Idiocracy? The White House’s ‘Healthy’ Diet Plan for Kids, Brought to You by Subway

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By Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton

Originally published at Truthstream Media

Hey kids, can you say “corporatism”? Now eat up (don’t read the ingredients, though).

If you need any more proof that our government is essentially a fascist vehicle for corporate interests, please look no further than Michelle Obama partnering with the nation’s second largest fast food chain Subway in a $41 million marketing scheme to support Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign — a movement supposedly designed to help eradicate childhood obesity.

Michelle’s face is apparently soon to be plastered all over Subways everywhere… and people are threatening to boycott. While papers like the LA Times are touting this move as Obama simply “tapping” Subway to help get kids to eat better, a cursory glance at the restaurant’s nutrition guide shows that the average meal at Subway is anything but the paragon of health. Like all convenience food in this country, it has its fair share of chemical preservatives, artificial colors, food additives and genetically modified flavor enhancers like MSG (just to name a few).

But beyond that, this is only half a tick away from America *literally* having an Idiocracy government brazenly sponsored by corporate logos and insider interests…and, missing all the common sense cues for a healthy society, of course.

The U.S. government: by, for and of the mega corporations. Our “leaders” are essentially celebs in their own reality show: ‘Murica.

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  • Yes Daisy, welcome to fascism. The Constitution limits the federal government to 21 duties, and PROHIBITS it from everything else. Where does the Constitution authorize the Feds to be involved with Subway and deciding what our children should eat?

    Parents, please don’t give government access to your children. Make whatever sacrifice necessary to homeschool your children.

  • Big business runs today’s world, there’s no doubt about that, aided and abetted by individual governments. It’s true if you live in the USA, Britain or China. Money talks and everyone else does at they are told.

    Whenever anyone tries to stand up to the corporations they are shouted down and told they’re being “bad for business and the economy”. Having obese kids with huge appetites is big business and if they die young, not to worry, there’s plenty more coming up behind. Then the drug and diet companies make even more money…

    Michelle Obama should be telling kids to eat raw fruit and vegetables. It’s as simple as that. Cheap, nutritious and freely available (for now). Problem is, big business hasn’t got a hold on the fresh food market: it’s run by millions of individual farmers, growers and wholesalers.

    My only consolation is that things would have been even worse if Romney and his crew had got in!

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