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How to Build a Dollar Store Dental Kit for Your Bug Out Bag

Can you imagine the misery of tooth pain while you’re bugging out? Here’s how to put together a simple dental kit for your bug out bag right from your local dollar store.

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Books & Entertainment

The Herbalist’s Bookshelf

These are the texts that will help you learn as much about herbal medicines as written word can teach you. This is the herbalist’s bookshelf.

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Pandemic Watch

THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Why Covid-19 Could Be the Deadly Pandemic That Changes Everything

Covid-19 has all the warning signs of becoming the next deadly global pandemic that will affect us all in some way. This is not a drill.

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PPE for a Pandemic: A Guide to Personal Protective Equipment and Masks

What Personal Protective Equipment and masks should you have on hand for a pandemic? This guide explains the different types of PPE and links to products that are currently available.

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Wuhan Coronavirus Hits the US: What Preppers Need to Know

How deadly is the Wuhan Coronavirus? How is it spread? How can you prepare for a potentially deadly pandemic? Here’s what preppers need to know.

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Natural Alternatives for Depression When There Is No Pharmacy

In an SHTF situation, pharmacies will not be available. This article covers alternative ways to manage depression where prescription drugs are not an option.

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The FDA Announces E. Coli Outbreak…14 Weeks After the First Reported Case

Both the CDC and the FDA are involved in investigating and reporting outbreaks and recalls. So, you’d think the public would be notified as soon as there was an outbreak. As it turns out, that isn’t always the case.

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Is Your Local Grocery Store the Next Major TERROR Target? Here’s How Easily It Could Happen

A terror attack on our food supply could kill hundreds of thousands – or even more. Here’s how easily it could happen at your local grocery store.

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Health & Mindset

Fire Cider: How to Make a Fast, Effective Remedy for the Flu

Got the flu? Fire cider is loaded with anti-inflammatory, immune-supporting, and decongestant herbs. It’s super simple to make and the ingredients are easy to find.

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2nd Amendment

RED FLAG Gun Laws: Connecticut Man’s Firearms Seized Because His SON Shared a Meme on Facebook

Red Flag Gun Laws: Police seized a pistol, 2 rifles, “hundreds” of rounds, and some camo clothes after a man’s son was reported for sharing a meme on Facebook.

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CommentaryHealth & Mindset

Here’s Why There Are SO MANY Food Recalls Lately

Have you noticed that there seems to be another major food recall every week or so? Let’s look at why this is happening, what the real risks are, what to do if you do get sick, and how to prevent getting sick.

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Midwest Flooding Will Cause Shortages of THESE FOODS

The recent floods in the Midwest are leading to food shortages. Smart preppers will take measures to beef up their food storage.

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Health & MindsetPrepping & Survival

Bleach, Hand Sanitizer, or Natural Cleaning Products? What to Use When

There’s always ferocious debate about what kind of disinfectants to use, but there’s a place for both natural and chemical methods. Here’s a guide on what to use when.

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You Need More Than Food to Survive

In the event of a long-term disaster, there are non-food essentials that can be vital to your survival and well-being. Make certain you have these 50 non-food stockpile essentials. Sign up for your FREE report and get prepared.

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