Disease X: Governments Are Preparing for a Scarier New Pandemic

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Have you heard of the Disease X Act of 2023?  I hadn’t, until this week.

In June, a bipartisan bill was introduced to the House of Representatives to develop medical countermeasures for viruses with pandemic potential.  Later in June, when the bill was introduced to the Senate, a section had been added suggesting a budget of $40 million per year for 2024 through 2028.

This $40 million annually would be on top of the 5% of our healthcare budget we will be expected to pay the World Health Organization (WHO), assuming the Pandemic Accord passes.  

What is Disease X, how likely are we to encounter it, and how concerned should we be?

Back in 2018, the WHO came up with the name “Disease X” as a placeholder for any disease that hadn’t been discovered yet.   The name “Disease X” gets thrown around in the press every few years for a few weeks at a time, stirring up fear of the next pandemic.  In fact, the New York Times referred to Covid as Disease X in a February 2020 opinion piece.

And while the Disease X Act of 2023 was introduced to Congress quietly over the summer, in the past week, Disease X fearmongering has been everywhere, just in time for the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos.  

On Wednesday, WHO chief Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus will give a talk at Davos titled “Preparing for Disease X,” in which he will attempt to sell the world on the “novel efforts needed to prepare healthcare systems for the multiple challenges ahead.”  This statement is based on the assumption that Disease X will be far deadlier than Covid.

They’ve tied Disease X to climate change.

WEF-affiliated figures like Tedros believe we should be living in fear of new diseases emerging due to climate change. What’s the rationale?  As permafrost melts and environments change, animals move around, and new interactions between humans and animals occur.  With increasing and varied human-animal interaction, so increases the threat of new diseases.

We’re also supposed to be afraid of diseases mutating within livestock and then jumping to humans. This is actually a real issue. Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOS) have been known to spawn various strains of swine and avian flu viruses.  

However, make no mistake about it.  Proposed measures within the Pandemic Accord will not be about improving animal welfare but about ending livestock agriculture and consolidating the food supply, as we’ve discussed elsewhere.

If this sounds outrageous, look into OneHealth.  This refers to the idea that, since the health of humans, animals, and the environment is all interconnected, all sectors need to be looked at in conjunction with each other to address new diseases.

We are all connected.  However, by linking animal and environmental health with human health, if the Pandemic Accord is implemented, governments will be able to take action regarding livestock practices if the WHO declares a pandemic.  It could also potentially give climate emergencies the same priority as health emergencies.  

Again, this may sound far-fetched, but these conclusions have been drawn by people far more intelligent and qualified than I am.  In October, Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying, both professors in evolutionary biology, discuss the broader implications of the WHO Pandemic Accord as it relates to OneHealth.

Wait…what about gain-of-function research?

While it should be fairly obvious that any new pandemics will be blamed on zoonotic transmission, just as Covid was, I believe we should be far more concerned about the gain-of-function research that still takes place in laboratories around the world. 

Chinese researchers recently developed a form of coronavirus that killed 100% of the mice exposed to it within eight days.  When Dr. John Campbell, a trusted British health practitioner, tried to draw attention to this research, YouTube removed his video, as explained by Russell Brand.

The fact that mainstream media is trying to make us afraid of Disease X at the same time they’re trying to cover up gain-of-function research should be all the evidence we need that something nasty is being brewed up for the general population.

Much of what goes on in the press is predictive programming.  In March 22, 2018, EcoHealthAlliance posited that Disease X might come from a cave in Guangdong Province. While it’s clear now that COVID came from a laboratory, in 2020 and 2021, groups like the EcoHealthAlliance spent a lot of time and money trying to convince the world that no, seriously, COVID came from bat caves.

And though Covid was not particularly dangerous for young, healthy individuals, Disease X may be more serious.  The phrase “20 times deadlier than Covid” has been getting tossed around a lot.  I don’t think we should take it lightly.

Three reason the next virus could be more deadly

There are three possible reasons to expect a more lethal virus the next time around, besides the fact that the WHO and WEF keep saying to expect it.

The first possibility is that the Davos-types have been surprised at the amount of pushback they received regarding the Covid response.  Many people, even in blue states, have gotten into the habit of ignoring recommendations.  Journalists like Matt Orfalea are making sure that the ridiculous things we were supposed to believe during Covid are not getting memory-holed.

While I personally find the amount of peaceful noncompliance inspiring, I also don’t expect the folks at Davos to simply let this slide.  The British Covid inquiry has been postponed indefinitely for no clear reason. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the Davos folks decided to throw something truly miserable our way out of spite.  Most of them should be fine. They’ve all got their Doomsday bunkers, as Daisy recently noted.

The second possibility is that Davos believes if Disease X makes enough people seriously ill, the population will beg for the authoritarian controls Davos so wants to implement.  I’m not sure how that will work out; I think it depends on how tightly they can control the flow of information.  If they can convince enough people that Disease X emerged naturally, maybe average citizens will trust the “experts” enough to let them take the reins.

However, if evidence emerges that Disease X comes from a lab, people are going to be furious.  The WEF knows this; it’s not a coincidence that their theme this year is “Rebuilding Trust.” 

And the third possibility would be a desire for general mayhem.  Many of us have known since 2008 that our financial system is sick and that a crash is inevitable.  George Gammon explains here why he thinks the system will crash in March   He might get something wrong, but he’s not the only financial analyst anticipating a collapse fairly soon.  

Naturally there will be a public uproar whenever that happens. An exotic disease can provide a major distraction.  

Diseases = Mayhem

An exotic disease could also distract from the many geopolitical disasters bubbling up around the world.  Or it could throw a monkey wrench into the next political cycle.  If we have some kind of Cyber 9/11 event, a disease could obscure who’s really behind it.

And that’s the beautiful thing about disease if you want to create mayhem.  Diseases just happen.  And even if there’s evidence that gain-of-function research is behind new diseases, many people are not scientifically literate enough to seriously question what they are told by the mainstream media.  

Thanks to modern sanitation and the availability of antibiotics and many other modern medicines, we should probably be less fearful of disease now than at any other time, simply because we have so many treatment options.  And, if we choose to do so, those of us living in countries with access to clean water and adequate food can take pretty good care of ourselves.

However, we have not been told to take care of ourselves in the past few years.  We’ve not been told how amazing First World sanitation prevents most of the diseases developing countries still struggle with, such as cholera.  We’re not encouraged to get outside, get our Vitamin D, and exercise.  We’re not encouraged to eat healthy food.  We’re just encouraged to “trust the experts” and continue taking whatever newest pharmaceutical products they recommend.

Don’t live in fear of Disease X. But take care of your health.

I don’t think it’s wise to live in fear of the latest current thing; I do think it’s wise to take care of our own health.  I know Daisy’s been happy with the Wellness Company, a business that was created in response to the disaster created within the medical community during COVID madness. 

I also think it’s wise to pay attention to what’s going on.  I’m going to watch Tedros’ speech when it’s available.  I want to know what they have planned.

But I’m also going to plan my garden and continue planning for the future with my kids.  Prepping is not about living in fear; it’s about being situationally aware and doing your best with what you have so that you don’t have to be afraid of whatever comes next.

What do you think? Any guesses as to what Disease X will be or how it will begin? Are you expecting another pandemic? How do you plan to handle it this time around? Will you make changes to how you responded the last time?

Let’s discuss it in the comments section.

About Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

Marie Hawthorne

Marie Hawthorne

A lover of novels and cultivator of superb apple pie recipes, Marie spends her free time writing about the world around her.

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  • THEY don’t know what disease “X” is, but they already have a vaccine for it. How can they have a vaccine for a disease they know nothing of? THINK ABOUT IT!!

    • My thoughts go as follows…

      “FEAR” (Convid) was the “sickness” and very effective. THEY were able to persuade the population to “concede” and take the clot shot.

      The “shot” was the weapon, the true infection. The only way for THEM to control who got sick and who didn’t. I truly do not believe any of this is actually contagious in the way THEY want us to think.

      Now think of epoxy mixtures; two parts to form the reaction.

      This time around, will be much more impacting. Control being their priority, the trigger to the shots would be released, only effective to those that have been inoculated.

      The populous will see many people become extremely ill but not associate the cause.

      This would be powerfully impacting, convincing the majority of the remaining population to capitulate.

      I truly hope that I am wrong and that nothing of what I described above comes to pass.

      God Bless All!

      • Just today on national news (that I rarely watch) they said that colorectal cancer is off the charts for people under the age of 50, with the worse cases being stage 3 and 4 for people in their 20’s and 30’s. Do you think they have correlated this to the clot shot? Of course not.

  • Be Very Very Afraid.. the same theme to the same drumbeat of fear- mongering! So appropriate! Disease X- the symbol for poison! So “Trust the Science Cartel” we don’t know what X is or where it’s from but Be Very Afraid… It’s contagious without symptoms, Be Very Afraid! Of course there is no treatment, laughable, but A Vaccine, but Be Very Afraid!! We absolutely can’t fall for this Gas- Lighting Again. Another way to take our already, ‘Hanging by a Thread,’ freedom/s away. The Evil Satanic Globalists perpetrating these crimes on humanity want to de- populate the human race. I am a nurse with 35 years experience in the Medical Industrial Complex. Stay out of the hospitals. The nephew Daisy mentioned above was killed from The Hospital Protocol- Remdesivar/ Ventilator most probably. Unconscionable! I never thought I would see the day when a pt’s family would be arrested for demanding to see their loved ones. It happened. Let’s not let that happen again. Know your rights and the law! We need to buckle up for an extreme ride in 2024! Stay Strong and Stay Healthy!
    Do Not Trust The Science!

  • Der Satz:” Es geht darum, sich der Situation bewusst zu sein und das Beste aus dem zu machen, was man hat, damit man keine Angst vor dem haben muss, was als nächstes kommt.” Wenn sich jemand wissenschaftlich damit befassen will, sollte er, sie es tun. Ansonsten sollte jeder auf sich selber und seine Freunde achten! Angst ist der aller schlechteste Ratgeber für alle Menschen. Und Menschen die Angst schüren wollen, egal in welcher Richtung, sind die die daran verdienen. Denen stehen in diesem System alle Mittel zur Verfügung. Auch das ist ein Hinweis darauf, wer Massenhaft Angst warum produziert und daran verdient. Es liegt an jedem einzelnen von uns diesen Angstmachern selbst das fürchten zu lernen. dazu bedarf es der Solidarität aller die sich dagegen wehren wollen. Anders werdet ihre eure Ängste nicht los.

    • Translation of the above: The phrase: “It’s about being aware of the situation and making the most of what you have so you don’t have to be afraid of what’s coming next.” If someone wants to deal with it scientifically, they should. Otherwise, everyone should take care of themselves and their friends! Fear is the worst advisor for all people. And people who want to stir up fear, no matter in which direction, are the ones who make money from it. They have all the means at their disposal in this system. This, too, is an indication of who produces and earns from mass fear and why. It is up to each and every one of us to learn to fear these fear-mongers ourselves. this requires the solidarity of all those who want to defend themselves against it. There is no other way to get rid of your fears.

      • Thank you for the translation.

        I hope to enlarge my garden this year and get a few more chickens, to get a hand pump for my well and stack some more fire wood.

        I am blessed with good neighbors, some of whom also have chickens, some who have horses and mules and cattle and many of whom also hunt.

        We have a lake nearby with quite a few fish, and a forest as well.

        I think we would be in as good a shape as can be expected if we must self isolate.

        But I will rely most of all upon the Lord.

        He brought the Hebrews through the Red Sea and brought Daniel out of the lions’ den.

        He can handle anything that comes my way.

        • Amen – my thoughts exactly. In 2008, my husband unexpectedly lost his job. We kept hearing about the severe drought in our area all summer long. Yet, we were getting about a quarter inch of rain every day, just over our garden. That year, the garden produced more than it ever had or has since. Nobody can convince me that wasn’t God taking care of us.

  • With the growing number of homeless encampments, millions of illegals pouring in- we are ripe for some exotic disease to run rampant. Thank you for the paragraph to “not live in fear”. It can be depressing to concentrate on the ills and evils of this world. Having a new grandbaby and another on the way, I can only prep my family, stay aware and learn all I can about natural, herbal remedies. May God have mercy on us all.

  • Marie: Thank you for your thoughtful and well researched article. In my instance, having nearly died at 8 years of age when treated with adult doses of penicillin to treat influenza (now recognized as an ineffective treatment, after the deaths of many children of about my age), and suffered from horrid rashes and low disease resistance for the next 40 years as a result, I developed a rather skeptical view of allopathy and have relied on a resolutely organic, microbiome supporting diet, very scant amounts of sugar(s), and an avid interest in the increasing volume of research on nutraceuticals and regenerative practices. I homestead, raise as much of my own food as possible, get as much sunlight on me and into my home and chicken coop as possible. Everybody on the homestead team including our flock and puppy gets regular parasite cleanses. Even so, I had a brief, mild day of Covid symptoms that knocked me out for 24 hours, following the same effects on my husband the day before. I am so sorry to hear about the shocking death of your nephew. We knew that virus could be effectively dealt with at home, and as it turned out, in many instances, medical and hospital care risked lethal consequences. Most of our homesteading neighbors decided the shots were unnecessary, with the exception of families where one spouse or the other had previous serious health problems, commonly having to do with cardiac issues. In general, of those couples, both are now struggling with their health. In the past week or so, I have heard reports that various governments are beginning to discuss the addition of bio-weapons to their military arsenals As I recall it, there were UN treaties that prohibited the use of bio-weapons. I guess that was the old days, and now we are back to being regarded as rats packed in a cage. Nonetheless, hold fast and hang on. There are still many more of us than of them. Let us treat each other as neighbors who are kind, respectful and supportive of each other. Even those people who have recently taken up residency in our country can be regarded in this way. Many of the new businesses in our area have been started by recent immigrants who arrived dreaming of the American Way. It will take a lot to make any of us let that go.

    • Covid is ugly. Period.
      My brother was staying home and taking Ivermectin and everything else recommended by “alternative” sources. He died from Covid pneumonia – but he was at home.
      There is no perfect answer
      Stay healthy

  • Take charge of your own health. Your body is made to heal itself, if only you put into it the things that it needs. Take no medicine. There is a natural supplement that you can take that will repair anything that ails you today, short of emergency appendectomy surgeries, or that sort of thing. There are natural supplements that will open up your arteries. There are natural supplements that will lower your blood pressure. There are natural supplements that will remove the plaque from your arteries. There are natural supplements that will open up your capillaries and lymph vessels. Colloidal Silver is God’s Own Antibiotic, that has beaten every bacteria that it has been clinically tried against. Liposomal Vitamin C in megadoses will prevent, and cure some of the most devastating diseases. Did you know that megadoses of intravenous vitamin C cured polio completely in 1957, without any muscular complications ever? Research.
    Todays doctors are not interested in curing your illnesses, they are interested only in giving you some medicine that will possibly alleviate your symptoms, but that medicine will have side effects that you don’t want to get into. Just do the research for yourself, and make those decisions for yourself.

    • So glad you mentioned those things. It is so very important to clean up our own immune systems & support them to battle most any illness. Remove sugar immediately. And don’t replace it with aspartame or sucralose which are neurotoxic.

      Parasites, bacteria & fungi breed & feed on sugar.

  • Clean water and hygiene will prevent water-borne diseases like cholera and polio, but not respiratory diseases like flu and not blood-borne diseases like hep-C. Or mosquito-borne ones like dengue and yellow fever. Sonia Shaw’s book Pandemic is excellent, a fascinating look at many potential pandemics of often-fatal disease. Treatments are usually just supportive: there are few options for safe, effective drugs for viruses. You usually just let them run their course.

    In the US, they pose little danger to us if they are natural. If they are bioengineered, there’s no telling the extent of the damage they might do, and no way to protect ourselves against it. The death penalty for anyone’s engaging in gain of function research might be effective in discouraging it, but they would have to be found first.

  • Face it, that nephew was MURDERED in the hospital. They gave them remdesivir to damage the kidneys, causing fluid in the lungs, then put them on ventilators because they had breathing trouble, where they stayed until they died. Hospitals got paid $100 000 smackers per death.


    The Bible says they will be multiple plagues at the end of the world.


    Over 60 GOF biolabs were found in Ukraine in 2022. Those high grocery bills are the taxes you pay to help defend that.


    Mike Adams the Health Ranger investigated hemorrhagic diseases, found a marvellously expensive drug for it, looked for the mechanism, and found dark red and blue berries and vegetables would do the trick. Stock up.


    The crap about “climate change” is a vital clue. This is best promoted during hot weather. They intend to release disease X in the summer, maybe starting in late Spring, to crash the US elections.

    • Well setting off ‘X’ in the summer would be better than in the winter where most are indoors cooped up with heat blasting & NO fresh air. We stand a chance ! 😉 Not to mention vitamin D heals. Spend 30 minutes without sunscreen (being careful not to burn) & we’d be ahead of convid.

  • Get outside for 30 minutes of sun a day. Exercise 3-4 times a week. Eat eggs, chicken, meat, fish and fresh veggies. Plant your garden. Get some chickens. Learn something new every day. Have a way to protect you and yours. Get out and enjoy life! Preparedness overcomes paranoia.

  • X stands for death, X stands for Satan and it also refers to a deity whose name I can’t remember. Twitter is now X. Then there is xbox and spaceX. Notice how many times X shows up? It was fear that got many individuals to go for the shot. Doesn’t matter if it was fear of getting sick or fear of being fired. We have chemical additives in our food that is outlawed in Europe. As many of you wrote, grow your own food. Learn natural medicine/herbal remedies. My goal is to pick the top 10 medicinal herbs I need to grow this year. My husband has a rare disease, but takes no phara meds. He has used natural remedies since being given two years to live. Of course that was in 1992.

  • The govt, the authorities, the pharm industry and the entire medical community can buff me…
    I have even LESS use for them, or trust IN them, than i did in 2020.
    Their collective credibility is in ruins.
    Push is about to come to shove, on multiple fronts from these very entities mentioned above.

  • The US government has a very long and deceitful history of covering up manufactured pandemics, whether intentionally death dealing or just accidentally so. Here is a report I assembled a couple of years ago about the falsely named Spanish Flu circa 1918-1920 — a lie which the US government and its suck-up media continue to maintain to this present day:


    The actual history of the falsely named “Spanish Flu” continues to be misrepresented in most accounts even today. The link below from realfarmacy.com is the best description of what really happened that I’ve found. However, while the original link no longer works, it has been preserved in several different snapshots on the internet’s forever memory on Archive.org.

    This is the original link, which is now only useful to insert into the search box on Archive.org to retrieve any of several preserved snapshots of that article:


    This is just one of several preserved and working copies of that original and superbly detailed article:


    In a nutshell, the US Army began its mandatory vaccination system in 1911. So when the Rockefeller Institute provided the US Army at Ft Riley, Kansas with a poorly tested-in-horses vaccine in early 1918, the GIs had no choice but to accept the jab. With World War I underway, censorship of newspaper reporting blocked reporting in western countries that were part of the war. Spain was not involved so early reporting about the “flu” appeared there first. That created the convenient opportunity for our government to lie about its origin and dub it the “Spanish Flu.”

    The Rockefeller Institute also supplied that same vaccine to several other countries, so the deaths from it worldwide have been estimated between 50 to 100 million, far more than any battlefield injury deaths. After the war, the Germans had suffered such horrendous “flu” deaths that they sent investigators over to this country in the early 1920s to try to find out medically what had happened. They were told by our medical people that “well, our experiments got out of hand.” We didn’t learn about those conversations until the late 1940s when our CIA interrogated the German ex-Gestapo chief who revealed those details. A record of that interrogation is preserved in book form today on Amazon.

    A long gone uncle of mine was in training at Ft Riley in 1918 when the GIs began to get sick. When he came home on leave, he brought the sickness home and gave it to his mother, my grandmother to be. This was in the early stages before the mutations increased its severity, so both he and his mother recovered. It was nearly a century afterward before we learned what had really happened and how the government lie had lasted all this time.

    Here are two more accounts:




    The point is that expecting honesty from the US government is a foolish pipe dream.


  • It was clear, and easy, to ascertain, that the original “pandemic” was but a trial run.
    Once evaluated for effectiveness, release a more deadly pandemic which will be real. And then skeptics and naysayers will be grouped into the “problem” of saving mankind.
    Once people, begin dropping in the streets, from a viral infection, THEN, will the gov’t HAVE TOTAL POWER to control our lives,
    COVID was pure BS!!!!!
    But now, the new pandemic WILL be REAL. And opposition will not only be suspect, but guilty of false news. And the incarcerations will begin.
    You got duped and will fall for it again, because the first was merely a test run. NOW THEY unleash the REAL DEAL.

  • I have used both Jase and The Wellness company. Either/both are good. Stockpiling meds as a person can is a good idea. The prepper community knows what to do. Stay out of cities and crowds. I expect serious inflation, supply chain issues, and something medical. Fish antibiotics not so available anymore. There are places to get meds without Rx. FLCCC Allliance is a great resource.

  • disease x is already here.
    cov19 used a spike protein similar to hiv to be the transmogrified to the host
    the shot from any of the medical labs December 2020 is when the fuse delay of activation started
    when 70 percent of the adult population was in inoculated with the fuses that is when people started to have the reactions from imitated convulsions to turbo cancers
    back to similarity of hiv carrier
    a person who is infected with hiv untreated can live from 2 years to 15 years yet for a bell curve it be 6-7 years statistically
    in the us 340 million people and 70 percent were vaxed will result 270 million in death by the 2026 timeframe which would make only around 100million us adults of various ages be the ones that would left to fight a international kabal with its eyes against the destruction of America
    mathmaticlly it works when you look at all the efforts of and multiple pronged attack that the communists have used against america
    sexual liberation =slow human growth
    leave no child behind= disenfranchise smart kids to progress
    racism= divide american spirit
    of course they have the vax to the next cure it time
    and they will have a smaller population to deal with and a smaller one that has given up their freedoms
    and smaller on to track and trace
    darpa created the track and trace for the soldiers so that another body wont be lost and since that worked o swell how you spread that to the world
    ai is coming to stop humans from critical thinking to occur so it be easier to control
    they want to control you
    they want you to accept defeat before you realize the war has started

  • We’re told that Europeans brought diseases that killed off the Indians because they had no resistance to them. Actually, according to research that I read several years ago (I don’t remember where) what killed often was not the disease itself, rather that everyone in a tribe came down with the disease at the same time, leaving no one to nurse the ill back to health. Often all the nursing needed was food and water. So basically the people died of thirst and hunger.

    A similar thing happened in Iceland—a disease that was endemic on the continent (so only a few were sick at a time) would hit Iceland only once after an absence of decades, then it would take out up to a third to half of the population.

    I got Covid-19 very early, when the only news I heard about it was when I listened to Hong Kong radio. Then it was called a novel pneumonia. Since then I have had neither a flu nor a cold.

    But it was my training in genetics that warned me that the shots are dangerous, so I tried to warn everyone I could “Don’t take the shots!” Unfortunately, most people didn’t listen to me. The shots have turned out worse than I feared. I lost a nephew to the shots. Well, I never took a flu shot either.

    We need to push back against “Disease X” starting yesterday. But it may be too late, as, as speculated, it may synergize with the clot shots to kill.

    Other than emergency surgery, I now have no trust in the medical industry.

  • War by pandemic has a long and gruesome history. Smallpox wiped out most of the Aztec and Inca civilizations. The British used smallpox-carrying blankets during the French and Indian war. The early Texas Rangers used smallpox to wipe out the Karankawa Indians. This was all long before the Rockefeller meningitis vaccine killed some 50 to 100 million people (even if probably unintentional) circa 1918-1920 under the fake label of “Spanish Flu.” Little wonder they could do a pandemic study in 2010.


    • Early in the “pandemic” the New Normal sub-reddit had a link to a recent widespread Meningitis vaccination campaign in Lombardy, Italy prior to the alarming virus outbreak there.

  • Marie, I think you’re right about the optics of the next pandemic – visually it’s going to have to be something that scares the masses into further compliance. Small pox (on steroids, courtesy gain of function?) comes to mind only because I recall seeing an article about a patent being filed a couple years ago… why would they bother spending the RDT&E money developing a small pox treatment medication if it was eradicated, right? And “small samples” held only by the U.S. and Russia? Hmm. And yet, FDA approved one in 2021…


    I still have my scars from toddler-hood, got another hit before an Iraq tour, and yes, I’m old enough to remember the X-Files episode about small pox vax’s 😉

    The point is while we’re all planning gardens, etc., keep an eye on Big Pharma and see what they’re getting approval on, that may offer up the indicator(s) we all need for more focused prepping.

    Best, y’all,

    btw – happily married w great kids, I’m “heartbroken” for what I see happening in the country I served for nearly three decades, the crumbling of an empire, the bread and circuses, etc. Daisy, you’re one the only reads I look forward to anymore! Keep ’em coming!

  • I picked this up from the net a while back. I’ve updated it a bit:
    2000 – Y2K is going to destroy everything!
    2001 – Anthrax is going to kill us all!
    2002 – West Nile Virus is going to kill us all!
    2003 – Sars is going to kill us all!
    2005 – Bird Flu is going to kill us all!
    2006 – Ecoli is goingto kill us all!
    2008 – Financial Collapse is going to kill us all!
    2009 – Swine Flu is going to kill us all!
    2012 – The Mayan calender predicts the world ending!
    2013 – North Korea is going to cause WW111!
    2014 – Ebola Virus is going to kill us all!
    2015 – ISIS is going to kill us all!
    2016 – Zika Virus is going to kill us all!
    2020 – Coronovirus is going to kill us all!
    2023 – Climate change is going to kill us all!
    2024 – Desease X is going to kill us all!
    The truth is FEAR is going to kill you.

  • It may not be ‘X’. I live in CO and in Nov 2023 the Denver papers had stories of the first people in the USA to receive the Ebola vaccine were docs at a Denver hospital. What? Why? Looking further I have learned a lab is being built with grant money in Fort Collins for bat research on Ebola, Nippah and the new Covid. What? Dig deeper and find that the Ebola vax is live virus and Merck states it has a 31% shed rate. AND the worst outbreaks in Africa of Ebola have been after mass vax campaigns since 2018. I live 30 min from said lab and 1hr from said hospitals. Although we live rurally, we will be leaving to other property in another state if an inkling of Ebola cases pop up. Please research this for your safety. Thanks Organic Prepper for all you share.

  • “Based on more recent Federal Register notices (85 FR 79198 and 88 FR 82907), I speculate that the same sequence, or similar sequence, will be announced within the next few months for hemorrhagic fevers [marburgvirus and ebolavirus].

    The escalation/difference between the coronavirus-predicated ‘vaccine’ cull and the hemorrhagic fever-predicated ‘vaccine’ cull is that, as far as I know, there’s no background rate of normal, circulating hemorrhagic fever genetic material in peoples’ bodies to be detected by PCR and other test kits and hyped up as a novel disease, while there was and remains lots and lots of normal, circulating coronavirus and influenza-related genetic material in peoples bodies that can easily be detected and then hyped up as a novel disease.

    The cullers presumably have a different approach prepared to build broad public fear of hemorrhagic fever, but the general pattern will probably be very similar.”


  • There is another reason why Disease X could be set free: to make mail in ballots in the upcoming elections in the US necessary. A suitable date could be the Olympic games this summer.

    What could Disease X be? Looking at the last tabletoo exercise called “Catastrophic Contagion” an Entero virus could be the culprit. To this family Rhino viruses belong to which normally cause sniffles. But what this sniffles virus was taught new tricks while being highly contagious? Or the Avian flu comes to my mind, but has a much higher lethality rate compared to the announcef 2% (20×0.1%}.

    The replication mechanism of these viruses gives clues how to combat these, similar to SarsCov2.

  • Thank You Marie Hawthorne for your excellent article on Disease X.

    The answer to your questions are Disease X is in essence COVID 2.0. It is intended to solidify control over us by the world/WEF government. It needs to be in full effect before the 2024 presidential election. And no it is not intended to reduce the world population to combat climate change. Control is the goal. The globalists/puppet masters running the governments in the West want control over ever thing we say and do. The 2020 COVID released by Fauci’s CCP buddies in WUHAN devolved into just a bad case of flu and now they need an upgrade in their bio warfare campaign against the deplorables class.

    From what I have learned from Dr, David Martin see his below twitter video.
    The fear created by the Disease X pandemic is intended to usher in a mass panic to get rid of all cash and replace it with CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). I expect vaccine passports and mask mandates to be pushed hard by the msm jackals. This is once again their strategy of problem, reaction, solution. The Thought Police will direct the people like rats in a maze to these predetermined globalist solutions.

    So what’s the big rush you might ask. It is more than just a desire for control of the entire world. A financial tsunami is on the horizon. The ever increasing debt world wide is reaching crisis proportions. In the US mandatory budget items like social security and medicare already exceed income. And the debt bubble will increase more each year.

    The only politically feasible solution to the debt bubble crisis is to just print more money which in turn will lead to hyperinflation. In times of economic crisis the masses will be looking for a scapegoat and the oligarchs will be the obvious scapegoats. Can’t have that the oligarch puppet masters say to themselves. What they need to do is to manufacture a scapegoat that will be blamed for all of these problems which is why they need this Disease X pandemic. With CBDC in place, if there are any dissenters the puppet masters will simply zero their accounts and block all of their means of survival. People won’t even be able to buy food without permission of the puppet masters. Misinformation/disinformation meaning information not approved by the government, will be shut down to save democracy. Even now you see calls to save democracy by removing Donald Trump from the ballot. Preventing democracy to save democracy is truly Orwellian.

    The Vigilant Fox
    DISEASE X: The next terror campaign on the world is already being planned, says Dr. David Martin

    “What they’re doing right now is they’re planning the sequence of events where they can actually cascade another terror campaign, which then triggers not only the need for allegedly another medical countermeasure, but it also, this time, is going to involve the other piece that they failed to achieve with the COVID campaign, which is the eradication of cash-based transactions …”


    “They blundered their way into Covid, and unfortunately (for them), they did not do the full control takeover that they wanted, which is exactly what is on the agenda for Davos this week.”

    This is the most important video you will watch this year. Millions were killed with Covid-19 for profit.

    “Covid-19 was an act of biological warfare perpetrated on the human race. It was a financial heist. Nature was hijacked. Science was hijacked.”
    2:13 / 21:31
    7:37 AM · May 25, 2023

    Dr. David Martin


    David Martin World

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