrat who is doing that? How about Joe Biden, Senator Chuck Schumer or senator Nancy Pelosi or governor Gavin Newsom or governor Gretchen Whitmer or mayor Eric Adams or mayor Brandon Johnson. If they are such big fans of open borders why don’t they lead by example and have illegals stay at their place. It is easy to appear virtuous and self righteous when illegals are overrunning some one elses state. But not one of these open borders democrats is willing to put their money where their mouth is. It’s called hypocrisy. Do you agree with these open borders democrats?

          US Constitution Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3
          “No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any Duty of Tonnage, keep Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.”

          Governor Abbott Issues Statement On Texas’ Constitutional Right To Self-Defense

          “…The failure of the Biden Administration to fulfill the duties imposed by Article IV, § 4 has triggered Article I, § 10, Clause 3, which reserves to this State the right of self-defense. For these reasons, I have already declared an invasion under Article I, § 10, Clause 3 to invoke Texas’s constitutional authority to defend and protect itself. That authority is the supreme law of the land and supersedes any federal statutes to the contrary.””

          US Constitution Article IV Section 4
          “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall
          protect each of them against Invasion”

          • John, you’re newer here and I really enjoy reading your posts. FYI, Selena is either one of two things: a paid employee of some state or federal agency OR a fat little troll who has never successfully finished anything independently except to thoroughly piss off good people. It always shows up in articles to opine emotionally, but never offers any solutions or hints at a speck of learned experience. No, John, it has no function. It just seems to show up and attach itself to hot topic subjects here to show us all it still exists. Like a monthly herpetic sore.

            • ~jim Thank You for the kind words and your thoughts about Selena. I often wonder if people like her will ever realize that Biden, the democrat party the pro democrat party msm talking heads are actually their enemy.

              The open borders mass invasion of illegals is intended to overwhelm and bankrupt the welfare state and destroy social cohesion. Crime and social disorder will become more and more rampant as a result. Loss of national unity, culture and economic security will eventually lead to the desired goal of the globalists, a police state. Why can’t people who keep voting democrat see that?

              Did you know that governor Gavin Newsom just made California the first state to give all illegals free healthcare. California already has a 68 billion dollar deficit and this new law will cost an additional $6.5 billion annually. I think they should add a few more zeros to that number. Governor Abbott’s problem i expect will become California’s problem but a lot worse thanks to globalist Gavin Newsom.

              California becomes first state to offer health insurance to all undocumented immigrants
              By Mary Kekatos December 29, 2023, 1:22 PM

              “It will cost the state over $6.5 billion annually to provide Medi-Cal to all undocumented immigrants, according to the most recent analysis by the non-partisan Legislative Analyst Office,

              • Thanks to you and Jim for addressing her latest screed and her trolling. It’s a mystery why she’s allowed to go off on people unchecked but others are warned. I hadn’t thought of her being a federal employee, but that fits. My husband’s niece is a postal employee and she’s just like Selena. Vicious and skewed about the facts. What kind of person just looks for opportunities to insult and cause trouble and misery? Is all in on their party politics regardless of the damage to America?

  • Selling out your own people is a thing WEF puppets do, and taking to arms when you and yours are in danger is a human thing….leaders of people should be servitable to the people, not the other way around…So GO Texas, but…..

    ….when Texas politicians takes a stand against Washington politics they should, it is their duty to protect their people, as it is the duty of Washington to make sure they bind the states for prosperity and not tie up the states and make them servants under their umbrella in their prison of papers.

    We the rest of the world see dictatorial things coming from the White house….not wise leadership but mentally ill overruling. That can’t be the binding factor of a union….what is the benefit of joining hands??? the use of violence is however the trademark of a dictatorship, not the act of the wise…
    In the European press there is little to none about the Texas situation, and if any is is pro Washington puppet talk….We do get “Orange Bad” man a lot, kids are being trained to bark when the name of the Orange man comes up…tik tok and sorts…not the internet enrichment one would want….still…most Europeans actually like Trump, he is seen as the first US predsident who actually makes the world more peacefull….yet the smearing…it shows the real faces of many…

    For those in the middle of the border and immigration dispute in the USA, or maybe better put, those coming to the USA because their counties are a hell hole, the reason why can be found north of Richmond and in Brussels and London, to flee one hell hole to be used to create another is a grime solution to their problems.
    The cause of hel holes around the globe is for a great part is a relative small group of people and those that eat through their system. When democratic free countries support dictatorships with guns and men they cannot be called free….the word “FREE” has become a meaningless trademark, as law and right. Soldoiers are to protect their peoiple and their land, defense is exactly that. When soldiers become a tool to make more profit or see rising stockmarkets there is something rotten in the state of that realm….

    Migration should be a natural thing, work here and labour there, such is a good reasond….not a forced stampede. We see the same in Europe, but with a very sinister edge: we get the muslims with a totally different outlook lon life and such….south and middle america are most catholic…that part is not ticking bomb issue…..
    The root cause of shit and disaster is always the same if you look far enough in the back of the bus… ….shitbags north of Richmond/London/Brussels….and those totally mental f*cks circleing a building with a corner vagina in Mekka…and those who enrich and feed off shit like this….

    ….right now both in Germany and France and Belgium there is a lot of protest against WEF politics as the EU is a bought and sold WEF corrupt politicians package….in the Dutch press next to none about all of this…censorship comes from the “free press” itself….as misinformation…WEF owned….keep ‘m stupid is the rule….

    The internet is all that we have to balance out what is and what is not, both sides with carefull intake of info….

    Maybe in the USA a lot of people are thinking a civil war might come, but from what i can see all chains of supply and work are under attack, so people will go at each others throat…not for political idealogical crap but for food on the table…history is full of examples. Not those in charge that suffer but the victims taking on each other….even the French revolution had rich people getting more rich….just mostly others than before….

    As a Dutch person i would say to Americans; go for the head of the snake and clean house. United you stand….
    Elections will not do the trick, here in the Netherlands a great part of the Dutch voted right as we are fed up, now the Dutch swamp people stall the forming of a government and in the mean time push through laws we do not want or agree on as they hold the power till there is a new government….And so Ukraine got 50 billion euro support, because those who can vote against this madness of spending are kept at bay/out of rule or are blackmailed to the bone….50 Billion, most will end up in Swiss banks…and the lake Geneva villa’s of the hero’s of the Ukranian administration trenches…

    ….it is sad to see so many people who just wanted to build up something die for so few WEF shitbags…no person sane with some self respect wants to be used as a number….
    still, we see and let it happen.

    We ALL have an enemy that is living north of Richmond, using poor people without chances to take away others their rights. In the end, both those born and raised in the USA and those new, all will suffer by the same hand….North of……

    We are all people, we live, enjoy, have dreams and mostly see them disappear…..we get sick, have hardships and all kinds of shit that goes with life…there is nature, so much can happen…..what piece of sh*te wearing a necktie has a right to cause war and other shit and tell you it is your or your childerens duty to go and fight somewhere and get killed….their fat bellies will not last five minutes in a trench, yet they speak of war and enemies as they have lived half their lives in blood and mud……the flimsy North of Richmond backbone tribe…
    Leaders should be ashamed if they fail to keep things peacefull and in balance so people can live and prosper, and actually have a future. The bill of rights of the United states is a piece of human dignity to the core, drawn from both logic and the knowledge of some humans nature, to protect those of good will……..yet it is stolen while we speak.

    A person who is oppressed or endangerd by the state or their sevants has both a right and duty to resiste by all means needed, a right as a human and a duty to another human. Such is the only right reason to take up arms.

    In the times of Julius Ceasar in France leaders were chosen by the people, and send of or killed if they failed to do their utmost to do well….Vercentorix was one such example, chosen to lead the tribes aganst the Romans against his own wish but forced leader by the vote of others…they chose the most capable or the one they trusted most….a heavy burden for such a person, and shame on him, his family and his tribe if he failed….that is what leaders should be, servitude to all others.

    Instead we get greedy pigs….

    There is the crap of religion, all claiming to be the one and only, and most all need violence to prove they are so magnificent. It is an historical root of evil and believes should be enjoyed behind the front door of those who pray to have a need filled….

    these are interesting times and we will see what tomorrow brings, but never bend of kneel. I wish you all the very best.


  • LMFAO.. Texasistan can barely keep the lights on. The federal government pays the national guard. Spare me the greatness of the “rangers” and other LE. But the article did give me a good chuckle.

      • Tsk tsk.. Dubya let the 9-11 folks in but we don’t need to talk about that. Every ethnic group has the dregs in the US, mostly legal I might add. This is just like the deficit – pukes add to it ad nauseum then find fiscal jay-sus when the other party in in the WH/controls house and/or senate.
        Time for the cupcakes of the US to suck it up and figure out how to deal with reality. Better we get willing immigrants otherwise we’ll be nothing but a country full of pasty, old white people, ripe for overtake.

        • It gets harder to find common sense political solutions every year. “What the hell is going on? can be answered by looking at “who’s who?” in recent administrations (neocons working with neoliberals) and comparing heated rhetoric to actual bi-partisan policies ratcheting to the left.. world wrestling federation promo clips vs. MSM exchanges between moderates, liberals and conservatives. Coronacircus had some humorous content on “kayfabe” in the beginning of the Covid operation but they have been out of contact for sometime.


    • Who the National Guard is paid by depends on the type of orders they are on. They can be activated by either state or federal entity and that is who pays the bill.

  • “Border Patrol agents processing migrants” is code for Border Patrol agents are giving these new democrat voters Biden cell phones, money/gift cards and instructions on where and how to get free housing, food, clothing, healthcare and other free government services. The unspoken rule of course is on election day the illegals are to vote democrat. Biden and the democrat party leaders are all traitors who want to erase US national sovereignty and make it into another globalist puppet state like the countries in Europe are. Brexit was a shock to the globalists though and so were recent events in the Netherlands with the farmers revolt. Make Netherlands Great Again!

    Farmers all over Europe sick of the WEF/globalist/world government’s attempts to destroy their livelihood show their anger at the EU building in Brussels. Looks like they are not all brainwashed into the climate alarmist cult yet. All of these globalists, Soros and son, the Davos demons, the puppets like Biden, Trudeau, Macron need to go and should be replaced by true patriots.

    WEF PANICS as Protestors STORM the EU Building in Brussels!!!

    Dr. Steve Turley 2-1-2024

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