Argentina Just Elected a Libertarian President & the MSM Hates Javier Milei

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By the author of Street Survivalism: A Practical Training Guide To Life In The City and The Ultimate Survival Gear Handbook

Their team won the World Cup last year, and beautifully so. This last weekend, Argentina scored even bigger – a win for freedom – by electing libertarian Javier Milei with 55,7% over left-wing Peronist candidate Sergio Massa (14 against 11 million votes, respectively).

Now, I’m not one to have pet politicians, regardless of their ideological affiliation. Like most people, I’m disgusted with the whole election system and politics in general. Though refusing to become overly bitter, cynical, and disillusioned, I admit the current crop of so-called leaders and political cast has little to cheer for. Very little, in fact.

However, I confess to being among those celebrating Javier Milei’s victory as a big win for freedom, and sincerely hope he can get Argentina out of its current mess. Call me an optimist, but perhaps he can do even more than that and inspire people worldwide to go out and vote for the good ones who insist on this fight despite getting pushed away (or worse) by the depth and filth of the swamp. We must never lose hope.

Who is Javier Milei, and how did he win?

Much in the way of a Trump and Bolsonaro, Milei is an outsider. A former economist, self-proclaimed anarcho-capitalist turned libertarian, Milei can communicate his ideas and proposals in a clear, concise, and fact-based manner, despite his crazy hair and wild, fierce gesturing. He doesn’t measure his words when talking about communists and other leeches, not even when on TV.

He ran on a platform of small government, radical anti-socialism, and Austrian economics – and won. 

The Peronists – the populist party that ruled the country for the past 40 years and brought it to its sad current state – threw everything they could to warrant Massa’s election. That’s no small thing considering the power of those in charge, on any country even a broken one.

Massa and his party also got $upport from leftist governments everywhere, including Brazil’s Lula and some say even China. Still, Milei won.

Why it matters (and not only for Argentina)

First, it’s a big blow to the Foro de São Paulo. If you have never heard about the Sao Paulo Forum, here’s a short brief:

Founded by none other than Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and Lula (Brazil’s current president) in 1990, the FSP started as a convention for labor/leftist political parties attempting to organize and advance progressive agendas with the intent to grow their influence and participation in Latin America’s political scenario. Forty-eight parties from 14 countries attended the convention.

Though that can be considered a legitimate aspiration, the event was also attended by members of the FARC (Colombia’s Revolutionary Armed Forces) and Chile’s MIR (Revolutionary Left Movement), two Marxist-Leninist guerrilla groups with cartel ties, among other radical groups, which raised some questions about its legitimacy and intents, to say the least.

Since then, the mainstream media has publicized or published little about the Forum and its advancements. However, many affirm it’s responsible for the Pink Tide, the rise of left-leaning governments, and the move toward economic and social progressive policies in Latin America since the 2000s. Currently, only Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Peru, and now Argentina, plus Panama, Costa Rica, and El Salvador in Central America, aren’t governed by FSP members.

If you live in North America, Europe, or Asia and think the Forum is only a ragged leftist congregation of failed banana republics, think again. Twenty-three countries attended its last convention, held in late June 2023. Beyond the usual suspects (Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc.), the list of participants included delegations from China, India, Russia, Belarus, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, France, EUA, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

If that doesn’t show an impressive level of organization and influence, I don’t know what does. The world is changing, and we all better take notice.

It’s against that backdrop that Javier Milei’s election brings hope.

The global right wing celebrated Milei’s victory like the Argentines celebrated their third World Cup title last year. As made clear, I don’t believe in silver bullets, certainly not concerning politics, economy, and social issues. I’m also against messianism and the cult of personality.

But I also refuse to become overly cynical and confess to being aligned with many of Milei’s ideas. I believe that’s the case with most other TOP readers as well. In his victory discourse, he declared that “today is the end of Argentina’s decline.” Among other things, he vowed to:

  • End the Central Bank of Argentina.
  • Dollarize Argentina (make the USD official currency in the country).
  • Drastically cut secretaries and reduce the government apparel to the bare minimum.
  • Fight against state-funded welfare state and other “socialist” benefits.
  • Slash inflation.
  • Cut ties with leftist governments and authorities of all kinds.

How can one not root for the guy?

The last point is a big one for Milei. He is radically against socialism, to the point of openly stating his intention to never negotiate or concede with them on any terms “because you give communists an inch and they will take a mile, they will take everything and attempt to destroy you.”

He declared Pope Francis – himself an Argentine – a communist. Imagine that. His secretaries didn’t invite Lula or other left-wing presidents to his inauguration on December 10th (former president Bolsonaro, though, was invited, as was Trump, who called to congratulate Milei on the win).

Milei also declared he’d stop negotiating with China and remove Argentina from Mercosul, South America’s regional trading alliance, while reinforcing connections and commerce with the US and Western European countries. Those things are easier said than done, especially in today’s world and in a country that relies so much on international trading and tourism, but shows he at least has a different plan than his predecessors.

In short, Milei seems intent on making Argentina great again. Only a century ago, the now disgraced country was a powerhouse with First World social indicators. The world has changed a lot since the 1920s, but who knows? Nobody thought El Salvador could go from the most dangerous to the safest country in Latin America in such a short time. Still, President Nabil Bukele (90% approval ratings) seems to have pulled that miracle, so perhaps it’s not unreasonable to expect Milei to significantly improve Argentina’s situation during his term.

Not everyone is happy.

We are living in very polarized and radicalized times. These are also times of deep distrust in institutions, and politics is just another area of modern society in which people can’t even agree on the most fundamental issues. Whether legitimate or stolen, elections are being heavily disputed, which is grave, in my opinion, but that’s how it is.

The woke left cried in despair and disbelief after results were posted. To no one’s surprise, Javier Milei is considered a fascist by the leftist, though his opponent, Sergio Massa, elegantly conceded defeat and wished him success. Which came as a surprise, showing a level of political maturity and respect not common in recent elections. Whether that will translate into a responsible and constructive opposition or not, we’ll see. But it’s a good start, particularly when compared to what took place in Brazil last year.

The Latin American legacy media, 90% left-leaning, makes no small business of painting him far-right, volatile, and radical, among other unflattering things. However, his ideas resonate big with a massive part of the population, tired of ruinous leftist policies that brought Argentina to its knees, and brought him to power despite the negative image painted by the media.

Milei has a tough job ahead of him.

Argentina is devastated, suffering with hyperinflation (143% annually), accelerating currency devaluation (950 pesos-to-USD exchange rate, worse than that in the black market), and growing misery (40% of the population living in poverty). Crime, violence, and social unrest are also on the rise, and the country’s industry and infrastructure are in poor shape.

That gives an idea of the herculean challenge Milei has in his hands. Not only that, but Peronists still hold the majority of the congress and, after 40 years in power, occupy essential positions in Argentina’s administrative bureaucratic system and institutions. We all know what that means, given the left’s modus operandi, and it can put a severe dent in the executive’s plans.

Despite all that, Milei seems determined to advance his agenda, and the people of Argentina – at least 55% – seem to have had enough of the misery and corruption of the Peronists. The market responded well to Milei’s election, with many Argentine companies listed on the NY stock exchange rising 28% even before the opening session on Monday is a good sign.

Some point to Javier Milei’s election as another sign of the advancing right-wing conservative movement worldwide.

Trump is beating Biden in all recent polls for 2024 elections. Right-wing AfD is surging again in Germany. Finland just formed the most right-wing government in its history. Sweden is cracking down on illegal migrants, and the anti-immigration party is part of the government for the first time. The anti-WEF farmer’s party is surging in the Netherlands. Another big one is the hundreds of thousands in Spain marching against the socialist coup.

Is change coming?

Of course, the MSM isn’t reporting on any of that, but it’s happening and will bring changes and consequences.

Only time will tell how much of Milei’s proposals will come true and how much his victory will affect the political scenario everywhere. Is it possible his win can inspire the resurgence of conservative candidates and defeat of leftist candidates in upcoming elections everywhere, notably in the US and Brazil?

Hard to predict.

But it remains a fact that some people in power can be better than others on net balance. Javier Milei may just be one of those politicians. I’ll keep my praises for now. Once bitten, twice shy. But at the same time, I hope he can do a good job and help the people of Argentina, and maybe give a positive example to the rest of the world while at that. Well done, Argentina!

Have you read much about this election? What are your thoughts on Milei? Do you think he can make effective changes to Argentina? Do you think him being elected is a sign that people want something different? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

About Fabian

Fabian Ommar is a 50-year-old middle-class worker living in São Paulo, Brazil. Far from being the super-tactical or highly trained military survivor type, he is the average joe who since his youth has been involved with self-reliance and outdoor activities and the practical side of balancing life between a big city and rural/wilderness settings. Since the 2008 world economic crisis, he has been training and helping others in his area to become better prepared for the “constant, slow-burning SHTF” of living in a 3rd world country.

Fabian’s ebook, Street Survivalism: A Practical Training Guide To Life In The City , is a practical training method for common city dwellers based on the lifestyle of the homeless (real-life survivors) to be more psychologically, mentally, and physically prepared to deal with the harsh reality of the streets during normal or difficult times. He’s also the author of The Ultimate Survival Gear Handbook.

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Fabian Ommar

Fabian Ommar

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  • I hope and pray that Milei can do even a portion of what he says he stands for.

    A new broom sweeps clean, and I hope that he is wise enough to clear out the detritus in his government.

    I also hope he has loyal bodyguards. Strong men like that have targets on their backs.

    God bless Milei, and God bless Argentina.

  • Dear Fabian, this is truly awesome. We Republicans are celebrating in Venezuela this victory, as well as the Ecuador victory. It means that once again the democracy is returning to South America. Good to see that Argentina institutions were not invaded by the Cubans like they did in Venezuela, and they could force the commies out using the power of the votes. However the mafia tentacles are so deep in Venezuela that it´s not going to be easy to kick them out.
    It´s now a great moment for people to invest in Argentina in 2024 after the first quarter. We are already making plans for a visit there the next year.

    • Yes my friend, the right is celebrating in joy here as well, for what it means and also for the hope it brings to our continent. That’s why I made sure to bring the matter of the Foro de São Paulo into the article, people need to be informed about it.

      Even if Milei wins only some of his battles and can’t implement everything (which is usually the case), it will be big for Argentina and who knows, maybe for Venezuela and Brazil as well.

      It might take a while and the path to a better Argentina will be rough but Milei looks like a smart and determined person. I’ll keep following his journey.

      Stay safe Jose!

  • The war against free market leadership is worldwide. I’m glad to see what unfortunately succeeded in Brazil against Bolsonaro either didn’t happen (or failed to succeed) in Argentina. See this archived article:

    IT’S A COUP: Team Biden Bragged about RIGGING Brazil Election Against President Bolsonaro Before Election Day says Stop the Steal Leader Ali Alexander
    By Ali Alexander Oct. 31, 2022

    I hope that Argentina’s Milei has superior security. 60 years ago when the US president John F Kennedy was about to shut down America’s plan to ramp up involvement in the Vietnam war … the deep state hated his guts. The CIA had created a 19-page assassination how-to manual in 1953 … decades before the internet made it a free download and before Amazon began carrying it for sale. The assassination by patsy system was designed to blame the hit on an innocent person who would very quickly be killed off to forestall any court case and evidence search. Little wonder then that after two separate US army crypto operators detected message traffic about planning the JFK hit (some 3 weeks before the assassination), they were both arrested and imprisoned in government hospitals. All related records were immediately classified by the CIA and not exposed until President Trump declassified some of them during his administration.
    Much of that story is covered in detail here:

    This was only one of several such hits committed by the CIA during the 1950s and 1960s.

    Today the globalist tyrant wannabees would not hesitate to kill off any free market capitalist leaders standing in their way. The many of us who greatly admire Milei realize the wonderful potential of his intentions IF he can remain in office.


  • I find somewhat baffling Milei’s preference for establishing closer ties with the US and Western European countries, considering the frequency with which countries in that set have employed bribery, fraud, incitement of violence, invasion, or other means to ensure that the targeted country’s leaders would permit the West to plunder its resources and would participate in the financial system anchored by the US dollar.

    In contrast, much of the rest of the world seems to have embraced multipolarity and respect of sovereignty, as suggested by numerous countries’ efforts to join BRICS and similar organizations.

  • Kudos for the win. If politics there is anything like ours in the US, he should do several things: 1. Have no advisors that do not echo his philosophy. 2. Start replacing people in positions of power throughout govt with people that echo his philosophy. 3. Watch his back and surround himself with loyal guards. President Kennedy in the US wanted to do the same things he has declared he would do, and the corrupt powers-that-be in govt eliminated him.

  • They elected someone different, so obviously they do want something different. It remains to be seen what they actually get, or whether the citizens will have the patience to let him succeed, especially when a new leader like this always makes mistakes. Will they let him learn from his?
    I have seen a number of positive aspirations crushed by failure to think about the losers. Who is doing fine with the corruption and will lose money when he cuts inflation, for example? I read a book by an American who got the power to cut a Latin American country’s roaring inflation to ZERO in just two weeks by stopping the printing presses. Some people lost their incomes, and those people ran him out of the country in short order. Horse supplies manufacturers prevented the rise of automobiles for decades with phony “safety” laws that made autos impractical. A would be shipping startup in the Great Lakes region was prevented from creating a big boom to the local economy because he took no heed for those who would lose by it.
    I hope Milei creates a council to find ways to compensate those benefitting from inflation and otherwise attached to the status quo. Many of the wouldn’t-be losers are capable people who could found useful industries if given the chance.

  • Nice article Fabian thank you. Good to see people are finally waking up and voting (if not rigged) the right way.. excuse the pun! Like in Italy’s new right party government leader Giorgia Meloni, not a word is spoken on MSM. Hope many other supressed countries worldwide find a way to move away from the communist agenda enforced on them. Cudos for Milei to call the pope a communist that he is, this is brave, and should be supported just like in the reformation! Agree on the football, Argentina showed true honour throughout, something they lacked during Maradona’s days, they looked and acted like thugs then!

  • Thank You Fabian Ommar for your excellent article. The mainstream media owned by the globalist oligarchs loves to tell the people how dangerous anyone is who wants free markets and less government control of the economy. They call them far-right and radical. Government run economies meaning communist/socialist/fascist economies eliminate business competition and then place party hacks in place to run the economy and country. These people are useless idiots, like the idiots Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris.

    I have high hopes for Javier Milei and his plan to make Argentina Great Again. He wants to drain the swamp, eliminate cultural Marxism, government bureaucracies and fake work. Let the globalist puppet msm jackals howl all they want. The people of Argentina have spoken

    In an interview Milei says: “You can’t give shit leftards an inch” “You can’t negotiate with leftards” “All leftist are collectivists.”

    Lady interviewer asks:
    “But why do you call them shit?”

    Milei replies:

    See below for more about what Javier Milei thinks of leftards – ROFLOL
    Leftists MELTDOWN after Argentina Elects TRUMPIAN President!!!

    Dr. Steve Turley Nov. 21, 2023

  • This video of, and about, Javier Milei was only uploaded a couple of hours ago. His occasional Spanish language clips have English subscripts on screen for us. His thorough libertarian perspective made his third party victory a first in world history. Hint: even his family dog was named Milton Friedman. You will enjoy!

    “AFUERA” – Milei DESTROYS Argentina Politicians by Becoming President

    per this 16:23 minute video, from Valuetainment on 21 Nov 2023 [about 6pm CT or so]

    Patrick Bet-David and the Home Team are joined by political analyst Roger Stone as they discuss Libertarian candidate Javier Milei shocking the world by winning Argentina’s Presidential Election!

    Plus 742 Comments … and counting ferociously!

    In addition, the libertarian website has several articles about him today!


  • Here are Tuesday’s (Nov 21 2023) articles about Javier Milei on which links should remain accessible for many years to come … even though such articles get replaced by other content there on the next day or so:

    Milei’s Long-Term Victory Depends on Him Winning in the Battle of Ideas,
    11/20/2023, by Ryan McMaken

    Rothbard, Milei and the New Right in Argentina,
    11/20/2023, by Fernando Chiocca

    Did Milei Win Argentina’s Presidency by Employing Honesty?,
    11/21/2023, by Peter Strömberg

    The Economics of Javier Milei,
    11/20/2023, by David Howden

    Have Argentine Voters FINALLY Chosen Liberty? Time Will Tell,
    11/20/2023, by Octavio Bermudez

    A Statement on Javier Milei from Spanish Libertarians,
    11/20/2023, by Jesús Huerta de Soto and Philipp Bagus


  • Who is to say that opposition during his tenure will not ensue and tie him up on a variety of bogus charges and claims in an attempt to clip his wings and to cause his inaugural flight into a promised freedom, a diminished potential success?

    I believe we already have a template for that with the Trump presidency…where his 4 years were laden with Russia allegations and a slew of other smokescreens that crippled his presidency to some effect.

    The left hasn’t even begun a smear campaign and they certainly won’t stop now that the initial election has declared a winner. If anything, they’ll ramp it up and the toll on his potential today, will be covered in the smears they will purport as fact. Factual lies, however, somehow still seem to convince those who sometimes forget to think for themselves.

    Unfortunately winning doesn’t mean you win in the long run. What may have been an 80% success rate will be diminished to 30% or less. But then again, 30% or less is better than -30%, I would presume.

  • It’s a hopeful sign. Leftists ruin everything they touch and Argentina has had a rough time of it. Wishing him luck at turning it around.

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