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Bill Passed: EPA Must Take Advice from Industry Shills, NOT from Independent Scientists

The elected officials in the House of Representatives have just sanctioned a blatant corporate takeover of the EPA. They aren’t even pretending to be protecting the environment now.

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The EPA Furthers the Carbon Tax Agenda with Deadly Human Experiments

Originally Published at Nutritional Anarchy Our friends and protectors at the Environmental Deception Protection Agency are so adamant about protecting …

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18 Unregulated Chemicals Found In Drinking Water Across The United States

by Arjun Walia Originally published at Collective Evolution Many communities around the world have been successful in removing fluoride from …

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FDA and EPA are Victims of the Government Shutdown – Is This Supposed to be a Bad Thing?

I can’t really mourn too much that the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency are unable to continue …

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Despite Irrefutable Evidence of Toxicity and Death, Monsanto’s Friends at the EPA Raise Allowable Glyphosate Levels

Great news!  You no longer have to worry about excessive levels of glyphosate, the toxic chemical found in Monsanto’s Round-up …

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