The UN: The Wrong Side of the Revolution

May 30, 2012
The United Nations is a tool for the New World Order takeover.  Agencies and committees are being created faster than ever before in an effort to bring the entire world under the control of just an elite few.
The thing that is so insidious about the UN is that they cloak their motives in an air of benevolence.  They garner the whole-hearted support of the unaware by their word choices, their propaganda, and their warm politically correct facade. The people of the world are being willingly, happily led off a cliff, while being lulled by the UN Scheherazade. 
One would think that a freedom-loving country like the United States of America would strenuously object to being controlled by foreign interests, but one cannot underestimate the power of propaganda, the false green movement and Barack Obama.  Obama, our very own NWO poster child and lackey, is putting the United States into the hands of the UN and out of the hands of Americans.
Control is being handed over to the UN on every level, from every country. We are watching the takeover of the world, live and in Technicolor.
Military Control:  Months ago, Obama’s henchman Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, stated that the UN’s approval  would be sought regarding declarations of war, as opposed to the approval of Congress.  This puts the well-trained US military in the hands of the demagogues of the UN “peacekeepers”.
Environmental Control:  This June, the UN has announced intentions to create a global environmental agency, rife with crippling economic sanctions against any country that does not toe the Agenda 21 line.  Countries will be “assessed” and mandatory financial contributions will be required, contributions that will go into a global coffer.  Cloaked in a false green benevolence, the agency will attempt to police every country in the world and reallocate its resources for the “global good”.
Population Control:  According to an article on Infowars, the UN, in conjunction with the World Bank, is forcing countries to implement population control guidelines in order to be able to receive World Bank assistance.  Without access to World Bank lending, it is virtually impossible for the countries to compete in an international market
Internet Control:  Obama and the Congress have already stated their intentions to allow the UN to police the world’s internet.  To get people behind the idea, they are referring to internet access as a basic human right; however, once the controls are in place, we can expect to be inundated with a barrage of regulations.  Already in the works is the International Code of Conduct for Internet Security, a mandate that states broadly (in typical open-to-interpretation style) that the intended purpose is “principles of maintaining information and network security which cover the political, military, economic, social, cultural, technical and other aspects.” 
Financial Control:  Never doubt that the world’s economic issues are not by design.  A starving, desperate populace is a controllable populace.  For years, pundits have been scoffed at for stating that the current economic depression was by UN design.  However, as country after country collapses, businesses are carbon-taxed out of existence only to have them spring back up with different, global ownership, and currencies fail, we have to look at the agenda causing this to happen.  The long-term goal is one leadership, which will swoop in and bail out these countries, feeding the hungry, housing them in Agenda-21 approved locations and using them to pillage the natural resources of that country to benefit the elite.  The goal, as decided in 2009 by the Bilderberg group, a global elite “think tank”, is a global treasury to manage the world’s economy.
Religious Control:  The UN purportedly supports religious freedom, but as usual, is bullying those who do not agree with their version of morality by holding economic sanctions over that country’s head.  The UN threatened to withdraw aid from countries that did not allow abortion for religious reasons.  Furthermore, religious symbols, particularly Christian symbols, have drawn UN fire for being “intolerant”.  While the UN supports global blasphemy laws that protect Islam from criticism, they support efforts to have crosses removed from the exterior of historic buildings in Italybecause the sight of the crosses could “incite violence.” The UKhas jumped on the anti-cross bandwagon recently, as the courts have upheld a ban on the right to wear a cross or crucifix to work. The assault on Christianity continues with the Union of European Football Association banning the cross at all venues and events.
Health Control:  Through Codex Alimentarius, the United Nations is attempting to control the health of the world.  By forcing GMO foods, removing our options for taking vitamins and using natural remedies, and requiring “food modernization”, the UN is removing the right for basic health freedom.  The only ones to benefit from this modernization are Big Pharma and Big Agri, as the population gets weaker and sicker from the non-nutritious irradiated science projects they are forced to consume.
We are rapidly devolving into a world devoid of national sovereignty. Obama, the first “UN President of the United States” is leading us right into global enslavement, into a world where we have no elected officials for representation, where we have no right to protest, and where we have lost our God-given freedoms.  Every day, the world is slipping more deeply into the hands of the United Nations and the New World Order, leaving no aspect of our lives untouched. 
In the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, 

“It seems as if we are on the wrong side of a world revolution.”

Daisy Luther

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