14 DiY Projects for Wilderness Self-Reliance

April 28, 2014

by Todd Walker

Originally Published at Survival Sherpa

Utilize your Possum Mentality and make your own stuff. At the end of the day, your ingenuity will be rewarded with one-of-a-kind handcrafted items that will cause your haversack to swell with pride.

Turning your bushcraft buddies green with envy isn’t the goal, but you gotta admit, munching on pemmican you made while applying your diy fixin’ wax to your ax handle around the campfire is not only personally satisfying – but a open-source learning session.

Here’s 14 I’ve put together for you. What’s your best diy wilderness project?

A.) Simple Fixin’ Wax Recipe

A Simple Fixin' Wax Recipe for Fixin' Stuff

B.) Lashing an Outdoor Cooking Tripod

How to Build a Bushcraft Tripod for Your Outdoor Kitchen


C.) Turn a Wool Blanket into a Hunting Shirt

100% Wool Blanket = Awesome Hunting Shirt

Wool blanket hunting shirt

D.) A Waterproof Fire Starter Hack that Guarantees Fire


Waxed jute twine

E.) Uncle Otha’s Fat Lighter’d Torch


Notice the dried chucks of pine resin to the right.

F.) Char Tins and Charred Material for Your Next Fire

Friction Fire: The Art of Rubbing Sticks Together

Making char material to ensure future fires

G.) DiY Survival Sling Shot for Fishing and Hunting

Deconstructing My Survival Sling Shot

Fishing and hunting options

H.) Bow Drill Bearing Block from a Fat Lighter’d Knot

A Brilliant Bearing Block for a Bow Drill Fire Set

You can never have enough fat wood in your kit!

I.) How-To Make Ranger Pace Count Beads


DRG’s bejeweled pace beads!

J.) How-To Re-Haft an Ax


Not bad for an “almost free” yard sale find!

K.) Turn a Cigar Sleeve into a Survival Fishing Kit

Fishing line taped

Fishing line taped

L.) Altoids Tin Lamp in Under 5 Minutes

Wick inserted

Wick inserted

M.) Make Your Own Pemmican

Bread of the wilderness!

Bread of the wilderness!

N.) A Bomb Proof Modification for the Pathfinder Cook Set

A Bomb Proof Mod for the Pathfinder Bottle Cook Kit

Trading theory for action by practicing Doing the Stuff skills for self-reliance is how we roll. So find your spot around the fire and share your best DiY bushcraft projects… the comment section is open!

Keep Doing the Stuff,


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