San Francisco Just Declared the NRA a TERRORIST Organization.Here’s How This Could Affect the Rest of Us

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Unbelievably, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has passed a resolution designating the NRA a terrorist organization. In a year of mindboggling legislation against law-abiding gun owners, this truly ices the tyrannical cake.

And ironically, they cited the Declaration of Independence to do it.

What is this resolution?

Let’s take a closer look

WHEREAS, The United States is plagued by an epidemic of gun violence, including over 36,000 deaths, and 100,000 injuries each year, and
WHEREAS, Every day approximately 100 Americans are killed with guns, and
WHEREAS, There has been more than one mass shooting per day in the United
States in 2019, and
WHEREAS, The gun homicide rate in the United States is 25 times higher than any other high-income country in the world, and
WHEREAS, On July 28, 2019, Gilroy, California became the 243rd community in the United States to be the victim of a mass shooting, and
WHEREAS, Stephen Romero, age 6, Keyla Salazar, age 13, and Trevor Irby, age 2 were murdered in the senseless act of gun violence that day, and
WHEREAS, There have been at least three mass shootings since the events in Gilroy,
and the number continues to grow, and
WHEREAS, Reported hate crimes have increased by double digits since 2015, and
WHEREAS, There are over 393,000,000 guns in the United States, which exceeds the country’s current total population, and
WHEREAS, Our elected representatives, including the President, have taken an oath swearing to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

WHEREAS, The United States Declaration of Independence declared that life, liberty,
and the pursuit of happiness are unalienable rights, and
WHEREAS, The United States Constitution specifically delineates that the country was
founded to establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, and promote the general welfare, and
WHEREAS, The United States Department of Justice defines terrorist activity, in part,
as, “The use of any…explosive, firearm, or other weapon or dangerous device, with intent to
endanger, directly or indirectly, the safety of one or more individuals or to cause substantial
damage to property;” and
WHEREAS, The United States Department of Justice further includes any individual or
member of an organization commits an act that the actor knows, or reasonably should know,
affords material support, including communications, funds, weapons, or training to any
individual has committed or plans to commit a terrorist act, and
WHEREAS, The National Rifle Association musters its considerable wealth and
organizational strength to promote gun ownership and incite gun owners to acts of violence,
WHEREAS, The National Rifle Association spreads propaganda that misinforms and aims to deceive the public about the dangers of gun violence, and
WHEREAS, The leadership of National Rifle Association promotes extremist positions in defiance of the views of a majority of its membership and the public, and undermine the general welfare, and
WHEREAS, The National Rifle Association through its advocacy has armed those individuals who would and have committed acts of terrorism; and
WHEREAS, All countries have violent and hateful people, but only in America do we give them ready access to assault weapons and large-capacity magazines thanks, in large part, to the National Rifle Association’s influence; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, That the City and County of San Francisco intends to declare the National Rifle Association a domestic terrorist organization; and, be it
FURTHER RESOLVED, That the City and County of San Francisco should take every reasonable step to assess the financial and contractual relationships our vendors and contractors have with this domestic terrorist organization; and, be it
FURTHER RESOLVED, That the City and County of San Francisco should take every reasonable step to limit those entities who do business with the City and County of San Francisco from doing business with this domestic terrorist organization; and be it
FURTHER RESOLVED, That the City and County of San Francisco should encourage all other jurisdictions, including other cities, states, and the federal government, to adopt similar positions.


So…here’s what this means

If you are a businessperson who is a member of the NRA, San Francisco wants to take steps to disallow your business to operate in San Fransisco. If you are a member of the NRA living outside San Francisco, they want to take steps to make it difficult for someone IN San Francisco to do business with you. It’s like the banks that refuse to deal with gun-related businesses but a million times more tyrannical and far-reaching.

If you are just an everyday person who is a member of the NRA, does this mean that they’ll treat you as a terrorist? Will you be imprisoned? Will you have your property confiscated and your bank accounts seized?

This city plagued with a massive homeless population and more fecal matter on the streets than any other city in the United States wants to persecute law-abiding American citizens who believe in their Second Amendment rights. And remarkably, they want the federal government to do the same. It looks like Americans are going to need 2A Sanctuaries more than ever.

Here’s what the NRA had to say.

Fox News reports:

The NRA responded by calling the resolution a stunt that was distracting from the city’s myriad of social problems.

“This ludicrous stunt by the Board of Supervisors is an effort to distract from the real problems facing San Francisco, such as rampant homelessness, drug abuse and skyrocketing petty crime, to name a few,” the statement said, according to KTVU. “The NRA will continue working to protect the constitutional rights of all freedom-loving Americans.” (source)

Did this just kick things up a notch for a looming civil war?

Swaths of people are taking sides. The arguments are becoming more heated every day. The propaganda is positively explosive. Many alternative journalists have said that the second American Civil War is already here.

Do you think these types of measures will become more widespread? Do you foresee other cities and states getting on board with this movement? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther

Daisy Luther is a coffee-swigging, globe-trotting blogger. She is the founder and publisher of three websites.  1) The Organic Prepper, which is about current events, preparedness, self-reliance, and the pursuit of liberty on her website, 2)  The Frugalite, a website with thrifty tips and solutions to help people get a handle on their personal finances without feeling deprived, and 3), an aggregate site where you can find links to all the most important news for those who wish to be prepared. She is widely republished across alternative media and  Daisy is the best-selling author of 5 traditionally published books and runs a small digital publishing company with PDF guides, printables, and courses. You can find her on FacebookPinterest, Gab, MeWe, Parler, Instagram, and Twitter.

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  • This is test run to see how far they can push the 2A people and those who believe in the Bill of Rights. The words “will not be infringed” mean nothing to those who set upon their thrones of power. Let me restate that ‘perceived’ thrones of power.

    Those whom are unaware the State of California is being sued at this time about the
    right to open carry. Which came about do the courts in Hawaii, they upheld the right to carry a fire arm on your person without requiring a permit.

    Now SF is having a shtf moment, as this is moving forward, last I heard about the case on Saturday. There was a protest rally in Sacramento where the protesters had holsters on with the U.S. Constitution stuck inside.

    This is a tug a war, we on the side which believe in our rights are losing, the longer we set back an do nothing. I am not advocating violation but when those places such as SF and others who wish to deny our rights we should deny them our money.

  • So, if there are more than one mass shooting per day in 2019, that means as of today, 9/4/2019, there has been at least 247 mass shootings since the beginning of the year? I don’t think so!

    • Seriously,there is in chicago, the most gun strict city in the USA.
      If not daily, it’s real close and the libs can’t stop it but it’s mostly black on black
      so it’s basically ignored.

      • Chicago crime is not ignored and if you care to do more research, crime is trending down in the city. Not anywhere close to where it needs to be (zero crime is an admirable goal but IMHO, is not realistic). The majority of guns used in Chicago crimes come from IN and WI – LE (and society) is at a disadvantage when a straw buyer can cross a state line, purchase at a gun show, then transport them back. The buyer is only limited by the space in his/her vehicle.

        I own guns but think it is far too easy to obtain them. The NRA might consider supporting more comprehensive background checks. At one time (and not too long ago), smoking was common and for lack of a better term, accepted. While it took a number of years, a lot less smokers with fewer and fewer places in which to legally smoke not to mention taxes on cigarettes/tobacco products. As stated by the OP, banks refuse to do business with gun-related businesses. How close are we to insurance companies deciding that guns are bad PR/affect their bottom line? The courts may not be anyone’s friend at this juncture – money talks.

        • You think that guns are to easy to buy lol. You should see how easy they are to make. More people were killed by hammers than all rifles including semiautomatic. Also knives killed more people than hammers and all rifles so would you support registering knives and hammers? Hopefully you are a day laborer with those critical thinking skills.

    • From my understanding they are counting all shooting incidents involving more than one person a mass shooting. Just another way to manipulate the facts. Resorting to scare tactics. I stand by my 2nd amendment rights. Without the second the rest will soon fall.

  • More socialist bs..
    There is no law behind this, they have not passed any law
    making this a legal function or motivation.

    But SF will bully organizations and spend possibly millions
    on legal annoyances.
    There will be lawsuit’s brought about because of this.

    This involves :
    the first amendment
    the second amendment
    the fourth amendment- soon enough when police are involved
    the fourteenth amendment

    It’s the people not the guns.

    Just imagine what the left could accomplish if they were doing
    something good and useful with all other peoples time and

  • It is precisely this that I carry a gun – to protect myself against tyranny. States and cities that say “NO GUNS” don’t really have a clue. Take away guns from law abiding citizens and you still are not addressing the problems. I don’t have knowledge about how many mass shooters purchased their guns legally but I do know this – even if we had a gun ban, we would still have mass shootings/armed incidents BECAUSE criminals will still be able to purchase guns on the streets with no background checks or waiting periods.

    So, this is what I plan to do if my state/city decides to take my gun – it will be reported as stolen.

    The war is real and we gun owners need to fight back against the real terrorists – cities and states that want to take our rights away.

    • Family arrived at Sutter’s Fort in 1845. Kids, grandkids all here. All late arrivers can go back to where they came from. That would include all the politicians who moved here just to get into office. All who arrived to take a ride on what others have built without contributing anything worthwhile for everyone else.

      What’s fair? Anyone really know?

  • First of all, kudos to the NRA for that excellent and restrained response, making these people look like the idiots they are. I don’t know if this resolution has any legal power behind it to where the city can actively ban their vendors and contractors from doing business with NRA members but considering how broke SF is those vendors and contractors should probably make a real effort to find other clients anyway, if they want to get paid.
    And I agree with Horse’s comment: if they would focus on solving the actual problems instead of throwing good money – that they extort from anyone crazy enough to still live there – at things that have been proven not work, they could probably achieve quite a bit. Vote with your feet people, and get out of these libtard sh*tholes!

  • Firstly, the NRA should contest the statistics because they are not correct.

    ALSO: The tiresome use of “…Whereas…” reveals an unctuous caricature of legitimacy.

  • OK, there are some folks yelling that here will be a civil war. How many on the left have guns and are proficient in their use? War over.

    • Marc M, I heard somewhere that ‘we have sixty million bullets and they can’t even work out which bathroom to use’. Pretty well says it all!

  • So not surprised. The same dimwits declared menthol a “gateway drug” a couple of years ago and now you can’t buy a menthol cigarette in S.F. They spend a lot of time doing this sort of b.s., and you see how the city is doing while they are holed up making resolutions.

  • The left is in an absolute panic, of which this is only one example of many. I’ve said that this election cycle will be the worst (dangerous) in the history of the country. Voter fraud, voter suppression, mud slinging (true or lies), disruption at political rallies and probably many very violent actions (read antifa and other left wing radical groups), think “brown shirt” tactics. What is it that has the left in such absolute panic mode? Do they think there will be an invasion of the country by some right wing country if they lose?

  • If it was not so sad, and pathetic, it would be funny.

    Some have mentioned a tyrannical government . . . yes, now I see it, . . . “in San Fransisco (que Frank Sinatra)!”

  • San Francisco has always been anti constitutional and frequently Un American in their world view ands typically think like the rest of California’s Big City Overlords- which is to say stupidly. They refuse to fix their own social issues in the city and blame everyone else for their problems. They are part of California, which is to quote the old comic strip Odds Bodkins ” The Political Pigsty of the Western World.” Since the NRA was founded after the Civil War by authorization of the U.S. Government to promote safe firearms use and handling and to promote the shooting sports- hunting and target competition, The san Francisco resolution sounds like the load of crap that it is. San Francisco has a history of trying to ignore Federal Law and pretend to be outside the pale concerning the rest of the country.

  • Part of the resolution seems to accuse the NRA of promoting violence. How in the world did they reach that conclusion?!

    • San Fran promotes drug abuse. If that isn’t violence to a sad group of folk. The S has HTFan in San Fran literally.

    • How did they reach that conclusion?

      World class mental gymnastics!
      Just watch where you do your tumbling/floor exercise. There might be some poop!

    • That’s what I was thinking. At least the “government” such as it is..
      They can’t even stop tens of thousands of people from sh***ing on the sidewalk.
      Maybe they ought to try that first.

  • I think the fart left is trying to get conservatives to move out of California so that all those powerful votes in 2020 will be from the majority of the residents; the fart lefts!

  • I used to live in SF back in the 80’s when Diane Hypocrite Feinstein got a Gun Ban law passed to deny we “common citizens” the right to have handguns. All the while she was carrying her trusty revolver around in her purse. Fortunately the courts overturned the law as UnConstitutional. But it still took a while.
    I’ll bet that 95% (or more) of the so-called “Mass Shootings” touted by the Leftist media occur in Chicago, and perhaps Baltimore, too. They never make the national news.

  • I live in the rural Midwest , a.k.a. “Forgottonia”, where mass shootings or shootings of any kind – that is of people, not deer or other wildlife – are not at all common. And I would love to see these “gun fearing” Nazis try to take gun rights away from these country western listening, truck driving “good ole’ boys. Good luck!

  • One point of safety for anyone who likes to flaunt their conservative associations — remove bumper stickers, political declarations anywhere you like to display them. Think about going gray in your conversations at work and in public. A friend of a friend’s husband was falsely accused of making a threat at work and before they knew it, LEOs surrounded their home and “temporarily” confiscated his guns. This is now legal in the state of California under the new red flag laws.

    “Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” The wisdom of our slithery friends is that they know when to get out of harm’s way and blend in with the environment. The more the Left ramps up the heat, the cooler we need to keep our heads and lay low. They’re obviously itching for a fight. Don’t count on them not having fire power at their beck and call if some cowboys decide to come out with guns blazing.. DBD —

  • They clearly ought to make the banning of cars a higher priority than guns. There are far more deaths and injuries from motor vehicles than from firearms. And they should ban suicide, too, since at least two thirds of gun deaths are from suicide, not from murder. And “The United States Department of Justice defines terrorist activity, in part, as, “The use of any… dangerous device, with intent to endanger, directly or indirectly, the safety of one or more individuals or to cause substantial damage to property…”‘ Well, that sounds to me like we have to ban cars since they contribute to terrorist activity.

  • Why do you think that the San Francisco government is known on the street as “the Board of Stupid-visors”?

    I lived in San Francisco since the time of DiFi being mayor. She taught me that the real base of the Democrat Party is crony big business, the rich and special interests, not workers, homeless, downtrodden, etc.

    (Big business = crony capitalist, the same thing as fascism which is a branch of Marxist socialism. It used to puzzle me why the leaders of “capitalist” companies support left-wing policies. I now know why—they are left-wing fascists, not true capitalists.)

  • Considering that they turned an Illegal alien loose who took a gun and managed to kill an innocent women with it, I find these people the the absolute personification and characterization of the word OXYMORON.

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