F*ck Feminists Who Pimp Little Girls to Promote an Agenda

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By Daisy Luther

Yeah, I said it. Right there in the headline. I figure if grown women can encourage children to drop f-bombs on video for their “cause” then it’s only reasonable to respond to them in a language they can understand. (I deeply apologize to readers who are offended by this, but please bear with me – there’s a reason for it.)

Are you offended? I’m offended too. And horrified. And irate. And yearning to take those little girls back to my house and just let them be little girls, for crying out loud.  While these children should be having tea parties, catching lightning bugs, and playing on the swingset, they’ve been pimped out to make a point.

Radical feminism has plumbed new depths with a video exploiting little girls in order to make their point.

Warning: Profanity from children

Things like this are the reason that many women have spoken out against feminism recently.

How can anyone possibly think it is acceptable to coach children (who would never have come up with this type of profanity on their own) to swear, to immortalize it on video, and make it go viral?

Lest I sound like a complete prude, I’ll admit, I’ve dropped some four-letter words in my life. However, it is entirely different from encouraging a child to say them and rewarding them when they do so.

Here are a few quotes, literally, out of the mouths of babes:

“What the f*ck? I’m not some pretty f*cking, helpless princess in distress. I’m pretty f*cking powerful and ready for success.”

“So what is more offensive? A little girl saying f*ck or the f*cking unequal and sexist way society treats girls and women?”

“Women make 23% less than men for the exact same f*cking work. I shouldn’t need a penis to get paid.”

“One out of five women will be sexually assaulted or raped by a man. Stop telling girls how to dress and start teaching boys not to f*cking rape.”

This is not how you empower women.

This is not how you turn a little girl into a strong woman. In what world could one possibly think that dressing up a child, coaching them to swear, and filling them with anger is a way to make things better? Since when did whining about life not being fair ever make you a stronger, more deserving person? If you don’t like your life, your job, your relationship…it’s your responsibility to do something about it. You don’t just cry, cuss, and demand a new set of rules.

You want strong girls?

Then take my advice. Advice that comes from a single mom raising two girls whose father has passed away. So really, REALLY single. A mom who ran an automotive repair shop for years, working with a bunch of awesome guys in a male-dominated industry, without any special treatment, bonus vagina-based incentives, or affirmative action. A mom who had that job because she simply worked hard, treated others with respect, and earned it. A mom with intelligent, independent, competent, and kind daughters.

Empower your girls by teaching them how to take control of their own lives

  • Teach them not to be victims.
  • Teach them not to be ashamed of being who they are, whether they are frilly pink-clad princesses or sports-jersey wearing tomboys.
  • Teach them to change their own tires instead of needing someone to do it for them.
  • Teach them to use weapons.
  • Teach them to defend themselves, both physically and with words.
  • Teach them that men and boys are not the enemy.
  • Teach them to take active personal responsibility for their lives, instead of looking for a man to blame.
  • Teach them that equality is different – radically different – from superiority.
  • Teach them that they don’t need to be rescued.
  • Teach them they don’t need a “movement” to take control of their own lives, they simply need to do it.
  • Teach them to abhor special treatment based on their gender.
  • Teach them not to play the blame game, but to pull up their socks and push harder for what they want.
  • Teach them to make wise choices to keep themselves safe.
  • Teach them to earn respect and equality, instead of having it legislated.

This video is not about feminism, it’s about sexism, the very thing they purport to be against. It’s anger. It’s a cry for attention. It’s a plea from women who actually don’t measure up, demanding special treatment.  These are the type of women who cannot understand the feeling of victory you get when you earn something fair and square. Women who want a separate set of rules that skews the game. Where the HELL is the victory in that? How can you call it equality when you haven’t earned it, but had the results skewed by some kind of government mandated vagina handicap points system?

Well, I have some foul language of my own.

F*ck all of you so-called feminists who exploit children. You don’t know the first thing about being strong, independent women.

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3) PreppersDailyNews.com, an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • … coach children (who would never have come up with this type of profanity on their own) to swear….

    What are you, kidding?
    Where I grew up, EVERYBODY talked like this and it’s kind of elitist of you to look down on it.
    “Fuck” makes a strong point a little fucking stronger.


    • You’re right! And Jenn is COMPLETELY missing the point, that while the F bomb coming from little girls is apt to make us feel “irate” and uncomfortable and all the other adjectives she uses, the other FACTS of life that women face (which are listed by the girls) should make us MORE irate and uncomfortable, i.e the rape statistic. It just swooshed right over her head, along with the notion that women in many cases CAN’T “just do something about it” when they are treated unfairly…they need to keep the low paying jobs they are treated poorly at so as to have a means to support themselves and their families. What a f*cked up thing of her to say!

      • Rape isn’t just a woman’s issue, it is a human issue. Men and boys also get raped. Statistically the rate of female rape is higher, but statistics are imperfect, most data is obtained via research questionnaires sent out to rape and sexual assault support agencies. Rape victims often do not report the crime for various reasons. On that note, in our society it is more acceptable/believable for women to report rape than men. There is a stigma attached to male rape victims that they are weak,or perhaps gay and trying to hide it. While males are more likely to be the perpetrators of sexual violence, lets not just have the fact that they can also be the victims of it just ”swoosh right over our heads”
        There are also men who have families to support and often must take low paying jobs to do it.

        • You are absolutely right about men and boys and the stigma that applies in rape cases affecting them. And that is a very serious issue in itself. But in no way is that not lost on me because it is not mentioned in my post…I used rape of women and girls as only one of the many issues presented in the video that Daisy seems to be ignoring in her anger over the girls cursing. It is what is in the video and Daisy is ignoring that bothered me and was at the heart of the post. We can certainly talk about other issues, that affect both men and women (and the environment, etc., etc.), but my point was not to ignore the important message of the video just because one is unhappy with the delivery.

    • SJ…..advocating the use of this kind of language makes the very strong point that you are most likely an uneducated lout and whose judgment should not be trusted with anything dealing with reality of any situation.

      ….and Daisy, I’m sorry I cannot run this one either….we either lead by example or not at all….I do not blame you for running it, but I cannot in all good conscience send this off to my elderly female readers….I figure they are already distressed enough for one week just dealing with the preachers being mandated to perform same sex marriages by this same group of people that believe the “F” word is viable for use anywhere anywhere, and not only when ones foxhole is being overrun…

  • You’re awesome, Daisy. Every television show of this kind is absolutely cringe-worthy. Talk about programming. I’d just like to see the moms loaded on a rocket ship to the moon and the kids sent out to climb trees, catch bees, skin knees and play in the mud. Every day I thank God that I was ugly, ugly child.

  • I am a mother of 3 girls and one boy. I worked as an office manager in a machine shop in the State of UT…one of the most backwards gender based societies I have ever lived/worked in. I couldn’t say FART in that machine shop because it was offensive to the MEN (Mormons). I was the only female on staff and I was respected for my hard work and ability to keep the shop operations running smoothly. I worked as a Catering Director at a Country Club in Colorado. I was one of 2 females in upper management, it was an ‘old boys club’ and I had to stay on my game and prove myself all the time. Eventually I was fired and replaced by a male who had been doing his darnedest to get my job. Oh well, their loss.
    I am old fashioned, I believe in male and female traditional roles but not in a June & Ward Cleaver way. Men should not feel emasculated by other men because they chose a traditionally female role in the workforce, but yes, it happens. Do male nurses get paid more than females or is there a base pay for nurses based on certifications? Women should be able to be in the Military on the front lines if they are willing to take the risks and can do the job, but it took years for this to be possible for them. Do male soldiers get higher pay? I don’t know.
    Not every one of us is destined to do his or her best work in a gender based career. There are plenty of women who chose not to be Mothers and they are viewed as defective or selfish. I say if you don’t want to be a parent, then DON’T become one because that child will suffer the consequences.
    Over all, success in life is wholly due to a persons determination to be successful and success is in the eye of the beholder. Plenty of people would prefer to sit around and blame others for their lame lives. Its a cop out, its easier to whine and cry about inequality than to scratch and claw ones way to the top. If you don’t like the pay you receive for the work you do, then go work for an employer who pays you your worth. Is that really so hard to figure out?
    This video saddens me deeply, it is attacking MEN. These girls are making gender based assumptions, stereotyping. These girls are being used as Puppets BY WOMEN…feminists with an agenda in mind. Here these girls are dishing out all this hate against ‘the Man’ while it is Women at the helm (in this instance) who gain from the victimization of these girls. Shame on these feminists for their hypocrisy and abuse. What a twisted and confusing message to teach these girls!

    • Where exactly are they attacking men? I think they are attacking the notion that society will accept unfair treatment of women (and boys who do not fit into a male gender role, as you point out), not men themselves.

      • “Women make 23% less than men for the exact same f*cking work. I shouldn’t need a penis to get paid.”

        “One out of five women will be sexually assaulted or raped by a man. Stop telling girls how to dress and start teaching boys not to f*cking rape.”

        • How is that bashing men? You certainly should not need a penis, or a vagina, to earn more in any field. The fact that statistically many women earn less than men for the same work merits this statement.

          And the second comment is true, too. Too many parents (men and women) will certainly instruct their girls to dress a certain way, act a certain way, etc. so that they will not “invite” sexual assault. But do we have these conversations with boys? Why not? You yourself mentioned that men and boys are raped as well. Men and boys should be taught what rape is and that while they may have the physical power to do it (to a girl or a boy), they must not. I don’t know many parents who have; even though they are amazing and wonderful mothers and fathers, the topic is just too uncomfortable for most.

          I appreciate your thoughtful response, and I don’t want to appear argumentative or rude, so my apologies if I do come off that way. I am just concerned with some of the comments I am reading that seem to miss the point of the video entirely (not necessarily your comment, but some of the others).

          • I have done just that with my 2 boys. It’s simple. No means no, and they understand this. They were also raised to be respectful of everyone, girls and boys alike. If I had daughters I would also teach them to dress properly, there is nothing wrong with that.

          • No offense taken and none implied. Just debating.

            It’s bashing men because the statement implies that unless you have a penis, statistically speaking, you will not get paid the same wage for the same job. It generalizes, it says anyone with a penis gets paid more money and that makes him a bad guy. Yes, our society has many flaws and definite evils, but lashing out at men as the sole inflictors of abuse and inequality is biased. Some of these girls presumably have fathers, brothers, uncles…are they all bad just because they have a penis? I have held certain jobs at times and made more money than my husband, so I know first hand that this IS possible.
            I have a son, he is a welder, he works with female welders and they are paid the same wages because they are paid based on their ability to do the job. Do the women have to be tough to work in a traditionally male environment? You bet! But not ALL men, penis or not, treat them poorly. Do you see my point? Not all women are victims and not all men are evil.
            People should be judged upon their character first and not presumed to be a threat strictly based upon their anatomy. Isn’t that a better message to send? Been to a public school sex ed class lately? They DO teach no means no, and I know plenty of parents who talk to their boys about respecting women (as I and my sons father have) Public school(in my opinion/experience)has a host of its own bigotry, inequality, and negative societal programming so I quit my job and decided to stand for what I believe in and focus on empowering my girls by home schooling them.
            Teach your sons not to rape? That statement says parents aren’t doing this, again it generalizes it says all boys rape and goes on further to blame parents for not teaching their sons better. That’s just ludicrous. So the message is generalize, stereotype and assume every penis wielding human is a threat to you as a woman? That is empowering the next generation? I just don’t see how. I prefer Daisy’s approach to empowering girls, just makes better sense to me.
            Moreover, my point with disliking the video is because these girls are being used as Puppets BY WOMEN…a group of feminists with an agenda in mind. I’m not stereotyping feminists, I am saying this particular group. In this instance, we have these girls making extremely derogatory statements, and using profanity beyond their years. This video teaches hate when it is supposed to be sending a positive and empowering message to whom exactly? If you have a bunch of young girls minds filled with these presumptions about men, how do we think they will manage to get along with men and treat them fairly? It doesn’t mean they have to be blind to the truths of the world, but shouldn’t we teach them to look at all the facts and tread cautiously before just assuming they are a victim of something?
            And why couldn’t they have hired young adult actors to make this video? I may have respected them more if they did. This is purely a message of hate and bashing in a generalized and profiling manner using statistics to back up the statements, focusing solely on all the negatives as though there are no positives. Just my opinion. Women at the helm (in this instance) are profiting from the victimization of these girls and isn’t the message in this video that this is what MEN do? Its hypocrisy.

  • You remind me of this girl who I knew as a teenager who I thought was really smart so I shared “Catcher in the Rye” with her. After ready the first page she gave it back to me because of the “crude language” she said. How sad, I thought and I thought you were really smart but you couldn’t figure out the language was there to shock you.
    Since you can’t attack the message of the ad (that you KNOW is correct), you invent a straw man to go after: the language that supposedly offends you.

    Nice way to refuse to talk about the message of the ad itself.
    Which I totally agree with and I AM a man.
    You on the other hand is nothing but a nasty little shit you refuses to discuss real problems because you KNOW they exist but you refuse to deal with them.

    • You want to discuss real problems?

      Here’s the real problem. We have yet another “entitlement” mentality that tries to require everyone else to change standards so THEY, the discriminated-against, can succeed.

      A truly empowered woman can support herself, move to the top of her field on her own merit, and defend herself, without an extra boost from rules that pretend to level the playing field, but instead make it uneven.

      If you read what I wrote, you’d notice that I addressed all of these things. Maybe you were too offended by the fact that anything I achieved, I achieved on my own merit. Not because someone had to be forced to let me play. That’s a heck of a lot more “empowered” than exploiting children to make a point.

      • Ignore the girly-man, Daisy. I love your response to the video, which I too found horrendous. I’m the single dad of two real women (one with three girls of her own), and I wholeheartedly agree with your approach to bringing up girls to be and love themselves. I believe my father, a true Southern Gentleman, and my mother, a true Georgia Peach, influenced me most in my approach to guiding the girls (don’tcha love that genderizing?).

      • Oh man. I thought I was going to like this site. As an educated, female prepper looking to empower myself and my family, I came here with high hopes for a community of like-minded people. And instead you say that women looking to put an end to the mentality that one in give girls being raped in their lifetime is ok- something not to be actively fought against- and that wanting a change is evidence of “entitlement” or an “extra boost of the rules”? Who makes these rules? Maybe you should NOT VOTE, NOT BE LITERATE, NOT HAVE AN OPINION– as these were once RULES for women as well, Daisy.

        So very disappointed in you. And especially if you do not call out the other commenter who just called someone a “girly-man”. How disgusting. Imagine his behavior toward women in an emergency or SHTF scenario.


        • I think the list of things to do to empower our girls that Daisy listed is great. True empowerment. Notice the one about teaching them how to defend themselves physically and verbally? That is evidence that Daisy does believe in doing something to help stop the rape culture. Also the one about making wise choices to keep themselves safe… and the one about not hating someone just because of gender? That list is excellent. You seem to have skipped right over that list while reading the article… maybe you only read the very beginning? *shrug*

      • KICK ASS Daisy, a very gutsy move not only posting this, but IMHO, your response article is DEAD ON! Congrats!!!!!

        • Also have filed a formal CHILD ABUSE complaint with YouTube. You “hung-it-out-in-the-breeze” on this one Daisy…GOD bless and keep you and your’s. You have become a POSITIVE force-of-nature. Your daughter should be EXTREMELY PROUD of her “momma”. :)!

      • women, GOOD women, like you Daisy, are a strength behind good men, women, are strong, they HAVE to be to live in a world where men think they are meat. I say F the people who just use, Daisy, ty

    • Brilliant Petkov, absolutely brilliant…however did you come up with such a cute phrase on your own….the depth, the true vibrancy of its meaning, ah yes, your mama would be proud of you for voicing your ideas and opinions so eloquently….

    • Plamen Petkov, troll, paid shill, non-parent, and/or just plain STUPID! I would not have bothered to reply except for the fact you plagiarize the ridiculous use of prepubescent girls repeating FU like the little trained circus seals they are. You have demonstrated your complete lack of intellect by adding this comment. REAL WOMEN, don’t have to resort to this ridiculous type of obscenity or created thought process to succeed.

      BTW Plamen…FUCK YOU!

  • Why are the “elite” feminists exempt from their own “rules”?
    Rule #1 for ALL females, if your man cheats, that is abuse and you MUST IMMEDIATELY LEAVE HIM ……… unless you are HILLARY CLINTON or some other “royal” feminists,THEY get dispensations to stay with the ABUSER. I am sure there are countless other examples.

  • I listened to just a few minutes of this and had to shut it off. I also have daughters and would NEVER subject them to be used like this.

    How sad and disgusting that some women would exploit these little girls like this.

    • Completely agree KY, I also have two little girls and this video made me slightly ill. My girls (including myself and husband around them) aren’t even allowed to say stupid or shut up. The message of this video is completely lost through its lousy attempt at shock value.

  • I bet you any amount of money these little girls will be trying to suck and phock their way up the corporate ladder. But many will be walking the streets and selling their bodies. Their parents should be arrested for child abuse. This is EVIL and DISGUSTING.

  • Hello, Daisy. I agree 1000% with everything you say in the article. The video was hard to get through and really heartbreaking. It also burns me that feminazis would use kids like that. It hurts no less to know those girls will grow up hating boys, etc. Feminism is NOT about helping women at all. It hurts both women AND men. It is designed to turn both genders against each other permanently. That is something that must be avoided at all costs. Feminism is disgusting. Take care.

  • War is coming. This is nothing but yet another attack of the Silverman hate fest type that is typical for the Kosher Mafia. Look at the children, ruined in their minds, that were used for this “add”. Can you guess their BACKGROUND with regard to family and religion. It all roles so “naturally” out of their mouths. Nothing is going to fix them and or change the rat type conditioning of these creatures. Nothing. They are expressing as rotten foul mouthed brats and they will just get bigger and noisier while in no way being productive. The whore is being promoted while the decent will be attacked. I do not have ANY problem with them sinking their own ship.My problem is the nut cases generated this way will then DEMAND that we fix THEIR problem down the road. I do not pity them in any way. By the way they are acting you can see that they are rotten souls and would be a drag to be around. War is coming. Vote with your wallet and buy more ammo.Liberty1775 http://www.themicroeffect.com

  • Is there actually a definition for this word ‘fuck’? When I hear it used I assume the speaker has lost control over their own language and no longer knows how to express them self.

  • Thank you, Daisy, for your spot-on response. I have so many liberal friends who post this crap on their Facebook pages and then lambaste those who object to it by asking, “So, you’re more offended by the word F*CK than by gender bias and sexism?” I think it’s horrifying enough that so many AmericanA ADULTS cuss to get their points across in conversations, and the fact these kids were coached to use those same words is sickening.

  • More horrifying than the language is the mental abuse these psychos are inflicting on children. Sadly, Darwin will eliminate them soon enough. The children are just innocents though, at least for now.

    Good job Daisy.

  • 2:35 full run time in this video. You have to wonder how many f-bombs were made by children to make the final cut. Way to use your kids.

    My 7y old boy asked me how many letters can be a swear. “Pretty much all but X and Z.” I recently bought a skateboard to keep up with him and it has a donkey on it. He asked about the “A” word, so I pointed out the ass on my board. It’s fun to say “my ass is faster than yours” and “I fell off on my ass”. It’s not offensive, because it’s true.

    Everything is about context. There is no alternate context for a child, let alone an adult, for the “F” and “S” word (well, plenty of others as well).

  • Confession: I swear like a sailor. I know it’s impolite and I know it makes me sound totally classless. It’s a bad habit I can’t seem to help, largely because the F-word in particular is such a useful, really strong adjective that expresses my annoyance so well. (If I say it less than three times during my morning commute, it’s been an awesomely relaxing drive to work.)

    That being said, I also didn’t swear at all before I hit my teens. And I believe that such young children as the ones in this video shouldn’t swear, not even for a “cause”.

    I understand that they were going for shock value, but I just found the whole thing off-putting.

    My (former) friends and I had a parting of the ways recently, and their rabid feminazi-ism was one of the reasons. (Their opinions on Ferguson and Ebola were the two other main reasons.) I just don’t share their opinion that, “Oh, women are so downtrodden, poor women! We need to stand up for women!” It just goes on and on, with no real point other than to SAY we need to do things for women. It’s all talk. Endless talk. And no action, because everyone they’re talking TO already knows that women are awesome and strong. (So, basically, it’s like a form of masturbation. It does *them* some good to pontificate, but it does no meaningful good for anyone else.)

    I remember being horrified just by watching some sitcom where there was a mildly entertaining scene, and then the little girl said something about how she was going to kick someone’s ass. I changed the channel and never watched that sitcom again. There was no need for a “wholesome” show on TV to be having this little girl swearing. (If it had been a little boy of the same age, I still would have changed the channel.)

  • The girl you have pictured, her so called mother, and the (male) director of this foolish commercial, that by the way was designed to sell t-shirts, were on ET. Right away the mother says that it was a job for her daughter, where she was able to practice “her craft”. That, I think says it all. Nothing more than the worst kind of stage mom pimping out her kid out for the paycheck. The stats presented are not correct so why this commercial? Follow the money trail – this has nothing to do with empowering women. Somebody profits.

    You’re right, Daisy, women are not victims without their permission. We can and do achieve whatever we want to achieve. I taught my daughter to understand that she was not a victim and not to buy into that feminist crap. She has a degree in forestry now and she’s out there with the guys holding her own and respected for her expertise. (She’s also a wife and mother – who says you can’t have it all? Oh that’s right – feminazis)

    I pity the young girls that were used in this ad. The Internet is forever and they won’t be walking away from this disaster ever. This mom thinks this is a steppingstone? What TV show is going to want to hire her now? What advertisers would want to hire her to represent their products? This kid is probably done.

  • During my formative years, the parents of my friends as well as my father still talked and acted the same way as they did when they were in the service. They *all* swore including mom; I cannot say about other mothers as mom limited her “expressions” at home with just family present. Using the “F” word, however, was considered the most dirty disgusting thing anyone could say. We kids were not only forbidden to swear, but were required to call adults older than us by their proper name. I kept up this practice well into my adult years. I still have a hard time calling people who are obviously older than me by their first name.

    It wasn’t any different with TV programs. There was constraint on what could or could not be said, or do (Lucy and Desi did not sleep in the same bed on the program despite being married.)

    All of this changed through the financing and planning of those “at the top.” We were then bombarded with pro-abortion, cursing–especially the F word (on one talk show with Barbara Streisand extolling its virtues), not only on TV but also numerous books, movies, etc. The probability of this being “the signs of the times,” or a grass root movement is ridiculous. It was planned mind control. Or rather manipulation of the society/culture.

    Since then, things have become somewhat more obvious, but also more evil.

    I respectfully disagree with giving this sick topic even more focus. Evil cannot be fought with evil.

    Our society is on a spiral downward/high speed free fall. We have been hijacked and we are doomed. Most people do not even recognize this.

    My retort is this. I was told more than once from someone that should have never said it, “Why should I do it for you when no one did it for me?” I made my mind up early on. I will do it because no one did it for me.” And I do.

    I will not use the word because, at least in my eyes, it is wrong and would make me look, “uncouth.” More importantly, God does not approve of that kind of language. I want to please God more than man for sure.

    I feel sorry for the kid. She has a lousy set of parents and is probably already messed up.

  • Hey daisy I saw ur post about the Gmos in certain companies do u know if snapple for sure has Gmos? Plz respond ur my last hope. 🙂

    • Although off-topic, I will answer your question. Snapple is garbage. It either has high-fructose corn syrup which uses GMO corn or it has aspartame (diet version) which kills brain neurons. Pick your poison.

  • I know in the past women had a harder time doing certain things but that was then. Now things have greatly changed. Look at the positive. Today there are more women than men in university engineering courses & other fields that in the past were taboo to women. There are many women in high paying jobs.

    I found, as a special ed. teacher, that the students that used the foulest language either had the poorest grasp of the English language & therefore needed filler words or had the poorest self esteem & needed to look big. I also know a lot of people who never swear & can still make there point quite effectively.

  • When will feminazis realize that you cannot “teach men not to rape” if one possesses the sick urges to want to rape somebody do you really think telling them not to do it is going to accomplish anything. Maybe we should tell murders not to kill instead of teaching people how to defend themselves. Feminist Logic is a joke

  • “Feminism” is a tool that the Rockefellers came up with to break up the family home. They wanted more tax dollars and they wanted to be able to indoctrinate your children in their public fool, I mean school system. I am 55, never had kids and the reason I did not, is that I knew what these globalists were doing and was smart enough to see through all their bull shite.

    Feminism is used to divide men and women, racisim is used to divide the races, religion is used to divide also.

    When will the People of America realize that if it comes out of ANYTHING that is processed through or by the Corporate Governmental system, it is meant to divide and conquer you all.

    Because while you are fighting among yourselves, you are NOT watching what the Corporate and Shadow Governments are really doing.

    So, with that being said…..WAKE THE FUCK UP!

  • I think the kids dropping f-bombs is having the effect intended by the makers of the video – primarily to get attention for their cause – mission accomplished. Anyway, words are only as powerful or impotent as we make them out to be.

    Part of taking charge of ones life and making changes for the better means being informed and aware of the issues facing the society in which you live. Spreading awareness is the first step. Men and women will never be treated as equals in society. Double standards will always exist to some extent. The best anyone can do is be aware of it and act out of that awareness.

    Why are women and girls grossly over represented in the area of human sex trafficking? Obviously gender is the primary factor. Why are black men over represented in the prison population? Their race is clearly a factor and statistically, economically and sociologically it’s a disadvantage. Many non-black people disagree with this, but it’s a reality they’ll never experience by virtue of their not being black so they’re in no position to speak like they know what they’re talking about.

    Double standards, gender inequality, racial inequality (racial profiling) etc., are realities that must be acknowledged and dealt with. To suggest otherwise is to imply these things do not exist. I notice most of the people speaking about these societal norms as being non-existent are not minorities, but primarily white. Different races and genders have different pov’s on society because their experiences are totally different, which is to be expected! There are forces at work that use superficial differences as an excuse to discriminate and as a tool to divide, and being aware of that is the first step towards making changes.

    I’d like to point out one of the groups who decide public policy in private, profoundly affecting society and our personal lives. In the Bilderberg Group, of 140 members only 14 are women. Surely Bilderberg isn’t the only group like it that’s overwhelmingly male; let’s not fool ourselves into thinking this gender disparity has no affect on their collective decision making, consequently affecting the way our societies operate.

  • Great Daisy! I feel the same as you! So many of today’s kids that I see DO use this language, as well as their parents. When I saw the video I was looking at the little girls and thinking of the junior high dance I chaperoned 10 years ago, where the GIRLS were dirty dancing with each other, some even writhing on the floor! And I remember the Principal standing by, laughing about it. I thought of poor Miley, in her desperate attempts to gain attention and notoriety. My own grandson thought NOTHING of coming to my house and looking up and watching porn on MY computer!
    This child who goes to church thinks there’s nothing wrong with it.

    Our television shows like Two And A Half Men and a new one (can’t remember the name, my husband told me about it) where the girls were taking vagina photos have so desensitized not only our children, but adults as well. I’ve seen parents and grandparents allow things in their homes that would have never even been considered in my day. Then that moment when they get this bewildered look on their faces when the child acts out.

    To the people responding here that we others are missing the “point” of the video-
    No, YOU are missing the point of this well written response by Daisy addressing the issue of gratuitous bad language being seen as acceptable.

  • Most of us wish that the gender based violence and discrimination based will end. (yes, women are more often the victims than men)

    The problem is that communicating this message in a violent way, such as in the aforementioned video just promotes more violence and polarises the community. This means that it can harm just as much as it helps.

    I am frustrated by such approaches and it seems I am not the only one.

    The good news is that we will forget about this video within a few days, while those who understand how to communicate effectively and are making real progress, will continue to do their jobs. For example, those from UN Women (the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women).

  • F*ck Feminists Who Pimp Little Girls to Promote an Agenda

    Agreed. These militant feminists are horrible, despicable people.

  • Im no holy roller, but the bible has the way, the morals, the truth in it, read it.
    as it is written.. “in those days, men shall be lovers of themselves, brother against brother, father against son”
    OOOOO it gets real deep, and what you cant see with your natural eye, is vast. ALL of this has to do with the spirit. good and evil. right and wrong.
    think what you may, time is short

  • I CANT stop writing on this lol, im a man, but I RESPECT women, most of them. And im old, with some wisdom.
    my brains, are not in my pants, all I can think is, how the heck, and why, are we going backwards from civilized ways? one word, islam

  • ONE last comment, teach your kids to shoot, and if some asshole, tries to rape you, shoot him. get a concealed weapon permit, if the state ur in does not have these laws, MOVE to a state where it is allowed to protect yourself. LEAVE them all in one place, to eat each other alive.the second amendment, is no joke.

  • Dear Daisy, I couldn’t agree more! This sex-war is a pillar of the malthusian social engineering going around since 1968: the more men and women fight against each other, the less powerful they are (therefore perfect material for the orwellian state) and they are less likely to engage in long term committed relationships and have offspring. Your daughters are lucky to have a much such as you!
    Big hug from Italy.

  • Right on Daisy Luther! I’ve been saying for YEARS there is something seriously mentally wrong with those women who parade their children around looking like little whores and then they get irate when you question their motivation. And why do they get mad? Because their motives aren’t pure and they know it!

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