Here’s a List of Locations for the November 4th Anti-Trump Protests

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By Daisy Luther


November 4th is approaching quickly and that is that date that groups like Antifa, Resist Fascism, and the Revolutionary Communist Party plan to protest the “Trump-Pence Regime.” They’ve been meeting for months to openly plan sedition and organize what they promise will be massive protests all over the country. Don’t be surprised if things become violent.

As promised, here’s the list of planned events. These will be good places to avoid on November 4th.

Atlanta Saturday November 4
6:00 pm

Euclid & Moreland Ave NE
Little 5 Points/Findley Plaza, ATLANTA

Bring pots and pans, flashlights, glow sticks, lanterns, signs, banners, and everyone you know.  The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

Facebook Event

Austin November 4
1:00 pm

Republic Square Park
422 Guadalupe St., Austin, TX
Facebook event page

Boston November 4
4:00 pm

Shoppers Plaza 1 Franklin Street

Chicago November 4
1:00 pm

Federal Plaza, 219 S. Dearborn

Facebook event page

Cleveland November 4
1:00 pm

Public SquareFacebook event page

Honolulu November 4
9:30 am

9:30am: Gather at Ala Moana Park (across from Pi`ikoi St.)
11:00 am: Rally at Thomas Square

Facebook event page

Los Angeles November 4
1:00 pm

Pershing Square
5th St. and Hill St ~ Downtown LA

Facebook event page

New York November 4
2:00 pm

42nd Street & Broadway NYC

Facebook event page

Omaha November 4
1:00 pm

Memorial Park, Omaha

Facebook event page

Philadelphia November 4
2:00 pm

Thomas Paine Plaza
1401 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia

Pittsfield, MA November 4
1:00 pm

Park Square 1 West Street
Pittsfield MA

Facebook event page

Portland, Oregon November 4
2:00 pm

Jameson Square Fountain, Portland Oregon

Facebook Event

San Francisco Bay Area, November 4
3:00 pm

Union Square, San Francisco

Facebook Event

Seattle November 4
12:00 pm

Gather at Seattle City Hall Plaza, 4th Avenue & James Street
Facebook Event

There’s every possibility this won’t be all the events. The website has email addresses where people can announce new events or search for events nearby. Readers from towns small and large have sent me photos of signs in their area warning, “November 4th, It Begins.”

Then there’s this guy.

photo source

Despite the clownishness, it would be wise not to underestimate what large groups who are potentially well-funded can do. (Remember that George Soros recently donated $18 BILLION to his “charitable organization.”

As I find more information, I’ll continue to keep you updated. Sign up for my daily newsletter – when I know, you’ll know.


You may notice that I’ve redacted parts of some comments on this article. That’s because threatening one another, calling names, and making ad hominem attacks is not productive. I strongly encourage civil debate and don’t expect everyone to hold hands and sing Kumbaya, but some folks take advantage of this policy.

And lack of civility aside, there can be other ramifications. Certain ill-thought-out statements can catch the attention of the authorities. I have no interest in being subpoenaed.

Therefore, I set up the comments section where most things will have to be moderated today. I’ll be out for most of the day, so if your comment doesn’t show up immediately, I promise I’ll clear it as soon as I can.

My apology for the inconvenience.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • Just wanted to add that memorial park is not the real location for the Omaha one. I heard They’re trying to keep it secret until the last minute. There’s an event page for it on facebook you can check as it gets closer. Staying home that day but I’m also prepared to leave town on a whim if things get too out of hand. Stay safe, y’all!

  • Gotta say where I’m at we never have any of the protesters.. might have something to do with the 60,000 soliders station here,. Most who just won’t put up with any of this.
    Praying for our nation.

    • This may be the harbinger that brings about the fall of the nation. History repeats. This leftist fiasco funded by Soros, incl travel, motels and food for these idiots- smacks of a Lenin Trotsky agenda which could spread into other cities. As a retiree I see this nation in a downward spiral now for decades and picking up speed. Gods’ anvil is about to drop. (judgement of nations thru time). A grid down and/or bio weapons future globalist agenda soon, UN troops in Colo., Wyoming, etc., according to Dave Hodges, Paul Martin and others recent interviews.

    • Really? Literally every veteran I know fully support the patriotic actions of these protestors in standing against fascism and oligarchy.

        • Agreed. I don’t know ANY veterans who support anti-fa or any other communist party offshoot. That said, the vets I know DO support the right of any American to assemble PEACEFULLY and protest any government actions they desire. But Anti-fa IS a fascist organization–using the same shout you down, beat you up tactics, Nazi and Communists have always used to silence dissent.

          It stinks that I have to be in LA that weekend.

      • I’m a veteran and I certainly do not support these cretins. Their actions are not in any form patriotic. They are the real Nazis and fascist in this country today.

        • Couldn’t had said it any better. I’m a veteran and these people are exactly like the people who helped Hitler come to power. What I find hilarious is they aren’t protesting in middle America and all those places that are full of Americans they can only protest in liberal cities.

        • I do not support these brainless morons! Real Vets lie Silent, Observe come into play when the time is right, then Fade off into the night. jmo

      • What is “fascism”? Do you know?

        Do you know what an “oligarchy” is? Who do you think makes up this “oligarchy”?

        Do you know who George Soros is? Please do some research and find out; you may be shocked to find our who it is you’re really working for.

        A little honesty, factual knowledge, and human regard, coupled with wisdom and humility, go a very long way.

      • These protestors ARE the fascists and communists. They claim to be against it but these people are not the patriots. They are attempting to take this country down, not protect it. May God watch over and protect us all!

      • No they don’t. You could go to veterans pages on FB and find that the opposition is about 99 to 1. Myself as a veteran would probably do great bodily harm to any ANTIFA idiot that came near me.

  • I am going to stay home on November 4th.

    It looks like November 4th will be a busy day in the USA.

    The following press release was issued a short time ago by the U.S. Army Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS):
    Elements of the US Department of Defense (DOD) will conduct a “communications interoperability” training exercise November 4-6, once again simulating a “very bad day” scenario.
    “This exercise will begin with a national massive coronal mass ejection event which will impact the national power grid as well as all forms of traditional communication, including landline telephone, cellphone, satellite, and Internet connectivity,”…

  • Thanks for the list, now I know where to join them in opposing the horror show that is current white house administration. I’m so sorry to hear that you are so unpatriotic and unamerican that you support nazis, but whatever, you have the freedom to have your opinion, even if it would make our forebears roll over in their graves.

    • Yeah…

      It’s “patriotic” to violently silence the voices of those with whom you disagree.
      It’s “patriotic” to punch someone in the face because you think they might have voted for Trump.
      It’s “patriotic” to plan sedition.

      These people are not patriots. They are violent thugs who yearn for communism and deplore capitalism.

      • The sad part is that most cannot define communism or give an example of where it has worked (cough). Capitalism? Isn’t that the Hockey team in Washington? As with anything education education education

        • So true. Most can’t even give a decent answer about why they don’t like Trump. A bunch of sheep following the crowd.

    • What’s up [redacted] Is that why you are pissed at everything because you fucks WILL NOT have what you demand. Trump IS YOUR president, and the sooner you get over your tantrum the happier you will be. You won’t know how you ever got along without Trump in the White House before. Trump. Real change you can believe in. Now go huff some zyklon b.

    • Can adults join in on this “fight against the mean ol’ Nazis”? Or do you have to be some unmediated, angry moron completely out of touch with reality?

      Lol Nazis and fascism. You dolts wouldn’t be able to tell those apart from a hole in the ground. Seriously, if you think “fascism” is so bad here in the US, you are more than welcome to go elsewhere. There’s a reason minorities literally die trying to get into America.

    • Right on, brother or sister. Keep fighting the good fight! Wishes of love and safety to you on November 4!

      • Do you know where the phrase, “fight the good fight” came from, and what it meant? If so, please say how it applies in this scenario. If not, perhaps you might honestly reassess what it is you think you’re supporting, and why.

        What is “love”? Do you know?

        Do you also wish “safety” for those on the other side? If not, why not?

        If the hatefulness and violence of those who are not like you is so bad, what makes yours different and better and justified? How does harming others for not being like you do anything good for you or them? If you have no facts or truths to persuade others of the rightness and justness of your cause, such that the only option you leave yourself is hatred and violence and destruction, why should anyone agree with you on anything?

        Or is it really all just about hurting others because you can, and destroying what others have just because it isn’t yours, and you can? If so, how is that not in fact hatefully, murderously, criminal?

      • Europe was made great by all of the US Military that went to Europe and helped the British and Europeans kill every Nazi they could find.
        Once free from Nazi Facism, Europe THEN became great.

    • Nunya – What I am about to say is not meant to be nasty, it is just an observation from another point of view. You may not be capable of taking a neutral stance long enough to consider what I am saying, but here goes – I know you have no idea how ignorant you sound to real Patriots, but if you really believe what you are spouting then the joke is on you – You are probably a very intelligent person, without common sense & without the skills to think for yourself, but you seem to be so busy following others you have not developed those important skills – you have become a Sheep following the Loudest Bleat, instead of developing your own inner judgement. – Please consider this little exercise in observations -, If you attend the ‘gatherings’ on the 4th of November, just take a few minutes to really LOOK around you, stand for a moment out on the perimeter of the ‘cluster’ – take in the appearance, demeanor & gestures of those in front and around you – You will have to laugh out loud at all of it if you really take a minute to be an independent observer. Then realize – YOU are part of that fiasco. That is what YOU look like to us, to your parents and/or children – Yep, truly NUTS. I hope you have the courage to really consider what I have tried to convey here, but if you blow it off without seriously considering any of it , then as we say in Texas – ‘Bless your little heart’.

    • You have the technology to find this site, but not the other sites? You couldn’t get that information on your own? You’re not really “with” them?

      Please define what exactly is “the horror show that is current white house administration.” Exactly what has happened that is so horrible that it affects you in a negative way?

      Please define “NAZI.” If you know what NAZIsm really is, please say exactly how those who don’t necessarily agree with you on everything are really “NAZIs.” And why, even if they are, if they don’t harm you, or anyone else, you believe harming them is either right, good, or excusable.

      Exactly what is “patriotism”? What is “American”? Are opinions the same as facts and truth? If you think so, in what ways, exactly?

      What, exactly, did “our forebears” believe, and what opinions did they actually hold, and based on what?

      Are you in the least aware of the beliefs YOU hold? Exactly what are they, and why do you hold them?

      If you’re going to hate others just because they’re different from you, then the beliefs and opinions you hold ARE everyone’s “bidness.” Thanks.

    • I think perhaps you have a misunderstanding of these groups. PLEASE re-read their manifestos and reconsider your position. They are extremely violent!

    • Oh please do join them and be part of the herd that gets rounded up and parked in a FEMA camp. I plan to go out and about on the 4th, fully prepared for fools like you. Better keep it peaceful cupcake.

  • There will be an armed mobile group to take these pussies out wherever [REDACTED] is found in the Omaha region. If these [REDACTED] want to stir shit, let it start there.

    • My advice to everyone is to NOT go to any “counter protest”. Try to avoid the places where the ANTIFA protests are occurring. A large group of pro-American nearby just increases the probability of confrontation. Stay far away and let local law enforcement have free reign to arrest troublemakers

  • Remember, a majority of these people will be peaceful protestors who genuinely are trying to change America for a brighter future by exercising their right to free speech. But the news will cover the atrocities that the violent minority perpetrate (remember how all gun owners are blamed for mass murderers?).

    If you know someone who is planning to come to these events (and cannot be persuaded to not go), tell them to stick to the organised protest areas, stay with people they know and to try to avoid areas of violence and conflict. These events can go happily and without anything but lots of loud people, but they can also quickly turn into places with chaos and violence.

    • Those in Portland always start out peaceful, then it turns to all out destruction. Sad part our governor is all for it and wont let the police do their job. And those that do get arrested are in and out. Portland has turned into a shit hole.

  • Daisy: Please be civil and considerate when commenting.

    Everyone Else: Yeah but this one person said one thing that I personally don’t like soooooo…

  • You may notice that I’ve redacted parts of some comments on this article. That’s because threatening one another, calling names, and making ad hominem attacks is not productive. I strongly encourage civil debate and don’t expect everyone to hold hands and sing Kumbaya, but some folks take advantage of this policy.

    And lack of civility aside, there can be other ramifications. Certain ill-thought-out statements can catch the attention of the authorities. I have no interest in being subpoenaed.

    Therefore, I set up the comments section where most things have to be moderated today. I’ll be out for most of the day, so if your comment doesn’t show up immediately, I promise I’ll clear it as soon as I can.

    My apology for the inconvenience.

  • I am a vet. The wife is too. I know lots of vets.
    We see ANTIFA and their like as the real deplorables.

    However, we all agree they do have the right to exercise their 1stA of Free Speech (ironically they themselves do not believe in the 1stA if it an opposing view, and use the tactic of “hate speech” or “racists” to shut down opposing viewpoints ) in a peaceful manner.
    But they do not have the right for violence as a means to promote their view points.

    Further more, ANTIFA et al, despite claiming to be waging a war on fascism, are the real fascists. They want to replace our current system, as screwed up as a football bat as it may be, with their own brand of fascism/communism.
    That is one brand of dogma I am not interested in.

    Disclaimer: I am of mixed race and find white supremacists/neo-Nazis/and the rest of those idiots disgusting. As someone who has sworn to up hold the Constitution of the United States, as vile as they may be (the aforementioned supremacists/neo-Nazis/idiots) they are entitled to their 1stA rights, just like everyone else.

  • I am praying that there won’t be any violence in these protests/demonstrations. While we as citizens of the USA have the right to free speech, we do not have the right to assault people or damage others’ property. Heated tempers (and deluded tempers) will likely flare – speak your piece without rioting.
    My son and daughter-in-love live south of San Francisco between SF and San Jose and I hope they won’t be anywhere near SF that day or any other day which may see this kind of demonstration of our “rights.”
    Don’t forget our right to defend ourselves should the NEED arise. I emphasize NEED because it should, hopefully, not be required on November 4.
    Get your point across, but behave yourselves!

    • Given that the protesters/traitors plan to bring along pots and pans, if you MUST go near the areas planned to be “occupied,” be sure to wear a full-coverage helmet and padded clothing so you can remain intact. I sincerely doubt those pots and pans will be used merely to make noise. Remember the novel uses for bicycle locks that these violent instigators introduced at Berkeley.

      Notice also that the locations are all places where the politicians and police have been corrupted and their idea of “freedom” has been undermined by greed and lust for control. Such people in power support violent uprisings in hopes that Rule of Law can be overthrown and they and their minions can rule over their domains feudal-style.

      Patriots and campaigners for true individual liberty take note: the listed locations are cesspools of corrupt leadership and NWO slave wannabees.

  • Don’t these people realize that just protesting and causing mass hysteria among the rest of us is not going to solve anything? What they will accomplish is Marshall law and having our rights taken away, which is the opposite of what they want. They have no after plan that I have found with the exception of turning our country into a socialist and eventually communist country run by an even more greedy group of people. There are no rights with socialism and communism. So all these right we have now will be gone and all the so called rights they are fighting for are right in front of their faces if they just get off their asses and make something of themselves and contribute to society for the greater good. I just don’t understand why it is so hard to understand that what we have no is freedom. But I guess when you want to freeload off society and new rules i.e. drug testing for welfare start coming into play they feel like it’s unfair. What is unfair is I have to work my butt off so some freeloader can sit on their duff, get high all day, make more babies for me to pay for when I can hardly pay for mine since these people take more and more every day.

    • Most of the antifa crowd are fighting because they’re being paid to fight and they are otherwise unemployable. Where there’s a paycheck, there’s a footsoldier for the oligarchy (Soros & co.). WHY Soros hasn’t long ago been arrested and tried for his myriad crimes against the USA, against individuals and against humanity in general, I cannot understand. Perhaps the FBI has been deeply undermined and corrupted and Soros might control their leadership. The crimes being committed by the oligarchs are now so blatant and frequent that it appears the entire security and police apparatus of the USA has been destroyed from within. How else can the billionaire criminals be so unafraid of being brought to justice?

      As for the average mercenary antifa thug, s/he is probably unaware that the paychecks are being handed out by a known, documented, actual (former?) Nazi, as in, uniform-wearing, oath-taking, human-murdering, real-life Nazi (Soros). So much for being “anti-“.

    • Desiree, what they are attempting is a very old tactic. I first read about it in, “mini-manual of the urban guerrilla” ( probably out of print) They stage a peaceful protest, authorities use excessive force, then the “masses” will rise up and join their cause. These people are what the Communists called “useful idiots”

    • You hit the nail on the head all these people want and have been taught is a free ride.They do not want to work or even move unless it’s to grab some free meal out of the fridge .They do not even understand what freedom is they think if the government is in charge of everything they well just give them free food rent college and drugs and they can just set.home and do nothing.What they do not get is NOTHING is free.

  • Nunya – While you and your buddies think that you are fighting Nazis you are on the payroll of a REAL NAZI George Soros who worked in death camps as an accountant counting the gold teeth of the people slaughtered there. He has frequently said that it was the best job he ever had. You and your anti-Semite friends try to dismiss the death camps since they ONLY happened to jews. The fact is that 18 million people were slaughtered and six million of them were jews. Nazis were equal opportunity bastards. You folks are socialists. Nazis were socialists. Communists are socialist and Socialists. I see a pattern here. If you really want to punch a Nazi either beat yourself up or the person standing next to you. Ignorance is a death sentence but it is curable. Learn what is really going on and pray for forgiveness for your sins and crimes against humanity. Finally I have worn black for thirty years and it pisses me off to have you bring discredit to my wardrobe.

  • What is wrong with this country? We have the finest president in God knows how may years and the the country is imploding on itself. Remember Obmama’s comments about us clinging to out religion and guns?

    Well we still do, fsomove on dem’s your not going to change us!

  • I find it funny that these communist cowards only have the balls to show their (masked) faces in two places in the entire South: Austin and Atlanta, the two most liberal big cities below the Mason-Dixon Line.

  • Me and my family will be staying home (except me and work) the 3rd, 4th, and 5th. They may claim the 4th and do it on the 3rd or 4th.

  • I can see the POTENTIAL for harm coming from these self righteous rock throwing loud mouths. That much being said, I notice how very careful they were to stage all their commie BS inside “blue” states and cities. While I will not take any pleasure from liberals being assaulted by communists, I will ABSOLUTELY issue a huge “WE TOLD YOU SO” to every liberal I know if and when this happens. THEY ignored this threat, and if it blindsides them, they will have no one to blame but themselves

    PS Again, lets observe how very careful these mask wearing fanatics are to not pull any of their stunts in ANY county that President Trump carried. Almost like they know how quickly real Americans would shut them down if they dared poke their noses into our neighborhoods

    • The liberals are the communists Idk if you’re understanding this. Not much of a reader? I’m not some antifa college kid but I’m not on the side of diseducated ppl who are just looking for a wagon to jump on. At least get the nomaclature right before you pretend to know what’s going on


  • Antifa and their offshoots can’t see past their own hypocrisy.

    They resort to violence against anyone that they decide has committed the horrific crime of having an opinion that’s different from theirs. That’s exactly what the Nazi’s did – the people they claim to be against.

    That this concept is not only condoned, but actually supported by what passes for an education system in this country is chilling.

    Here is something you can use as a comeback when attempting to have anything that resembles a conversation with one of them.

    When they start accusations and smears about hate speech and political correctness and all the rest of that tripe reply:

    “…If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all…” — Noam Chomsky

    Leftists hate it when you quote one of their own to them…

    Steve C.
    Spring, Texas

  • I’m more concerned about the date on my organic yogurt than a bunch of clowns pretending to be against fascism. As far as I’m aware….. we don’t live under the rule of a dicrator…. we are allowed to disagree with the Government…. otherwise these idiots wouldn’t be able to be out on the street acting like fools.

  • A friend of our who operates a HAM radio in our small town was approached by the DOD to help run a drill on Saturday in what they are calling a “national massive coronal ejection event” they want to shut down the power grid, internet connectivity, landlines and satellites to practice for a CME aka solar flare, which is a bunch of horse crap! They want all the HAM radio operator to provide county by county status reports to gain situational awareness and determine the extent of impact. Conveniently, it is happening Nov. 4th-6th what a coincidence eh?

  • Dearborn, MI and Detroit, MI are also hotbeds of liberal fascists. As are college towns like East Lansing and Ann Arbor, MI.

  • By looking at how many people are going on these pages. They may have 100 or 200 all spread out at these events. I know that some are not RSVPing however even the message boards are empty. Just saying

  • You [REDACTED]. Pull your heads out of your asses and grow up! I hope the first one to hit the ground is that [REDACTED] in the picture holding the rifle!

  • It will fizzle. A non-event covered heavily by media with camera angles to make small groups of whiners look larger than they are, and clips of fiery speeches no more than 10 seconds long.

  • Hi Daisy,
    I was curious if charcoal could safely be burned in a natural fire place, for cooking The answer is NO!

    I thought that some of your readers may have wondered the same.

  • I’m sorry, but this scares the crap out of me! I just turned 70 and have worked my entire life for what little we have, and to have some uneducated overpaid idiots think they can ruin it at their insane whim just infuriates me to no end! This is utterly WRONG! Please, dear Jesus, spare our country this!

  • I think I’m pretty ‘safe’ from the protests as far as location goes, rural Southeast (Bootheel) Missouri doesn’t see a lot of ‘action’ typically in terms of, well, just about anything lol, not that it’s a bad thing. Warned friends living in nearby areas though. I’ll be silently watching from afar, but still prepared to lock it down in case by chance things do get unruly in our main town (Pop. 17k)

    Thank you truly for all your information, Daisy. You really are a gift to us.

  • This is being moderated to keep truth from your members. Watch “JFK TO 911” Everythings A Richmans Trick and learn about the people on your tax forms,you should call yourselves the uninformed movement. Traitors for hire by the week or day! Your puppet masters love those that are easily mislead and will do anything for a buck! I know of know one that supports your false movement,good luck when your charged with treason. The majority spoke! Trump won by a landslide not counting illegals and votes that were tampered with.
    Better face reality,your destroying your own freedom to install real faschists and they are laughing at your stupidity!

  • Haven’t the libtards ever hear ,fool me once,priedyour eyes open, DNC is broke and Hillary was corrupted, show some intelligence

  • I heard that Nashville, TN was also one of the locations they planned on protesting. Can anyone confirm and, if so, tell the location they plan on being so I can avoid? Thanks in advance.

  • Divide and Conquer

    Antifa are useful idiots of the Oligarchy that is protected by most of the pimp Congress and Senate.

    Keep you eye on the ball . It.s the Corporatists that are enslaving

    Corporate starvation by You the Consumer is the Only thing they

    Thanks Daisy for your good work

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