HUD Wants to Make Living in a Tiny House or RV Illegal

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The tiny house movement has taken America by storm, in part because our economy is in the toilet. People are striving to reduce their expenses by embracing minimalism. They’re breaking free from the corporate grind because, as I’ve always advised, they are learning to live with less and radically reducing their expenses.

But, these days in America, you are sharply admonished when you try to live your life outside of the strictures of the 9-5 world. Is it any surprise that the government is now taking steps to limit our ability to drastically reduce our expenses? They always seem to make illegal anything we try to do to be more independent and moving into a tiny house appears to be the next on their list.

HUD has proposed the following law:

This proposed rule would modify the current exemption for recreational vehicles in the Manufactured Home Procedural and Enforcement Regulations.  Under the current exemption, questions have arisen regarding whether park model recreational vehicles are regulated by HUD’s manufactured home program. These park models are being produced with patio roofs, screened in porches, and other extensions that exceed the 400 square foot maximum exemption in the current regulations. Additionally, some of these models are being marketed as suitable for year round living. HUD’s proposed rule would permit recreational vehicle manufactures to certify that a unit is exempted from HUD’s regulations. Specifically, HUD’s proposed rule would define a recreational vehicle as a factory build vehicular structure, not certified as a manufactured home, designed only for recreational use and not as a primary residence or for permanent occupancy, and built and certified in accordance with either the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1192-2015, Standard for Recreational Vehicles, or the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A119.5-15, Recreational Park Trailer Standard. In addition, to provide consumers notice regarding the manufacturing standards used to construct the unit, HUD’s rule would require that units claiming the exemption display a notice that identifies the standards used to construct the unit and states that the unit is designed only for recreational use, and not as a primary residence or permanent dwelling.

That’s right – if this law is passed, these structures will be classified as “not suitable for a primary residence or permanent dwelling” in April of this year.

While currently they’re only talking about a label, how long will it be before the long arm of the law reaches out to punish those living full time in homes that are deemed “not suitable for a primary residence or permanent dwelling”?  My bet is, not long at all. This may be the first step toward making it illegal to live in a tiny home or an RV.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • This is ridiculous but so government trying to control everything. Great, they want to take away more freedom….

  • Never in the history of this country have we had such “big government” – so many new laws and so much government oversight. All because of the policies of the current leadership, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, and the Democraps. I’m not trying to start a political argument and I’m not suggesting another party would be necessarily ‘better’ – I’m just calling it as I see it.

    It is illegal to harvest rainwater off your own roof in some parts of the country. You know longer hold the right to manage your own property under EO13603; under that same EO (Executive Order) the goob has the right to come onto your property AT WILL to manage any and all water resources, and to confiscate. Also the food you are growing or have grown. EO13603 also gives the goob control over any farm animals you may own.

    We ARE being railroaded to a One World Government, One World Monetary system. Whether you agree or not is irrelevant: the Bible DOES tell us it’s coming.

    How’s “The Change” working for you?

    • Rainwater collection is now legal in all 50 states (some require a permit for health reasons). Colorado, the only state that had had limited allowances just recently passed legislation allowing it.

      • You can seriously say “Rainwater collection is now legal…” with a straight face? Seriously? You must be a millennial.

      • This is the problem. The government is “allowing” things that it has not business legislating in the first place. We “are endowed by [our] Creator with certain unalienable Rights”, rights that are intrinsic to our humanity and not granted by a temporary governmental body.

      • To clarify, limited rainwater collection is permitted: enough to maintain 1 modest family household. No one has the right to hoe out a small lake to collect water without a permit or established legal allowance.

        Most knee jerk reactionaries don’t realize that you cannot actually collect an acre of water 10 feet deep unless you have historic rights to its flow or a permit and the case they are raving about isn’t just some tiny house guy who wanted roof water.

      • The fact it was made illegal in only one state should show you the kind of thinking afoot. Even if it was reversed. The point is it was attempted!!!

    • It’s not the White House coming up with these ideas. Blame your local government and state government and your legislators.

    • We didn’t wake up 8 years ago and the country was in the crapper. I am 50 and have seen nothing but decline my ENTIRE life. Obama is only the newest and latest contributor to our demise.

    • Every time some goes wrong the President here’s the blame if you read the Bible it says to honor those who are in authority over you and “the Bible” again every time something happens its the end times someone can fart and it’s the end times that’s a bunch of bull only thing this is about is that the government is greedy and they ate trying to come up with a way to get more money out of us

    • One by one our rights are being taken away so the government can control literally everything. Farmers and ranchers are being destroyed by various governments so we import more and more for our food or turn to junky food by big corps (see how the other ranches around the Bundy ranch were run out of business for ex.) Restricting rain water collection means you have to be on the public water supply. Same for energy, not allowing food gardens, eliminating the ability to have chickens….and I’m sure wood burning will be outlawed eventually.

      The government is going after off gridders, and the public can’t see the bigger picture.

  • Hi Daisy. Great info. Thank you! I will post it in full on my site (videos of the week page) I also have a page that lists EDC facebook pages. Let me know if you would like me to add your page to the list? Thanks again. Fred

  • The way I read this is that it applies to ‘THOWs’ that exceed 400sq feet, and even then it just means the manufacturer has to post a notice in it that it “is designed only for recreational use, and not as a primary residence or permanent dwelling.” That dosen’t mean that you CAN’T use it as a permanent dwelling.

    I’m seeing this as a non-issue.

    • Unfortunately it is a big issue. When you live in it year round where you can park it becomes a huge hassle already even before this law. You run into issue with connecting to water and sewer, or the legality of waste disposal. You have issues connecting to electricity. You especially have issues with taxes. How do they tax you? As a house? As a vehicle? Which building codes and electric codes are you held to? Rv crash tests? Residential homes? Its a huge grey area that the system hates. But if its not up to code they come red tag your tiny house and if you enter it you go to jail. Its a huge deal.

    • I am pretty sure it won’t be illegal to live in a tiny home or mobile home but only that HUD will not consider it a full time permanent residence. Basically you would not be able to obtain traditional home financing for these type of properties but most would be purchased with cash anyway? Thoughts anyone?

      • My husband and I live in a 399 sq. ft. park model in an RV resort with water, sewer and electricity. We own the property that the park model is on, we pay taxes on it. Then we register the park model every year, it’s registered as a vehicle. It has wheels under it. Everyone who lives here knows that you can’t get financing on these units, we all have to pay cash for them. About half of the people who live in this RV resort live here year round.

    • Once they get it labeled for part time use only it will take a simple brushstroke to make it illegal to call it your permanent residence.We already have many cottages set up as “seasonal” that cannot be lived in year round simply because the law says so.It doesn’t matter if it is entirely suitable or not.Give an inch they take a mile.

    • That is the way I read it also. I am not seeing what the author of the articl states. I even re-read it to double check. Hud doesn’t want. To be responsible for buildings not up to code. This is a good thing for small homes. I am assuming they are not build to the same code most houses are. I know some materials they useuse on those tiny houses in order to make them lighter would not be allowed in a permanent dwelling.

    • It is not an issue now. When the label is posted and laws are passed for your health and safety – then you have a problem…

    • You may be correct. The video said this is pending action. You fail to see this in context, like many folk. Combine this proposed action with the elimination of the $100 dollar bill…done, the action taken against the shoe shine man in Atlanta, reported 3/4/92, against the girl who tried to sell lemonaid, the guy who was killed for selling cigs on Staten Island, the attempts to eliminate cash here and done in Cyprus and proposed in 3 other countries, the govt grab of savings in Cyprus and Greece, the confiscation laws through out the US used to fund gov’t agencies. All non-issues according to your thinking. Watch the trends not individual items. Then you will see the thrust of gov’t attitudes. As said about sex “you got the head in, you got it all in”. Or by others the “slippery slope”.

    • Same here. The focus here appears to be on safety.

      400 feet means that the core length of the unit (assuming an 8.5 ft drivable width) must be 47 feet without slides. I don’t think they make them that big, in that the total length of the towable would exceed the national highway limit of 53 feet. (Your tow vehicle adds 20 ft approximately to the entire rig).

      I suppose there are a few park models that with slides and other features might slighly exceed the 400ft livable limit. But not many.

    • I believe the real issue is the government demanding to know where they can find you. Hit the road with a valid license, insurance, and a burner phone, and they have no idea whatsoever where you are if you’re paying cash. They can’t even tell what direction you’re headed let alone find you for whatever reason. There are probably a million or more people living like this, and it must be driving them crazy.

      A woman in Florida was living off the grid, and oh did they try to get her to cave on power and water, and they even kicked her out for “hygienic” reasons. Just look at the average phone, gas, electric and water bill to see just how much govs make from all those fees. Oh, they wanted us rooted down and paying all those bills, too.

  • What about tiny houses that do not have electric? What about someone that wants to build their own? I should be free to build a tiny home on my land without having to conform to some standards that are designed for someone building one for sale! This is in reply with the speakers change marked as (D) – I think 🙂 Go away regulations! Think of the cabins in the 1800’s that would have never been built if this thinking was in place back then! Think of the country that would have never been settled!

  • What are they going to do? Throw you in jail? It is still not illegal to live in a cardboard box, just get one and say the motorhome is temporary.

  • Always follow the money. America is (mostly) controlled by corporations, and anytime people make attempts to regain some independence the corporations will write laws for their paid off politicians to enact. Just look at things like Uber or Airbnb, or farmers, always facing new regulations that make it harder for the individual. It’s not that the government is just some tyrannical entity out to oppress everyone, it’s because we vote for politicians that are showered with millions of dollars from these corporations. Want government to work FOR us? Don’t vote for candidates that worked for- or get donations from- big corporations.

    • You got to be kidding about big corporations. The government is the only bad guys in this scenario. The rule of illegal law is coming from the POS SOB CS’g half breed President in the form of an EO (executive order). It ain’t coming from some big business you’re paranoid about. What big business should we be as afraid of as the government. Don’t defend the government on this thread. Go to a liberal page where the morons will love that shit.

    • They all succumb to the bribes of Big Business eventually. I can remember quite a few congressmen/senators who started out on the right foot but soon turned to the “dark side”. Career politicians are the bane of our country.

    • Huney, please send instructions on how to find any politician or individual running for any governing office that isn’t “accepting donations from a big corporation.”

    • Has anyone heard of Corporate America? I saw an interesting series “Continuum”, purely fictional, it refers to America as a corporation. Maybe that is our future, very scary. I would truly like to know how we get someone into office who isn’t a puppet to the big businesses.

    • It’s not that simple. At the moment it’s still completely legal lobbyists to offer incentives in order to sway votes in their favor. It’s legalized bribery. We need to remove that particular law, and put a limit on the amount of time someone can be in congress. That’s not a perfect fix, mind you, but companies would have a harder time buying off newcomers in the limited amount of time they have in office, and it means they don’t just have politicians in their pocket for their entire duration in office.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you!! Until we get corporations unable to buy off our politicians, we are all screwed!

    • This is so well said, that it amazes me. I’ve never been terribly political, but our Country is in a state of crisis. People vote for the cutest candidate, or name recognition, or for their Big Business backing ( without ever realizing that they’re being used as a pawn ) or even the political party that their parents voted for….or against. We let our candidates stand on a particular subject, and change it as soon as they get into office. Worse yet, we keep voting them back in, even when their position has long since changed according to their financial backers. I think we should have term limits, so they aren’t being bought out. Have you ever noticed how many millionaires come out of the political machine. And they have life long perks that come with the job, even if they serve one term in office. Unfortunately, these things even happen locally. Many places aren’t allowed to use alternative energies, live in solid structures on their own property just because someone thinks it should be considered temporary. They aren’t supposed to collect rain water, even though most people use it to water their gardens and the rain is still going back into the soil as if it had never been collected….it has just been redirected. It just comes down to whose pocket has been padded. Why don’t they help people who are truly homeless, or are in desperate need of the basics in life who have found a way to buy their own land choose to cut out a living for themselves.

      It makes me angry, and what can we do about it.

    • I think this goes to the heart of big government, and their desire to not only control your food and water, now it’s about knowing where you live ALL the time. If you’re on the road months at a time, they don’t know where you are unless they track a known phone number. You could be at any trailer park, camping in the woods and so on. A driver’s license with an address that’s just used as a base for mail doesn’t tell them anything.

  • i’m disgusted — but not surprised. i can see 2 major forces pushing for this — the american building industry that sees increasing numbers of people avoiding mortgages and housing costs, and the regulators who see this as a way to expand their role and justify more funding to enforce it. this trend fits in with the major medical industry insisting that natural remedies and using foods as medicines must be regulated as if they were patented chemicals.

    i can see why those who believe governments have gone too far feel that way. as democracy is being bought out by the super-wealthy and powerful, governments have increased their regulations and restrictions on the law-abiding public, while they have loosened (even eliminated) the regulations and enforcement of standards on the rich elite. so instead of protecting the public from the powerful, we are being attacked by government (in the name of protecting us from ourselves).

    until the majority of the public become political activists, we will continue to get more of this.

  • Living in Ontario Canada and here if you buy land you CANNOT but a camper or RV on the property. Some places you can’t even store it for winter. They can only be in parks. Same with a Mobile home not allowed on own land only in mobile parks. Tiny homes will be next.

  • None of us are “free”. If you think you are then your blinders are still on. The more independent one tries to become the more one is met with obstacles. We will never be out of debt and the govt doesnt want positive change, or any change because they will lose control, power and money.

    There are many layers to the “bad guys” they are those who have money and names are rich, they are also nameless people who we never see… Voting is pointless, all running are scapegoats there for us to see as a face of blame when everything continues to hit the fan. Most our food is poisoned, water too, our children are getting stupider and heavier and what’s in place to “help” these problems are making them worse. So many levels of destruction going on.. Where there is light there also dark and with more people learning the ways of light and positive ( all levels) the darkness is also becoming more clear to those who werent as aware before.

  • How does this make living in an RV illegal? It says that the “exemption” is being changed. It does not say anything close to “living in an RV is illegal.” Moreover, this is federal legislation. So unless you are in Washington DC, it does not pertain to you.

    This changes the way homes can be financed. That is it. Come on, use some common sense.

    • This of it this way. It is better to cheaper to purchase something that can be moved. That is why it is mostly retired people who are choosing to live this way as a way of retirement. You can live cheaper too. If this is the case, then people are forced to pay ridiculous prices for real estate or, worse, RENT!!! Not really the way I would want to retire with a fixed income.

  • We are all slaves in a system that needs compliance, apathy and fear as its fuel.

    SHARI L. PETERSON is NOT Shari Xxxxx Peterson. The former is a STATUTORY ENTITY CREATED BY GOVERNMENT THAT CAN CONTRACT WITH GOVERNMENT/CORPORATIONS. It is not you. This is where the trick is everyone.

    You are not that name on your credit cards, contracts with corporations and government, drivers licenses, mortgages, etc. It is that entity represented by ALL CAPS that looks like your name, that is forced to abide by these ridiculous mandates, rules, codes, statutes, laws and policies. Is is that entity that has obligations for registrations, fees, licensing and everything else. You just agreed to pay for it.

    Unfortunately when you signed your social security card and your first tax form you tied the real you to the statutory entity resembling you and with that signature you guaranteed you would be the fiduciary for all its debt as well as “pay the piper” for any penalties or what not it might have violated that requires someone to to go jail, etc.

    It’s all fraud because we are not aware of the scam. It’s called a legal name fraud, research it.

    Anyway, you can leave the statutory world. There’s actually a Treasury form terminating the fiduciary relationship between you and the ALL CAPS “you” so you are no longer responsible for that corporate statutory entity’s debts. You are essentially “divorcing” the ALL CAPS name.

    This is not a light subject to tread in, there is a lot of information that needs to be understood and you need to understand

    Read/watch videos by Richard McDonald, state Citizenship (versus US/United States citizenship which is statutory/corporate in nature), the website is good.

    We have been had real good.

  • They are just telling manufacturers to put a sticker on the unit prior to sale. “This is not intended for year round living”. Not coming to take you to jail. Nothing to see here folks. Just manufactured bulshit to get clicks.

  • This does not say that it would be illegal to live in an RV full time…it just says that the RVs can not be marketed as being suitable for full time living. There is a big difference!

  • Well, after reading it, it doesn’t do anything other than force RV manufactures to either stop advertising they are suitable to live in as a permanent residence, or to certify them under hud rules and thus standards.

    it doesn’t stop anyone from living in one if they wish to.

    some of these models are being marketed as suitable for year round living. HUD’s proposed rule would permit recreational vehicle manufactures to certify that a unit is exempted from HUD’s regulations. Specifically, HUD’s proposed rule would define a recreational vehicle as a factory build vehicular structure, not certified as a manufactured home, designed only for recreational use and not as a primary residence or for permanent occupancy, and built and certified in accordance with either the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1192-2015, Standard for Recreational Vehicles, or the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

  • I believe HUD is a department in the executive branch. Regardless, only Article 2 (Congress) branches have legislative authority. We either have rule of law or we don’t.

  • now…if you buy/build one of these tiny houses and you pull the thing on the roads….how are they gonna keep up with you? retirees have been living in their campers for years….they drive, they park a bit…move again…they have p.o. boxes somewhere as their home base.

  • The Organic Prepper needs to go back to school for basic reading comprehension. And a lesson in honesty. The proposed HUD rule doesn’t make it unlawful to buy or live in anything. The only thing this minor revision does is to make clear the difference between manufactured homes, intended for full-time living, and so-called “park models” that are sold for recreational use. Manufactured homes have more stringent construction requirements. Nothing in the rule says anything about what can be sold or lived in. It’s about what manufacturers have to disclose to buyers.

  • This post is refreshingly alarmist, isn’t it? Thank you for advertising at me today. Wake me when you want to quit your bullshit minimum wage blogging job, do something about this, and write a law.

  • While appreciating the heads up, where is the action? Is there a petition a link to contact your local representatives? If all we do is say how ridiculous it will happen.

  • You have completely misread the HUD statement. This statement is stating that Recreational Vehicles will be identified as such and that they are not considered to be a fixed home similar to a manufactured home. RV’s will not be held to the stringent rules and regulations that are in place for manufactured homes, or a mobile home. A manufactured home is considered real property, subject to property taxes and can be mortgaged with conventional lending. An RV will only be subject to sales tax when it is purchased. You buy them with a consumer loan, no mortgage and no annual property taxes.

    You are fanning the flames or ignorance and doubt. Please stop.

    • J. Kelley – THANK YOU!!! for actually reading the article. It’s sad that we live in a time when any article that references the government is immediately categorized as another assault on the American people. THIS ARTICLE IS ABOUT AN EXEMPTION TO HUD REGULATIONS. Maybe the problem is that inflammatory posts like this are targeted towards an audience that doesn’t know the difference between an exemption and a legal requirement.

      It’s funny to think that there are people writing letters of protest when they have the controversy backwards. If they understood what they were reading, they’d be thanking HUD instead of scolding it.

      The author of this article ought to be ashamed of herself for writing an article that is nothing more than a click magnet.

  • There are apartments with less room than 400 square feet that people are paying as much as $4000 for. This really is ridiculous!!!

  • I think there are bigger issues that need our governments attention than what type of home you are living in, if you collect rain water or if you grow your own food. There are just something that they need to keep their noses out of. It’s true it’s on a label in the tiny houses but that type of living is perfect for some people and as long as they are not doing harm to others our land then who has the right to say it’s not legal.

  • why does this not surprise me in the least?? when people started putting articles out in print and online, bragging and talking about full time camping, workamping and now ‘mobile tiny houses’, about how wonderful it was because of not having to pay taxes? lower cost? easier and cheaper to maintain and heat? i figured it would only be a matter of time before they started to work on a way to tax the mobile, tiny way of life. or make it illegal. or pass so many laws and ordinances to make it on par with living in a regular home.

    i posted to different pages and wrote to quite a few of the authors who were writing the articles and in a polite way, basically told them to “shut up” because they were going to ruin it.

    in so many communities and states there are law that prohibit building dwellings under a specified number of square feet. and it’s only going to get worse. it’s alright if “they” build them or if people live in apartments that are as small as a ‘tiny house’, but don’t you dare take upon yourselves to make your housing/living smaller!

    sometimes it’s much better to keep your mouths shut about a good thing.

  • Does anyone if there’s a petition circulating anywhere against this nonsense? I leave a comment on the government website.

  • No one will call the Tiny House, RVs at Walmart phenomenon what it is. They won’t put name to it.

    Say it after me, “Obamaville”, “Obamaville”, “Obamaville”. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

  • So in reading this…all it says is we have an exemption for the manufacturer up to x amount of square feet. Not only have they been surpassing this, they have been advertising it as year round living space. This means it’s really the giant RVs this ruling to enforce the size exemption is over. I am going to build a small house. Love the movement, but it doesn’t blind me to the fact in a high wind storm, a vehicle can be blown over while you are sound asleep. To sell it to you as temporary where you take the risk upon yourself is one thing, for the manufacturer to paint it to be a year round structure leading the average consumer to believe that to be true & safe is not okay.

    This is a corporate propaganda game.

    They don’t want to pay the price of doing business honestly and the politicians have put their foot down, so the corporations run to the consumers and exaggerate the situation so you stop the consumer protection agencies WE created and want from doing their job.

    Wake up people! You’re upset because these companies have been caught misleading consumers, not defending your rights. It is saying if you buy one too large for the automatic exemption, you can get one, you will have to display, if it is a recreational only vehicle. Otherwise, you are in fact putting up a small domicile and need to secure it from smashing into the neighbors in the event of a huge storm or similar…someone has to go around inspecting this because people can be so lazy and yes there is a small permit fee to pay the inspectors salaries…duh.

    Our government is us. We are the government. We are not the corporations. The corporations do not represent us.

    This isn’t a movie with some take over plot. Its a bad consequence of blind consumerism. People need to stop, assess & use logic + reason to deduce conclusions. You’re only making someone else richer and keeping yourself strapped for money otherwise. Don’t people get that yet??? I really blame the 80’s!! Stop pulling the rug out from under yourselves for you are too smart to repeat it!

    Your average little camper is still a camper & is still limited by the protection it offers as shelter. This also isn’t about one on your land that doesn’t leave but isn’t made real property…it may not count as a home unless you make it stationary like the rules with mobile homes (the title has to be attached to the property to make it go from personal to real). All this information and more is available on the same device you’re reading this on now. This message has been brought to you by Common Sense, may you never let yours sit in a shelf again! 🙂 ♡

  • HUD does not have the authority to turn people out of a dwelling. They have the authority to refuse to subsidize a dwelling, but any authority to deem a dwelling “illegal” is at the discretion of the appropriate zoning/housing authority. This would either be a county or municipal/metropolitan entity, not a federal one. States may impose laws and regulations that apply to local authorities, of course, but it is the local authority that has the full regulation set. HUD does not and cannot regulate what is “legal” to live in. That’s a state/local matter. You just look stupid when you make your kook claims.

    And the IRC has no direct authority, either. It is just a “model code” that a state may adopt in whole, in part, or ignore, entirely at its own discretion. You really have not the slightest clue how this works.


    GO HERE TO RESPOND:!docketDe

    Published on Mar 21, 2016
    On 6 February 2016, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) proposed some changes to the Code of Federal Regulations Part 3282 which could potentially make it illegal to take up permanent residence in any recreational vehicle or tiny house. This is not a joke. This is not some paranoid conspiracy. These are real changes being proposed.

    The docket is FR–5877–P–01 Manufactured Home Procedural and Enforcement Regulations; Revision of Exemption for Recreational Vehicles and can be viewed on!docketDe

    HUD is taking comments from the public until 11 April 2016 before making any decisions on these proposed changes. Like I said, I’m not being some paranoid conspiracy theorist. These are genuine, real proposed changes. But they are only proposed at this point. They have not become official regulations. So, you need to speak up.

    Written & Directed by Eric Muss-Barnes

    Filmed on Location in Luthorville, California
    United States of America

    Copyright © 2016 Eric Muss-Barnes. All rights reserved.

  • Daisy,
    You must laugh until your jaw hurts. People are incredibly funny…or peculiar…depending on your point of view.
    I especially enjoy those that chastise you and implore you to re-examine the proposed rule. They fail to see the slight of hand. Or rather the potential for abuse…the slippery slope, if you will.
    Well, you do your best and let the chips fall. Or, in the words of someone, who, I don’t know, You can’t fix Stupid!!!
    What I found more interesting, was Lisa from Ontario Canada, now that’s very specfic and where we could be headed…all done by the powers that be in the name of keeping us commoners “safe”.
    Also, all you folks using fake names or monikers to post…whatsa matter? You ain’t got the cohones to put your real name by your vitriol?
    If you aren’t willing to stand up beside your words…your words mean nothing.
    Be a man…or woman, and say what you have to say with intelligence and integrity and your words will have more power.
    Otherwise, you are an anonymous jag-off.
    Pam Baker

  • Tiny houses and living in rv already illegal some places even if you own your land. Costilla county Colorado has actually evicted people from their own land and jailed them. THere has been a huge feud between the county and citizens over just that. You can google it.

  • what next? We can’t dwell in our own body?
    Kill this government. They have gone mad and don’t represent anyone I know!

  • If this label is on the living unit it will be a very short time before the Department of Human Services will be using that to remove children from parents who live in these places as they will find them to be unsuitable housing for children because they are merely temporary and will have been determined by the federal government not to be acceptable housing for children. It WILL happen!

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