Survival Saturday: Doom Goes Mainstream

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By Daisy Luther

Survival Saturday is a round-up of the week’s news and resources for folks who are interested in being prepared.

This Week in the News

This week on Survival Saturday: Doom goes mainstream, governments everywhere hate to be shown up, and AG Sessions broadens civil asset forfeiture laws.

Doom is going mainstream.

This week, we experienced that uncomfortable moment when Forbes published Doomsday Maps. Multiple ones.

Doom is kind of our thing. The mainstream likes to scoff at preppers, and we, in turn, like to scoff at the mainstream for burying their heads in the sand.

But what about when the mainstream starts publishing doom-porn like it’s a survivalist website?

Case in point, this article from Forbes entitled “The Shocking Doomsday Maps of the World and Billionaire Escape Plans.

The article outlines the results of a dramatic pole shift, either due to volcanic and seismic activity, nuclear war, or an asteroid strike. While NASA says the whole theory is hooey, billionaires are buying up property far away from coastlines and at higher elevations like it’s going out of style.

Go here to check out the Doomsday maps for every continent on the globe. Would you be safe in your current location? And does the fact that it’s published on a mainstream website mean we should start stocking the bunkers?

As Mac Slavo of SHTFplan wrote, “They may have information that we don’t.”

It looks like governments everywhere hate it when citizens are publicly more efficient than they are.

There is a park in Toronto, Ontario that needed a staircase so that people could safely descend a hillside to get to the community gardens below. The city quoted the astronomical sum of $150,000 taxpayer dollars to build the staircase.

An elderly resident decided he could build the staircase himself, and he did, for the princely amount of …$550.

Adi Astl, a retired mechanic, built the staircase in one day with the aid of a homeless fellow he hired.  Everyone was thrilled.

Everyone but the Toronto government, that is.

Some Yahoo (I suspect the Yahoo is the source of all these pictures on Twitter) allegedly called and complained about the “unsafe” steps and they were torn out. Because, you know, letting people just fall down a hill is way better and it’s a whole lot easier to complain about something than to create something.

Now the city promises that a “safe” staircase will be built within a week for “only” $10,000.

Your tax dollars at work, Torontonians. Get the full story here, along with the whiny Twitter complaints.

AG Jeff Sessions can now legally steal more money from US citizens than ever.

I have complained about the loathsome attorney general since the day his name was first mentioned, and as it turns out, I wasn’t wrong. (This article perfectly sums up why I detest everything he stands for.)

This week, a horrifying expansion of civil asset forfeiture laws occurred. If you aren’t familiar with those laws, it means that the police can relieve you of your property without any due process of law. All they have to do is suspect you of a crime and your stuff becomes their stuff. Then, they get to keep it as “profit.”

Even if you’re cleared of all wrongdoing, you don’t always get your stuff back. Here’s an article that explains how civil asset seizure works. Spoiler: You’re not going to like it.

Anyhow, our illustrious attorney general loves the seizure of assets as much as he hates marijuana and under his reign, the laws have just been expanded, allowing the government to run amok and take our stuff. As Zero Hedge points out, “the police are now taking more assets than the criminals.”

…the U.S. Justice Department announced on Wednesday that the federal government will reinstate a program that helps local and state law enforcement seize cash and other assets they suspect have been earned from crimes.

Local police will now be able to seize cash, often from those suspected of drug crimes, even in states that do not condone the policy.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told reporters that most seizures were warranted because the “vast majority” of people who have property taken by police do not contest it in court.

The Obama administration had rolled back the policy in 2015, saying it incentivized police to take money from people who had committed crimes.

Since former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder weighed in on the issue in 2015, Justice Department agencies like the Drug Enforcement Administration has been barred from rewarding local police for taking possessions from people they stop.

Now, the federal government will again be able to return up to 80 percent of the assets seized to local law enforcement.

The Police State’s tentacles just reached a little further into your ‘pocketbook’ as what has become known as “policing for profit,” goes nationwide.. by federal law! (source)

I never thought I’d side with Obama and Holder on anything, but here I am, killin’ it.

This week, President Trump threw some shade at AG Sessions, who showed a distinct lack of loyalty when he recused himself from the Russia investigation. Let’s hope that horrid little man is on his way out.

This Week in Preparedness…

This week, I wrote about some health issues that I’ve been dealing with for a few years now. A topic I’ll be writing about soon is preparedness for those with chronic illnesses and disabilities. We all deserve to be prepped, regardless of the state of our health.

How is your summer garden going? My veggies got a late start, but they’re like a jungle out in my back yard and I’m getting a nice harvest each day. If you’re having one of the same abundance issues that we are, this article may help.

You may want to start thinking about how you’ll preserve all the summer goodness. Even if you don’t garden yourself, this is prime time to hit the farmer’s markets. Let me recommend canning. My newly released canning book has loads of recipes and information to help you load your shelves in no time at all.

PS: If you already have the book and you enjoyed it, good reviews are invaluable to authors. 🙂

It’s just about time to start your seedlings for your fall garden, depending on the agricultural zone in which you reside. Here are some articles on this topic.

Let me know how this year’s gardening and preserving is going in the comments below!

Other Articles of Interest

Anything to add to Survival Saturday?

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  • I agree with you about the whole civil asset forfeiture boondoggle. It is a blatantly unconstitutional seizure of property without just compensation (and all too frequently without any reasonable cause at all). I too, hope Sessions is on his way out. This is the worst thing that has happened yet under Trump’s Presidency–and I voted for him. I voted for him because I thought he wanted to restore Constitutional Law as the law of the land, unlike the progressives who only want to tear it down. But I don’t support him on this at all. If that’s what Sessions is about then he should be fired.

    • The presidents are just puppets of the bankers. Private bankers own America. Elections are just puppet shows to keep the people under control.

      If Trump tries to make America great for the people, he will be killed like JFK was. There is no point in voting.

  • NASA are a bunch of lying assholes. The earth is flat and the moon landing is a hoax! But many laugh at people who tell these truths because no one thinks for themselves anymore. People just blindly accept the globe among other things because of obviously fake footage (the first moonlanding vids have tons of mistakes in them!) and CGI images of the globe (some of which also have mistakes in them).

    You may laugh at me but many flat earthers used to laugh at flat earthers (that is, back when they were globeheads). We are all indoctrinated with an emotional response against this truth.

    • I don’t know what to say, apart from how does gravity exist, how come we haven’t found the edge of the world, how has the huge mass of the earth not caused it to fold in on itself, how do they manage to so perfectly plot the actual weather conditions in the CGI image of the round earth in the live stream from the ISS, what about astronauts in the ISS (including Russians who aren’t loyal to the US), and even if the first moon landing was fake (despite the fact that the technology necessary for faking a moon landing didn’t exist in 1969), what about all other moon landings? You know, the other TEN PEOPLE who went there after Neil and Buzz?

      • Gravity does not exist. We fall according to the laws of buoyancy.
        No one can reach the edge because it’s at antarctica and the antarctic treaty prevents people from going there.
        The earth does not fold because gravity does not exist.
        Satelites are not necessary to gather data about the weather.

        And the argument “the technology to fake the moonlanding did not exist, so they must have gone to the moon for real” implies that going to the moon for real is easier than faking it.
        The technology avaiblable to fake it was limited, but this clearly shows since the original video’s had a lot of big mistakes in them.

        And those other astronauts are also freemasons. There are more than 2 freemasons.

        • What about people who have crossed Antartica? What about the South Pole? What about the research stations there? What do you mean by the laws of buoyancy? How are satellites not necessary on a global level? Also it IS harder to fake a moon landing. The first iPhone had more computing power than the computers used for the moon landing. The only reason why there hasn’t been more moon landings since then is because the amount of fuel necessary is too expensive as well as the parts for a spaceship. I agree with Raymond to say I hope you’re joking. This level of cognitive dissonance is something I can’t deal with.

          • No one crossed Antarctica. And the Antarctic treaty prevents any nongovernment entity from trying.


            I am not saying Antarctica does not exist. I am saying it is the edge of the earth. Ofcourse they can have research stations there.

            Satelites are not necessary because there are towers.

            The first moon landing video’s were not CGI. They were made in a movie studio. That is a low tech way of faking it.
            The argument that a movie about the moon would be easier to make on location (aka on the moon) than in a hollywood studio is crazy. Obviously it is easier to have a hollywood studio with props then it is to go to the moon.

            I understand that you think that I am crazy. The globe theory was one of the greatest certainties of my life for most of my life and I started researching the flat earth only because I was curious about how people would defend what I thought was a very stupid theory – that is the flat earth theory. I was expecting to debunk the flat earth and then laugh at it.

            But now I believe that anyone who seriously takes the time to research it and who can entertain the thought that even big authorities like NASA and our government can lie will find the truth. The banks control the government and with that control scientists, schools, media, and about every source of information and every authority there is. They can lie to us and indoctrinate us from the time that we are born. And they take full advantage of that. Some people fear that one day 1984 will be a reality, but the fact is that 1984 is right now.

  • re: the Canadien step builder.
    I wonder which relative of TPTB gets the contract. Can’t save the taxpayers money by letting them do something productive.
    At least the new estimate is “only” 10,000 cdn.
    An earlier story gave an estimate of 65,000+ cdn.
    It almost seems that they are trying to compete with us in the lower 48.

  • Civil forfeiture laws don’t help to stop criminals, they just let police legally take your money. And it’s worse is that it incentivises police from areas where they’re not receiving the funding they need (or want) to take more money and possessions, even for really small crimes or suspicion of large crimes. As one police officer put it, ‘we treat it like pennies from heaven’.

  • Boy, Mac has some sh8head commentors on his posts….and I too believe those folks know more than we do, but it’s likely because they are pushing the buttons IMHO…But yes, shocking to see MSM covering a story we have all known about all along….we aren’t as crazy as ‘they’ make us out to be! 😉
    As for the steps in Toronto, God bless that man for doing what he did, even if the stupid gooberment has to do it ‘their’ way in the long run….he would be a good neighbor to have!

  • I think the only reason the steps were taken down is because the government couldn’t certify the safety of them. So the next time someone does it, it should be a certified builder that CAN certify the safety of the steps, so the government can’t tear it down over safety concerns.

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